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Found 16 results

  1. What was/is your high school mascot? My high school mascot was the Lincoln Way Central knight
  2. Yes I'm a part of the trash can known as the furry fandom. I'm a pegasister too so why not? Anyway, I love making heads, tails and paws! I do have completed ones but lately I've been making bases for people who want to try their own hand at crafts. I like supporting beginner artists after all. Pony head bases will be coming soon as well! LunaLusterdust is my Instagram.
  3. i've joined the GoG a while back but couldn't make the time to actually draw anything for them,I finally managed to squeeze some between commissions and here's the result. I drew the Mascot. Felix to be used for various merch. and/or advertisements
  4. If you all recall, we had a contest to win a custom Buffy plushie featuring the winners design. @Spirit Rush was the lucky prize winner, and Miss Buffy will be sent out to be immortalized on a shelf. Congrats, Spirit! Shrunk her image. Huge images are great for dA...not so much here, haha. Now I begin the process of scanning and digitizing Buffy's patterns so there can be many twins of our little mascot.
  5. So, what is (or was) your school mascot? My high school mascot was the knights and my current college's mascot are the wolves.
  6. Just a quick reminder to everyone that the deadline for entering into Poniverse's Mascot Summerpalooza Contest is this upcoming Sunday, August 9, the last day of BronyCon. After that date, no new entries will be accepted. If you'd like a great shot at winning one of six $50 prizes, now's the time to enter, especially seeing as we still need entries for a number of mascots, including Wordplay, Nova Blast, and Viridian Meadows. You can find full details about the contest here in case this is the first time you've heard about it: Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest Thread. Good luck everypony, and write, write, write!
  7. I need someone to write a fanfic with. I think im better at the background stuff than the actual storyline and interactions between the characters. I intend to enter it into the Mascot Contest ending August 9th. I'm not doing it for the money so if we win, whoever helps me can take the prize money. The following is all of my notes regarding this proposed Fanfiction. Pixel Wavelength begins her existence in a void hearing voices talking about MLP fan fictions. Luna says to her, "Do you hear those voices? They are the dreams of another world shared through a network they call 'The Internet'. There are too many for me to handle, so I have created a new world for them, and you shall be their Princess." Pixel responds, "Did you create me as well?" "No," says Luna, "You are not my dream, but the dream of many." Then she explains Pixel's role as princess of the new world known to its residents as Equestria, but known only to the princesses not to be the original. The real Equestria is reachable through portals. This new version of Equestria is home to many OCs. This is a world of Fanfiction, with many timelines each with its own unique story, a world where anything can happen. Only one pony can see it all, the Princess Pixel Wavelength. The Elements of Victory belong to the mascots, who use them to fight off a great evil, possibly a "Horde of Discord" (clones) The "Poniverse" world is created along with all of the characters who already have memories while Pixel Wavelength is the only one who knows it has all just been created. She also has memories, Luna explains this as the world being created in one moment while time ripples forward as well as backward from that moment, therefore the events of the past actually did occur. The story of finding the "Elements of Victory" will be a prequel written later on. In this story she talks briefly about how she remembers how they collected the elements and she needs them to use them again (possibly to free her?) Each pony in this group not only represents an Element of Victory, but also part of the Poniverse community. Nova Blast would represent Courage, while Pixel knows he represents the gamers. Buffy would represent Patience and the conversationalists. Viola represents Preparation and the musicians. Viridian Meadows represents Optimism and the artists. A pair of twin Pegasi named Ink and Quill represent Cooperation and the critics and editors, providing constructive criticism. Lastly, my Ponysona Seamore Sandwich represents Motivation and the supportive friends. He was going to be in my original "Elements of Victory" story and he still seems to fit. Here is a link to my OC Seamore Sandwich: Update: I have created a profile for Ink and Quill, here's a link:
  8. Big news Poniverse, come one, come all, cause have I got an announcement for you! As of today, Poniverse is officially offering a total of $300 USD cash prizes for the Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest! $50 USD will be offered for the winning fic for each mascot character, coming out to a total of six $50 prizes altogether, and will be offered as cash or used at the winner's request to purchase non-cash prizes. If you need to learn more about the contest, follow this link to the original contest thread: Poniverse Mascot Summerpalooza Contest Announcement Get hype ya'll, this contest just went to a whole other level of serious!!! Now write your hearts out and win some cash-cash-money!!!
  9. Does anyone have any favorite con mascot, even if you never been (like me, but one day will)? Mine, is Britanna, Mascot of BUCK (UK's Brony Convention), as being proud Brit. Also Babscon mascot, Golden Bridge are great, also.
  10. Hey everybody, So eqtv has an official poniverse mascot :v Isn't she cute Well, she needs a name, and I can't think of anyone better to help name her than you peeps that spend your time on the site that she represents. I want you guys to be creative, make some suggestions, anything helps really. We have come up with a few names, but we are still deciding. At the moment we have; Telly Viridian Meadows Vivian The lean-green-streaming machine General themes to keep in mind are things to do with the site itself e.g. Viridian is latin for green///the site is super green Names that give meaning to 'entertainment' 'movies' or maybe even just something that points to a general enjoyment with friends would do great. You guys can also voice your opinions on the names we have already tried if you want. Lets see what you guys can come up with :grin2: EDIT: Name has been decided! We made a huge topic+poll with lots of discussions. And went with one of the first suggestions :v Viridian Meadows is now the name of our eqtv mascot! Thanks everyone for their input and discussion, green screen came pretty close, but viridian seemed to have made a place in our hearts.
  11. If you went to BronyCon, would you get a BronyCon exclusive plushy? I definitely would get one, especially the purple vampire pony whatever her name is. I find the plushies a good way to remember the experiences you had at BronyCon. Sincerely, Cheez-It
  12. MLP Forums Mascot Contest! Various sites within Poniverse are represented by a mascot that embodies the spirit of its community. MLP Forums is currently lacking such a mascot, so we’re giving you guys the opportunity to design one. What the mascots are: The mascots are ponies with personality! They aren't just ponies, they’re memorable characters that would stick out in a crowd. They represent the sites of Poniverse. What we’re looking for: A mascot that can represent MLP Forums, that can be the embodiment of MLP Forums. It needs to fit in with the other mascots, stand out and be memorable! Rules: The entries should not be alicorns or non-ponies. All designs must be original, which means no pony creator. The colors should also work well together; extra points if pink is incorporated in some way. The pony can be either a boy or a girl. As the designs must be original, you are not allowed to use mane styles from the show. This means that there cannot be any Rainbow Dash look-alikes (or any pony from the show for that matter). The design is more important than the quality of the drawing! We’d prefer a well designed mascot over a well drawn one. Entry Rules: All entries must be sent in by PM using this button: An image of your mascot design is required to be in said PM. Deadlines: All entries should be submitted by September 2nd. Prizes: The winner’s design will be used as MLP Forum’s mascot design! The mascot will be featured on an upcoming Ask Poniverse tumblr! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread. With that being said, good luck!
  13. for myself it would be crash, spyro, and sonic but anyway if you notice some mascot you know missing it's because they are more a company mascot for ex: Maga Man x CapCom ok :3 so tell me what are your favorite or first? (if I missed some that you know are more of a Saga, Nintendo. or Sony mascot tell me and I'll add them)
  14. So basically... I have extended the deadline for mascot entries to March 1st. HOWEVER, you are now only allowed to submit ONE mascot to me. Mascot entries will have the same format as follows: PM Subject: "2014 MLPF World Cup Mascot Entry" Insert Picture of Mascot Name of Mascot Paragraph Describing Mascot and how it matches the goals of the World Cup. Thank you all, and GOOD LUCK!
  15. WELCOME TO THE 2014 MLPF WORLD CUP MASCOT CONTEST!! I want a mascot that you think will best represent the spirit of the 2014 MLPF World Cup. You have until February 24th for submissions! I will select the mascot on March 1st! Winner will have their mascot art featured on the thread and their popularity skyrocketed in as many ways possible! Submissions can be made my PMing me with the subject, "2014 MLPF World Cup Mascot" THE POINT OF THE WORLD CUP WHAT DRAWINGS ARE ACCEPTED? I'll accept any computerized entries. I don't want raw drawings. I need them modeled through a computer visual program, like Photoshop. ARE MULTIPLE ENTRIES ALLOWED? I will welcome multiple entries. WHAT MUST BE IN THE ENTRY? I need your submission to contain at least one completed, computerized drawing on your mascot. I will also need the mascot's name and a paragraph that tells me about your mascot and how it manifests the point of the World Cup. MASCOT JUDGING CRITERIA I'm going to look through all entries carefully and collaborate with my local friends. We're going to judge visual appeal, theme incorporation, and mascot name. Visual Appeal: Basically, I want a mascot that looks pleasing to the eye, yet eye-catching. It can also be whatever else you think matches the World Cup's theme, but I want something that people will go "Wow" at. Theme incorporation: What best matches the point of the World Cup? Look a little above this section and you'll see what I'm looking for. Mascot Name: Is the name original? Does it have both theme incorporation and appeal? Would people remember the name well? EXAMPLE WORLD CUP MASCOTS IF NEED BE, I WILL EXTEND THE DEADLINE. I'LL PLACE A VOTE FOR AN EXTENSION AND LET YOU GUYS DECIDE ON A DEADLINE!
  16. So with this latest episode , as well as many others , is it safe to say that the mlps community mascot is Derpy? Although all over the website and commercials its pinkie pie / Rainbow dash who is most certainly the Advertisement star. When it comes to the online community, it seems Derpy now reigns supreme! Disagree? Agree? Discuss. Oh and Jan21st is now Derpy Day, Spread The Word!