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Found 13 results

  1. Okey, so... These games. Lots of people love them, some people hate them (Because they didn't play them, lol). Anyhow, we all know that both games have huge fan bases. Both games also have comparable gameplay. So, the question is obvious. What side are you on and why? Personally I prefer Majora's Mask. I love the story and the dark setting. The transformation masks are also a great + imho (I can finally play as a zora!). The time travel mechanic is well implemented and this allows you to replay your favourite quests as you please (Or take on bosses with your new equipment). All in all I prefer the Majora's Mask game more because of all of the reasons I named. I do respect and love Ocarina of Time as well, but I just think that Majora's Mask has more to offer.
  2. Dunno who I am trying to fool Here as I haven't really changed much at all from those times I just threw my old mask in the trashcan and made a new one like I've always done. Hiding behind something else because I'm too afraid to come out. Trying to act tough or caring when in reality I'm just afraid. I'm afraid of this world and people in it I've always been scared and i thought these days i been able to move on but now I see that I been lying to myself and everyone else. I haven't been able to move anywhere I'm still in the same spot I was in when I joined here and even before that. What has happened is that I have been able to figure out what is going on with me. And the truth of the matter is that I'm scared but I haven't been able to accept that as I bottled up my feelings and emotions trying to get rid of them. I was running away. I couldn't face myself or my own issues. I couldn't face my fear of everything. I don't know what direction I will end up from now on and I don't really care what I do care about right now is that I have been able to feel more at ease by writing this
  3. This is my second human drawing and first time when I tried to draw armor. There is lot of mistakes and lot of things that I could do better but It's better I thought it will be. Give critique and all that.
  4. What's up with my friend here? What's happening to us?
  5. Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio (December 11, 1974) is a Mexican-American professional wrestler better known by his ring name Rey Mysterio. He is best known for his time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Gutiérrez was trained by his uncle Rey Misterio, Sr. and wrestled early on in Mexico where he learned the Lucha Libre high flying style that has been his trademark. Despite weighing only 175 lb (79 kg) Gutérrez has achieved success wrestling in both the heavyweight and cruiserweight weightclasses, as well as tag team competition. Gutiérrez originally worked for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) in Mexico, from 1992 to 1995, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), from 1995 to 1996 and World Championship Wrestling, from 1996 to 2001, as Rey Misterio, Jr./Rey Mysterio, Jr. but dropped the "Junior" from his name when he began working for the WWE in 2002. Mysterio is known for having a high flying style, which helped kick-start the cruiserweight wrestling revolution in the United States in the late 1990s during his time in WCW. In WCW, Mysterio won the WCW World Cruiserweight Championship five times, the WCW World Tag Team Championship three times and the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship once with Billy Kidman as part of the Filthy Animals (Kidman and Mysterio were the only Cruiserweight Tag Team Champs before WCW closed.) In WWE, Mysterio has won the World Heavyweight Championship two times, the WWE World Cruiserweight Championship three times, the WWE Tag Team Championship four times and the WWE Intercontinental Championship twice, making him the 21st person to win the Triple Crown Championship. Mysterio was also the winner of 2006 Royal Rumble.
  6. So, today was an overall successful day. I don't really do blogs much, but then again, I don't really do forums much, yet here I am, addicted to this site. So anyways, I guess I'll give this a shot and see how it goes! Well, for starters, I organised my CCG cards, for the MLP CCG (just in case you couldn't guess lol) My little sister however, stole 1 and 1/3 of my 3 now i only have 1 and 2/3s of a deck :okiedokielokie: But anyways, moving on from that, I started creating a case for it. Seeing as I'm completely broke with a job that hasnt worked me in 3 weeks, I had to get a little creative. I took a shoebox, and painted it white. I then took some black cardboard and made little compartments in said shoebox to make places for the cards, game mats, tokens and such. I'm currently in the process of painting the mane 6 on the sides of the box, and my OC on the lid. Following that, I got on the computer with my little sister to look at bands and discovered.... NIGHTWISH IS COMING WITHIN AN HOUR OF ME!!! This is a HUUUUUGEEEE deal, as Nightwish is my all time all time all time favorite band, I own 3 albums (...and pirate the rest) I have over 80 songs by them on my phone, and I know all the lyrics to every one of them. I live in North Carolina, and Charlotte is only an hour away from me, so this made my day. However the concert is not until May of next year, so that's a bummer. But Nightwish if from Finland, so the fact that they are coming all the way over here from FINLAND just blows my mind. You have no idea how excited I am In other news, GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL IN NC!!! Like I said earlier, I live in NC. Also, I'm bisexual, so this is a huge deal. I also have friends that are either gay or lesbian, so they are super excited as well. In celebration, me and my best friend (who lives an hour away..) are going on our first date together. I'm super duper excited for our date, and the fact that some of my friends and I (depending on which side I choose XD) can now get married in our home state. For Halloween, I was gonna be RD, but the tutu was the wrong color, and I didn't have a top that fit...soooo, I gave the rainbow dash costume to my little sister and I am gonna be Pinkie Pie, as I already have the leg warmers, shirt, tutu, arm warmers, and tights. (of course, these are the raver versions of them) I'm making kandi bracelets and masks for both of them, and let me tell you, it takes forever. I have been working about 20 minutes, and I only have 4 rows....At least I have until the end of October to finish it. I still have to make at least 1 more mask, 2 cuff bracelets and a bunch of tiny this might take a while..
  7. With Keep Calm and Flutter On, and the return of Discord, only a couple of days away (and finding myself drawn back to what I think is one of the funniest movies of all time; The Mask) I decided to create this poll. Please Watch the Videos below before voting! Anyway Who do you think played up the whole crazy abilities better? Here are a perhaps the best videos to showcase the Mask (seeing how we all know Discord rather well)
  8. Was going through some old folders and found some extremely old pics of mine. Pretty much the first ones I ever drew. Thought I might as well share them, because why the hell not. Watcha guys think?
  9. Spoilered due to violence (Opening to the game Splatterhouse) are dying. Your loved one has been taken and a mysterious demonic voice asks you to put on a mask while at the same time suggesting that it may own your soul in the process... Could you do it?
  10. This Soliloquy is just my inner thoughts, no explanation needed. My deviantart page if anyone is interested: -------------- I was born with the gift of life. As the tick of time began within me my mission began as well. My journey to discover who I am. The passage of time has aged me to 21 years and I’ve yet to discover who I am. I search high and low everyday. I ponder the depths of my mind and emit my thoughts outward to god so he may hear my progress. I feel lost. Each day a new mask is created and discarded, a new personality developed then disposed of to the wind, a new hope developed then recycled. Will I ever discover who I am? Will I ever touch the face of my focus? I feel doubt but even so I will never lose myself to sorrow and loss. No matter how many masks I try on no matter how many roles I play or costumes I acquire one thing is for sure. I will always be the same inside. My Soul will shine bright within the darkness emitting hope and love for others and myself. I will not die lost. I will not die confused and defeated. Watch over me God, save me from myself.
  11. So today was a meet up with my friends. We call ourselves the Wolf pack. I know its cliched but hey, what are you going to do. So i like to dress unique. I had on cowboy boots, black jeans,a MLP shirt, an overcoat that was littered with studs, and a beanie that doubles as a ski mask. The ski mask had the Jason Vorhees hockey mask graphic on it. It was cold so i wore the ski mask. I approached a small family owned store to meet p with my friends. The 2 workers got so scared when i walked up. They were literally screaming,"OMFG!" short story i scared the crap out of them. fast forward to riding in the car with my friends. I decided to roll down the window and yell out random things. some of them included "Hi!" and waving at the person. making random noises at the top of my lungs. I then waved to passing cars on the freeway from my friends car. I almost made people lose control. All i could do was go Trolololol. The best part of the whole thing was peoples reaction to my hollering out the window.
  12. Do you remember my OC, Hazardous Material/Hazmat? Ever wondered what's behind the mask? Well, you're about to find out, right here in this thread...
  13. A mask from the doll in "SAW" I've made. ... I'm a horror fan, what can I say lol I have more pics if you think this one was to dark ( but I think it looks better in the dark haha)