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Found 7 results

  1. Ponies Vs Reapers? Who would win? Unfortunately, I think the Reapers from Mass Effect would easily kill all the Ponies, unless mary sue is there to help in some alternate universe. Really, if the Ponies have canon level of power the best hope they have is an alliance with sapient aliens like us Humans, along with Krogan and other alien races, and paragon Shepard. What would the ending of Mass Effect be with Ponies involved? Say Alicorn Twilight Sparkle blasted the crucible with the Elements of Harmony? Twilight Sparkle teleported her and Commander Shepard (on her back using her as his mighty steed as he shoots his guns killing Reaper Husks, and a possable romance partner. Hey, xenophilia!) to the beacon in the battle of London against the Reapers. Giving two new endings to Mass Effect 3. Which would you choose? New Ending One: The Reapers die, Shepard lives, the Geth live, and Mass Relays remain intact. New Ending Two: As same as above but the Reapers are turned pink, redeemed, and don't commit genocide anymore.
  2. Anyone here play online ME3? I'm on PC and go by ASpieboy on Origin, play mostly gold, but I'm good with any difficulty. Most played kit is currently Turian Ghost w. Claymore. Feel free to friend me, I don't have many people to play with. My manifest:
  3. This only happens under rare circumstances in enviornment for me. 1. Constant nagging 2. Bored out of frigging mind 3. A long break from school 4. Scribbling and, TADA. You get a random Grunt. 'Sup, Grunt. This is the first Krogan I've ever drawn, and the second ME3 fanart I've done. Kind of bullshitted his armor because it was just a scribble XD sorry.
  4. This is my first Blog Post, but let's not dwell on that. I just got the "Mass Effect Trilogy" today, I LOVE this series, I played the first Mass Effect in like 2008, loved it and loved the series ever since. I originally had "Mass Effect", never played "Mass Effect 2" or "Mass Effect 3". Not having played the 2nd or 3rd games there will be some surprises in there for me... kinda excited Here's the cover: So....Awesome.... P.S. Shepard kinda looks weird in my opinion, but that's why they have character customization I guess.
  5. They also both attack by exploding. What do you guys think? I think they're similar. First off, they both have one eye, two legs, and have a similar shape. Secondly, they both go suicide bomber on you.
  6. So Bioware released today the Extended Cut ending for Mess Effect 3. In effect, to give closure to all those that were complaining that the choices you made in all three games came down to variations of three color coordinated endings. I'm currently in the middle of downloading the DLC and it's 1.85 GB. And a part of me can't help but be discouraged by this. I fully enjoyed the ending I got. (For those wondering I was Paragon with the Green ending.) I thought the way it ended wasn't the best by any means and there were holes in plot and continuity but it was an ending overall that I was satisfied with. But since we all know Bioware saw endless hell for the ending, they've done something I had hoped they never would. They've released more content to sate the masses. And I can't help but feel like this DLC is going to be 1.85 gigs of fan service. Which just doesn't sit well with me. So, thoughts on the Mass Effect 3 ending? On the new DLC? Side note: Try to be mindful of spoilers on the DLC. North America gets it today, the rest of the world has to wait until July 4th. Respect our faraway friends!
  7. Mass-O-Rama Ending Redo The Lord Of The U-J-Benders was so disappointed of the ending of Mass Effect 3 he has made plans to change it using some certain elements. ____________________________ Scene: Robot Arms Apartments. Lord UJB in shock with his mouth wide open sits on a black office chair in front of a desk with a green PC case next to it on the floor and a white wireless monitor on top of the desk, the monitor shows the end credits to Mass Effect 3. Lord UJB: (shouting) 'Ahaah, even the extended ending sucked! [He head butts the monitor smashing the screen, picks up the monitor, then walks over to the window.] (roaring) Rrrrrrrraaaaawwwwwwrrrrrrrr! [He throws the monitor out through the window smashing it.] I gotta fix this! [Lord UJB disappears in a blinding flash of light.] Scene: Lord UJB appears before Princess Celestia of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Universe sitting on her throne. Lord UJB: 'Uh hi, can I borrow the Elements Of Harmony? Princess Celestia: 'Sure. [using her magic from her horn she opens Lord UJB's chest cabinet, then levitates the Elements Of Harmony into Lord UJB's chest cabinet.] Lord UJB: 'Thanks! [He disappears in a blinding flash of light.] Scene: The wounded default appearance of Male Shepard shoots the Catalyst God Child with his pistol, which has no effect on it. Catalyst: (deep Reaper voice) 'So be it! [There is a blinding flash of light, followed by the appearance of Lord UJB.] (normal ghostly voice) What the? Lord UJB: 'Quick Shepard, use the Elements Of Harmony. [The Elements Of Harmony fly out of Lord UJB's chest cabinet towards Shepard, the Elements Of Harmony begin to glow brightly as they circle around Shepard magically healing his wounds.] Now Shepard! [shepard roars in anger followed by a massive blinding flash of purple light.] Cut to: Outside The Citadel. The purple rays of light blasts outwards at tremendous speed shutting down Reapers which come into contact with the rays, but do no harm to non Reaper ships. Cut to: The ruined city of London. Alliance forces and their alien allies desperately fight the twisted and mutated synthetic creatures of the Reapers and the Reapers themselves, who walk towards them firing huge red laser beams, but then the purple rays come shutting down the Reapers causing them to fall to the ground, and Alliance forces and their alien allies cheer as the Reapers fall to the ground. However, the mutated synthetic creatures of the Reapers are still active, but are being pushed back by Alliance forces and their alien allies with no Reapers to assist and lead them properly. Cut to: The rays have no effect on the dozens of big Geth Primes walking past Big Ben, who slowly advance and blast apart the the synthetic creatures using their pulse cannons, who drop like flies by the Geth onslaught while not losing a single Geth Prime. Cut to: Sol's Mass Relay. The purple rays pass by Sol's Mass Relay, which remains intact for the rays have no effect on it. Cut to: Milky Way Galaxy Overview. The purple rays can be seen expanding at a rapid rate across the Galaxy. Cut to: Palaven. The purple rays enter Palaven. Cut to: Ruined Palaven City. Turians, Krogan and even the Rachni now advance on the vast hordes of the Reapers' synthetic creatures. The synthetic creatures without the Reapers to give them an edge, get charged at by Krogan who knock them over then blast them with their shotguns shattering their bodies while they are on the ground, while the Turians remain in cover shooting the synthetic creatures. The Rachni in huge numbers charge at the synthetic creatures biting them and tearing their bodies apart. Cut to: Planets all cross the Galaxy with the same thing happening with the purple rays hitting Reapers shutting them down, while they were attacking the local resistance against them, who have now gained the upper hand against the synthetic creatures due to the Reapers being no longer active. Cut to: Milky Way Galaxy Overview. The rays now cover the whole galaxy and don't go beyond the Galaxy's edge. Cut to: Shepard and Lord UJB. Shepard: 'What just happened? Lord UJB: 'Pony magic. [The Elements Of Harmony fly into Lord UJB's chest cabinet.] Now go get drunk and make sweet tender love to your lover, and have some children. [He disappears in a blinding flash of light.] have some children. [He disappears in a blinding flash of light.] Scene: Lord UJB reappears before Princess Celestia. Princess Celestia: 'Ah, you have returned to give back the Elements Of Harmony, yes? Lord UJB: 'Yes. [Princess Celestia using her magic levitates the Elements Of Harmony out of Lord UJB's chest cabinet, then Lord UJB disappears in a blinding flash of light.] Lord UJB: 'The purple rays faded away after a few days, and the whole Galaxy lived happily ever after the end. So that's my ending. (sadly) Oh, a final boss fight with Harbinger would of been cool though. The End