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Found 22 results

  1. What do you think about McDonald's? I would say there are more McDonald's places then there needs to be. Also their food is some of the most mediocre I've ever tasted because they don't have a very good taste compared to other fast food places. The pictures of their food look way better then how they actually appear which is very dissapointing. Their meals are too small and all feel like kids meals. Also I feel like places like In N Out have better quality burgers. I feel like the best food there are the fries but I think In N Out and Burger King fries are better. I'd say it's one of the worst places to eat. So what are your personal thoughts on McDonald's?
  2. In elementary school, which I hated btw for many reasons, this school used to have a whole assembly each year to watch some McDonald's clown act like a fool on a stage. I recall people only liked it because it got them out of class. We were basically left class to watch a McDonald advertisement on stage. Also, no I have never went to McDonald's for a birthday party when I was younger, It seems stupid to me someone would want their birthday to be at a lousy fast food restaurant.
  3. So I discovered at my local McDonalds that they are selling Mlp toys in their kids meals now. A bit disappointed they don't have Applejack, again, but who could say no to Starlight Glimmer! I'm rather curious as to what you guys have so far, or just what you want. Here's a list for an easy to check guide. Pinkie Pie Fluttershy Rarity Rainbow Dash Coco Pommel Suri Polomare Starlight Glimmer So far, all I have is Twilight and Pinkie, but I'm really trying for that Starlight one. So again, what do you guys have? And who do you want?
  4. I just got button belle with my mcdonalds happy meal and I am wondering who is she.
  5. Hello everypony, Another update and some new pics about the toys coming to McDonald's. This story features a pic of EQG Pinkie Pie and also pictures of ponies in the bags- leading to speculation about ponies also being included in the line. I'm not sure exactly how this works out with both EQG and ponies, but the article is below if you're interested.
  6. I just saw this post on EQD- Equestria Girls figures as McDonald's Happy Meal toys. Does anypony know when these will be released, or if they already are?
  7. What would be a funny way to get kicked out of McDonald's, it would be funny to go in there dressed as the Burger King and give away Burger King food.
  8. Hey, so I decided to draw this Big Mac. Let me know what you think of this burger drawing.
  9. im disqusted wuth what I found on the internet today. I looked up the word "brony" and searched through results, when I cam upon an anti-brony forums. I did not think much of it, (there are going to be people who hate in life) but then I saw this. he said they named this pony Twilight because thats the best time to kill kids.... he also said he would kill bronies this is why i hate facebook
  10. I thought of making this a big triple-decker poll, but there are so many chains I always forget, especially those places out west that are just, *tch*, WEIRD. So this is how the burger wars shall proceed. I'll just ask you which fast food place has the best so-and-so, you answer each one, and we'll all have some greasy fun. Which place has the best..... 1. Burgers? 2. Fries? 3. Chicken? 4. Salad? 5. Other side items? 6. Service? 7. Overall? 1. On the burgers, gotta go with Wendy's. McD's are okay too. BK's burgers, not so much. They taste low-quality and thrown together. 2. McDonald's. I've never had better from a big chain. Five Guys are good too. Wendy's fries get soggy too fast and BK just can't get them right no matter how many times they try. 3. Hard to say, I don't seek out chicken very much. I like Wendy's nuggets the best out of the main 3. KFC is okay too. 4. I don't eat salad. I just put it in there for folks who do. ^^ 5. Far and away, Wendy's. Chili, baked potatoes, wraps and so much more. 6. See above. I have never been to a bad Wendy's. The employees are genuinely friendly 99% of the time, the drive-thru is the fastest (despite the food all being made fresh, allegedly) and they don't mess up my order. 7. See above once again. When I'm really in the mood for some heart attack food, Wendy's is my favorite overall. Good burgers and everything else, decent fries if you get them home fast enough, good service and superior quality control over the other big 2. Second place is a tie between McDonald's and Sonic.
  11. Mine is Mcdonalds. What is your favorite fast food chain/mascot? Of the mascots i like The king. G'head, poll on fellow bronies!
  12. Fluttershy eats a Double Cheeseburger at McDonald's It was a night, warm, summer day. Fluttershy was fluffing Angel Bunny's tail. Angel demanded food. Fluttershy fed Angel a large salad. All of a sudden, Fluttershy became hungry for food. Something really good. After Twilight had told her about the ham, meat, and steak, she wanted to try this. Fluttershy ran over to Twilight's house. "Where can I find meat?" Fluttershy asked. Twilight told Fluttershy about a restaraunt called "McDonald's." Fluttershy became overwhelmed in excitement. Fluttershy ran towards the location where Twilight told her. Fluttershy opened the door. Inside were eight tabled with a four person limit. Fluttershy observed the restaraunt and everything inside it. She noticed that it had a bathroom for each Mares and Colts. She also noticed the big menu above the two workers' heads. She went up to the first worker. "Um... Can I have a McDouble?" Fluttershy asked. The first worker nodded and headed into the back to get the McDouble. When the worker came back, Fluttershy was so happy to finally eat. She had been helping her friends and Angel for the whole day without eating. The worker put the McDouble on the tray given to each and every customer who ordered. Fluttershy carried a tray over to the table in the back corner. Fluttershy unwrapped the McDouble. She observed the greasy, delicious, scrumptious meat just waiting to be eaten. Then she observed the large sheet of melting cheese that was waiting to melt on her tongue. Fluttershy took a bite of this delicious burger. Fluttershy's eyes went up in excitement and joy. Fluttershy was completely satisfied after finishing her McDouble. She knew for sure, she would come back here. "That was so good I could just squee!" Fluttershy said to herself. *Squee.* Along the way home, Fluttershy made sure to pick up fruits and vegetables for Angel to snack on. The End
  13. And 4 more to go! I wonder If I can collect them all XD Emolga's Pokedex text: "It glides on its outstretched membrane while shocking foes with the electricity stored in the pouches on its cheeks." This is by far the cutest toy I have gotten the blue cloud that it's below him has a little hole on the side in where you blows and a bright blue light appears switching it's intensity back and forth, the harder you blow, the most time the light keeps blinking. with camera flash. without camera flash
  14. ow! he's so cute (or she) I bought another kids meal with the Tepig toy <3 he has a very cute light on his butt when you press his legs worthless card that came with the toy
  15. these toys are really cute x) I got the water type Oshawott! I'm never gonna buy 2 kids meals, they only had Oshawott and Snivy, and I got Snivy already haha! but I don't think that I would be able to collect all the toys, the promo ends in november 28th. Anyways I have the 3 initial toys for pokemon black n white! Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig! which one is your favorite? mine is Snivy <3 (I always pick the grass pokemon, except for charmander <3)
  16. *UPDATE: I just decided to throw them out, there's no WAY I'll be able to hide them from my parents for years, I'm gonna really miss them. Hey guys. I have three MLP toys I got from McDonald's, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. I've hid them in my draw away from my parents, but I feel that it's just not safe enough. Does anyone out there have any idea where I can hide them until I move out of the house when I'm older, and get my own house? My parents have not found them yet, but I have a feeling they might.
  17. Ok, I'm still a bit pissed off but here is the story. So me and three of my other friends went into McDonalds and we all asked for a Happy meal with girls toys, Now it just happened to be the manager(I would assume) working the till, and he said "I know about you faggots, I'm not going to help you with your creepy bullshit", There may have been some conversation between this but i don't remember but what i said was "Go get us our fucking food you fat, stupid, homophobic piece of shit" in a loud voice, My friend said i was ready to punch the guy out(He stopped me, I have been arrested for assault in the past) and i remember him saying something reluctant but doing it. So thats my story of what happened today, just thought i needed to share it.
  18. I'm going to McDonalds after school today, I'll be able to upload pictures and such of the toys at around 4:00 today. I'll also give prices, and I'll have fun watching people's faces as two sixteen year old guys walk into McDonalds and ask for pony toys. I've heard prices aren't the same everywhere there, so they might be different near you. Hoping they have Fluttershy, RainbowDash, and Twilight Sparkle :3 Seeya soon!
  19. Ok, today, i decided i was going to get two of the 8 MLP Toys at mcdonalds. As we entered and began to make our order, (As a prefix to this story, my mother manages a frat house.) my mother noticed one of the people working their was someone in the frat house. He was the manager of the mcdonalds and they all really appreciated her, SO, we got ALL 8 of the toys, weeks before anyone else! It, is, amazing! I'll post pictures of them soon. EDIT: Ok, Here they are!