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Found 8 results

  1. Autobiography The earliest memory I could remember was my mother and father pushing me along in a baby stroller. I recall the stroller having a rainbow sun visor that didn't work for shit. I was very uncomfortable and hot, I felt like I was going to die, that day I didn't know that the worst was yet to come. Growing up I didn't like a lot of things, milk, vegetables and electrical outlets. So much so that I would either throw the milk, not eat my vegetables or stick my baby fingers into outlets. The result; discomfort and pain for either me or my mother. My mother and I have a long history, not all glamorous but it had it's ups and downs. My father was never in the picture so not having a strong male influence was hard for my mom. I turned out great, and hopefully she thinks so too. Though growing up since she had weight problems naturally I did as well. I was always a chubby kid and miserable. I was so self conscious that when I was on the swim team I would wear a swim shirt. I was bullied of course and made fun of in and outside of school. I still even remember the bully's name to this day; Ryan Fisher. Since I didn't know how to stand up for myself my mother forced me to play football for 3 years. I absolutely loathed the sport and her for forcing me through three years of football. I hated it so much I would lock myself in the bathroom and say “I'm going to the bathroom” to avoid having to go to football practice. This made me feel even worse along with having to deal with my chubbiness at the time. Fast forward to middle school and you have a different kid. Thank God for puberty. Usually people say that it was awkward, but for me it was a blessing. It turns out that I just wasn't growing until I hit puberty and once that happened I shot up and was very slim. I had a 6 pack for the first time in my life and I was very much in shape. I could physically overpower the other kids. Which is the reason why I started wrestling in 6th grade. I took a chance and found out that I was actually good at the sport. I was a machine. Once puberty hit I never looked back. I even took a chance and joined the school football team in the 8th grade and continued to play all 4 years of high school. I love playing and watching football, especially the Ravens. Toward the end of high school my mother underwent gastric bypass surgery, quit smoking and started to run. For a short period in my life I was happy, I was happy for my situation, my friends, my family, and most of all myself. Looking back high school was the most changing experience however. High school was where everything was changed. Girls took residence on radar. Though my first real relationship was in middle school high school is where a lot of stuff happened for me. During my jr. year was when I started really dating. The girl was a senior and she was very nice, and before I knew it prom was right around the corner. However for some reason she was very protective of her phone which was weird because she was never that way before. I did a little investigating unlocked her phone and found out that she was talking to another guy. Oh how the world crumbled around me. I confronted her and she had this to say “Well I told you not to go in my phone.” Despite this we still went to prom. The next girlfriend I had was a very self conscious individual and was there to witness what had happened with me and my ex at the time. She was there to help me pick up the pieces and for a while we were happy. She told me she loved me and I told her the same, it was a happy relationship we had going on and we promised not to ever cheat on one another. Fast forward 11 months into the future and only 11 days until our anniversary. We were talking over skype when she dropped the bombshell of all bombshells. She had told me that she had been talking to another guy and sure enough my girlfriend broke up with me and surprisingly enough cheated on me. This time however I was a wreck, and I didn't know how to cope. When I look back on my life however, I only regret not living puberty to it's fullest. Finally here I am today, that's my life in a short nutshell. I am currently enrolled into Elizabethtown College and I am enjoying it here. I have been working hard and I have still not decided what I should chose to focus on for a major. However I know where]ever life will take me next I will surely be in it for the long haul.
  2. Give the above user the most ridiculous or stupidest hate comment Jokes when they post about something random exmp: media, fastfoods, inventions, anypony or just give off hate comments out of nowhere lol. Ill start off with simple words.VVVV Worst description ever heard... Fax your grammer ya Gramnazi! dad makes the best pies for the office workers.
  3. Now for those of you who know me, you'll recall I have a great love and passion for this fandom. That has not changed. However, I have noticed a few bronies here and there that don't seem to extend common courtesies to one another and appear no different than your average internet, opinionated GIFT user. I'm not saying this marks some horrible trend that will bring about our downfall, but it is a little disheartening to see comments like: "You don't have a contrasting opinion, you have a misguided, idiotic opinion." or "Honestly fuck the analysis community!" I mean, should we really dismiss an entire portion of our fanbase just because they indulge in something we individually don't care for? I'm not a fan of dubstep, but all bronies who make it are not my enemies.
  4. If I had to vote the meanest places on the web I have ever been to, it has to be Youtube. Facedrama (lol), and Reddit. xD Enjoy their content, but not the people. What about you?
  5. Peace and What it Means Peace is our own intuitive notion of understanding people; aspects which consist of what they have to offer and accepting them for their inherent nature. Without being able to understand one another, how people feel act and think, we will never be truly able to be at peace with one another, and even with one's own self. I believe that violence is a cycle of hatred toward one another. People don't even see other people as human beings. We are all human beings and that alone sets us out to be different from every other animal in the animal kingdom. We as human beings have the tools and intellect to be smarter than resorting to killing each other. We can survive without having violence and war unlike our ancestors, which says a lot in how we have come since the cavemen scene. Since we are humans and we have become smarter over the ages I believe is an insult to all of humanity to condone in any violence to resolve any issue. Who are we to have come so far that we have the most advanced society set up with languages, traveling and culture to resort to killing another human being and essentially erasing their existence off of the Earth? We have no right to play God (assuming God exists) and we certainly do not have all of answers to begin with. Much still remains unknown and we have no right to kill one another. Looking into black on black violence “Since 1964, approximately half of the violent crime committed each year in the United States is attributable to young Black males, who represent less than 3 percent of the total population.” There are many reasons for black on black violence however, such as lack of resources, education, environment and culture. In about looking at all of those different factors it's hard to think that there isn't a lack of understanding in the black community. That's just one example however. If young black men see more value into gaining possessions which are idealized by the American public and media than how can peace even be achieved. Peace starts with us. When we have inner peace we can than expand out toward our families and friends, our dear loved ones. Once we have peace within out circle of people we can have peace with other groups of people connected. Since we are all connected in essence we would all be connected in a system or network of peace. When this hypothetical network of connections is made then we all truly be at peace. A lot of peace also has to deal with forgiveness. If we cannot forgive one another than we cannot truly be at peace, even when people try to convince themselves that they are. Forgiving someone is harder said than done especially when dealing with things such as violence, abuse and god forbid, death. When the topics are trivial it's easier to forgive but that is the first step however. Learning how to forgive one another even with the smallest things, such as borrow a shirt or breaking something that wasn't originally yours. If we hold grudges we wont be able to advance anywhere in life.
  6. Ok.. Bronies are not "special" people. They are not living up to a code of anything. Bronies are regular guys and gals. Don't call someone an "arse brony", or a "douche brony". They are just an asshole, nothing more. Brands are nothing.
  7. Well, today I was sitting in my spanish class working on a drawing that I was going to post on here after I was done. I had worked on it during 1st, 2nd, and lunch, and it was almost finished. She asked us to clear our desk for the test. I did and as she was passing out the test, she looked down at my stuff. The picture was on top, and the notes we had taken were right underneath. (You couldn't see them at all.) She asked who's it was and I thought she was talking about it being to far in the isle, I scooted it toward me, she turned around and quickly scooped up my notes and my drawing, crumpled them up, and then threw them away. (You know I get angry really easy and stuff)... I really didn't want to cause a scene though so I broke a few mechanical pencils to get the anger out... That really was what happened today... At lunch this guy had his convertible parked in the front of the school, and the hood was down... Me and my friends noticed it was about to rain, and we were laughing our asses off, thinking about how bad it would be for him if it did rain. (He had just gotten new leather seats...) It started sprinkling, the guy was nowhere to be found and then it started down pouring... We watched as the uncovered car was getting filled with water... After about 10 minuets, an old lady came out to put the hood up. She didn't know there was a button that made the roof go up automatically, so she just started tugging on it to get it up. It got stuck about 5 minuets in. At this time the entire lunchroom was bursting out laughter, and yet she continued to try and tug it closed. She finally got it closed 10 minuets after she started... After she got back inside the rain stopped completely... That was the single most funny thing that happened this year.
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