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Found 13 results

  1. There are a lot of very interesting words some with multiple meanings and even a few synonyms and some of us have a favorite word. My favorite word is the "F word", because it has a very nice ring to it and is a fairly versatile word that can be used in some particularly interesting ways. There is its literal context and of course as an insult, another way of describing getting ripped off or flim flammed and more. Even though it is my favorite I don't use it all that much because it does lose its power if used too much and there are certain situations where it might not be the best or place for it. So what is everyones favorite word?
  2. This came to mind share a song listen to it and share what it means to you then post another. One of my favorite Rise Against songs
  3. After reading a certain post about the latest episode; I decided to try an experiment with everybody (and “every-pony”): First, write the first thing that came to mind when you read the title of this topic “Hot Horse”. You may also post a picture. Second, read everyone else’s first reactions and feel free to reply to them. Some if not many of you might know the equestrian meaning of “Hot Horse” at first glance, while others might not.
  4. An old nostalgic song that has helped me throughout a lot of hell as the years have passed me by. I've always wanted to do a review on songs I love. Songs have a different meaning to all of us and our take on them. Some of us tie songs to certain memories and experiences you know what I mean? I always like to say that "music is the love that keeps on giving" whereas with humans heh you can hardly count on at all. Float on is one of those songs that just takes away all of your stress and worries something you can always listen to when you are down and out. At the title of the song suggests it reminds you life is good and you make life how you want it to be 😊. Don't worry cause worrying does not fix anything and just makes you feel worse. "A fake Jamaican took every last dime with that scamIt was worth it just to learn some sleight of handBad news comes, don't you worry even when it landsGood news will work it way to all them plans" This part of the song reminds me that in any situation or circumstances good or bad. Never let the circumstances take over you. You can make the best out of negative experiences because you learn from them and in turn become much more experienced. When he sings he was hit with a scam then he sings well it was worth just to learn some sleight of hand. Don't let anything get the better of you just make the best of the experiences you have and just float on cause with time everything will work itself alright 💚 Band Modest Mouse Album ~ Good news for people who love bad news
  5. The topic title already tells everything, I want to ask you bronies, pegasisters, guys and gals what do you think are the main reasons to live. For me, meaning of life is to have real friends, it can be one,two or a milion, but they need to be real, they need to care about you, and must not leave you, no matter what, especially when you are in deed, only one friend who actually cares about you, no matter how he looks like, or how he acts, is more important than thousands and thousand fake friends, unhappily, today those people are hard to find, and hard to keep Also you should find your fellow creature and live happily until the end of your life
  6. I'm using this song for the final boss theme and I have my ideas about what's this song is about but I want to hears what you thing this song means. music link lyrics
  7. In any anime or cartoon or whatever else what was the most meaningful scene to you? Mine was how Gajeel from fairy tail joins the guild. Gajeel seems to be exactly the way I was. Personally I don't want to stop, but I see no path ahead of me. It feels like a dead end, but this gives me somewhat of a hope.
  8. Yes, I just asked that. No really. Here, on these forums, they seem different from in real life. Here, they almost seem similar to the "Like" system on Facebook. But I've gotten random brohooves on comments or things, and I don't know why. And why the tracker for how many you've gotten? If you have a lot, does it mean something? In real life, I've experienced them as a one-time greeting from other Bronies, but nothing consistent. So, what are your experiences with brohooves and what do you think they are? Or is there a set meaning?
  9. Hi. I'm working on translations of MLP:FiM episodes (subtitles) for my countrymen. I always try to make sure that everything is translated carefully and accurate. I also try to translate song lyrics in a way that they rhyme in the translated text, too, still holding to the original meaning. (It's quite a hard work, but it's worth the effort.) Sometimes I got stuck on some colloquial phrases or idioms, though, since I'm not a native English speaker, and my experience with English language so far may not be enough in some cases, and then a help of other people might be needed, because I don't want anything to be lost in translation (as it usually is the case with careless translators). That's why I decided to start this thread. Native speakers, I need your help. Not the help with the whole translation (that's what I can deal with myself), but with those little fragments I sometimes have trouble with. I don't expect you will help me with the actual translation (unless you also know Polish), but maybe you can somehow explain me the meaning of these fragments in plain English or rephrase them so that I could understand their meaning and find a proper translation myself. I think this way of solving this problem would be also useful to other translators, using different languages than mine. OK, so here are the phrases I had problems with in some episodes from Season 4: S04 E04: "Daring Don't" 1. How to understand the title? Does it mean something in the lines that Daring Do is not so Daring anymore? Or that she shouldn't be so daring? Although I pretty much understand that this is a play of words with "Daring Do" to negate it, I have trouble with understanding it grammatically and how to translate this negation. So far I ended up with something which could be translated back literally from Polish as "Not so Daring anymore". Is it OK? 2. "Or would she fly at him, full bore, knowing full well against all odds, that the greatest challenge ever faced was still surely no match for..." Does "knowing full well" mean that she knows very well what she's doing, or what she's getting involved into? What about the "against all odds" part? I already figured out that "odds" can mean the chances (beyond the usual meaning of "something out of place", "weird", or a type of number which parts don't pair up with each other, which seems to be a derivative of that original meaning). There appears to be also one more maning for "odds": the circumstances that are against you, the obstacles. So I still have some trouble with this part, because I don't know which of these meanings is more correct here. Does it mean that she's she's trying to fight with all the obstacles and she knows very well what they are? Or does the "knowing full well against all odds" means something in the lines that she knows it beyond all doubt (that is, against all reasons which could tell her the opposite)? Or, if "odds" means "chances", then maybe "knowing full well agains all odds" means that she weights all her chances? S04 E08: "Rarity takes Manehattan" 1. The fragment of the song lyrics: "But this is how I play my cards I'm not about to fold" What I understand literally by "to fold" is to bend something, to make one part of it appear over another. But here it appears to be some idiomatic meaning. Do I understand it correctly that it means "to give up"? That Rarity says that this is how she usually performs and she doesn't plan to give up easily of doing it? I wonder if "to fold" is somehow related to playing card games (mentioned in the preceding line). Maybe it means that she won't cheat with the cards? (though I consider this option as less probable for being correct) 2. "Generosity, I'm here to set the bar" Is "generosity" used here in vocative? (like in "Oh, mighty Generosity! I'm speaking to you.") Or something else? And what about being there to "set the bar"? Do I understand correctly that this is a metaphorical way of saying that she is establishing a new standard in a competition? (as if she said "Look how generous I am! Try to top that!") 3. "Where I see a frown, I go to town Call me the smile patrol" Is "going to town" a metaphor for "putting herself into action" or "stepping in"? (The "smile patrol" seems to suggest that, but I'm not sure. BTW Pinkie Pie feels jealous ;-J ) 4. What's "Gloomy Gus"? The Opening Song Do I understand correctly that it's purposely being sung by the Mane Six, and not jus some reuse of voice actresses? I mean, the part "I used to wonder what friendship could be, until you all shared this magic with me" seems to be sung by Twilight (as if she said "Once I didn't know what is friendship all about, but you showed me all those features which follow, and now I get it."), since it fits the story from Season 1. Then, her friends starts to sing their parts, describing what each of them introduced to their relationship, right? But I have some ambiguity with the grammar. There are two options, I guess: a ) Rainbow Dash says that she introduced "Big adventure" (that's the Magic she shared with Twilight). As if she said "I shared with you some big adventure". Then Pinkie sings that she introduced "Tons of fun", etc. So all those are accusatives, right? But then there's the most problematic part, when Fluttershy sings "Sharing kindness ─ it's an easy feat": I cannot tell whether that "-ing" means that this task of sharing kindness is so easy to do, or that she continues the pattern of singing about what she introduced to the relationship (as "I shared with you the... the sharing of kindness :-P, and, by the way, it is an easy thing to do"). b ) "Big adventure" is in nominative, and so is with the rest of the features mentioned. Especially the Fluttershy's one: "sharing (a/the) kindness" is here used as a noun, not a verb, as a description of some task. c ) "sharing kindness" is a present participle, as in "By sharing my kindness I become a better person." I'm asking about that because, contrary to English, in Polish there are different suffixes depending on the grammatical form, and they change the meaning completely depending on which one I choose (whether it is in nominative or accusative). So I wouldn't want to use the wrong one and change the meaning of the lyrics. So? Is it a description of the features they introduce do the relationship (nouns in accusative)? Or just a list of features (nouns in nominative)? Or the third one with the Fluttershy's part being a verb, a present participle? Maybe I seek a hole where the hedge is whole, but I'm a perfectionist and I care for my translations to be accurate. Thanks in advance for any help. I'll post more questions here if I find something more I'd have problem with.
  10. In one of my recent postings (, I decided to do an experiment where everybody listed their initial thoughts to the title of the thread (“Hot Horse”). Some of you wondered why I decided to try such an experiment. Before I go on, let me state I have written this response very carefully and have done my best to be considerate of everyone’s feelings as I want to do my best not to upset nor provoke anyone. I will now reveal my intensions. First I would like to point out that “Hot Horse” is an equestrian term that means a horse that is overly excited or energetic, and/or easily spooked or shy at strange objects. If a horse is too “hot”, people will usually want to clam that horse down. Let me also remark that of all the participants who posted in my experiment, only one participant pointed this out. Anyway, what inspired me to try that experiment was this Topic on the Show Discussion ( This topic basically talks about a scene in “Daring Don’t” where Daring Do jokingly stated that she wasn’t giving up the ring easily and Rainbow Dash watching from afar reacts to Daring Do’s joke/comeback by making a unique sort of face, and it sees to ask the participants (at least that’s how I interpret the somewhat “cryptically written” intro of the topic) if they agree that Rainbow Dash’s reaction was meant to signify that she had developed (not necessarily at that moment) a “serious” interest in Daring Do other mares (a “serious” interest like that a mare would normally have in stallions). Now make no mistake; I’m not implying that homosexuality is wrong (and I basically don’t think it’s wrong at all), nor am I implying that it’s wrong to talk about homosexuality or sex in general (as long as the conversation is responsible, intelligent, clam, open and mature about it). I’m also not implying that it’s wrong for people to give their opinion on something (freedom of speech is very important, even though we do need to be responsible and considerate of others as to how we use our freedoms including that of speech). My main concern is what I’ll right now call people’s “initial thoughts” of something (or the first thoughts or feelings of something that come to mind when that something is introduced to one’s stimuli, such as an image or sound). Now go to my experiment and take a brief look at what everybody wrote in response to seeing the phrase “Hot Horse”, and you’ll notice that a significant amount (though not all) of participants interpreted the word “Hot” in the sense meaning arousing, sexy and/or attractive. I find this very much related to how someone could interpret the face Rainbow Dash makes as her having a “serious” interest in Daring Do other mares (like that a mare would normally have in stallions). Do you ever sometimes wonder if some people (particularly those of Gen X and Gen Y, at least as far as I’m concerned) are expressing too many “immature”/”dirty” thoughts and/or feelings about certain things (as opposed to more “clean” thoughts)? Again, I don’t think it’s wrong for people to be homosexual (and I don’t think it’s something that’s “dirty”), and I don’t think it’s wrong to talk about homosexuality or sex in general (as long as the conversation is responsible, intelligent, clam, open and mature about it); however, I’m certain at least some of you would agree that taking an image (such as the face Rainbow Dash makes in “Daring Don’t”) that isn’t supposed to imply something sensitive and connecting it to something suggestive on purpose (as opposed to “intrusively”) is rather “immature”. As per another point regarding this topic about the face Rainbow Dash makes, you could also think about the lesson of the MLP:FiM episode, “Party Of One”. Remember when Pinkie Pie learned you should always expect the best from your friends (after Pinkie Pie expected something bad from her friends)? While it is natural that people will have all sorts of thoughts on something such as the Rainbow Dash makes in “Daring Don’t” (including thoughts that imply something means something suggestive), whenever we see something new or unusual, we should try our best to interpret it as something happy, normal or innocent (instead of something suggestive).
  11. There is that familiar feeling, a feeling of worry, dread, and depression, hovering on the edge of my subconscious, threatening to overflow into the active portions of my consciousness. But I will fight. What reason have I to be sad or worried? Stressful thoughts hover before my tired eyes but I blink them away. I have no reasons to be feeling this way, after all, I am happy and content, with loving family and great friends. So what could it be? Is it the taxation of the world finally taking affect; the wandering eyes and the loose lips that follow me and murmur as I pass them by, finally worming their way into my brain, telling me to want more? To desire to be something else, other than myself? That it is all meaningless? That I should give up? I have been struggling, it is true. Though I maintain a placid demeanour, the thoughts that parade through my mind leave me with a sinking feeling in my heart, a feeling of lacking, of loss, a fear of everything collapsing around me. "It would be easier to just give it up. Take the easy road; kick back and dispel all of these silly little pursuits, they won't help you find purpose. You have no promises of success, so why try?" whispers the throng around me, playing a funeral procession on my ear drums and heartstrings. But no, say I, for I have faith. Faith in my family to keep me straight, faith in my friends to keep me sane, and faith in myself, to continue being who I am. Faith is not just a matter of religious resolve, it is a matter of trusting assurance. I trust my family, trust my friends, trust myself. Never let me slip please, Lord, for I fear that I cannot survive the fall. So many of those surrounding me are giving up, succumbing to this life and it's empty promises of ease and leisure. Did I aim too high? Have I climbed this ladder of life too fast, just to lose my grip on the highest rung? It is THESE thoughts that I must dispel from myself, keep calm, and carry on. This post may not have much true meaning or insight, but you would not believe how good it felt to type it out.
  12. For me, my new word would be blitzaca bli-tza-ca intransitive verb modifier (follows after "went" "goes" "go" "to go" etc.) meaning: crazy, insane, mad Example: In Lesson Zero, Twilight Sparkle went completely blitzaca.
  13. Ok, so I saw this on the brony Facebook page, and it made my day > FACT: The series premiered October 10, 2010. > FACT: That date can be written as 10/10/10. > FACT: 101010 is binary for the decimal number 42. > ERGO: "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is the Meaning of Life.