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Found 5 results

  1. In the original MLP TV series, the farmgirl Megan (who was 12 years old) and her siblings, Danny and Molly, went on adventures saving Ponyland from villains. In consequent official MLP works, they were never seen again, except in one Equestria Girls comic where their names are mentioned in a leaflet (under Sunset Shimmer) as being associated with a room. In the context of daily life for people growing up through the 90's and into 2017, I wonder, how do you think Megan and her siblings would have lived to the present day (or even into the future), as they grew up after their adventures in Ponyland? The stories of their older lives, and those of their possible descendants, would be fascinating. Furthermore, how do you think they (or their future families) might have reacted to FiM and Equestria Girls, and its quirky fanbase?
  2. What if Megan from the old MLP series, was redesigned and added to the main characters of MLP:FiM, which would have the same rock family as Pinkie's?
  3. Okay, kind of a weird question, but hear me out. A lot of bronies have discussed inclusion of various characters from earlier generations in FiM (Tirek, Smooze and Seaponies seem to be the most common). Personally, I think it would be interesting to see how Megan would be characterized by the FiM team. Now, I have seen several topics regarding humans in Equestria in general, but not Megan specifically, so I decided to make a topic about her. I know a lot of people would probably cringe at the idea of a human character in FiM, but if the storytellers do a good job, I think it could make for a very interesting storline. For those who don't know, Megan was a major character in MLP: Generation One, a young girl who came from a universe outside Ponyland (at least, I think) and befriended the ponies and helped them save their world from Tirek in the first special and returned for several important missions in later episodes and the movie. She is the bearer of the special "Rainbow of Light" which was used to defeat Tirek, Catrina and the Smooze. In the original special, Megan is perhaps the most developed character. As a kid, I actually liked her as much if not more than the ponies themselves. Because she was the only human on the show at first, I could also relate to her better than to the ponies. So, what if, somehow, Megan appeared in the FiM universe? How would she interact with the new, better-developed ponies? IMO, since the ponies in FiM are young adults, maybe Megan would be a twenty-something instead of a kid. Perhaps she could be a college student who used to believe in unicorns/magic, but outgrew it and became disillusioned with the world. Maybe she'd be sort of sarcastic, negative, even a bit depressed. How she would get to Equestria, I have no idea. In the original, Megan was from a world outside that of the ponies, so if she appeared in FiM, this would still probably be the case. I found a few fanarts of FiM style Megan, so I guess I'm not the only one to have this idea.
  4. Remember Megan from the original MLP 80's tv series? Well, what will happend if she appears in the MLP: Friendship is Magic? Really... tell me?