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Found 5 results

  1. Spanish In Physician

    Ask Shimu

    I am Shimuzaki. I am also.... A very open person. So feel free to ask me anything, that won't get yourself or me in trouble of course. XD
  2. Simon

    Member Q+A Stormfury Q&A

    It's Q&A time! It occurred to me today that two of the three members that we've done Q&A's with ended up on staff a few weeks after their Q&A... #conspiracy. Up to bat for round four of the member Q&A's is this week's guest, Stormfury! You guys know how this works... 24 hours to dump all the questions you have for Stormfury into the thread for him to answer! All those burning questions you have can now be answered! And first question time: How did it feel when you were invited for this Q&A months and months in advance? (Inside jokes ftw)
  3. Batbrony

    Member Q+A SFyr Q&A

    Good evening everyone, Batbrony here taking a break from his nightly patrols to bring you this week's member Q&A! This week, we'll be chatting with SFyr, a stand-up fellow who's been a wonderful addition to our community since he joined it if I do say so myself. Not only did SFyr write one of our winning entries for the Poniverse Mascot Summperpalooza Contest on Fimfiction, but he's also a smashing good artist who makes some lovely work if I do say so myself. Check out his commission shop on the forums here if you're looking to purchase some wonderful pony art! With that said, let's get this show on the road and kick things off with our first question of the night. SFyr, how did you first get into pony art and what led you to drawing ponies in the unique way that you do? Post all your questions below, everypony, and please, feel free to ask as many as you want!
  4. Aaaaaand it's Wednesday! Time for another Q&A! Our guest this week is the one and only Gone Airbourne! As one of our many regulars here around MLP Forums, Gone Airbourne is someone you've probably run into at some point. He's not only a great person to talk to and a fantastic member, but he's also someone always willing to lend a hoof to help out the site.. So toss all the questions below so we can all learn all of his deepest darkest secrets! And as always, I'll get the Q&A started with asking the first question! Why do you like Pinkie Pie the most even though Fluttershy is clearly best pony?
  5. Welcome to our first member Q&A! This week we'll be chatting with Nervous Stitch! Stitch is one of MLP Forum's Commission Artists who makes people happy with her fantastic plush making skills. Check out her work here! So be sure to toss all your questions about being a commission artist, plush making, ponies, and anything else you can think of below! As always, I'll get us started with the first question. What made you get in to plush making?