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Found 19 results

  1. The title says it all: If you could meet anybody from MLP Forums in real life, who would it be? I'm not sure for me, but how about you?
  2. So, what moments in life remind you that you're a member of this place? I'll name a few to get this thread started. You know you're a member of MLP Forums when you get 10+ likes on Facebook and go "Hey, where's the popular star?!" You know you're a member of MLP Forums when you have MLP Forums on your bookmarks bar. You know you're a member of MLP Forums when this is the first site you check when you get on the computer.
  3. You guys all know what a conscience is. You know, that little voice in the back of your head telling you to do the right thing. Well, I am asking, out of all the people on these forums, which one would you want to be your conscience?
  4. Don't know if this goes in General Discussion or Forum Lounge but the Favorite Member thread is in here so I'll go with this one. So, if you were gay, (That is if you aren't already) which member would you go gay for. I've been talking to new people recently, so maybe some of the other male Pinkie fans I talk to.
  5. Yo! So, I just found out that this whole "ask a pony" thing is for members, and not just roleplaying! So, I figured I'd start one of my own, just to see how it'd do. So if ya wanna ask me anything* just leave it below! *anything, of course, being within board guidlines.
  6. I already have one of these for my OC, so I figured having one for just me would be a good idea. Ask me anything, blah blah blah, you know the drill.
  7. I'll keep this short; though "sweet" doesn't necessarily enter into it. Things, unfortunately, didn't work out for former member Candy Star (his last user name being Tom Snyder) here at the forums. Since he's not in a position to do so himself, he asked me to express his goodbyes to MLP Forums. "Thanks for all the fun and your support."
  8. So, I have been giving the forums a lot of thought and from what I've seen, it is a pretty good community. But... I have fallen for one of these members of the community. I...can't explain it...wait yes i can. She is a magnificent beast who prowls the forums ever so lightly with her soft padded paws and never tries to harm anyone she has to protect. Never had I seen such a valiant beast here (Although there are very attractive members on the forum) and I feel that I have to say something. She's already married as she has said in her profile but I feel i have to say something. I want to be honest to her because when we play in the roleplay world, I don't want it to be weird between us (Although I have the feeling it will be weird if i do tell her). What should I do? I'm just a lowly member who had a limited amount of friends and misses his roleplay posts...She will never accept me..especially since she is the roleplay leader of the forums. *sigh* I need advice. Any suggestions?
  9. So I know how to become a cupcake. Everybody knows how to become a muffin. But there are heaps of other member status'es'essseseees! I'm seeing people with parasprite, changeling, pony, Pegasus, even dragon, and I can't find anywhere that tells you how people reach those stages. What are the requirements for reaching the stages above cupcake? Thanks in advance, I guess.
  10. How do you change the text that appears above your avatar in threads because I've seen many users have custom text above their picture and I cant seem to find the place to change it anywhere?
  11. I just cleared out my PM system and found this pm. Unclickable, unable to see a name, and just there. What is it?
  12. As of right now, we use the code [b]@[member='Username'][/b], or just @[member='Rising Shine'] to mention a user in a thread. ( Sometimes, highlighting an user's text will not always make the little bubble with the quote/mention options appear. Also, whenever you want to mention someone you will need to find one of their posts to then be able to highlight it. But what if you want to mention a user who has not posted in the thread? To do this, I usually just highlight an user's text and mention them, or just write down the mention code manually, then I change the username to the name of the person I want to quote. The problem here though, is that sometimes you will not know the exact name of the user you want to quote, and some people don't even know the mention code in their head. This causes the seemingly easy and fast process to take way longer time than it should, even if it isn't such a long time at all. 10 seconds longer can be a reason for you to not do it, everyone is lazy on the internet. I am not sure why we chosed to use a whole code line just to mention someone Sadly there were not many options to chose from when we added the mention system, but it should be way easier. I have looked around and I'm not sure if I can find exactly the extension I am looking for, however for IPS 4.0 @Mentioning is possible. If you write @ followed by, let's say Jo, it automatically shows up a list of the users with names starting at Jo. I also found this but I am not sure if it actually will suggest names (which is one of the thing I am looking for). Maybe it's just not possible to do exactly what I am looking for without spending large amounts of money. See this is why we should use vBulletin
  13. Two years ago today, I started trying out Friendship is magic, it was one of the best decisions in my life. Because of this, now I am on the forums meeting so many great friends and a great place to discuss the show. It still brings back nostalgia to trying out the first 2 episodes, then the next day watching the reruns on the hub, mainly over Spring Break. So EVERYPONY CELEBRATE PINKIE PIE STYLE!!!!!!!
  14. I just recently decided I wanted to change my member title here on the MLP Forums but when I went into the settings part of my account the member title option was gone. If the option was removed for members who don't donate to the site the courteous thing to have done is Informed us or removed our member title before taking away the option from us. Maybe it's still there and I just didn't look thoroughly. Whatever the case is could someone kindly remove my member title since I can't or if the option is still there inform me on how to change my member title? Thank you in advance. .
  15. Should there be an option to subscribe to a member, so you get notified every time he/she posts a new topic? Or does this already exist and I just haven't found it yet?
  16. I very often see people who make threads on the forums where they're asking if there are any users in their area/state/country on here. I have this suggestion.. If you look at this picture of the advanced search function: You will see that when searching for members, you can specify words, author and date. Is there any way (there must be, come on guys) to add a "Find by location"? This would solve so many things and it would be amazing to have. I know there are some threads for saying where you live, and also the MLP Forums meetup map. But not everyone sees those or are even aware that they exist. I know that not everyone writes where they are from, but if this could be done, it would be amazing. Many of my suggestions has been answered with And that's cause many of them are just time wasters for the staff. But I feel that this is a small feature, that would make a big change. At least for me. I'm sure others would appreciate it too. It's not just another unnecessary feature. It will actually have some use. Cause who visits every user's profile to see their location? Maybe this would encourage more users to put their real location so they can find eachother more easily. Thanks. inb4 another dream gets ruined
  17. This has probably been discussed before, but hell if that search actually ever worked for me. There should be a way to delete your member title even after your membership period is over. I took advantage of the forum's birthday event where everybody gained subscriber perks for a week and changed my member title, which seemed like a funny and intelligent idea. It wasn't. Now, looking through, I don't think that there is a way to reverse this. Unless it's something blatantly obvious because I usually miss those blatantly obvious things.
  18. Instead of having the titles we have now (E.g Muffin,blank flank,Brony,etc) We Could Have a new, updated version of then (E.g Filly,God tier,Artist,ect) I can send feld0 the new things and see if he approves of them. We Can Have More than one at a time! I Have all of them at the ready! (Mods can you please send this to canterlot castle ASAP) Have a nice day and if your new Welcome to the herd!
  19. It is I, EpicSoarin, only under another display name (as you can see from my sig.) Ask me stuff, as long as it's not too personal. Don't ask me what my real name is, where I live, that kind of stuff otherwise I will report you.