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Found 42 results

  1. I think we've been here long enough for one of these threads. So like the title says, how famous is the user above you, or in other words, how often do you see them on the forums? Give a rating from 1 to 10. Example: Lady Rarity Pony 10/10 I see you in nearly every thread.
  2. We know this wonderful forum's numbers are pushing up to 20000, but that's got me wondering... How many (or what percentage) of those members still come onto the site regularly? By which I mean, at least 2 or 3 times a month at the lowest? Discuss.
  3. Thread is pretty simple, post who your favorite member is by using this BBCode ' [ member = (member's name) ] '. *Remove the extra spaces. Saying why is optional. @Keezuw, @SCS, and @LittleRawr are my favorites.
  4. I thought this would be a nice topic to start off. Basically you have to say how famous/popular E.C.T you are on the forums. I think it will be quite cool to see what people think about themselves! So the rules are say how famous you think you are, and there is an option to say how famous the person above you is to! I think I am average, I am only a bunny and people don't see me that much. I would rate myself 7.1/10
  5. I'm sure most of us have followed a lot of members here, as well as being followed yourself. With that said, I'm sure everyone has their reasons for following other members on the Forums, so I'm kinda curious... What exactly makes you want to follow a member on the Forums? For me, I follow someone because they either: Follow me first. I've spoken to them enough. Or I just have a really good first impression for some reason. With my whole "policy" out of the way (if you can call it that), I'm kinda curious as to what yours are!
  6. Who would it be? The person has to be a member here on MLPForums. (hehe, this is gonna be funny)
  7. Image one Image two CLOSED Submissions will be open for 3 (three) months from today so Submissions close on the 2nd of March PLEASE READ THE RULES I have to make edits on my own time please follow the rules Applicant requirements: You must meet one of the following. (of you will be rejected) 1. Must be a Member for a least 2 months. (as of closing date) 2. Be a Sub/Donor or member of staff (including any Poni staff) 3. have the rank (post rank) of a bunny 4. actually have either roleplayed or other active posting (subject to me checking) Image requirements: Now for the Image rules: your Image must adhere to all of these rules (or you will be rejected) A) NO AND I MEAN NO sexualised images B ) any 'Canon' race will be accepted (anything seen in the show, film or comics hell even made up ones ) C) Transparent background D) PNG!!! E) Don't post large Images keep them under a reasonable size F) Only one pony in the image no pairs of couples/groups G) appropriate stance (examples below) H) Full body shot with no background Now apart from that PM me with questions. All images will go through a vetting process 1. I accept the image 2. I vet your account If your image is rejected you will be notified in PM as to why and given an opportunity to correct it. If accepted I will update this topic that you are in and brohoof your submission. PLEASE READ THE RULES CAREFULLY So apart from all that shoot me your Images people! Last years effort on my part: First years work:
  8. So here goes nothing this is the original project below The goal of this project of for the community to submit their OC's or ponysonias for a 'class' photo style thing, made by me (looking for more talented artist to make the collage) Only accepting Canon races and styles no half n' half Submissions will be open for 1 (one) month from today so SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 26/2/2016 (26th of February 2016) APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED!! Ok first things first there quite a few rules to go on: PLEASE READ THE RULES CAREFULLY You must meet one of the following. (of you will be rejected) 1. Must be a Member for a least 2 months. (as of closing date) 2. Be a Sub/Donor or member of staff (including any Poni staff) 3. have the rank (post rank) of a bunny ​4. actually have either roleplayed or other active posting (subject to me checking) Now for the Image rules: your Image must adhere to all of these rules (or you will be rejected) A) NO AND I MEAN NO sexualised images B ) any 'Canon' race will be accepted (anything seen in the show or film) C) Transparent background D) PNG!!! E) Don't post large Images keep them under a reasonable size F) Only one pony in the image no pairs of couples/groups ​G) appropriate stance (examples below) H) Full body shot with no background Now apart from the PM me with questions. All images will go through a vetting process 1. I accept the image 2. I vet your account If your image is rejected you will be notified in PM as to why and given an opportunity to correct it. If accepted I will update this topic that you are in and brohoof your submission. Examples: So apart from all that shoot me your Images people! PLEASE READ THE RULES I have to make edits on my own time please follow the rules Night theme
  9. I hope this isn't done before but this is a straightforward game. Predict the next username who'll reply next. I'll go first of course. I predict PinkuRiku will post next
  10. Sekr Gray

    Road Trip

    A really random idea won't stop nagging my thoughts, so I thought you all might care to take a gander at it. Sometime soon, I might be getting my first vehicle. I want to go see some friends in another state as a good test drive, but then I thought "why stop there? You know plenty of people from the forums you can meet up with, in one big road trip." I've yet to get my drivers license (cars keep breaking down, so no more practice) and yet to get a vehicle, but this idea just won't go away. Thoughts?
  11. ChikoritaCheezits

    Chikoritabrony's forum shipping thread

    All right seeing as how I am the forums shipper, I decided to have a little fun. So guys, what's your favorite ship on the forums if the forums were to have shipping? You can ship anyone you want as long as it's your favorite. So ship away!
  12. I don't think I really need to explain much. The title is pretty self-explanatory. But, basically, just post below which two members of these forums you think would make a cute couple. Don't take it too seriously and don't pick someone you think would get upset about this.
  13. Yoouyu

    New members

    I been looking here and there and somewhere and I seen that many members who register here on the forums, never post anything and be here maybe on couple hours or few weeks and after that leave. I been collecting some data from this site and I seen that average about 40% of the people who create account here post the topic in the welcoming area, about 60% of the members don't post the topic and it will be unlikely that anyone will notice them unless they themselves start engaging a conversation, or maybe they can't figure out the site and how it works. What worries me is that there are over 10 000 accounts in the blank flank group if I recall correctly, maybe this site just wasnt for those people, maybe they didn't have a reason to come back here. What is the reason people come back here? What is the reason you come back here? For me it is the community here, but for these people who never embraced the community here and didn't feel welcome here, didn't get the help they needed figuring out the layout and other issues that they maybe had. They didn't have any reason to come back here again. I think our job as a members of this community is to make the pony who is new here feel welcomed and part of the group here. My suggestion here is that to somehow grow the possibility of the new members coming more active in this community. DO you think it would be good if making post in the welcoming plaza would be necessary to be able to be a member here. I mean because they wouldn't make an account here if they wouldn't want to be part of the community because you can view most of the pages that have the discussion without registration, so if they wouldn't want to be a part of this site and the community here why would they create an account at all. i see that many people have created the account but maybe were too shy or didnt know where to post the ir post and because of that never engaged with the community and that can be the reason why they didn't feel they should come back here. I think it would be great if we could somehow make the members who join feel more comfortable and included in the community and that way the site could grow bigger. Just my thoughts thanks =)
  14. ChikoritaCheezits

    Mlp Forums First World Problems

    All right, a while ago, I made a thread on Pokemon first world problems. Today, I decided why not step it up a bit. So guys, list your first world problems for Mlp Forums. I don't have much right now so we'll see what people post. So, post away!
  15. As the title says. x3 In my case, I only see ooBrony and Koukatsu around here on a regular basis, though there's two others that are still active but I don't see that often. The other three that welcomed me haven't been on in months, and only one of them was online after the month I joined (December 2014). :l (To clarify- they don't necessarily have to be people that greeted you in the Welcoming Plaza. They could have greeted you in a status update, or PM'd you to see if you're starting off well in the community. People that welcomed you back also count, if you like :3 As a bonus question; have you interacted much with them so far? )
  16. Hey! if you are on the computer for most of the day, an introvert or someone that wants to make new or long lasting friends who love ponies, then you have come to the right place! and we want you to join our Skype group! This skype group is looking for new members to join its ranks! We are a bunch of 3-5 fun, friendly and active friends who talk everyday and are from different parts of the globe! we are preferably looking for members who are very or constantly active. this is because we want to make more good, close and long lasting friends! If you wish to join. please message me at: metalman653 or Jump Cut or you can message Erik H.//WhiteLightning or Zizkil El Cabron to join and or ask for more info We really want you to join and are looking forward to meeting you!
  17. If there was one thing about you that makes you feel less connected from others, what is it? I'm not talking about how we can't meet each other in person or how far we are from each other, but rather about what is it about you that you don't seem to have in common with most members. I titled it this way because not having something in common with people can make us feel more disconnected and isolated from others. For me, while I do play video games at times (FIFA, GTA, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 currently for now until I see another game I'm interested in spending money and trying it), I don't seem to have the same approach to them as the majority of the forums do, which is enthusiasm and strong interest in it along with having a Steam account. In other words, I don't care too much about video games. And I don't know about you, but part of me thinks members and real life people won't find me interesting anymore. Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard. Just something I had to get off my chest now.
  18. Title. If it wasn't already obvious, mine is Craig Jones (Samples, Keys).
  19. Blue Moon

    The Potato(es) of Foruming

    During the timeframe of 9 to 10:19, I decided to create this picture. It is a potato... ...But not just any kind of potato. This potato contains the avatars of each member (give or take) that was online during that timeframe. It is all very metaphorical and deep and stuff... ...However, as you might imagine; this forum has too much swag to just have one potato! To counter this dilemma; I used a second smaller potato to hold all of this forum's swag: Yeah. I have way too much time on my hands...
  20. I talked to Artemis and ran what I was going to say by him before I posted this and he said this was okay. I apologize in advance for making this a huge wall ot text, but I believe this is an important issue and I want to be as thorough as possible. I have had the idea for this particular thread for a very long time and have decided to post it because I believe that the way the "borderline NSFW" rule here has been applied in an inconsistent manner that often makes it a bit confusing as to what is actually allowed on here. I have talked to a few other members on here via PM that seem to agree. I realize there are certain cases that are a tad more complex than others but it seems that even moderators don't seem to be on the same page on this matter. Clarifying this further and making things more consistent I believe will be a win for both the users as well as the staff as it will cause less inadvertant breaking of said rule and could also improve user morale. One user I talked to has said that he is afraid to address any topic even the slightest bit sexual because of this even though it is clearly within the rules to talk about sexual subjects so long as people don't go into graphic detail. I am sure there are others who may in fact feel the same way, when users are afraid to say certain things on any subject. While going to a moderator when you are not sure if something is innapropriate or not is good advice which I am sure some of you on staff may give and I of course agree with it when users wonder if anything even the slightest bit sexual may get them in trouble and they feel they have to go to a moderator for everything than I believe that is a problem. I and some other users have seen certain images and other material be taken down because it is judged as "borderline NSFW" while material which is just as close or even closer to it has been left alone. Case in point is the most attractive pony tournament held last year, which you can see at the link below. Most of the images posted are well within the realm of the rules however some of the images are while they are not full blown NSFW are fairly suggestive and because of the lack of a clear definition of "borderline NSFW" could have easily been removed and result in said warning but have been left alone. I looked through that thread carefully a few days ago and you can find said images on pages page 48,46, 45,44,42, 41,39, 37,36,34,33 and 23. One such image is very similar to an Applejack image that I posted that was removed by a moderator and it is this Octavia pic which I shall call "exhibit A" for ass. This same user also brough to my attention a glaring inconsistency in two disciplinary decisions. One being a 2 day suspension of a user who posted Nazi Rarity pictures in the March Madness Tournament thread and gory images of Rarity in the Rarity fanclub thread. While another user was given a 7 day suspension and nearly banned for posting graphic content of a man shooting a dog in order to raise awareness of an incident of animal cruelty. While the judgment of the user who was nearly banned was arguably bad and the content he posted was innapropriate it begs the question as to why who was miguided but had the best intentions got a 7 day suspension for graphic content yet someone who openly flamed and trolled only got a 2 day suspension. Another user I have spoken with on this matter was recent cited for "borderline NSFW" for an edited show screen shot. I saw the screenshot in quesiton and don't see how it was innapropriate as nothing sexual was added to said pic. The pictures I mentioned in the "most attractive pony tournament" thread are far far closer to "borderline NSFW" than that particular pic.
  21. Sterling Crimson

    I find these fun to do.

    I don't know why, but I'm suddenly feeling the urge to give a shout out to many members of MLPF. So here goes nothing. I challenge you to make a song out of this... Wait a minute... maybe I should give it a go before I start grad school for my next blog post... ---- DJ-BRONI3 was my first close friend here... while Steel Accord is valiant 'cross the roleplays... Good luck being a GK Logical Aventura... cause you'll need it when you start your soccer career... And Artemis I missed all those Skype chats during your leave of absence... Oh MLPF was and is a place of friendship... MLPF is a place of love and of community! MLPF will never be the same... if all these friends of mine were never here! Oh Sugar Cube and Wingnut thank you for all the advice you gave me... I still ship you with each other every now and then ! Dsanders and Pink Mist are such a lovely couple, although I honestly think you need to continue growing together... Oh MLPF was and is a place of friendship... MLPF is a place of love and of community! MLPF will never be the same... if all these friends of mine were never here! Now I'd best be getting... to the other members... I apologize for not mentioning them yet... Batbrony thanks for being the best Derpy fan, and :Flutterdash: you're an awesome fellow Canadian! Oh Akemi Homura you were the first member I met... but I had always remembered you as Devin McCourty! Now I'd better mention all those people who helped me... with the World Cup and making it a huge success! PE Brony, Thunder-wing, Stellafera, and Anilewe oh my! Then there's Flipturn, yayayayayala, PinkiePieRules, and The JLmle who helped me keep things alight! Now Ghostfacekiller39 I simply can't forget... because he's made himself well known by all his posting... but how could I forget Lincolshirepony... who's basically been my closest friend on MLPF... I also know of a certain Sir Godot... who likes to change his usernames a lot But anyway, he's an awesome Phoenix Wright fan like me... and then I've got to mention Super80 Wolf... (whose love of flying I can't ignore!) Oh MLPF was and is a place of friendship... MLPF is a place of love and of community! MLPF will never be the same... if all these friends of mine were never here! Now I'm almost at the end, but I've got so many more to mention... Doctor Xfizzle... thank you for advertising MLPF... if it weren't for you, I'd never be here! Ninetails I haven't seen in a while... but I remember the awesome high school RP we played together... Frostgage you're an awesome sports fan! And Bojo is best Mexico fan! Then there's Bronypony and Mightymags... an awesome physicist... and an awesome advice giver... Oh why do I have to feel so sleepy... SCS is best admin... and I miss Blue Moon and Budding Night and Sir Flutterhooves... I shant end this tune on a sad note... so... I'll throw in Chikoritabrony cause he's a cool Pinkie Pie fan... Oh MLPF was and is a place of friendship... MLPF is a place of love and of community! MLPF will never be the same... if all these friends of mine were never here! ---- Good night. Time to rest... and think of more members to shout out to...
  22. As most already know when someone is banned you never notice until there inactive for so long that you try to get on there profile. (unless your staff of course) So I was thinking that maybe we could have something in peoples settings where they can type something that would be send as a pm to there friends after the ban or maybe an automated message from mailmare to tell people that a friend has been banned. And before people ask no I don't have anywhere near 900 points
  23. WELCOME TO THE... ~MLPFORUMS BIRTHDAYS MASTERTHREAD!~ (Pardon me for the flanderized title. I'm not good at decorating threads.) Hello everybody! This is the thread where you come to to celebrate a very special event: a birthday! Whether it be yours or a friend's or even a random stranger on the site that you've never talked to, all birthdays are appreciated equally in the MLPForums Birthdays Masterthread. You might be thinking, Hey, why do we need a thread like this? All birthdays are listed in the calendar already, anyway. This thread sucks and so do you. Well, the idea popped into my head one day during June 17th while I was chatting with a group of friends. One of them, my best friend (and worst enemy) will be having his birthday very, very soon. I, being under the age of consent, was unable to use Paypal, and I couldn't think of anything to give him that would be worthwhile. I mean, what can you really give over the Internet? To some friends, I gave birthday cards or love letters. But I think those have been overused (at least by me) by now. And then I thought, What do I usually do at a birthday party? I cheer, I hang out, I chat and I have fun. The gifts weren't usually the ones that matter, even though they're a very kind gesture. Most of the fun? It comes from having friends—or even people you don't know very well—celebrate your birthday along with you. I also remember seeing many statuses announcing that it's their birthday—but with hardly any replies. I usually try my best to reply to those statuses, because it is a rare day, but I usually then move on. Not much I can do for them, which is sad but probably understandable considering they're not anyone I know. I do know that some kind and dedicated people would look through the calendar events and send PMs or comments to the birthday people; I've received some myself when I changed my birthday once in order to pull a prank (long story). A lot of new members may feel left out due to the fact that no one takes notice of their special day, because let's face it—how many times have you looked at the day's birthdays and wished somebody a happy one? Entonces, I made this thread. Nobody's taking notice of your birthday? Wanting to celebrate a friend's birthday but you're not sure how? Don't worry. I'll make sure your name is in big, bold letters in the list below. Just come in and join the big party! So you may be asking yourself... what should I do in here? I mean, why should I take the trouble to post in this thread when I can just PM or write a comment? Well, first of all, making a masterthread makes your birthdays public—everyone will be celebrating them! Private messaging makes it feel small—which may be your favored way of partying. That's fine, not everyone wants a fancy dinner or lots of attention. But if you want to celebrate the special day along with others, then this is the thread to be in. Next, you can give gifts! Post a card, a drawing, a story, or some other related gift that can be given over the Internet right here. Private messages work, too, but if you want to show everyone what you gave your best friend, you now got a place to do so. Also, you may list upcoming birthdays of friends you want to celebrate—I'll make a separate list for them so friends know and can have time to prepare a gift for them. In short, if you want to have a huge party with everyone in MLPForums, then the MLPForums Birthdays Masterthread is here to do just that. A few rules about this thread: 1. First off, the birthday masterthread isn't limited to just MLPForums members' birthdays. You can celebrate any birthday you want—including birthdays of your family members or friends who may not be members of this site. 2. This is a semi-chat thread, as it's pointless to come in here just to say Happy Birthday; you may want to offer your best wishes, give gifts, reply to give your thanks, et cetera. However. This is not the General Chat Thread. Do not go on a long string of replies that have nothing to do with the topic. You can do that through private messages or status updates. 3. Early or late birthdays can be celebrated, but please don't go overboard and celebrate every single one of your 364 un-birthdays. The point of this thread is to celebrate birthdays on the day it occurs and upcoming birthdays. And by upcoming I mean very close. 4. This goes without saying, but please don't be rude, disrespectful, or otherwise dickish. Not every birthday is special, but more often than not, it's a day to celebrate—not to ruin. Don't crash another person's party. 5. Wait for it.... .... Birthday list today (June 19th, 2014) This lists all of the birthdays today! The date of someone's birth may just be a regular day to you, but to them, it's another year passed by... A few things about this, too— This lists all of the birthdays according to the calendar. If I don't mention you and you know it's your birthday today, either you didn't set up a birthdate on your profile, or you don't want to display that information. You may ask me to add you if I did not do so. I'll try to make sure this list is updated every day, but I'm a busy person and it may not necessarily be up to date. However, it's easy enough to just go to the calendar yourself and find out who's having their birthday. I will mention you in the list if it is your birthday. If you don't want to have that annoying notification, feel free to tell me. If you're celebrating the birthday of someone not a member of this site, you can give me the name of the person or the way you want to refer to them, and I'll add them in—without the mention feature, of course. Inactive members will be added and mentioned. I'm sorry, but I really do not have time to go through 20+ profiles to see if you're active or otherwise. Today's birthday girls/guys are... @ScootaDash @Mia Angelle @cassy1235 @Ryos @TwinStarDazzel @DaiOchu @Mzukiller @Ghostfire @Rivet Canterlot Mechanic @CL307x @Lightning Dasher @Hurricane Sandy @LunaTheGoodMoon @wacarb @Nol @DreamRisk @Rudes LOL OLD WOMAN I HAT YOUR FACE <33 @Icy Void @Newmoon Winter @Harmony Cube Happy birthday to you all! Wish them a Merry Christmas!
  24. What the title says. What member of the forums do you think would make a good element of harmony? Like person #1 is honesty, person #2 is generosity, ect. All you need to do is list off the element and the member you think represents it the best. There probably won't be very many for magic huh? The only rule is You can pick anyone but yourself! Go!
  25. Back when I came on here in July of last year, I saw a feeling of equalization among the members of the MLP Forums. People respected each other, and I rarely saw anyone being left out. And, if people were feeling left out, there would always be a person there who would get to know them, and be friends with them. From the way I see it, now, those days are gone. Not for me, because I try my hardest to be there and make new members feel welcome. But, for a majority of the forums, we've been conditioned to favortize popular members at the expense of excluding others, and it makes me sick. Granted, I understand people have their favorite members, and they have their best pals on here. But, frequently, I see threads popping up like "Who's your best friend on the forums?" or "Who's the nicest member?" I'm not just talking about a few members here. We've been conditioned to publicly favoritize. What makes me sick is that I've publicly addressed why I don't like threads like these. These threads hurt peoples' feelings, and most of the time, it's not even intentional. I keep saying "Who cares?" because, in the end, everyone should be treated with an equal amount of respect. Everyone should be the nicest members, because everyone here is nice. But, I'm tired of reiterating this, so I'm displaying it now for everyone to see. I don't care about popularity and favoritizing members, and you shouldn't either. I'm not directing this to certain members, I'm directing it to everyone. Because, let's face it; we've all favoritized on these threads at least once, and I think it's absolute garbage. This is suppose to be a social network, a place where people talk about topics. I didn't come here to win a popularity contest, and I certainly didn't come here to talk about people. I came here to be the best person I can be, whether people recognize me for it or not. And I think you should too.