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Found 28 results

  1. I was trying to clean my room when I found things I drew in class during high school. This lead me to to remember the classes I drew them in, who I shared the class with, and some of the fond memories I have of that place known as High School. One of my favorite memories was when in a film/recording class, I accidentally pressed the record button on the Camera without realizing it. So we got a lot of footage of us walking around, primarily watching my feet walk around outside. When we got to a spot to shoot a scene, you would see me aim the camera at our classmates, and then I'd hit the record button, and everything went black as I stopped the recording.. When we finished the scene, I'd hit the record button, and record my feet walking again unknowingly. So we had to beg the teacher to give us an extension as we had nothing but walking and my feet. We showed him to prove we were not lying, and he laughed so hard when I'd stop the recording when I meant to record our scenes. So, what are some of your favorite memories?
  2. As a 5 - 10 year old, What were you guys scared of? Monsters lurking beneath your bed? maybe you've seen a scary movie that haunts you to this day. were you scared of the monsters in your closet? As a child, I was scared of turning on my TV and seeing static appear on the screen, as a kid, I watched "the ring" which was a bad Idea and I was scared of a monster climbing out of the screen and grabbing me. Haha, Lets look back at those moments and laugh! What was your biggest fear as a kid?
  3. 4th of July may be over now. But what has been your favorite, most awesome 4th of July memory?
  4. Sooooooo my brain has a weird "long-term/short-term memory" thing that confuses me to this day. I remember past interactions, people, faces, random facts, songs, artist methods and a lot more very vividly. Yet, I COMPLETELY forget math, the definitions of certain words, most of my dreams, and other things a few minutes after comprehending them. It's really weird to me. Because of this, I had VERY hard time in school. Instead of remembering test answers, I would remember interactions between me and other classmates/ teachers more. Sometimes I wonder if my brain values social things over academic things on its own ( sorta against my will). I don't know anymore.To me, its a blessing and curse. What about any of you?
  5. Since there are quite a few threads about individual childhood memories, why not make a thread where you talk about parts of your past you hold dear.
  6. This idea for a new thread just came to me: what were your best childhood memories? Mine were back when my parents used to take me and my siblings to the Volusia Speedway dirt track races every weekend, if I remember right I must've been about 8, 9 and 10 years old, those were good times, probably my best childhood memories right there. I also have so many good memories of when I lived in Illinois and we would go out to my cousin's house every winter and he would attach a sled to his tractor and pull me and my brother around on it in the snow, and during the warmer months we would ride go karts and 4-wheelers around their land. So what about y'all?
  7. How old are were you when your first memory/memories took place. Thinking back to those moments, what do they evoke in you now.
  8. Eleven years ago yesterday, a major terrorist attack struck the World Trade Center twin towers and Pentagon (with a fourth plane plunged down in Pennsylvania by passengers who weren't willing to give up a fight and let more people be killed). Once the attacks were over, nearly 3,000 innocent people were murdered. Tens of thousands of people mourned, a whole nation went into pain, and a whole world prayed for the U.S., which is considered to be the focal point of the globe. Normally, the U.S. doesn't get hit hard by attacks, but when it does, time stops, and it becomes eerie and disturbing. Eleven years later, I still remember what happened that very day. I was asleep when my mom woke me up to tell me that the north tower was on fire, either by some kind of in-house fire or a helicopter. I went upstairs to see what was going on, for I can see the towers from the roof of my building. When I did, more than twenty people were there watching, and cops showed up not long after to protect it. About ten minutes later, the second tower got hit, and all of us were into a "holy shit" mode. I was speechless, I didn't know what was going on. Soon, I walked down and turned on the TV to discover the south tower had collapsed. It was a terrorist attack into the towers, the Pentagon, and another one that was diverted by passengers. About ten minutes before the north tower collapsed, I ran back up to the roof and saw Downtown Manhattan billowing in thick, black, brown smoke and dust and the north tower burning up to the point where I knew it was going to collapse at any given moment. And a few minutes later, the north tower collapsed. I was stunned and shocked. I was fourteen at the time, so I was more aware about death and huge tragedies at the time, but witnessing one and reading them are two different things. I watched thousands of people dying in front of me, and it took only later that night, the tributes, and age to fully soak it in. Later that day, Mom told me that I watched the worst attack in American history, and she's right. Long before my time, and even before my mother's and aunts', a major attack by the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. 9/11 is this generation's Pearl Harbor for Americans. And even though it was America that was hit the hardest, 9/11 shouldn't be forgotten for the following. It changed the entire American culture, particularly New York City and Washington, D.C. Part of the skyline's fame is the tall towers, and the twin towers were easily recognizable because of their tube-like structures. Part of the FDNY's background logo is the twin towers. In addition, the New York Mets' scoreboard skyline from Shea Stadium (which is now the roof decoration for Citi Field's Shake Shack) had the towers, and it was wrapped in the red/white/blue memorial ribbon following the attacks. It completely changed everything we know about security throughout not just the U.S., but the entire western world, too. Notice all the security measures before and after 9/11. Many of those, from the tighter security check-ins in the airport to more cautious reviews of people's passports to the controversial screening and pat-downs in the U.S., are a result of 9/11. The United States is, more or less, a place where people consider themselves safe, especially New York City's hearts like Downtown Manhattan, the revitalizing of Downtown Brooklyn, and Times Square. People come to the U.S. as a way to get themselves off the ground and function in society. The terrorist attacks on 9/11 broke that seal and "bereaved a lot of people" (Vertekins, the SSMB). It was an attack on the military core. The Pentagon was hit hard by the attacks, and if it weren't for the brave passengers on the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania, that plane would've hit the White House. The Pentagon, Capitol, and White House are part of the core that makes up the United States military. It didn't just affect one nationality. Everyone from all nationalities and religions, in some way or another, were affected. Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, etc. The remembrance of 9/11 is a tribute to the nearly 3,000 people who died from the attacks; to commemorate, remember, and honor the loved ones who perished; and mourn along with the tens of thousands of loved ones. Not one nationality nor religion was exempt from the terrorist attacks. Thousands of brave men and women joined together to aid others, even at the cost of their own lives. The NYPD and FDNY sacrificed themselves in order to save innocent people from the burning World Trade Center. The hospitals worked overtime to care and heal those injured on 9/11. The boat workers went beyond the call of duty and rescued people hurt and dusty from the debris and get them back home to safety. Forgetting about it makes their hard work purposeless. It's a chain of events that happened in broad daylight, on live TV, for the world to see. As a New Yorker, I watched nearly the whole thing live, both on the news and in front of my very eyes. Compared to atrocities like North Korea and the wars in Africa, we don't capture this raw, graphic footage and pictures anywhere, especially when it's rolling as I'm watching. I, and millions of people around the world, watched almost 3,000 people DIE from the time the first tower was struck to the days after the collapse of the World Trade Center. Events like this are horrifying and very hard to sink in. Telling people to "get over" it is completely insulting to yourselves, myself, and the entire world. Eleven years, even today, is still not a very long time to end mourning. It especially doesn't make much sense due to the fact that people were killed in the masses by cowards, and the dead's family and friends couldn't do anything except watch and hear the voices of their loved ones tell them, "I love you," and die as the infrastructure is crushed on top of them. On YouTube is a very disturbing phone call from a man whose line got cut off when one of the towers collapsed on top of him. Furthermore, telling people to "get over it" demonizes the police and fire department who went beyond the call of duty, put all of their training to work, and rescue as many innocent people as possible KNOWING that they were likely going to be killed themselves. You also desecrate the graves of the passengers who were on that flight that crashed into that Pennsylvania field if you tell people to "get over it" and pretend it never happened. Those passengers sacrificed their lives to make sure the terrorists didn't murder any more innocent people. You're basically calling their efforts to rescue as many innocent people as possible meaningless! And lastly, telling people to "get over it" does nothing but tell the entire world that we didn't learn anything from 9/11, period. September 11th, 2001 was a wake-up call to the U.S. and the entire planet that we had to be more secure and watchful of what we say and do. We can't just use this "we're jesting" excuse. Many new security measures began as a result of 9/11. Have you heard of this phrase, "If you see something, say something?" Ever recall the Patriot Act (and, yes, I hate this Act due to its ability to withhold habeas corpus for non-U.S. citizens)? But this phrase, higher security measures (however controversial they are), and reminders of 9/11 are there to tell people about it and make sure we don't get another occurrence such as this again. Will it never happen again? We don't know. Hopefully, it never does. The last reason is much more personal. I rarely, RARELY mention this anywhere on the Internet because it's that personal to me. In fact, besides today, I've only talked about it twice only. So I'm hiding it under spoilers. I recommend to read and watch documentaries about 9/11. Around the tenth anniversary was raw, never-before-scene footage of a rescue mission by one house of the FDNY on CBS. It lasted for hours, straight through, uncensored. It showed the urgency of the house, the people jumping to their deaths, the anxiety of the FDNY, and the sound of the towers collapsing. It was disturbing, raw, and emotional. I deeply respected the brave NYPD and FDNY for sacrificing themselves in order to rescue the innocents. This show made me respect them more and showed the more gruesome horror of the terrorist attacks and the brave responses of the FDNY. If that doesn't work, attend the 9/11 Memorial or look at pictures of it. Opened on the tenth anniversary, it's a place where everyone who died from the attacks is memorialized. It's quiet, somber, and shows a complete amount of respect for those who perished from those cowardly attacks. September 11, 2001 was a dark day for the U.S. and the entire world. Forgetting about it means the sacrifices of the police, fire department, other rescue workers, and the passengers on that flight that crashed into the Pennsylvania plains worthless. While we don't need to have an annual tribute show, it is nonetheless important for people to know about 9/11, research it, remember it, and understand it to ensure that a mass, concurrent tragedy like this never, ever happens again. I witnessed it as a New Yorker, and while I didn't lose any loved one, I understand and feel for the pain for those who are still mourning for the losses of their loved ones. 9/11's anniversaries and tribute, no matter how big or small, keeps the memories of the dead alive, and forgetting about them diminishes those memories and their sacrifices. 9/11: Never Forget. P.S.: Credit goes to Vertekins of the Sonic Stadium Message Board for some of the pieces of my blog post here.
  9. Kind of a shame. Alot of people got into arts during their childhood with MS Paint. But considering there are other free art tools, that are even better then MS Paint, it dosen't matter to hold on to it.
  10. Multiplayer gaming is something that quite a few of us grew up with. Playing games with a friend or friends, whether it be local or online, it can be a thing that creates wonderful memories. Times that we look back on and cherish. With this thread, I want us to delve into those memories. Looking back on our favorite multiplayer gaming memories. This can be local, online, lan connection, whatever. Any kind of multiplayer experience that you remember fondly is what matters. Starting from early days, I remember playing games like Mario Kart 64 with friends, those were wonderful times. In fact, for a long while, a friend of mine and me, we still played Mario Kart 64. We haven't had a chance lately but hopefully that will change. Then there's playing Dynasty Warriors games with another friend of mine. We loved playing those. We always got really into it, being strategic in games where strategy wasn't really needed. We just had a lot of fun with it all. I remember we put a massive amount of time into Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. That same friend and I played the ever living hell out of Minecraft, creating our own kingdom in Survival Mode. I have had a couple of friends where we used to do that a lot. Thinking of it all makes me miss those days, but perhaps one day they can return to us. What about all of you?
  11. This my not be a real memory but it is a representation of the fun we'd have in the past. This picture is dedicated to my best and he knows who he is (and maybe you too if you can tell who it is). I am so glad for this guy and blessed to have him in my life! It is wonderful to have even one good friend
  12. I just had a thought about some toys I remember that were big in my childhood. Such as Lego's, easy bake ovens, and those creepy "furby" things... *Shivers* Anyway, what toys are nostalgic to you? (No gak, gak is too gak.)
  13. Looking back throughout the years there were certain songs I remember better than others. Some albums that stuck out to me more so than others as well. For me a album that has always stuck out to me was Breaking Benjamin's: We Are Not Alone album (2004). My older cousin gave me his copy of this CD in that year. That was the first CD I ever had of my own and that album helped me see what genre of music I loved most. Up until that time I didn't really know anything about music or what I truly liked. I used to listen to that cd all the time on my old CD player I had at the time. So whenever I listen to this album it always brings me back to those days when I was in middle school and hanging out with my older cousin, who was like a big brother to me at that time. Was there any artists, albums or songs that you hold close to you from the past? That give you nostalgic memories of sorts?
  14. I've come up with a 2nd possible theory as to why Fluttershy is so shy and has these random outbursts of anger and rage. Though bear with me, this may get convoluted and would most likely have to be simplified for the show. What if the reason Fluttershy's backstory & parents are rarely explained is because Fluttershy actually doesn't remember her true past. What if her father was a hardcore war leader and Flutershy, or her actual name, Slash Wing was forced to volunteer. Thus strenghening her to be a brave, tough, and badass war pegasus. But after some sort of slip up, her father decided to disown her. So he had a spell casted that had Slash Wing's memory resetted almost completely, gave her a new identity and personality, and banished her from Cloudsdale to Ponyvile. All the memories of the life Fluttershy thought she had on cloudsdale were actually faked from the spell. The reason she's so shy and cowardly is because that was the new personality programed by the spell. And the reason she has these freakish displays for rage and/or courage is because her past training still remains in her psyche. To this day, Fluttershy remains unaware of her true past. Now I understand there may be some plot holes in this headcannon. Like how did she come to know Rainbow then, or how did she ACTUALLY get her cutie mark. But this is just a rough idea for now, If I come up with a way to fill in these holes, I'll update the post. But what do you think so far?
  15. Games. Systems. Music. Accessories. Commercials. Memories. What things in gaming bring you nostalgia, take you back to your childhood when it comes to playing video games? What were your first games? Is there certain music or perhaps the little sound effects, that remind you of certain memories, you did you like just hearing it over and over again? Was there something iconic and reminder of the controllers or other peripherals? Was there something about a games’ advertisement line that made it unique? Or do you just have any special memory of a game important to you that you'd like to share? Share any of the above things in this thread, and let's learn about our powerful childhoods!
  16. hey guys, i was looking from some old stuff in my gramma's wardrobe.. and i found an old box.. with lot of old pictures and stuff.. and i found a letter from my grand-grand-father, i felt like i had to share it... sorry for the translation but it wasn't in italian but my dialect (Venetian language) so some words are unknown even to me "No one can win the Axis my dear wife, that day will come when we will return home victorious. Together we hope that next attack comes fast, so to exterminate this famous Red Army as soon as possible; as they say to us it is large, but it seems a large sheep without a shepherd, that is a whole army can never mess with the glorious march of the axis of the brave soldiers who walk solid and sure-footed toward the victory . Russian planes came to bomb us. As usual, have not hit anything , not even by mistake. Dear wife, if you can send a package, please put also matches in it: tomorrow they will ship a parcel with inside two tires for bicycle, a bit of coffee, not much, but it is all i could gather, a little bit of tea, two pieces of bread, this evening the captain received TWO packs and in one there was in Tuscany cigars and tobacco, he gave it to me.. may god bless him This morning the General Inspector of the tanks at the Ministry of War Quarra visted us, which is our ultimate authority I was asked to give a taste of driving in front of him . And it went well, although I only had an old man in the hands of half a wrecked wagon breaking … this poor Autoblindo is a mess , travelled all day , we arrived at midnight in Cervignano , where the lieutenant warned us that we had to cross a very dangerous area , where most trains are hit by gusts of machine gun and rifle fire from the rebels Slavs. We distributed a couple of hand grenades and let us load the musket and told us to stay in the leg to cross this area , between Ljubljana and Postojna Cave Mr. Colonel, came to know that we were given little to eat, planted a "romanzina" (lot of complaints) to somebody , if we instantly noticed, ate pasta with a good ration of sausage and butter , and so I filled a good time. In this city there is a large hospital and all the German soldiers that you see are all suffering, those of an arm , some a leg, all veterans from Russia. To see all these mutilated made me feel bad for them, but as dad told me.. I didn’t pay attention and I carried on. In those days also came down from the slopes and a division was a huge mess of machines, the columns were all double and triple in some places , you walked all day to make fifty or sixty km. Those who bring more confusion of all are the Germans , they want to go at all costs and infiltrate our columns , we have fun when you want to switch to cut off the road , turn to him the boxes and more than once the machines are touched the dumper and they tore tarpaulins, broke everything, then came the discussions and we almost felt like beat a pair of punches to a couple of those idiot Germans ... still they are funny guys when you get to catch them from the right side. Soon victory will be ours.. now that I see Frantz or whatever he is called sleeping near me.. and I see all of those panzers and machine guns.. I feel the victory my dear wife.. soon I will be home, soon I will get to see Federico again." but... you all know how history goes... he died in a russian POW camp
  17. Who here remembers watching Sharon, Lois and Bram on “The Elephant Show”? I certainly do; it was one of my favorite shows to watch on Television when I was a toddler. Even to this day, I consider Sharon, Lois and Bram one of the greatest trios ever. Some of you might also remember watching Sharon, Lois and Bram on “Skinnamarink TV”. What would you think of OCs based on Sharon, Lois and Bram (or perhaps Sharon, Lois and/or Bram voicing aone or more Ponies on the show)? Feel free to share any other thoughts and/or memories you have on Sharon, Lois and Bram.
  18. I guess my main question here is... Have you ever been nostalgic over a video game before? Do you connect it to a life event? I am nostalgic over Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis. My reasons for this I guess would be that I always played it when I went over to see my mother... So what about you?
  19. Well, what is it/are they?! Here's mine as an example. Dear lord, this show was awesome. And of course.. the holy grail of animation.
  20. All right after reading the thread Post A picture of Yourself and reading threads about people's childhoods, I thought "Why isn't there a thread about posting pictures from when you were a kid?" So I decided to make this thread. So look around your house or your computer to find pictures of yourself younger so your friends here can go "Dawwww!" or laugh at you. Any ways here's mine I don't remember how old I was but I remember it wasn't for the first day of school. It was one of those many ideas we had as kids that we never got around to. We thought it would be cool to make a calender and I guess this was supposed to be for September. This was Halloween with my brother and sister when I was I'd say about 5. I'm the one on the far left with the Woody costume. And finally, this was for Spring pictures when I was in 3rd grade. You do not want to see my one for 2nd grade that one was terrible. So post away! Okay here is one more that was already on my computer. I was about 3 in this one so yeah very young
  21. Has there ever been any moments in your childhood where something happened that got you scared, freaked out or scarred for life. Well then you can post those stories here! The only one I can think of was when I was little maybe 5 or so I was at this parade with the carnival in town. I wanted t ogo to it but we were seeing my brother in the parade that day. I got angry and walked off to far that I got lost. I ran screaming and crying for my mom and they had to get the police to find me. So discuss away!
  22. Yep, what were things you remember from BronyCon 2013? Anything awesome? Anything fun? What did you all think of Baltimore? Did you meet any new friends? I live in Baltimore and I was pretty lucky my first Bronycon would be here but I only go to go on Saturday but it was so awesome! But the awesomest memory I have was when I went to the VA panel on Saturday, I got the chance to ask a question and then I made a Pinkie Pie impression I dunno if the impression was good but I felt really happy when everyone started cheering My expression was like this all day
  23. There are at least two for me so far. I just cried a little seeing Rainbow Dash do the sonic rainboom. I watched it a few times on Youtube and it was cool then, but in the actual episode it's so amazing. To see RD really unsure of herself for the first time and then pull off something like that makes me feel like I can do anything, too. Another one is when Twilight meets Fluttershy for the first time. She's so timid and nervous that it makes Twilight uncomfortable, which makes Fluttershy even more uncomfortable, and the conversation comes to a quick and awkward end. That really resonated with me because I've been there so many times...I'm terrible at meeting people, and I'm so shy in person that I come off as antisocial. When I saw that, I knew this was a character I could identify with. And when she went crazy over Spike it got hilarious, and that's when I decided "I must keep watching this show. MUST."
  24. Has there been things you'd re-watch for nostalgia reasons? I personally do this all the time, but I find the older I get the harder it is getting for me. Anime has had a influence in my life longer than I can remember, and I remember every show I've watched...but they seem different now than they did as a kid. I have noticed how much I hate it when the major antagonist (or any of them for that matter) starts explaining their plans to their foes. It now drives me insane to watch the bad guy explain their plan as the protagonists just sit there listening. They could just show it instead of having this scene describing the trap, then the next one shows it. Now if they are explaining something for a future event, that is fine. But when the good guys are in say...a pool of sticky toxic tar or something and are being slowly melted away, I don't need the bad guy explaining the process of the toxins to feed his/her own ego. Some shows that I remember do this are Inuyasha, Dragon Ball (entire saga), I think Naruto did. and various other anime I've watched in my teen years. So does anyone else have anything they watch for nostalgia, but can't finish due to something that just irritates them? If so what is it, and why does it irritate you now?
  25. It's no secret there were tons upon tons of amazing games released across all platforms in 2012, no mattter what you have there had to be something that you played that was top quality. But the question is, what was the best game released in 2012 that you played? Please make sure it was released this year, in your region at the very least, so any game released between January 1st to December 31st 2012 is acceptable. You can list more that one if you really can't decide- it's between like 5 different games for me, so I might just have to do that. And go!