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Found 9 results

  1. hey folks, here's a handful of the completed final designs for the Equestria's Dawn main characters To start us off, here's the lovely Chamomile Brew; next up, the flashy Whiplash Dazz; next we have the sweet Telula "Tilly" Blossom; followed up by the energetic Honey Dew; Followed closely by the brave Sunny Steadfast; And last but most certainly not least, the protagonist, Clover Bramblebit; aaaaaaannd a group pic i'm currently working on, using pose references from MLP FiM itself bc i'm in a bit of an art slump at the moment and needed something to get me going again; ------- ANYHOOO, i'm currently trying to get back into working on Equestria's Dawn itself, i'm about halfway through sketching up chapter one (life gets so in the way all the time i've had very few chances to sit down and get anything done!) so KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED. HOPEFULLY I'LL HAVE THE PROLOGUE UP SOON! Stay safe my friends, ~Wandering
  2. okay like it says SPOOOIIIILLERRRRSSS~! but if you want to see both Part One and Part Two of the Season 6 Finale (still don't know why they were aired early in the UK or why they skipped two episodes to GET to this finale) you can see them here -> Part One and Part Two ANYWAY i really liked the idea of there being more to the Changelings and that they were really only a sort of 'pupa' form and now WHAT'S THIS?? THORAX IS EVOLVING!! BING BING BING!! THORAX HAS EVOLVED INTO...well...that's a good question wtf even are these evolved changelings???? anyhow i liked their new designs despite the whole what the heckers involved SO yes of course i did a quick piece of Thorax in his new form; trying out a slightly different style with the colouring and so forth here....not reaaaally happy with it but HEY. practice makes perfect amirite? Trot on friends, ~Wandering
  3. so some time ago i made a post with a whole bunch of the other mane 6 and i finally dug out the old sketch for the Twilight Sparkle print and completed it (like...idk two months ago...) but i decided to make it a Rainbow Power version instead of just a normal Twilight. SO MANY STARS ERMAGHEERRRRDD- stay safe, -Wandering
  4. hey everypony, it's certainly been a while. i've been so busy lately =_= anyhow, here's a completed design (without a cutiemark), of one of my mane 6 for Equestria's Dawn - Whiplash Dazz. i know the text on the flag is off, i don't have my wacom tablet on hand to fix it up i'm afraid ^^" more of the other ponies will be coming soon...well, as soon as i can get to them X'D stay safe and stay happy everypony~! ~Wandering
  5. i did these a while ago to sell as prints to kids at my town's local markets - ...and i'm pleased to say, even without having finished the Twilight Sparkle print, these ones i did finish sold like hot cakes ^^ i was also offering facepainting and temporary tattoo art as well that day, and i can't believe how many discord's i drew on children's arms, shoulders, and faces! X'D i guess next time i'll have to make one or two Discord prints to sell as well as the finished Twilight one~! peace to all, -Wandering
  6. (...for want of a better place to post this, i suppose here will do since i couldn't figure out where else to!) That's right everypony, I am in need of some help; when it comes to designing background characters, there's only so many I can name and design before they start to look a little too alike. SO. Here is my question – if anyone, absolutely ANYONE, would like to have their personal OC/up to three of their OC's appear just as random background ponies, I would be so so glad for the assistance and lending of your characters. All credit will be given to you, the designer and owner of the OC, at the end of any chapter where your pony may appear, and, like many of the background ponies we see in our beloved MLP FIM, it's more than likely that the background ponies will have minor roles within the webcomic, just as, for example, Bon Bon, Derpy, Lyra, Rose Luck, Flitter, Berry Punch, etc, appear with minor roles/are identifiable within the stories and episodes of My Little Pony. IF, and only IF, you would like to donate your OC for any sort of background role for my upcoming webcomic, it would be so very greatly appreciated. On that note, here is some criteria of what I'd need from you if you do decide you'd like your OC to appear in the webcomic: 1 – the OC's name 2 – the OC's basic design (cutiemark, any definitive features, etc). 3 – a very basic background for the OC, outlining their personality without too much detail. (there'll probably not be many that go as in depth as, say, Special Agent Sweetie Drops...) 4 – the OC's colour scheme – if you can provide a reference image of them, that'd be even better. I'm only making this a very brief list, as there is possibility for the story to be altered/change and develop along the way, although the main storyline is now just about completely set and ready to go. If your OC does make an appearance, please be aware that, in the confines of the setting of the story, their design might vary slightly from your original one, if only to fit into the environment and to not look out of place. Equestria's Dawn is set at the time of Discord's reign of chaos of the ponies of Equestria, so it's going to be a more medieval/ye olde times sort of environment. Think Skyrim, almost. That's the sort of architecture look I'll be going for, at the very least. So, if you'd like to have your OC participate in what I hope to be a successful webcomic, please drop me a personal message with your expression on interest and your OC's details, as listed above Just remember, this is open to everyone and anyone, so don't be shy! I need all the help I can get, and I'd love to hear from everypony! If you've got any other questions, please feel free to drop me a message I can't wait to hear from everypony, Happy New Year to all, - Wandering Pony
  7. ok so there's some more stuff i'd like to share; let's start with an OC who was supposed to be a part of my webcomic, but due to inconsistency and indecision in names/designs, etc and also due to personal dramas (horraaaay), he was changed completely and dropped out of the main 6 characters for the story. originally there was meant to be 3 colts and 3 mares making up the main 6, but it soon became apparent a) mares are easier to design/write for, b ) best friends can turn out to be complete jerks, and c), well, i suck at drawing male ponies :/ so instead here's just a concept of a pony who, sadly, was scrapped before he ever got a permanent design/name - the closest i ever got to a final name was Raindancer, he was supposedly the "Fluttershy" character of the group, however, once again, for more or less simple personal reasons, he was removed and replaced with a different female pegasus. next up, i kinda fell head over heels for Daring Do after seeing season 4's Daring Don't, and so here's a sketch up design for a possible comic that i'll almost certainly never actually get around to writing/going anywhere further with, but was just playing around with because, hey, who DOESN'T love Indianna Jo-I MEAN UM, Daring Do working with our favourite RD? ooooooohhh suspense~!! what's a post of mine without a celestia sketch? this time, featuring the one and only Discord! (mostly just did this for fun/practice sketching discord, since i'd never attempted him before. turns out, i can only make him look like a snake/thing XD ) next cab off the rank, my mum was watching me draw ponies one day and wanted me to design her a pony for the heck of it. she's one hell of a mum and i love her to pieces, so her name is Lotsa Love. also featuring my sibling, who's name is a passed-down translation of thor/taranis the god of thunder, so they're Thunder Shock. then there's my oc, Star Bryte ^^ my mums cool ok. oh, i suppose i should cap this off with a bit of an explanation of how more stuff about the concept, characters, designs, and story in general has changed throughout the last few years of my working on this webcomic; the idea came back in late 2012 when i'd first been introduced to MLP by two friends, and of course, like any aspiring fan artist, i wanted to draw all our pony characters together - such formed the idea of Tales of Equestria, in which six ponies (the ponysonas of my two friends as main characters), travelled throughout equestria to gather the original forms of the Elements of Harmony to put a stop to Discord's chaotic reign. Now whilst the core story concept has remained more or less unchanged, because of a falling out between one of these friends and myself, his character was removed from the story. the other friend has stayed my friend, for which i'm enternally grateful, but his character was moved to a back-ground position, and whilst the pony will still make an appearance/play a part, he is no longer one of the pivotal characters. so here's a look at what the main cast USED to look like, with all final designs more or less settled on by mid 2014 (last year): from left to right, we have Raindancer (in his rough final design), Candell Light, Silver Dare, (above: ) Notts Windspeed, (sitting: ) Willowmena Pigh, and Chamomile Brew. sadly, the only pony to remain a main character in the story was Chamomile, who, whilst her design has radically changed, is still more or less the same as when i first began to design her. peace to all, happy new year to everypony if i'm not around when it comes, - Wandering
  8. i had an idea for an anthro!celestia at one never really went anywhere, but here's the sketch - luna and celestia's struggle and nightmare moon's becoming was one of my favourite parts of the opening episodes of season naturally.... another sketch, another celestia ;A; XD and last but not least for today, there's the DeadFall project. a short story i wrote back in 2013 about a pony who wakens to find themselves in a Limbo-like world of shadows and silhouettes, and once again, the project didn't go much further than the initial concepts and ideas. i've decided that once i've finished my current MLP work and actually created the webcomic i'm designing, i'd like to try to revive DeadFall, but with Twilight Sparkle instead of a random pony. so here's the original cover design - versus the newly designed cover with Twilight that i may (someday) do something more productive with... anyhoo - thanks for joining me here, stay tuned for tomorrows art dump! peace and a very merry christmas to all, -Wandering ps- bah humbug.
  9. So i'm usually known by a different name; Mercy Antebellum. here's a few bits and pieces (most of these are actually older works, but still)... whooooa okay that's really big...i'll have to look into downsizing a whole bunch of these so i'll only post another two...anyway this is Sliepnir, Grea test of the Changelings. well, my take on him in the mlp universe, anyway... here's one that's a much better size...i've always had a soft spot for young!Celestia, and the idea of her meeting philomena was just a really cute idea okay? this ones nothing flashy, just a sketch/wip piece i thought i'd share.'s another huge one i'll have to work on resizing at some point ^^" anyway...once again, young!celestia - this one does have more of a story to go with it; whilst listening to the song "Winter" by Tori Amos, it brought about the inspiration of a small story about Celestia wanting to refuse her royal duties and in defiance of her father and his gruelling ways of trying to teach his daughters the ways of royalty, Celestia releases the imprisoned Windigo's from beneath her father's castle, bringing about a terrible blizzard that she becomes lost in. She is eventually found by her father and the castle guards, although none of them know why the windigo's didn't devour her for the anger in her heart. Celestia learns to fear and respect the Windigo's for their power, and for allowing her to live, as they sensed the anger in her heart was not true hatred. also, one of the OC's i designed waaaaaay back when i first really got into trying to create my own characters; this is Chamomile Brew; she's always just sorta stuck with me throughout my mlp journey, and i've always had a use for her as a character wherever. she's also one of the 'mane 6' primary characters in my soon-to-be webcomic, which still has yet to even have a working title =_=" however, though her design may change and vary a bit, she's still the same old Chammie i've always had tucked away for good use ^^ so yes...that's a couple of pieces that don't look as terrible as some of the others ^^" let me know if you're interested in seeing any more of my art, or if you're interested in comissioning me in the future ^^ peace to all, -WanderingPony