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Found 10 results

  1. Ah, yes. Song of Storms. I apologize for any weather disturbance. So yah Pretty easy to learn, just got to have a bit of practice (switching from High E to High C to High A on 12 hole ocarina). Fun song and one of many songs that I can play at the top of my head Oh, and keep spinning the music box, bro ~wink~
  2. Ha, I thought I was going to lose my breath when playing this song once more X3 So yay! Fluttershy's wittle Lullaby :3 It seems easy to play, but oh man, interchanging from one tab to another. It does a number to your fingers. This was cute to play<3
  3. Oooh, you ponies should know this by now X3 Both for those who played it on the N64 (like me<3) and on the 3DS (Lucky you :3). This is the beginning title theme song of Ocarina of time :3 Though I know it doesn't sound exactly as played out as the legit song, too much of blowing off air x.x But hey :3 pretty<3 On this one, I needed to look at the tabs. I kind of forgot a bit of the song X3 hee hee
  4. (My internet isn't as good, hopefully you can hear it) Oh man, and just posted this after I recorded it XD I'll probably updated it or something :3 You may all know that one temple from Majora's Mask, you know, the one you use the song of what...Elegy of Emptiness and stuff. Yah that nice tune while solving the puzzles. Played it :3 know by heart. But for this one, I had to look though the tabs once X3 hee hee. I thank David Erick Ramos, check him out on youtube :3 he's best ocarina player >w< He is the one I learned this song from :3 If you want to learn the song, I'll try and post the tabs, just gotta scan them. Also here is the video :3 Go check out his channel, too >w< And if you want to hear the legit song :3 here you go
  5. Challenging myself to draw better this year, and have been actively working on my technique. Here's some of my recent artwork I've done. ( ) If I Fits, I Sits 'Mew'- doing what cats do best. If I Fits I Sits 'Mewtwo' edition- He doesn't get the appeal of boxes Road Rage (My friend as I as our MLP Oc's) My friend Walker has a serious case of road rage, it drives me frikkin crazy. Whenever he pisses me off, or whenever we have a misadventure of some sort, I like to draw it using our OC's Grumpyshy- she ain't taking none of your crap. Doctor Whooves 12th Doctor- design I've been working on for the 12th Doctor Whooves fan comics I'm writing.
  6. Inax

    Song of Time (Hopefully you can hear it, stupid internet is stupid >3<) What a classic! And what is awesome is that this is my first song I have ever played on my ocarina since I bought it. I can play it with no tabs to look at >:3 Very easy to learn and probably the perfect song to learn first. Of course there is the Double Time and Slow Time, but I'll played that later on if anypony wants me to ^^
  7. I am still learning how to play this one X3 the tabs are easy, just the finger movements X3 I'll get this updated as soon as I can own this puppy >:3
  8. Odd, to think that Tuesday's setting wouldn't creep up to today. Seemed like it did. Dang it. So, it got boring while waiting for my next class. There is a huge break after my 11:45 AM - 1:00PM class, which is from what ever time I left the class (which was super early, 12 something early) till 4PM. Jez, I couldn't do anything as entertaining or a great time killer. I just did the same typical thing: Warframe, Youtube, then click and click and click over websites. How typical, you ask? I've re-watched JonTrons reaction videos. Yah, even though they are funny as heck, but really, same thing! Ugh, sucks when friends have classes or work during my breaks. Pretty lonely... So most of my last hour before heading to my last class, I ended up playing Battlefield 4. Been several months since I ever played it. I stopped due to sucking at it with controller on a PC. I tried playing with keyboard and mouse, but dang it, I just hate to edit the sensitivity. But at least today I was able to pull off 5 headshots with a sniper rifle. Snipers for the win, by the way. You know what, I miss playing BF4 with my cousin. Sadly with something that happen about a month or two ago, I can't visit him nor see my grandma or grandpa. All I'm going to say is, people, please buzz off other people business. Its really stupid when you or whoever takes things seriously and end up making it a huge deal when in the family, it really isn't an issue. Stupid county. Being in the forums is intimidating. So many threads to post, many topics. I don't know, pretty overwhelming. I'm more worried about necro-ing a thread by accident, that would be bad. I only posted a little bit, but I don't know, kind of odd and unsatisfying feeling. And then the status updates, not even a minute my little status goes away. Pretty sad in my opinion, but hey, 1000+ lovely huggable ponies, what can you do? I guess what I need is a couple of ponies to hang out and chat about what ever. Not on skype, that thing has gotten old and I don't want to go back there. Why not in-game? I do have the mood to play BF4, Supreme Commander 2, Warframe, Killing Floor, or something with anypony. Sort of a half-reason why I wanted to be active here. I only got 2 and a half weeks left of good weekday internet and it would be awesome to spent a couple of hours during my break to kick butt or something with some ponies. After that, back to useless and terrible satellite internet at home and part-time work (hopefully) for the entire summer. Sucks being isolated, especially when I'm the one isolating myself. (and living in the ranch far from society is making it worse.) Anyway, ending this entry and heading off to bed. Night my amazing ponies~
  9. Hmm, been gone from PonyMC for a couple of months and notice that most of the crazy silly forum stuff from PonyMC were gone. Nothing to scream about or fuss about really. Kind of noticed when I went into the site and also the lack of emails, too. So Poniverse o3o I love the name<3 And love how the community is so far New ponies to meet and hug and cuddle and snuggle and poke and boop >w< hee hee, such fun So lets see, where the heck was I during these couple of months. OK here's the dilly-o: 1) Life stuff 2) Love stuff 3) Stress from classes 4) Games. And lots of it. 5) Self-Isolation (and naturally doing so D:) 6) Ocarina practicing 7) Talking to my ex-ex (after 3 years never talking to each other) 8) Father's Grandfather passing away 9) Xbox One trance that lasted a month 10) Other stuff Yah, there is probably a lot more, but I can't think off anything else. Most of them personal...most of them. Ugh, I gotta tell you, this overwhelming stress is killing me. Sadly gotta keep the stressed-out look hidden, with a practiced smile. Not going to break anytime soon probably. Who knows. Let see, upcoming stuff, um... Astronomy lab and class and Spanish class tomorrow. Tis going to sign up for classes on Thursday. Oh! I forgot, UTPA (University of Texas - Pan American) gonna change to UTRGV (University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley). Eww, just doesn't sound good nor feel good saying it. Thank, governor, just had to ruin everything and have people vote for both a name change and mascot. Luckily for me, I'm not a spirited person so forgot yo mascot 8| Vacos or something (Cowboys in spanish). Better not ruined my last two years. Um other stuff...Oh! Gonna continue playing Borderlands The Pre-sequel and Borderlands 2. And...yah. Man, gotta go use my Hot Cash to buy Shining Armor and Cadance. I mean, you can't just buy one you know X3 Mow I'll just leave an ocarina lil tone here. Still trying to play the MLP FiM theme song on my 12 hole ocarina. Just the beginning part, still sucking at playing the whole thing X3
  10. Before anyone says something, this is NOT a "revolution" it is just something little like the Eeveelution thing. I've been thinking about this idea for a while. I missed the Eveelution bandwagon but that doesn't mean I can't start my own "Mini Fad" as it were. So I thought since there are too many starters and normal legendaries what would the theme of this fad be? The Legendray Pixies AKA legendary Pokemon with all 100 base stats like Mew and Celebii. I picked this because there are just enough [6] for this to work. Plus I just want an excuse to have a Victini theme. So, should this actually take off, all you need to do is post below saying what Pokemon you want. I'll add your name to the list and you change your username, avatar etc. That's it. Remember this is first come first serve and there are only 6 to choose from [well 5 because I'm taking Victini] Pokemon/Member List: Mew- Champion RD92 Celebii- Jirachi- ~Regular aRegularPony~ Manaphy- Clarity Shaymin- Summer_Breeze Victini- N-Harmonia I'll work on the signature once this gets a few more people. Also there is no picture to take your avatar from the like Eeveelutions had, I couldn't find a good group shot of all 6 Pokemon.