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Found 4 results

  1. First Michael Morones gets bullied. And then Grayson Bruce. Even one of the people in the documentary was from North Carolina. The reason why these people are bullied i have just realized is because the bullies are rednecks. Man how I hate them. Trevor from GTA V says he hates them. So now North Carolina is taking really bad anti bullying measures for Bronies. Can anyone stop this persecution? P.S: I am absolutely disgusted.
  2. So, a while back, a person who is known on here as Firewolf commented on a post on the Support and Love for Michael Morones Facebook page, with a bit of a rendition of "Hearts as Strong as Horses," replacing "ponies" with "brony," and such. It inspired me to want to write a full version, and get a bunch of people together to sing it in a video. Would anyone else be interested in this?
  3. I was just wondering what was going on with that kid who attempted suicide after being bullied for liking MLP. I guess he has woken up but has serious motor damage. He is 11 so there may be some hope for some recovery. I saw a video that Andrea Libman (V.A. of Pinkie and Fluttershy) stopped by to visit and read in character voice to him. Then I saw this update video. I read this comment on there (and a couple response ones)- mind you this YouTube channel is managed by his parents. "WOW, He is basically screwed for life because he chose to try and kill himself. I cannot feel sorry. For one, because everyone gets bullied in school. That's what school is, a reflection of life ahead, and time to learn. This boy learned he does not have what it takes to take a little criticism. That is weakness.This boy should not be an example of what happens when people get bullied, this child should be a wake up call for all those who think they should try and kill themselves because they think life sucks. If you try and kill yourself and mess up, your basically at risk of being messed up for life! When you think your life is so bad from being bullied, stop. Think. What if you didn't have food to eat? What if your parents beat you mercilessly? What if your brother just joined the guerrilla army and killed your mother? These are facts of life for children outside America. Stop being so selfish, stop thinking of yourself all the time. When someone tries to bully you, SMILE at them. Say i love you. Yes, they will call you a homo, but oh well, be a happy homo, and move on. Love you all, but this kid is a loser. A selfish loser." I just got really mad because I honestly think he was serious.I usually don't reply to stuff like this but I really got mad especially since it was on an account run by the kid's parents. In a response comment the person also mentioned that they "LOVE" the show MLP. My Reply Seriously? The kid is FREAKING 11 years old. I normally ignore comments like this but I think you may actually be serious. However if you're not serious you're just sick. Why the hell would you even post this especially on an account that his parents run?! You mention Christianity. I see you certainly aren't, but may delusionally think you are. [He mentioned in another reply] This whole situation is bad enough and makes me sick. Then seeing IGNORANT people like you adding salt to to the wound makes me angry. Again this is an 11 YEAR OLD CHILD- Not an adult- If you think children and adults think the same than you are a MORON. Would it be good to let an 11 year old try to sail around the world alone? [mentioned because of this persons channel/blog] IGNORANCE (as bullying) is what caused this. You seem to put yourself above other people and are IGNORANT. An adult calling an 11 year old "a selfish loser" - You sir are the real LOSER HERE. Grow up and figure out what your problem is. People like you make me sick- especially if you actually believe what you are saying and aren't just trolling like a jackass. --------OTHER REPLY------------------------- Wow- I missed that, you're ADULT that "loves the show" but CALLS AN 11 YEAR OLD CHILD a SELFISH LOSER?!?! Plus on YouTube channel managed by his PARENTS!?!? Why do you even watch the show? You clearly have no consideration for others' feelings and aren't getting anything from it. Congratulations, You've REALLY pissed me off and that is VERY hard to do. I NEVER make replies like this. Kicking people when they're down really AGGRAVATES ME!! Just GTFO and leave this family alone. They have more than enough to deal with without your insults. I had to post this here too because I just got so mad- which usually never happens. The person supposedly being a "fan" of MLP and hinting that they are Christian bugged me a lot too (I am and would never think that way).
  4. I was thinking of getting a bunch of other bronies on youtube together to basically create one massive video get well card for Michael Morones, the kid who tried to kill himself because he was picked on for being a brony. Any other Youtube content creators interested in getting together to do something like this?