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Found 216 results

  1. Hello! I am an admin at (my profile page) which is a site that hosts a Minecraft server dedicated to building Equestria. We have held panels at Bronycon and good friends with PonyMC. On July 19th we will be hosting a Grand Galloping Gala Event on our server and I was curious to see if I could make a post here inviting people. I read your general rules and I see site advertising is not allowed, so I completely understand if a post like this wouldn't be acceptable. There are not a whole lot of sites that have such a high concentration of fans of MLP, and an even smaller amount of those fans actually play Minecraft. I am trying to get the word out for those who might be interested. The post would look like this. Just wondering if it would be at all possible for me to post this invite here on MLP forums. If not, no hard feelings. Thanks for your consideration! -Mr_B
  2. So, is there like an official MLPForums Minecraft Server? I saw that "Mailmare" had a Minecraft-ish profile picture. Just wondering...
  3. Your options are- Oak Birch Spruce Jungle Acacia Dark Oak Crimson Stem Warped Stem (last two are the new types of wood from the nether) My favorite is either oak or the crimson stem, oak is so useful but crimson stem looks so cool
  4. Ok so, I know that apparently years ago, there was this big ass map of Equestria some team built in Minecraft. It had like...I think pretty much everything that was explored in the show, such as Ponyville, the Crystal Empire, Canterlot, etc. I think the server address (or at least the website to see the map) was like... or something Anyone know what happened to that?
  5. Yey! I finally created my first Minecraft Noteblock cover! Yaaa.... can't wait to make more of these!
  6. First there was 1.13 (the Aquatic update) and now there is 1.14! I want Poniarcade to be updated for 1.14.2, or 1.14.3. Just look at this article and Minecraft Forum. Is there anywhere I can request this?
  7. The last time I tried the server, it did not work! I am on the "latest snapshot" setting looking for a way to play PoniArcade on Minecraft 1.13. I need help!
  8. Minecraft has made history today by replacing Tetris as the holder for best selling video game of all time. This was announced by Mojang 2 days after the game celebrated it's 10th anniversary. Your thoughts on this news? To me, it's amazing to see this game start off as a Java-applet to a pop culture legend. One would know it's even impossible now to not imagine video gaming without Minecraft.
  9. I just wanted to say: I can't wait to see the Roleplay on the minecraftserver when it's finished! I'm sure it's gonna be good
  10. Hello everypony! My name is Jason but you can call me Black Singer, I'm currently making a new Minecraft server related to MLP and i'm looking for people with decent building skills to help me. I tried everything to gather help but nothing worked because someponies told me that asking for help is considered advertising my server when i'm not even posting the server IP. Please help me to make at least this dream come true because i had a few others that ended up going to the trashcan. ANY help is accepted. Thanks and have a nice day!
  11. Everypony , excited this Friday a new crossover episode of Adventure Time Minecraft should be rainboom awesome! Not sure if this is new thing they are doing to this cartoon or just a one shot deal?
  12. So, Starting a new build, and need an absurd amount of red clay, among other things. It will be a really big boat near the steven warp in survival. If anyone knows where a mesa is, I would greatly appreciate if you could send me the quards!! Along with this we will be needing stone, coal blocks, iron(blocks), and wood (for the decks) any help is appreciated. Have a great day!
  13. If you are Minecraft fan did you believe Herobrine exist in Minecraft because I did back when he was real from the sighting video but did you all think he real in Minecraft
  14. Why doesn't the Equestria server work? I've tried to do /spawn Equestria and I've tried going through the portal, but it doesn't work!
  15. hey, so i just barely tried to log into the server today and it says i've been banned because I'm an "Alt of TMA_1". I am not. I do, in fact, know TMA_1 but he should not be able to access my account. Whatever he's done, I have nothing to do with and have no intention of doing or being banned. It said to come here and appeal but I really don't know how to do that so i hope this is okay,, , ,, ,,, ,
  16. Hi everypony I made a photoshoot in minecraft on the poniarcade server and thought I would share it. This first picture is the shoot my texture pack makes it a green screen. Thanks to spruce for volunteering . Here is the same thing with a background. And here's another example. This is the final example note anyone who wants a picture can ask me when I'm online my Nick name is Button_mash if your interested
  17. Hi everypony! Long story short : i'm making a Roleplay server on minecraft base as a main carrier, based on Fallout : Equestria series. The main storyline \ LORE will be held before the main story of the book and if all goes well will be futuring the history that happened in main book and PH(Project Horizons(P.S. ok ok! Aaand other's) Main access area : EU (sorry the ping is popping by 100+ from USA and Australia to my hosting D: ) Cap : 10 - 20 (alpha - beta testing main cycle) more after if all goes handy dandy. Tech detail : (Will be here if any body want's them) Plugins \ mods : (also as tech details both consider that some stuff i'll keep in secret c: ) Site : (in dev) Roleplay stuff : Mostly text based actions that the game mechanics can't manage(*nose boop * <- like this ) Both the battle mechanics are all on the minecraft side . Ok enough said i assume .. Yie ya go *tosses the post to the waves of the forum* Bump for the greater good. Srsly? No one interested?
  18. Post any bugs or issues currently experienced so we can fix!
  19. Alot of Players dunno what to build, you maybe stuck just staring at a piece of land not knowing what to do. I am training in concept art, i see this as a good oppertunity to practice and for everyone to solve the problem of "what should i build?" Ill draw a design to what your looking for to build, be it a home or whatever your after. What info do i need? just mention the theme say medevil or futureistic, the structure's purpose say a home, hotel, or airship. A screenshot of where you are building might help too as i can make a design around it Here is a concept design of the server lobby!
  20. Hi my name is SweetAnimates obviously by the name im a visual artist and graphic designer:D i decided to upload these vids and leave the links their so you guys can judge them and if i should do more? tell me if they are youtube worthy! TrixiePMV: ECE: Fantro!: Deorro five hours pmv: ummm you dont want know this on: my channel:
  21. Yes thats right our server has updated to minecraft 1.11! Our server has undergone an big change updating from 1.8.9 with new features added from the later versions of Minecraft: Adding the dual wielding abilities of the 1.9 Combat Update, with frost walking abilties and mending tool enchants. The crazy new villages in the 1.10 Frostburn Update, new zombies called husk and stray, something to watch out for, finally the latest 1.11 Exploration Update, a mix of new mobs, new structures and new items (too many to name them all here) exploring the minecraft world in 1.11 will be a new challege! BUT WAIT! Thats not all! We have carefully planned a new and more challenging way of playing minecraft, with a more balanced gameplay our pony class system has been reworked into a more interesting way to play. We have also brought back Dynmap so you can explore further than ever before! you can see all the class info below: Commands In order for you to change to a class, learn about specific classes, or purchase a new class, a few commands are at your disposal: /class Display all of the commands for everypony as well as a short summary of what each one does /class list Displays a list of all classes available to everypony, including bought ones Players who buy more than one master class lose access to the previous master class owned /class info (class) Gives a brief summary of that specific class /class learn (class) Allows the you to change to that class Players will incur a cooldown of 3 days before they can change their class once again /class buy (class) Allows you to purchase a class with bits /class buy accept Confirms your choice /class buy deny Cancels buying a class /class status Displays your current class Shows you how much time you have until you can swap to another class -(will be added soon) Common Classes The common classes are the basic classes players are allowed to select and change to whenever they please, provided they are not being suppressed by the class change cooldown. Master Classes Master classes are classes that are available to players who purchase them. A player may only have one master class at a time. If a player purchases another master class, they lose access to that class and must pay for it again. If a player was in their master class and purchased a new one, they would be immediately changed to the new master class bought. All purchases for master classes will be in bits. Bugfixes: Unicorn / Alicorn “Splash” damage being blocked by NoCheatsPlus Seapony Insta-Death when jumping out of water onto land Earth / Zebra “Fast Walking” being blocked by NoCheatsPlus Dynamap
  22. My sister actually made the lyrics for the original minecraft song, "Don't Mine At Night!"
  23. Hello everyone! I'll be short and sweet with this topic. I'm thinking of recording a YouTube series called "Lovely Days at the PArc" after the server updates. For a pre-episode, I'd like to answer questions from this community aimed to me before my big debut, showcasing select 1.8 builds in the background. If anyone has a question they'd like to ask, please put a reply to this topic and it might be on the video (exciting!). Thank you all for reading, Ian Enderbrah P.S. My channel can be found at
  24. Another Anmation SFM YT: Video :
  25. So what is happening with 1.10? Normally I would just assume it was taking a long time to get the new plug-in's set up, but ALL of the 1.10 topics have disappeared, including the update list and the "what will transfer" list. Anyone have any information as to what's going on?