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Found 14 results

  1. So, I was just wondering if anyone remembers the movie, or episode, as it used to be on Netflix, and me and my family always used to watch it every Christmas. (I'm not sure what generation it was) side topic: anyone noticed in the US, it says on MLP: FIM that it's available until August 31st?
  2. Okay, so ponies wearing socks has been a thing for a while now (since mid 2011). WHY SOCKS- and How did this all start?!?! Ponies already have hooves!!. (I know that goofiness has to be at least part of the whole socks thing) Supposedly in early 2011 EQD posted a picture of some random MLP socks for sale at Target, which inspired someone to make this picture: Which launched the fandom's pony sock factory explosion... But WAIT THERE'S MORE... Supposedly G3's pony Minty (Voiced By Tabitha St. Germain) really liked socks in some Christmas movie... Tabitha currently voices Rarity... ...WHO... HAS SOCKS!! ??????? (Shown in Sisterhooves Social, which coincidentally aired at the beginning of the fad, but was animated before it.) SO... why am I bringing this up now? Well, It's something that I've wondered about off and on for a while. A couple days ago I was watching a blind reaction by someone new to the fandom who currently doesn't look into much fandom stuff to avoid spoilers and this happened... And I was like THAT'S ENOUGH ALREADY!!! ANSWER TIME! Personally I don't care for the ponies with socks thing. I just find it visually jarring and weird looking most of the time, with some exceptions. I don't hate it, I've always found it really odd. Part of it is a carry over from real life. Long socks, tights, stockings, etc, on girls for whatever reason are just like nails on a chalkboard to me. I just hate how it looks- major turn off. The funny thing is I have no idea why either! Oh, and I just HATE those socks with the individual toes. Enough about my ranting: So do you know anything more about how the fad started? What's your opinion on the sock thing? Has your opinion changed over the past couple years?
  3. This is a drawing for someone on Tumblr. I think she has an account on here, but I don't remember her username. I enjoyed making Minty's hair swirly and candy-like (though the lineart was a force to reckon with), and couldn't help but to add in some extra effects! I'm in the experimentation phase the "FiM-like" pony art style, and have enjoyed it thus far. ^^ Since my art posting is pretty sporadic, I'll just stick to occasional art dumps from now on.
  4. hope you guys like them !! thank you for all the encouraging comments!!
  5. Some of us might have noticed that the toyline exclusive Minty is on sale as a plush in Build a Bear stores It is strange since this is a third party company dealing with a toyine exclusive character . As far as I know, this is a first, as most third parties make merchandise of popular background ponies at the least known, so it's weird this is making a plush of Minty . I wonder if this means Minty will show-up in FiM next season. And with confirmation that G3 Pinkie Pie's VA will provide her voice in S7 (I'd prefer if Tabitha st GerMANE reprises the role if that happens ), not to mention it's been a while since we last got a toyline exclisive pony appearing in the show (I think Blossomfort was the last such case back in S2 ) PD: I just hope it's not just a A Very Minty Christmas allusion (she can have Christmas accessories), I WANT HER IN THE SHOW
  6. So this idea flew into my head a while back, and I thought it would be funny. Let's get minty from gen 3 and face her against Derpy/ditsy doo in a Epic rap battles of history style song. Problem is....I don't really know how to write raps well, outside of fast loosely rhyming couplets. I have a few ideas,and will elaborate if asked. Thanks,
  7. Remember the Midnight at Canterlot set that appeared at Costco? Remember how expensive that is? Well Hasbro just announced that it will be coming back. This time, its sights are set on Toys R Us Source: If you wish to buy the set, here's the site:
  8. After you clicked this in the "WTF is this". Let me explain, Who do you think would win here? And no, that is not an OC it's minty They are both voiced by Tabitha St. Germain, lets face it you want them to meet. Bad shop job by me.
  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day to everypony here! :3 I do know one pony that is perfect for the holiday and that is none other than Minty, one of the mane six collector ponies of G1. Here she is! G1 Minty I drew two years ago G1 Minty as different variations from different countries My recent pic of Minty as an anthro pony and I made her look cute! Happy St. Patrick's Day to everypony here! :3
  10. best poni

    Pony Mints

    Has anypony else seen these? I found them once on valentines day last year but thats about it.
  11. Who else would like to see some sort of G4 Minty? Minty was pretty much the only good thing about G3. Though I suppose Derpy is like a G4 Minty, except cross-eyed and likes with muffins instead of socks.
  12. heres a sample of it hey minty! whats the meaning of Christmas?! SOCKS. but minty what about the birth of- I SAID SOCKS ....okay........
  13. Here are a few of my designs if they brought back the G3 ponies. Here are what plots they would take in Season 4 or 5. Toola Roola: She would come into Ponyville introducing herself as Princess Celestia's new apprentice, since Twilight Sparkle is now a princess. She would also show them that Princess Celestia had given her a special necklace. They would realize it was a new element of harmony. They would have to find out what it is, and it would be creativity. She would take Twilight's spot in the mane 6, when she leaves for Canterlot. She is very artsy, crafty, and is easily frightned, but says that she's not. Twilight Sparkle would also be jealous of Toola Roola and consider not leaving her friends and want to be Princess Celestia's student again. She would still be a big part of the show, but not live in Ponyville. Maybe Spike would stay and live with Toola. Minty: Is a new blank flank. She is Pinkie Pie's cousin. She comes from Manehattan and left because she needed a new outlook on life. She joins the cutie mark crusaders. She knows her fashion, too. She also stands up to Diamond Tiara whenever she is picking on them. She is a very good cook, but doesn't realize it. She brings her pet fish with her, and he becomes the cutie mark crusaders mascot. She comes back with a different look than G3, but is still simmilar. Now she has a shorter mane, is a filly, and is a different shade of green. Starsong: Starsong is a pegasus who loves to sing. She came from Cloudsdale to try to find a band. Eventually, she starts a band with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. There band spreads across Equestria and only Starsong is offered a record deal, but doesn't take it so she can stay with her new friends. She finds Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash through Fluttershy. They were friends in flight school and had lost touch when Fluttershy moved to Ponyville. She reconnected with Fluttershy when she came down for a suprise visit. Starsong stays in Ponyville and the Mane 6 turns into the Mane 7. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Toola Roola, and Starsong. What do you think? Good ideas??? Feedback please!