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Found 11 results

  1. Hello there. If you may or may not know, I'm a modder for a game called Don't Starve and known for my "The Nightmare" mod on the don't starve workshop: If you don't know what Don't Starve is then this might not be for you. (It's a game) I'm still getting the hang of modding in don't starve as modding is a lot harder then you might expect but the only thing I've never got the hang of is making sprites for my mods. I'm sadly no good at making sprites for anything unless they are really basic but sprites for a game like Don't Starve are much more complicated then what I can do which is why i stick to programming. Sadly me not being good at making sprites isn't good when you have tons of mods you want to make but haven't got the assets to make them which is why I'm making this topic. I am wondering if there are any people out there that are willing to help me with making Don't Starve mods by doing the sprite of the character for me? while I do the programming. Animations won't be needed as we can easily use the default character animations so you would only need to make the sprite of the character with different view angles, e.g: Front, Side, Back. If your by chance interested in making mods for Don't Starve and can make sprites then consider this though I would recommend having a idea of what the art style is for Don't Starve so we don't have character sprites that look completely out of place due to their art style. If you have any questions or want to help then just reply . Thanks
  2. My favorite Minecraft mods are Thaumcraft Applied Energistics 2 Bibliocraft Open Blocks Extra Utilities Not Enough Items Buildcraft My overall favorite theme for mods is Technology.
  3. Does anypony have any Nsmbw modding experience?
  4. Mods coming along alright. I'm currently in the process of editing missions for a more 'Equestrian' flavour. This should make it more interesting to actually play as Equestria in the future rather than it just existing as a new, exotic culture for my Britons to completely overrun and crush. Anyway, these are just a handful of pictures I snagged. There'll be a lot more to come later, but i'm focusing on getting shit done rather than showing shit, considering how little attention it gets (We have to give love to episode commentaries, right?) They don't show the major extent of work done, but they show a bit. For some goddamn reason, the pre-named armies I changed appear to have disappeared. While this is slightly good news (There were armies appearing with blank names. Presumably, they were traversing the world, looking to twat someone to get the coveted sword cutie mark.), it's something i'll need to look into further. Looking majestic and completely oblivious to the fact that there's empires forming far quicker than them. Translation: "Please don't kill us. We see you Briton's, expanding across Germania and Gaul, and we're protecting our asses here. Celestia sends some gold." My reaction: Accept? Nah. Feck off. We'll be seeing you later. At your gates. I was worried Equestria would sit on its arse in this campaign, It actually has a decent empire going, spreading love and tolerance across Hellas and into Macedon and further afield. Can't wait til late game when they take over half the goddamn map. (It's happened before) SPECIAL FEATURE: Waifu's. Well, because............... ...You know what? I don't know. it's something I added for the sheer craic. (NOTE: Yes, i'm using pictures snagged from deviantART. If you don't like it, just remember I ain't publically releasing it. And if I do, i'd sure as hell get permission from the artists first. If you still don't like it, i'll remove it and draw stick figures instead. It'd be far easier than getting lawyers involved.) Twilight, if you were smarter, you wouldn't have picked an Admiral who I use about as much as Kanye West uses his brain. I couldn't think of any better description text. So shoot me. Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. See? Every town would stop rebelling against my violent and lawless rule if we just had Fluttershy. And now I do. For one general. Which basically just means only one less town I have to worry about rebelling and raiding my goddamn provincial capitals. Right now, since this is an entirely hypothetical situation (ie; "What the fuck would happen if you shoved Canterlot into the middle of a world that was completely hostile to anything and everything that moved?"), the idea of Canterlot as a City State is something that has come to me. After all, look at it: All big and grand and the seat of power. I can imagine it being a City State at that point in time. Which got to me thinking: Why not turn Sparta (SCREW YOU SPARTA AND SCREW THE LACONOPHILIA OF EVERY MORON IN THE WORLD TODAY) and Epirus (Bad news: Epirus lasts about five turns in most games I start) into city states? Sparta could be Ponyville (or I could even turn Sparta to Canterlot, with Athens as Cloudsdale.) and Epirus could be....some...bloody random town that barely gets a mention in the series. Hell, I could expand further afield: Knossos could be Manehattan: Although it doesn't do ANYTHING. In eight campaigns i've started, the kingdom of Knossos just sits on its island and does absolutely nothing. Macedon could be the Crystal Empire. Yeah, Alexander's legacy was bringing ponies to the world. What a guy. Right now, there's a lot of work to be done. The moment I can get the aesthetics working, i'll move onto tweaking the world more. Why not? It'll save me from whittling away my weekends on TVTropes, at least.
  5. For the 0 people interested, I took the next step with the graphics for my mod. Last night (or rather, early this morning), I modded a set of shields for "Princess Luna's Guard". However, fancy shields could not save them from the wrath of the Kluddargos. My Iceni run riot over them. As an amateur modder, and one who has pretty much 0 experience of actually modding a games models (Beyond using the GECK for the Fallout games), this is new territory for me. Again, I give the obligatory point to takeR's excellent Greek Mythology Unit Pack. I'm using his models as the base (If I ever get to a point where I can look at the mod and release it, I do plan on doing it from scratch rather than using someone else's hard graft. This is merely practice.) and they are f***ing lush. Give him some love. Anyway, onwards: Using generic DDS maps of armor, I decided to craft one cuirass for 'Celestia's Royal Guard'. Ten thousand times more badass than their Canterlot Royal Guard counterparts, and utilising weapons 20% more pointy, these Guards are one of the elite units I created. Unlike Luna's guard, I took the time to beef their stats slightly. To give a fair test (Rather than throw them against my horrendously OP Iceni custom units), I set them against one Legatus and two Veteran Legionary units of Rome. Against one Champion Hoplite and two Celestia's Royal Guard units. No experience for either units, on a plain battlefield with no terrain advantages/disadvantages. Basic shot one. I only created one cuirass (Why create four, or the entire armour set, if something cocked up and didn't work? That'd be hours wasted.) but the other three are to come. The phalanges are lacking in detail and colour, and it is something to definitely work on. Thankfully, the mark is clear on the chest. The specular looks like it may need a bit of tweaking. It looks relatively fine, but may need some better shading. At least the purple on the pauldrons comes through. An aerial shot. Not to show off the models, but to show off their effectiveness: We were actually flanked by the enemy (At least CA did something with the AI) and had to send the General onto the Legatus, and sent the Royal Guard into the Legionaries. As you can see in the back, there's only 15 left. For the record, there's 118 of the Royal Guard still standing. Random action shot. Blood textures still work on cuirass, so it's full steam ahead. This battle was a little more balanced: We only had around 80 left (Though, at the last minute, the Legatus flanked and charged my men which certainly caused a few deaths.) and it was a pretty entertaining battle. Right now, i'm busy with editing some miscellaneous files. Quite comically, since I combined the mod using the Hellenic culture as a base, it has the side effect of affecting every Hellenic nation. Basically, during my Grand Campaign, I had a notification pop up that Massalia (A small, Hellenic nation near the Alps and surrounded by Celts) had trespassed onto my land. Lo and behold, standing on my border, was an army named "Celestia's Chosen". I let them go. Besides, it takes balls to stand on the border of the Iceni and essentially stare us out. It's an interesting side effect. The only way around it, though, is to program an entirely new culture. The problems with that are: i) My complete lack of modding experience with scripts. Creating it is actually easy enough, it's programming it to work. ii) You need to create entirely new buildings for the culture. If not, the culture dies out (In Rome 2, culture is spread by relevant buildings such as shrines and affects public order for or against you) and its pointless. Coding that will be a nightmare. I'm sure there are some people facepalming and laughing at me. One thing I find that separates the Brony fandom from a lot of other fandoms is the sheer talent and creativity of the fanbase. There are a lot of very talented modders (and artists, and writers, and..etc; etc;) and i'm letting the side down here, I feel. However, it's best to start somewhere, right? Sorry guys. So, that's about it for this entry.In my next entry, I hope i've got the campaign map up enough so that I can share some shots of it (I'm mulling over whether or not to eradicate Greek culture in favour of just replacing it with the Equestrian culture. I really do hate the Greek States that much in-game. They're OP and other factions have bare bones rosters while they have an insane amount of unique units. If I do so, I could replace every Hellenic states name with some punny counterpart.), and i'm going to look into 3D models and see if I can dip my toe into those waters. Until then, if you see a barbarian wielding a rhompaia, run the hell away. In other news, I start my new job on Tuesday. Wish me luck.
  6. Modding: 30% designing, 70% rummaging around in files finding that one little misplaced number or letter that is making the entire thing not run. Spent almost all of today modding my copy of Total War: Rome 2. I start work on Tuesday, so I haven't got much to do. I've just been busy navigating Warscape, the environment of Rome 2, modding in a sort of Canterlot/Equestria replacement. As to why i'm posting it here...I don't know. i suppose it's as a back-up in case my laptop dies and I can see some work in progress. Although i've got, like, 6 back-ups, this things getting really dodgy lately. However, I suck at modelling. So there's not a snowball's chance in hell that I could ever actually mod an actual pony into the game, and even if I did, would you really want to see an unstoppable horde of Iceni crush several of your favourite ponies into a fine red powder? I doubt it. So, it's basically a substitute. I've managed to mod the campaign map, using Athens as the substitute for Equestria. There's two reasons for this: 1) Athens seem to incredibly OP. I'm not sure if it's patches or my other mods, but Athens often takes over half the world. Half the fun of this mod is me setting off conquering the world as, say, the Suebi, only to come against an unstoppable ersatz-pony horde in the late game. 2) I hate the Greek States in the game. I really bloody do. Especially Sparta. Stupid Laconophilia making Sparta one of the most diverse factions while the Iceni are left with a bare roster unless you add unit packs from the Workshop. I suppose I might share the world later. All I can say is that, in my current campaign, Equestria has swiftly expanded into Macedonia and is starting to claim Hellas for itself. For the units, as I suck at 3d Modelling, I utilised the phenomenal Greek Mythology unit pack by takeR ( I'm only using this mod for private use, but I feel the need to credit him a lot. He did some utterly phenomenal work on the units. I also use the Radious mod, but that's for general variant meshes. Still, Radious's Unit Packs are brilliant for expanding the sadly-thin rosters of the original game. The first unit I decided to heavily mod, beyond the actual text files, is one of the Greek Mythology packs Poseidon Units (ie; they carry tridents.) and turned them into Princess Luna's Chosen. Sorry, Poseidon: The God of the Sea ain't no match for the lovely Luna. That and she's my second favourite pony after Fluttershy (And I am not including Fluttershy in this mod. I doubt she'd personally endorse mass killing...........................I guess.) I've only barely tweaked their stats, I'm going to mod them later to carry an actual sword or spear as opposed to the trident (Which, IMO, looks utter crap). But, before I buffer them up, I send them into the fire. As a test, I set up 2 v 2: My Iceni modded units (Rycalawre + Kluddargos) vs Equestria (Hoplite Champions + Princess Luna's Chosen). This is a test for my two Iceni units, too. This is just a view of the unit. So far, i've only modded the shield. Armour's to come. Something's fucked with the crest, though, so that'll need fixing. Unfortunately for Canterlot, you can see their soldiers lying dead on the field already, and that's just my Rycalawre (Sword soldiers. Well, technically, elite soldiers. "Kingly Champions" as the name translates to.) The Kluddargos are going to give no quarter as they carry the Rhompaia, which is basically a weapon designed to flay skin, crush armour and kill everything within a close radius. It was the meat grinder of the ancient world and not even the Princess's are going to save you when it comes swinging for your throat. I'll either have to add power to the Guard, or lower the power of the Kluddargos. It's an utter massacre at Camulodonun. There's blood everywhere, and there's going to be a lot of cleaning afterwards. Five survived to run back to Canterlot. Sadly, the test failed for Luna's guards. If this was a siege of Canterlot, the Iceni would now own Equestria and the ponies would be wearing golden torcs and carrying swords in their hooves for Andraste rather than Celestia. So, yes, still a lot of work to do. I'm glad I got the emblems in, though. These were a goddamn pain. This ones their faction logo/shield. I took the design off of a flag that appeared in the show. And this? I don't know. I think it's on some of their secondary banners or something. There's a lot more graphics files (PNG and DDS), but these are the two that show what they're roughly like. ..So, yeah, that's about it. It's off to sleep and back to modding tomorrow. Well, I say modding, it's basically buggering about in Photoshop aimlessly. I'd love to mod music in, though, because nothing, nothing, NOTHING will be more goddamn entertaining than a horde of Rycalawre clashing with a Equestrian army as they sing "Winter Wrap Up".
  7. Hello there beautiful people. I just made this mod for Zdoom and though you people could give me feedback about it, since i'm unsure if it's good enough to be published in the Zdoom forums. My new and first mod is called Rainbow Factory, Inspired by the fanfic. The mod's idea is to create an alternate ending to the story. Ahoy!, Spoilers ahead! Story. After Scootaloo escaping from Rainbow Dash, she simply starts ripping the factory's wires in search of Scootaloo. As Scootaloo escapes trough the air vent she is caught by some guards and taken to the machine. After Scootaloo's "last words" are being said, Rainbow Dash turns the machine on, However, because of her stupidness ripping the wires, the machine dies, leaving Scootaloo alive. As a form of showing rage, Rainbow dash takes Scootaloo to the Factory's prison to be mutilated later ... However Scootaloo manages to escape, and she won't escape unarmed.... Then the mod begins c: Avast!, Images with guns ahead, Big guns! Screenies (Screenshots). Hehehe, I love shotguns... Conclusion As for the boring text.... Well, as i said before, i need feedback of this mod, It only has 3 levels. Welp, My hands are hurting for typing this long, So let's jump up for the credits Le Creditos Woodentoaster - Mewsik KingSpartax37 - More Mewsik Ultraboy94fsr - Scootaloo's ms painted hooves Gabe Newell - For being himself Croteam - Inspiration Happy :3 - For helping on the map design Me. - For having the sake to continue this horrendous thing i call a mod Luigi's Biggest Fan - For not spamming me on Steam for over a week WafflePony - Beta testing. You. - For having the sake or honor to read :3 Vectoring Alexstrazse ZutheSkunk Ambassad0r MisterAibo You can find all those artists on Deviantart. Thank you all, and have a nice day.
  8. Hello, It's me Lorentio. You may remember me from the Rainbow Factory project (A mod for Doom). Unfortunately the mod is cancelled. But wait! You still can save the mod! The mod is cancelled because of lack of ideas. Lately, the guy who designed the maps for the mod (Nathan, AKA Happy :3) was assaulted inside his own house. The thieves robbed his PC and money, so he is passing a very tense part of his life. Without Happy the mod is dead, since i only do the programming and misc. (Enemies music etc.) But as i said, you can still save it! You wanna know how? PM me with a map design for the mod! You can create the map the way you want with one exception. You gotta follow the map themes. Example: The first level is the Entrance of the factory, so dark and tech theme. The third is a mountain, so pillars, rocks and happier theme. As for the other five you have to follow these themes: MAP 04: A happy farm. MAP 05: A cave. MAP 06 You decide! MAP 07 Ponyville MAP 08 - Already decided. The maps needs to be in a open space (A lot of space because you will kill waves of enemies) You can either send me a drawing of the map or just write the idea. Please, lets this mod live, a lot of work was put into it. You will be credited by your map if it is used.
  9. To those of you who don't know, Halo 2 Vista was a release of Halo 2 for the PC that like Halo CE, has officially supported modding tools. Unlike Halo CE, the people who ported Halo 2 to the PC failed drastically to make it compatible with a lot of common place modding, like making new tags. Basically it's that Bungie wanted it to be like Halo CE but the porters failed drastically to format it correctly. So modding it is very hard, but I found a way. That did not stop yours truly from finding a way to have fun. I was going to post a video but Youtube and FRAPs are apparently co-conspirators against me. I will post screenshots here on my blog periodically so if this kind of thing interests you just hit the follow button and you'll be informed of all of my messing around. Like this Rocket Launcher that has unlimited ammo and shoots the same beam as the Scarab Tank. Or this Scorpion tank that shoots sniper bullets instead of machine gun bullets. I have the charged plasma pistol shooting out banshees but it was hard to use only screenshots to show it in action. More is to come.
  10. I have a suggestion for the benefit of everypony on here, and its something that been buggijg me since day one. I never log off. I am very loyal to the forums and always have the site open on my phone 24/7 to watch my threads. Anyways. What has come to my attention is the lack of respect original posters have to their request threads. Whether its drawing or music, people seem to be posting ALOT of request threads, promising to complete these requests, and then just vanishing when one two many ponies asks for a request. I propose perhaps some sort of modding system for ALL of the threads that runs through say once a week, maybe twice, or even more frequently depending on the section, that checks to see if the OP has beeen responding to his or her thread. Nothing is more hurtful than a broken promise, especially when you need the requests for imspiratiom for a project foe your college grades. People on here are just neglectful of their threads and I teuly think it needs to be fixed.
  11. this thread is where you can post mods for Skyrim, either yours or ones that you want to show to other people they can be both workshop or nexus mods nothing NSFW, please please link to the mod MLP related or not dovahkiins castle