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Found 32 results

  1. Do you hate fan fiction depicting Ponies as monsters? Such as stories where our lovely Ponies go around enslaving sapient races and to top it off also commit genocide on other sapient races? I hate them. The only 'logical explanation' (these are magical Ponies we're talking about here) that these once good Ponies from alternate universes have been corrupted by an "evil force", well at least a being that loves treating others with cruelty and malice if the concept of good or evil truly exists. Otherwise, it's just canon defilement. Unless, there's some 'good' reason to destroy a sapient species even when they're on their knees begging for mercy and peace. I personally don't think so. If you have your enemy on their knees crying and they are literally begging for you to spare them, and you kill them. You are a monster.
  2. OK here is the scenario. You just sprayed for monsters a month ago and now they are back. They are under your bed and in your closet. They only come out at night. and you are dinner. BUT, you also need a good night's sleep to go to work/school, etc. Using only what you really have (or what you could get on short notice), How will you protect yourself from monsters? and hiding under the covers won't work. You are on your own...
  3. HELLO, FRIENDS, AND A HEARTY GREETING TO MLP FORUMS! For those of you who do NOT know me, I am Iron Will, the greatest seminar host, fitness trainer, motivational speaker, body builder, airship pilot, vacation cruise coordinator and substitute teacher that Equestria HAS EVER KNOWN! Today I am here to tell you - no - SHOW YOU the single greatest video game EVER DEVISED! I am also here to provide a sanctuary for those already familiar with said game, giving them a place to discuss it and connect with other players! What such game is this, you may ask? Why, it is a game so metal, so thrilling, so unbelievably ADDICTING that even the likes of Iron Will could not put down his controller. This game is Monster Hunter: World, and it is the latest incarnation of the Monster Hunter series. Commit it to memory, little ponies, for it holds the power to CHANGE YOUR LIVES! A bold hunter comes face to face with a sinister Rathalos in its nest. A grave mistake! Monster Hunter is a series of RPG games developed by CAPCOM, who many may recognize from games such as Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and more. Monster Hunter found massive success in Japan, and has been around since the days of the PlayStation 2. However, it wasn't until the series' latest installment - Monster Hunter: World - that Capcom found global success with the game, winning them numerous awards and spotlights! The premise of Monster Hunter is quite simple. Taking on the mantel of a fearless hunter, you hunt ferocious, deadly beasts, and craft armor, weapons and items from their parts. These parts aide you in discovering and hunting even rarer, more powerful monsters! You can take on these challenges solo OR join a party of up to four hunters, and hunt beasts with your friends! An overconfident hunter flees for his life from the mighty jaws of an Anjanath! Someone should have brought along their friends! With fourteen weapon classes to choose from, Monster Hunter is a journey of creativity as well as courage! But that's not all, friends! Monster Hunter is no one trick pony. Should you decide to hunt solo, you'll have a companion of your own helping you every step of the way. What better companion to have than a loyal feline! Palicoes are bipedal cats with high levels of intelligence, who have been living, and hunting with hunters since the dawn of time! Your palico will heal you, distract your target, provide buffs and more! You can even customize their outfits and weapons, just as you can your own. "The palicoes are simply adorable. I need six!" ~ Princess Luna "She hasn't put the game down in six weeks." ~ Princess Celestia With breathtaking worlds to explore, small wildlife to collect and items to discover, the world of Monster Hunter has many secrets to unearth! Monster Hunter: World is receiving AN EXPANSION! In celebration of the game's massive success, Capcom is releasing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, this upcoming September! Iceborne has enough new game content to be considered a sequel in its own right, with twice the roster of monsters found in the base game, new maps, skills, a brand new story, hunter bases and more! This news is SO BIG, Iceborne slammed onto the cover of Game Informer for the month of August! With Iceborne just around the corner, NOW is the time, friends! NOW is the time for you to embrace the world of hunting, and ascend to the VERY TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN! Monster Hunter: World is found on PC, PS4 AND Xbox One, so get your copy today, folks! Iron Will is not endorsed by Capcom in any way, and is simply doing a public service by bringing a satisfying game experience to the ponies of Equestria. Iron Will is also mainly looking for others to hunt with. And there you have it, ponies of MLP Forums! I, Iron Will have given you the tools YOU need to become a lean, mean, monster slaying machine! Please use this thread as your means of discussing all things MONSTER HUNTER! Give your thoughts and impressions! Ask Iron Will questions regarding Monster Hunter! Seek out friends to connect and play with! Iron Will is SO confident that you'll love Monster Hunter, that if you do NOT love Monster Hunter, YOU. ARE. LYING. Now if you excuse Iron Will, he has some light grocery shopping to do.
  4. You know how in a lot of World War 2 sci-fi works, Nazi Germany has zombies, jetpacks, giant robots, and things like that? Imagine what World War 2 would have been like if they had that kind of stuff in the real world.
  5. Do you think sea serpents, minotaurs, chimeras and other sentient monsters/creatures of Equestria and nearby lands have their own societies, cultures, countries, etc.? We already saw the dragons’ land, griffin’s settlement and changelings’ lair. I also remember a comic about Diamond Dogs kingdom (the comic is recommended for Trixie fans). So what about the others? Do they just live among ponies or as lone predators, or can some of them form their own societies?
  6. What Mythological beings or creatures would you like to see make an appearance in the show? Personally, I'd love to see some norse mythological creatures put in as well that exist up north in the crystal empire, like Fafnir or Jormungar; Maybe even have there be a prison located underneath the ice of the north called Helheim that acts as a counterpart to Tartarus down south
  7. What songs and music would suit monsters?
  8. ““To you know zis man?” a pony with a German accent asks a bouncer at the door of the bar holding up her iPhone. He looks at the photo on her iPhone of a 20-something light skinned African American male and points to a man at the bar wearing a safari shirt, cargo pants and a duty belt. As she gets closer she sees he is with a group of sheep talking and having a beer with them. “Supervisory Special Egent Hafael?” she asks him. “I am off duty and have fun with my friends.” he says without turning around. “The chief esk me to come get yoa, zere is a problem.” She said over the perverted cat calls she is getting from some of the other patrons. He turns around and he sees a young pony dressed as a school girl. He puts his beer down and tell the bar tender to make sure his friends get home safe and leaves with the mare. At the station he goes into the waiting chief’s office and closes the door. “Angel of darkness, I see you met your new partner. We got word from the United States Secret Service that the President-elect’s 17 year old daughter has lost her detail and is in old town. You need to find her before the feeding and you two have 24 hours to find her before it begins”, the chief tells them. “You’re joking right? One, my new partner is just a weak little filly. Two, Can’t Hostage Rescue Team or the United States Secret Service take care of it? I mean it’s there problem for letting her get away from them. And three, don’t call me angel of darkness and you put me on suspension herbivore protection detail”, Rafael said to the chief crossing his arms. The chief looks at the filly and the air thickens with an invisible charged of supernatural energy and the filly transforms. The filly turns from a horse to a 6 foot tall twenty year old human woman with long black butt length hair, penetrating icy blue eyes, and an increase in her breast size. “I don’t see this being a problem unless you’re not as good as I think? Probationary Agent Afina is king sombra daughter and master at magic so she is a good partner for you.” He said watching Rafael surprised reaction to the changes. “All unicorns have a pony form in this world and a human form to hide their true power from enemies. This is what Afina really looks like with her true power out in this world. Man you should see the look on your face!” the chief said laughing and pointing at Rafael. “Anyways, I am going to stay here and run interference to keep this from turning into an international Incident.” he said and gets up to stand in front of both of them. “You two are the only federal agents I trust to do this. If you love the kingdom and humans, then find the girl before she is eaten or worst! Any more Info I find will be sent to your PDAs” He sits back down and they both leave to find the girl. As they walk to old town his new partner ask him to stop. “Zere is something’s yoa need to get me up to speed on. What happen to your first Zree partners? What is Emerican human like yoa doing here and what is old town?” Afina ask him. “You’re full of a lot questions! I guess your dad did not tell you about this place. Well 20 earth years ago equestrian was dying and they needed a new home to live in and they came to the Somali government with a deal. They would get the country under control, develop industry, rebuild the nation and turn it into a world power. In exchange they would get part ownership in the country and allow anyone they wanted to come from equestria and live here. Well they did all of that and using a lawyers and a very smart contract, they took over the government. Also because they ended the famine and got people back to work the Somali people sided with the ponies. When they reviled that the multiverse were real to world, people started calling Somalia “The kingdom of talking horse” and it stuck. 5 years ago they put ads on TV, internet, and everywhere that they needed cops to come work in an African nation with no job experience need. Starting pay was 80K for inexperience and 120K for experience. So I did some research and then got myself a used glock 23, a duty belt rig with a SERPA holster and all the ammo I could find and joined up. They did not tell us till after we got over the ocean and we had sign the contracts were we going and what we were doing. They told us in Mogadishu there is a place called old town were the worst monsters lived that could not live around humans or ponies. When we landed in Mogadishu everyone was scary but, when they said that anyone that got off and worked in Mogadishu would get 50k in US cash right now and would make 125K a year, some others and I got off. After we got our training from the White Water private military company, we were all made sworn federal law enforcement agents. Our jobs were law enforcement, protecting the human staff and ponies, maintaining public order, counter-terrorism/ Anti-piracy and etc... My first partner I fell in love with, the second was an earth pony and we did not get along, and the last one got killed. “, he said looking off into space. “Anything else, cause we have work to do.”, he asks pointing to his watch. “No, I see why you don’t have a partner”, she said and walks away. When they get to the entrance to Old town he stops to talk to the agent on duty. “Man, you get all the hot partners! What is she like a super model? Can I get date later with her man or are you hitting that?” the other agent asks looking her up and down. “I am heally 13 years old, so no... elso I don’t like weak little men.” Afina said with an evil smile. The other agent turns red in the face and is about to say something when the sounds of terrified whimpering, screams and shrieks make them all turn around. A Minotaur walks up to the check point pulling a long line of prisons convicts in chains. “What is zat ebout?” Afina said asking Rafael. “They’re the menu. Ever since the worlds found out unicorns were real and unicorns can just read your mind to see if you’re guilty or not, the death penalty has a new meaning. The menu is cons from all over the world that were on the death row. They are taken to the center of Old Town and given guns. If they make it out, they’re free to go. The feeding is a monster/changeling holiday was they can in old town let their real self’s out. We really have to find that girl fast, now that the Cons are here.” Rafael said pulling out his ruggedized PDA. “Agent white have you seen this girl?” Rafael asks showing him a photo on his PDA. The agent shakes his head no. “Afina, you go talk to the pony border guards and I will ask the Somali soldiers. White, I want you to lock down the exits to old town and call in all daisho teams and federal agents you can find. If they ask under who orders? Tell them daisho team leader Rafael and the chief put me in charge.” He said and runs over to the Somali soldiers. After talking to them he pulls his radio off his duty belt and runs over to Afina. “Afina, they told me they saw her by the docks with a group of changeling and a dragon. He said she looked to be leading them on and had a case of beer with her. I just called Hostage Rescue Team and the United States Secret Service and told them to follow my radio signal. What can you smell or scents?” Rafael asks her. “I smell fresh human blood and the heek of zerror to the north. Stay on my six” Afina said taking off. They stop outside a warehouse near the docks. “What the plan hafael, do yoa want to wait for HRT or go in?” Afina asks. “We can’t wait if you smell blood and terror! Here the plan, you go to the roof and wait by the sky light. I will get the girl and when I have a hold of her you will jump down through and attack them and I will protect the girl. No matter what happens, don’t jump unless I have the girl ok.” Rafael said as he checks his magazine and sits his radio on the ground. “One zing what does daisho mean?” Afina ask giving him a knowing smile. “Why young lady it means a matched pair of swords in Japanese.” Rafeal said giving that same knowing smile back. She runs up the wall to the roof and he slowly goes inside listening for movement. As he goes down the hallway clearing as he goes, he hears a girl calling out for help and runs to the sound. He rounds a corner and aims his gun at a dragon holding the girl down on the ground with changeling watching. “Federal agent let go of the girl dirt bag!” Rafael yells keeping his gun trained on the dragon. “Drop the gun pig or I will rip her pretty little head off! You can’t shoot me before I do it and you know it! The dragon said griping the hostage around the head like a basketball. He puts the glock 23 on the ground kicking to them and raises his hands. “Take the shirt off and that belt. I know you have more weapons on.” One of the changelings said with a gleeful smile. He takes off his duty belt and removes his shirt showing a neck knife pendant rig suspended from around his neck. He gives a sheepish smile and three of the changelings run across the room and start beating him down. The dragon comes over picking him up around the neck and tossing him with the other hostage. “This is a very good day! We get to kill a pig and get 2 meals out of it. You’re not so bad without you gun are? I going to do bad thing to both of you and make each other watch.” The dragon said in a mocking matter licking his teeth. “Before you do that, can we pray? I don’t want to die in sin” Rafael said pointing to the st.anthony medal, cross and crucifix necklaces hanging his neck. Laughing very hard the dragon tells him yes and he crawls over the girl and hugs her whispering to her “don’t worry, everything going to be all right.” His partner comes crashing down though the skylight a second later and black swan wings come out of Rafael back covering and protecting the girl from the falling glass. As his wings cover the girl an electrified and pyro kinetic Juggernaut aura of power comes off of him cause a storm cloud of pure raw energy to form over the warehouse. His partner landing like a cat near him stares. He looks around and both the changelings and dragon are staring at him with the same look of fear and wonderment as the fires around him die down. Rafael jumps up and roundhouse kicks a channeling near him taking it head off. “Don’t just stand there take them down! Try to arrests them if you can!” he yells at Afina ending the spell. His partner moves in a dizzying display of violence taking down any changing she can get and one aims Uzi submachine gun at Rafael and the hostage. It fires full auto into them but, Rafael freezes the bullets in mid-air and drops them to the ground with an impish smile and throws the shooter across the room with his mind. His partner drops the last of the changelings but the dragon get pass her and runs at Rafael with it massive craws out. It comes right at him with a supernatural speed but, he grabs the nine hundred pound beast by the neck and said “know your place animal! I am a Federal agent not a cop” and throws it through a wall as HRT runs in securing the scene. As they clear the room one of them said “Sir, we have a problem” and points behind him. Rafael turns around and sees that the girl has picked up his glock 23 and is aiming it at him. “Nobody move I got this” Rafael said using his powers to calm her. “Look at me; do I look like I will hurt you? I am wearing a st.anthony medal and cross do you think something evil could do that? Why don’t you come closer and feel and pull one of my feather form my wings.” He said in a comforting voice and suppressing his aura of power. The girl moves closer to him like a scared animal and looks him over keeping her gun pointed at him. She looks at his ripped physique, long dark Egyptian dreadlocks, sinfully gorgeous profile and his mainly black in color wings but, with a line of white flight feathers on the edges of the wings. With her free hand she feels the soft feathers and pulls one out and they all smell her scent change from terror to a perfumed fragrance scent of love. “You’re the most beautiful thing I have seen. Are you an angel or demon?” She asks in an almost hypnotized state. “No, child I am just man. Now please give me the gun and go with the United States Secret Service agents.” Rafael said with a kind and sympathy voice. She hands him the gun and the United States Secret Service agents take her away with a look of pure joy on her face. When he comes outside pulling his wings back in and putting his shirt back on, he see a large crowd of humans , ponies, changelings, and others are around the building outside of the police line. He looks up and sees that his power being released has cause auroras in the night sky and he looks to his left seeing Afina and the chief talking to king sombra and he starts walking to them to face what is coming. As he passes the crowd some makes the sign of the cross or go prostration as he walk by. Afina runs to up to him and stops in front of him staring him down with her penetrating icy blue eyes trying to seem intimidating. “My father scary and came down here because zat power surge was like something out of Book of Hevelation! What are yoa?”Afina said rising her power level to the max so he can feel it. “My first partner was Queen Chrysalis and one of the rules Celestia and luna laid out for letting her and her people come here was she could never to fall in love with a human. Well with everything that happen here at the time and all the danger we were in we did fall deeply in love. They were going to kill her for breaking their rules and I came to them and asked what I could do to save her life. They said if she turned me then there would not have been any rules broken but, I had to really love her in her true form and she had to really love Me.”, he stops talking when 4 desert lioness jump over a police blockade and run to him. The lioness rubs against his hands and growl for his attention. “She showed me her true from and she told me she was Queen Chrysalis and a changeling was. Seeing the most prefect and sexy Egyptian woman a human has seen change into a changeling took me back some because her body was like a goddess before and after a few minutes I told them I wanted to be turned and I will not look back or regret it. She turned back to human and she told me to kneel down and she placed her hands on my shoulders. She sent her powers into me and I was set on fire from it but, man did it feel so good. It was like being really alive for the first time and when it was over I was a changeling like her.” Rafael said with an intense look of pleasure on his face. “Anyways, she had to go back to equestria to get the rest of her people and help out the unicorns and I have to stay here and help control the changeling and show everyone that were not the monsters of the past that we were. These desert lioness were a gift from here home land. We are sorry for lying to you and everyone about this.” he said and kneels down before her and his lioness does the same. “I am not a threat to you or your father. I just want to keep my job as a daisho federal agent because I love this place, I have lots friends here and I love being a federal agent.” he said “we can zalk to my father and I am sure zere should be no problems. But zere zwo zings I want from you. One, I want zo stay your partner and zwo hoyalty don’t kneel to other hoyalty.” she said with a friendly smile and puts her hand out to help him up. “I think this is going to be a good partnership”, Rafael said as they both walk to her father with his lioness following.
  9. We have seen things like dragons, griffins, hydras (sorta), and even manticores. What kind of monster would you like to see the show have a take on? For me, I'd like to see there take on the jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland.
  10. This is the first piece of art I've made on my new/old computer. [New to me old brand] I was just trying things out to get back into doing digital art. Here is Fluttershy and a sea dragon. I only working with SAI right now so it can be a pain to get some of the effects I want. I don't think my poor computer could handle Photoshop. I plan on a pic for each of the mane six. Like maybe Rainbow Dash and a Thunderbird or Applejack and some kind of plant monster. I don't know what I'm going to put Pinkie Pie with but I know she'll be jumping on the poor thing. XD What ponies and monsters would like to see paired up in a pic?
  11. So, what are some of your favorite monsters and creatures from the world of video games? What do you like about them the most? Both sentient and non-sentient beasts count. Here are some of mine: *Ridley, Kraid and most creatures Samus meets *Of the Monster Hunter bestiaries, my particular favorites include Lagiacrus, Deviljho, Khezu, Teostra and Lunastra, Qurupeco, Jaggi and Great Jaggi and Tigrex to name a few. *Pretty much all of the monsters of Dragon's Dogma, specially Grigori the Dragon *Reapers. What's not to love about a gargantuan, biomechanical squid? *Behemoth, Marlboro and Cactuar, all from the Final Fantasy franchise *Moon Presence, Amygdala, Ebrietas, Darkbeast Paarl, of Bloodborne fame.
  12. Since nobody ever reblogs art on tumblr and DA couldn't seem to give less of a toss, I figured I'd post here and see if anyone had some feedback on these character's designs? They're gonna be the main characters of a webcomic I'm working on in a world populated by mutants, monsters, and modern magic. Still trying to piece together an overarching plot, so it's just gonna start out revolving around Lagtime (L.T.) and Bruce as characters sharing an apartment. /shrug Need to do more art for Bruce, I've got a lot of unfinished junk.
  13. hello everypony I have another random question to ask the community about video games what is your favorite monster in any video game mine is the Mimic basically a treasure chest that sits idle until you try to open it once you open it the chest eats you or attempts to eat you. the first time I saw it is when I was playing a game called Orcs and Elves it scared the living hell out of me
  14. Trying to upload a new chapter daily. A digestible little story about an awkward, cynical human living in a world full of weird monster people. Would love you to read but would love Love LOVE you to follow. Safe for work. Any relationships will leave things to the imagination. Love you all!
  15. So I think it's very obvious what you're doing here. You are here because you are the fan of the King of the Monsters. Godzilla, the one and only first daikaiju than ever existed. His message still ives up to this day, and the story around him is tragic as hell. But since this is a respectful thread to the Gojira mythos, we will accept the fact that the 1998 movie exists, and especially that the amazing show based on it also happened. The 2014 movie is also included. But to accept you here you must answer the next questions: 1.Any Godzilla movies you've seen? 2.Are you fan of the genre? 3.Which is your favourite Godzilla monster(after the King, of course)? 4.Do you think the dark moral of the story in the original 1954 movie still holds up 'til this day? 5.What's your favourite design of Godzilla? 6.Which other monster(or a character from another franchise) you wish Godzilla fought? 7.Which of the atomic breaths do you think looked the coolest? 8.Do you prefer the nice friendly Godzilla or the Godzilla that destroys everything on its path? 9.Do you know what Godzilla means? 10. Are you hyped for the next Godzilla movie that will come out in 2018 with monsters from the original franchise? 11.Favourite Godzilla movie? 12.Favourite Godzilla show? 13.What was your reaction at the "Kiss of Death" scene? 14.Should Zilla (98s Godzilla) be appreciated in the franchise or hated? 15.From 1 to 10, how awesome is Godzilla's roar?
  16. Hey guys! I am doing a pony fan game! It's called Scootaloo and The Curse of Black Pollock's Treasure! Its got pirates, sea monsters, natural selection and stuff. It's done in an 8 bit art style in a similar vien to the original legend of zelda games. As its a my little pony game, its not really a fighting platformer, more of an avoid the enemies sort of thing (with the exception of boss fights). All the sea creatures you encounter are based on real creatures from the depths that I like This is the cast! I need voice actors for the following characters: Scootaloo - Rainbow Dash - Sweety Belle - Apple Bloom - Carrot Top - Fluttershy - Twilight Sparkle - Lyra – Bon Bon – Colgate - Spring Water - The Great and Powerful Trixie - Derpy - (reserved) Doctor Whooves - (reserved) Big Mac - Blue - Black Pollock - Taken Star Eater – Taken Jasmine the Vampire Cuddlefish - herself If you want to help or are just curious about the game that’s fantastic! Feel free to message me if you wanna help in anyway or just for more info. If you want to send me some samples, just go onto dropbox Type in '' for the email and the password is 'Airraptor', then upload your voice and we're good to go! I'll get back to as soon as I can. Here's the trailer! Resolution isn't great, but I'm pretty pleased with it!
  17. "Fortnite is described as a co-op sandbox survival game and is about exploration, scavenging gear, building fortified structures, and fighting waves of encroaching monsters. Players will work together to scavenge items they can use for building by day to build their fort, and by night defend it from the monsters..." -Wikipedia Recently, I've been hearing some talk about this upcoming game called Fortnite. Curious, I decided to check it out. It's a co-operative sandbox survival game where players kick monster butt back to their homeland. The game features class-based gameplay, with each class having different advantages and disadvantages. There's lots of building and exploration involved, where you find resources to create an awesome fort to keep enemies away. In April, Epic Games had an Alpha release of the game. I wasn't interested in Fortnite at that time, but now it's really interesting me. Today, PC Gamer released an article showcasing new gameplay of the game, which further explains the concept of the game, and how it plays. I think Fortnite sounds promising, I'm very curious. What do you think? Links: PC Gamer Article : Epic Games' Fortnite : Fortnite (Wikipedia) :
  18. In my fanfic, my preferred ending (you can choose one of four timelines) is when Discord and Screwball (his daughter) escort Shelby to a spot where he is supposed to be taken home to Earth. Yet, in this Equestria, it's mired in a civil war, and some Aliens were the ones who mind-controlled most of all the sapient beings who live there. Oh, and the Aliens had technology powerful enough to limit Discord's powers to whatever circumstances only they wish. Every time anyone dissents against the aliens, even the Princesses as well, they will be briefly electrocuted. Considering Discord's manipulative, and wicked, personality (in the fanfics, he is reformed), how will Discord treat the Shetland pony along the way, amid the base trespassings, encounters with the psychotic Solar Empire/New Lunar Republic ponies (all waiting to catch him and exploit him for their axe-crazy ends), and the one barely-escape from Krastos the Glue-Maker? Tl;dr: If Equestria were to be split into civil war between the Two Princesses and Queen Chrysalis, and all the ponies (minus Screwball and Lauren Faust, the latter imprisoned in a space fortress) are axe-crazy psychos, and the aliens order Discord to escort Shelby to the Canterlot Maze (where a portal to Earth is supposedly located there): How will he treat Shelby, the Shetland Pony?
  19. As my partner and the Equestrian Biologist Pinkamena Diane Pie has captured while travelling with the Apple Family, these are two of the possibly many organisms living inside of the Scariest Cave in Equestria. As her crew was terribly frightened by the sights and sounds of the cave, these were the only creatures captured. However, as the previous claims of ponies not returning from the cave has since been disproven, we shall send our bravest of crews to enter the cave once more and attempt in discovering previously unknown species.
  20. So, Halloween is here and I thought I might do a little drawing to get into da mood before I go trick or treating Now, I'm not terribly great at drawing ponies, I haven't done it much and at the moment, I'm not comfortable with drawing bodies, so here I've done a headshot. This is one of my new OC's that I'm currently making as a filly on Nightmare Night. Since I'm new to this and I don't think I could draw anything scary for my life, I thought I'd draw something a little.. cutesy. My eraser decided to break while I was drawing this, and I couldn't find another one around the house, so you'll have to excuse the extra lines that are here and there. Critique would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! (Happy Halloween, everyone!)
  21. So, though I use Facebook for very few things, one thing it is helpful with is giving a basic idea for what some of the things I keep up with, do. An article shown on DeviantART talked about how an artist known on DA and Tumblr, Toby Allen, has sculpted creatures and descriptions to represent some of the most notorious emotional troubles that humans face. He himself has anxiety. Having generalized anxiety myself as well, I found it to be incredibly interesting. Maybe you will too. --> Schizophrenia, Paranoia, Depression & Anxiety: That little Anxiety bugger sure fits Boy does he get into mischief up in the ol' noggin'. Thoughts? Does anyone else have any of these portrayed issues, as well, and can possibly relate to what Allen is trying to bring across? Do you think these fit? Do they not fit? Do you happen to have any ideas of your own? Toby Allen's Tumblr page, 'The Real Monsters are reborn!'
  22. Our regularly scheduled movie night will begin at 4 PM ET and will be followed by random pony videos and episodes. Tangled Showtimes 4:00 PM ET 10:00 PM CEST Monsters, Inc. Showtimes 5:35 PM ET 11:35 AM CEST Rules Do not spam. That means no <3 <3 <3 <3, johnmaddenjohnmaddenjohnmadden, as;dlfkja;ldkfj, eeyup eeyup eeyup, or anything of the sort. Keep discussion on topic. This event is for watching movies and ponies together, not random chat. Try to keep all discussion at least somewhat related to the video. Do not roleplay. This is not Roleplay World so do not RP in the chat. Do not post spoilers of upcoming episodes. This includes spoilers of any kind, even rumors. If you want to post spoilers, post them on the forums with a spoiler tag in the title. Follow the global forum rules. This is an official MLP Forums event, so all forum rules apply, no exceptions.If you break a rule once, you will get a verbal warning. If it happens again, you will be kicked. If you return after being kicked and still insist on breaking the rules, you will be banned. In the event that a movie can't be shown for whatever reason, we'll just watch ponies instead. Feel free to contact me or any of the other ETV mods if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party!
  23. A Kiwimon sculpt that I did a few weeks ago. Took me about 6 days, which is my personal record. And... that's it. Nothing really special or awesome bout it. Though, don't know if those "sculpture supports" beneath my sculpts are a good or a bad add-on. (If you could waste 10s to vote in the poll, please do it. Going to do a Dorugamon sculpt next and want to know if I should bother with the "support" or not) P.S. The poll is anonymous.
  24. The Everfree Forest is one of my favorite areas of the show. It's just so cool, mysterious, and dangerous. But I realized, we haven't seen much of it since Season 1. ...Hold on, let me go review the S2 episodes on the wiki. ...Yeah, there was only ONE episode The Everfree Forest appeared in. The Cutie Pox. And it only appeared briefly while Apple Bloom was in Zecora's hut. Everfree might have appeared a few more times, but it was barely as prominent as it was in Season 1. Do you think they'll be bringing it back more on the coming seasons? Do you think we'll ever know why it's there? Do you think you know why it's there? And why does it look so small on that map of Equestria poster? I always imagined the Everfree to be bigger than that. But then again, the poster says it isn't to scale, so many it is bigger.