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Found 11 results

  1. All right I was thinking, when's the worst time of the year to have a birthday? Like what month. No this thread is not meant for bashing people who have birthdays in said months so if anyone ever mentions your birthday month or whatever, try not to feel offended. In my opinion, I always think the worst time is around Christmas that is if you celebrate it. From what I've heard, it can be either two things. Either, you get twice as many presents, or people just group your birthday with Christmas and give you one present, saying it's for your birthday and Christmas. So discuss away!
  2. I've been ultra-bored all day so I thought "Ehh, I'll make a fun little poll". So, what month were you born in? I was born in March (March 27th). I also want to see if there really is a bell curve or not. (Google it.)
  3. I've been away from poniverse and my computer for a month and i'm back why that is it's because my computer wouldn't turn on and we keep having bad storms so I haven't been able to access poniverse but now i'm back so YAY!!!!!!!!!! :comeatus:
  4. This is a little weird, but hear me out. I was always under the impression that a year was 12 months long and that we had fluctuating numbers of days per month for mathematical reasons. There are 365.625 days in a year. I never questioned the division of months. I just always assumed that that was the system that was required in order to keep proper track of a year and the passage of time. I was contemplating lunar months for a comment I was making. I had momentarily confused a standard month for a lunar one. I was talking about MLP mythos anyway (and our lack of knowledge of it) so my mistake was understandable. Anyway, irrelevant. I was curious as to how many days would be left over if we actually did go by lunar months rather than calendar months. I multiplied 28 by 12 and got 336. Do you know how many days less that is from a year? 29. So I got to thinking why we needed to have 12 months in a year. Obviously my "keeping the months even with the seasons" and "accurately calculating the passage of time" ideas were debunked. However, I can see no good reason we should have 12 months instead of 13. Having 13 months makes more sense. Every month would be 28 days except the last month of the year, which would be 29 to make up for the extra day. Leap day would still be necessary in this case, in which case it could just go at the end, making the last month 30 days, or it could go at the month before the last one, making them both 29 days. It just seems like 28 days makes a whole lot more sense. You even notice how in March, the days of the week all line up with the dates they did in February? That's another point that makes a lot more sense. For a whole year, our days of the week and dates would be the same as each other, meaning, for example, that every 1st of every month of that year would be a Monday, every 2nd would be a Tuesday and so on. I feel that this would be an easier way to keep track of time. There are 7 days in a week, four weeks in a month. 4*7=28, so in this regard as well, it makes more sense to have a 28-day month and 13 months in a year. Does anyone know why we have this wacky 12-month system where we have to memorize that stupid poem of which months have 30 days? (Which I never get right - I just use my knuckles.) And what are your opinions on having a 13-month year as opposed to a 12-month year? I'm not saying that this will ever happen, and I think it would cause more confusion than clarity. But I think that had this been established a long time ago, it would have made a lot more sense than the system we have now. Anyway, thoughts?
  5. Planty

    Crazy month!

    I feel like it's been ages since I have posted, in fact I don't think I have been on the forum in over 2-3 weeks (which is awful I know). Lately life has just been so busy and I have had little time to even think about browsing forums, but sadly I was also put off by a fellow brony. I met a brony and at first I was excited, but then I realised we are just not the same people. I didn't care at all about anything he was talking about! I have never read a fan fic in my life and this guy was practically reciting them to me. I started to think that I has out grown being a brony. But over the last few days, something has brought me back. Reddit is just not as good as you guys! I also realised that many of you here don't care about fan fics and just enjoy the show for what it is without reading to much into it! I just enjoy the show, I really don't look into it to much, and thats the way I want it to stay. we are all different after all We will see how it goes! I miss being part of a forum so much it's un-real! ty for reading, Sundew
  6. Ok, so, everyone knows about the more famous holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, things like that. But did you know that, for almost every day, week, or month, somebody has created random other holidays for people to enjoy in lieu of the holidays we all wait on? Like "No-Shave November," in which dudes like the ones on here leave their facial hair alone for the entire month of November. Or "Feld0 Day," where we all do different things dedicated to Feld0. So, I'm asking you, fellow MLP Forumers, which random little holidays have you learned about? Share them with everyone and tell us how you go about celebrating them.
  7. I was thinking recently, I got flash cs4 and I'm kinda good at drawing monsters -visit HorrorshowMania on deviantart to see the wide selection- and I was thinking, how awesome would it be to see a fight or brawl with my monsters with other people's monsters. Let me give some examples of some of my monsters and other ones. My dream eater vs Slenderman, -mickeymonster- mutant 1 vs banshee I think it may be awesome, I'd make one probably almost once a month or so, what do u guys think? :3
  8. Yesterday I was chatting with a fellow Brony when we thought of this amazing idea to get everypony familiar will all the ponies and show some support to those ponies that don't get mentioned as much or desire a little credit. Q: What would we do? A: We would start up a forum and talk about when that pony shows up in the show, what does he/she do, what makes he/she special, we would share pictures of that pony (if any), share our opinions about that pony, talk about how much and how does he/she affects Equestria, and share stories about that pony (if any) Q: How could I show my support? A: Well you could vote on how often you would participate in it and to show your pride for the pony of the month you should create a picture of he/she, write a story with he/she, make he/she be in you Role Plays, make a song and or about he/she, and change your profile picture to that pony. Q: Why should we do this A: So people can learn about new ponies in the background that they might have missed while watching an episode or one of the more common ones and so they get to know them better then just a background pony since everypony is unique and should be recognized. It is also possible one of the mane 6 could be chosen to be pony of the month. Q:Will we vote on the pony of the month? A: I think that if this really becomes popular and people like this idea then I think we will vote on the pony of the month. Sadly I won't be able to tell you how I will pick the candidates but I tell you when I can. Any questions that you don't want people to see and only want me to read just send me a message and I will reply back to you as quick as I can. Also anything you send me with be kept between you and me and that's a Pinkie Pie Promise. Q: Is this another popularity contest? A: No it is not, this is where i will put a random number of ponies and we will vote on which one we should choose all of them will be not very well know so don't think that one of them will be Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle. Q: Will you do forum member of the (either month or week)? A: Maybe i have not truly decided on that yet and not sure if enough people will participate in it but if you like the idea say so by replying in the topic or messaging me. P.S. Please vote it helps out a lot and it means a lot to me even if you choose the 0%. P.S.S. WUB YOU!!!
  9. Still juggling the TF2 server, my own hobbies, tons of schoolwork and studying, and working out the details for a new feature of MLPForums, but... Fanfiction writers who enjoyed the MLPForums 500 Word Fanfic Challenge, you might be squealing for joy soon over more contests. No information to be given yet, but by October things should be settled.
  10. This is the first part of my story for the National Pony Writers Month. I don't normally write stories and am interested in knowing if ponies would read this or not based on the first chapter. Please tell me what you think by using the poll. Thank you! I chose to take a different path than usual stories about MLP. I wanted to continue after the end of Season 2. Like what would happen if Chrysalis returned with a massive army. This story is either going to be viewed really good, or really bad. I don't know though. First time I've ever written a long thought out story. It was a dark, muggy night. The guards standing outside were covered in sweat, but neither moved a muscle to wipe their brows. They knew that if anything happened to the prisoner, their heads would be on a pick. A lone figure stood, hunched over in the trees. He raised the shaft to his mouth, and blew, sending the deadly dart flying towards the guards. It hit its mark, and the guard fell over, dead before he had hit the ground. The other guard was suddenly alert, but only for a brief second as another passed through the hole in the helmet, straight into his eye. The assassin jumped down from the tree, and quietly ran over their dead bodies. He slowly made his way through the corridors, not daring to even breathe, as he might alert the other guards. Where is he? Where is his cell? Linus thought. His mission was to rescue a top priority member of the Aureolian Army. He was the top ranking demolitions expert who had changed the tides in battle. His knowledge of explosives and hoof to hoof combat made him the biggest asset to their cause. About 50 years ago, Queen Chrysalis returned to Canterlot after she was defeated by Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. When she returned, she brought the entire changeling army, the Leasath. They were ruthless, killing everypony who didn’t join them to overthrow Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. When the Leasath had reached the castle, Queen Chrysalis killed everypony, guard and civilian, without prejudice. Celestia and Luna fought bravely, but after Luna got badly wounded, Celestia used all of her magic to save Luna. She sent her to the moon for 40 years. Celestia knew that they could not defeat both Crysalis and her army. She hoped there would be those who would still fight against Chrysalis. But they would need a leader. Somepony who knew how to fight the Leasath and their queen. After her magic was spent, Chrysalis killed Celestia, and hung her head on a pick outside of Canterlot Castle. She gained the throne, and ruled Equestria for 40 years, crushing all rebellions. But then, Luna returned. She went to the leader of the rebellion, and showed him that she wanted to help. Ever since, the Aureolian army has been gaining ground, and had finally made it to Canterlot itself. But ever since they got their highest-ranking member, they have been pushed back, away from Canterlot Now, it was Linus’ top priority to get him back. He checked every cell, every floor, but was unable to find him. The Aureolian’s had a call, a bird call. They would use it to deliver short messages. He whistled a 6 note tune. He heard the reply, a quick 2 note whistle coming from the end of the corridor. He quietly moved down the hall. When he arrived at the cell, he found him, battered, bloody, and unbathed. “Blaze! Thank Celestia you are all right!” Linus whispered. They had been friends since they were foals, and joined the Aureolian army after Crysalis killed their parents. “Yea, I’m alright. But my leg, it’s broken. So is my wing. They snapped them while trying to get information. I’m unable to walk on it.” Blaze explained. They knew how hard it would be to get out quietly with Blaze’s leg broken. Linus looked for any openings in the cell. A window, a vent, but he found nothing. “God it’s like they want you to suffocate on your own waste.” Linus said disgusted. “That may have worked, if I hadn’t made an opening with a mini explosive.” Blaze said with a smile. “It’s easy. Most of these rocks contain bits of alkali metals. They react vigorously with water. It took forever, but I finally collected enough water and alkali metals to make a small explosive. It was barley noticeable. I covered it with a few rocks to hide it.” Blaze said, wincing as he put his broken leg on the ground. “Is there anyway you could make it bigger?” Linus asked, hopeful. “Yea. If you want to wake up the whole dungeon.” Blaze replied. “Looks like we may have to. You can’t walk well on that leg and escape quietly.” Linus groaned. “I’m already on it.” Blaze said with a grin. “I’d put your head down if I were you.” Linus placed his head down on the ground. Blaze grabbed a pouch of water from behind a rock and poured it on top of it. There was a deafening explosion. The walls shuddered and rocks fell from the ceiling. “God you surprise me sometimes Blaze!” Linus yelled as he picked Blaze up and ran for the blown up exit. Linus was well out of there before the guards arrived. “Hey Linus.” Blaze asked quietly. “I need to know…where do the Aureolians stand in this war.” He started to drift into unconsciousness. “Hey Blaze stay with me now! The army is fine. We’ve been pushed back out from Ponyville. We have a camp in the Everfree Forest. Blaze, Stay with me buddy!” Linus said, trying to get Blaze to stay awake. “Luna…I have to see Luna. I have…information……” Blaze stammered off. His head was bleeding. A rock must’ve fallen on him. “C’mon man. I’m gonna patch you up.” Linus said. He knew how to make a small bandage. But this wound needed a lot more than what he could give him. “I’m gonna get you to Luna. She’ll know what to do.” Linus said after he patched up his friends head. Blaze was unresponsive. “Blaze stay with me now! We’re going to get you there in one piece.” Linus said frantically. He picked up his unconscious friend and ran staright towards the camp.
  11. (I'm pretty sure that this thread hasn't been done yet....) Ok guys, in case you don't know, August is National Pony Writer's Month! http://www.equestria...nth-august.html (Dont worry if you feel late. Go ahead and do it at any time!) This is great for the writers of the fandom! We don't get a lot of stuff like this Anyway, I made this thread so we can share ideas, give advice, post what we have, and help each other out with this! Feel free to share your ideas. Try not to copy others too much, but go ahead and feed INSPIRED! Well, my idea for my story is sorta the Sequel to "The Good King" (A REALLY good, long RP/soon to be fanfic on the forums). It will be about Celestia, Luna when they were younger, and how Discord came to be (warning, shipping?). It will feature a lot of character from "The Good King" and, following the same style, will be nice and complicated I hope you look forward to my work, as I do for yours! Also, if you want advice, Feel free to ask me, PM me, or even skype I love helping others out with writing! Good luck! I can't wait to see what our Forums has to offer!