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Found 8 results

  1. This is the Not-Skyrim Elder Scrolls Thread. Why? Because we already have a thread for that. So, discuss the games, or something. My thoughts below: Arena - fun game, kind of repetitve and shallow though Daggerfall - it's... so....HUGE! Morrowind - *gushes for ten hours straight* Oblivion - wish the open-world-ness was funner. Had great quests tho What do you think EH?
  2. Title says it all, I thought we needed one of these and I can't find one (though I haven't looked very hard.) Share your Elder Scrolls OC's, I'd love to see them, share backstory, a picture if you want, maybe how you play them in game, there race personallity etc. Don't be shy now, we're all friends here. I'll srart. Name: Formerly Siltal, now Raven Sex: Female Age: 19 Race: Altmer (High Elf) Birthday: Tirdas, 1st of Suns Dusk, 4th era 182 (Birthsign: The Atronach) Residence: formerly Summerset Isles, and Cyrodil, now Skyrim Backstory: She was born as Siltal (Altmer don't have surnames) to Anrine (mother), and Tragri (father), in the port town of Skywatch in the Sumerset Isles. She had two siblings, an older sister named Taarum, and a younger brother named Athell, Her father was a soldier for the imperial legion, and her mother tended the small house they owned, life was good until one day, when Siltal was 12 a clan of Redgaurd bandits stormed the city killing the too young and the too old to work, and raping many of the town's women, her father died trying to protect the town, and her mother put up a fight but her throat was ultimately slit, they killed her brother on sight, and on her sister's orders Siltal hid the house's cellar safe from the bandits, until she heard her sister scream, she peaked out from the basement to find her sister tied up and gagged, she ran from the basement armed with only her fathers elven dagger in hand, she slashed wildley at the bandits, eventually cutting into the retina of one of them, blinding him in his left eye, the elf immediately killed her sister, pinned her to the ground and cut a large gash into her cheek with his dagger, he then tied her up and loaded her onto the boat they arived on. They took her to Cyrodil, where she was sold as a slave to the Dark Brotherhood, the Brotherhood trained her as to be an assasin, using her as free labor whenever they recieved a new contract. Eventually the Brotherhood grew to like her, even offering her a full payed position, which she gladly accepted. Do to her tendancy to hide in high up dark areas and snipe her enemies with a poison tipped arrow, the Brotherhood eventually decided on her new name Raven. With the gold she was earning from her work for Dark Brotherhood Raven dedicated her life to finding the one-eyed bandit who killed her family, operating out of the Dark Brotherhood HQ in Cyrodil, A lead eventually brought her to Skyrim, but on attempting to cross the boarder she stumbled into an ambush on some Stormcloak rebels carried out by the empire, they loaded her, along with a few of the rebels into the prison cart, mistaking for one of them. She was about to be executed in Helgen when the first dragon attacked and the rest, well you know the plot of Skyrim. She joins the companions and the Thieves Guild, and falls in love, and eventually marries Aelea the Huntress of Whiterun, and though she never formally joins she supports the empire in the civil war strongly. She currently resides with her Wife Aelea in her home in Falkreath. Personalitly: She is sarcastic and ruthless, but cunning and isn't afraid to call people on their bullshit, she is somewhat cynical and is immature. She devotes an uhealthy amount of time to tracking down the Redgaurd, and tends to get angry and make rash decisions. She is gifted in the art of speechcraft ad bartering, and can easily presuade or intimidate her foes with her silver tounge. Though she doesn't activley presue them, she is interested in and has dabbled in both illusion magic and alchemy. Though she will always say she does things based on her own values, really she would trade them in for a septim in a flash. That's basically my character, she is a cold, trained assasin with a soft-side, kinda steriotypical, I level her 1/2/1 and her weapons are a crossbow, and her Elven Dagger as a combo, and her gear is the Nightingale aromor. I'd love to hear you guys's, please share.
  3. Morgolda Greensly was a promising young Breton woman. She came to Vvardenfell, bored of her stay in the Empire. She was glad to know that the Mages Guild supported her, and she started her sadly short stay in Vvardenfell by exploring the Bitter Coast. When returing to Ajira to hand her the flowers she needed for alchemy. She did not have sufficient funds to travel to Suran in order to pick up the needed mushrooms, so, while trying to sell some of her goods, came across the Tribunal Temple. She quickly enrolled and began her pilgramage to find Vivec's shrine in the Fields of Kummu. While there, she nearly fell at the hands of a Kagouti. She retreated to Suran, and, still having more than enough drakes, traveled to Molag Mar. She found spiritual encouragement upon the town, and returned to her Pilgramage. When travelling, a Kagouti chased her yet again, but with Morgolda putting up much more of a fight. The Kagouti was too strong for her summoned minions, and she had no option to retreat. She did come across Vivec's shrine, and prayed to him for her protection. She died of blood loss all but 5 yards west of the shrine, crying out at Vivec: "Why?"
  4. This game deserves a thread. This game deserves your money. This game deserves your time. This game deserves YOU.
  5. Well, since Skyrim, the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls game came out today, it's only appropriate to make a thread on such. Feel free to talk about all things Elder Scrolls, not just Skyrim, but Oblivion and Morrowind as well!
  6. It's not done in my eyes but I just wanted to get some feedback on this. A ponified Ordinator from Morrowind holding an Ebony staff. Which happens to be my favorite weapon. Anyways if you could Give me your opinion and anything that might improve the design that would be very much appreciated.
  7. This is just a quick sketch I did as a tribute to my favorite RPG of all time "The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind" I've lost count of how many hours I've lost to this game and have yet to call it boring. By the way I'm aware it's not the best RPG ever, I'm not bias. I would really appreciate feedback also and if you can guess the armour then I automatically adore you. The shield should give it away.
  8. What's up? A friend requested that I make a piano cover of this song, so I did! Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Theme Piano Cover http-~~-// Played on my Casio CTK-496 MIDI Keyboard, recorded in Cubase LE, and uses CVPiano Modeled VST. READ! The reason that sometimes the notes cut off is that apparently my recording software and sustain pedal don't agree, so whenever I would let off the pedal, the notes would cut off. Also I'm lazy and didn't feel like going back and re-recording the whole song, so sorry... Anyways, enjoy, and let me know what you think or what you would like to see a cover of in the future. ~Derpy Dash My other piano covers: