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Found 24 results

  1. Out of the 2 princess's that rule equestria for 1000's of years. Which one of them would be your mother? To be honest, I would pick Princess Celestia to be my mom and have Luna be my aunt!
  2. Here's Mother (a.k.a. Onett) from Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Enthusiast Fan] Mareldmon590 [Moderate Fan] James Flores & Jesh PK If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  3. So, I wanted to know what your first languages were, guys. I know a lot of you are native English speakers, but a lot of people here aren't. I just wanted to know the proportions. I added pretty much every language I could think of to give proper results, but I'm sure I forgot some here and there. Anyway, give us your first language and see how many there are in the forum with the same as you. Note: I know there are several chinese languages, but for the sake of them not taking half the poll, I just regrouped them together Oh, and my first language is French, by the way.
  4. Hey Everyone. This is a video I recorded of my mom. I was talking to her about the MLP OC Fluffle Puff but she kept getting confused of the name. She kept saying Puffer Fish and Puffer Fuff and things like that. I wish I had started recording like two minutes ago... it was even more funny. Anyway that's all I want to say.
  5. Fast forward 10 years. Who would most likely me a mom? (not necessarily intentionally wanting to be a mom or unintentionally or not) Basically, in the future, who of the mane cast would most likely have a pony of their own?
  6. Alright, so this latest episode gave us a new big piece of canon: Rainbow Dash's daddy. I actually missed this fact on my first watch of the episode, but went back and found it after I saw everyone freaking out about it. However, upon closer inspection of that flashback scene, I noticed that there may have been another previously unseen parent in that crowd... The hair, mane, and it's hard to discern, but I believe eye colors all match up. Could this be Scootaloo's mother? She looks not quite fully grown, but this flashback is before RD even had her cutie mark, so I feel it's fully possible it could be her mother. Did the animators sneak this little easter egg in, or is it just a coincidence? Opinions, thoughts?
  7. Here’s a breastfeeding scene from Sesame Street: Here’s another breastfeeding scene from Rugrats: Now, picture a breastfeeding scene in an episode of MLP:FiM (perhaps Mrs. Cake breastfeeding Pound Cake and/or Pumpkin Cake). Would you find that ok or ‘not ok’? I’d personally be a-ok with it.
  8. Just something i've made for fun to a friend on DeviantArt~ Mama Pen and baby Moon Dream~
  9. I always hated that idea, that Spike is a slave to Twilight, so these kind of vids always make me happy. Do you agree with what Joshy says here?
  10. Could Principle Cinch be Sunny Flare's mother for the obvious reason from looking at them? Could it be possible or too far fetched to really be true? THIS WAS MADE COMPLETELY FROM BOREDOM!!
  11. Hey guys!! Really wanted to draw my take on Daring Do's family, particularly her parents. From left to right we have Gallant True (Daring's uncle from the chapter books) and then her mother and father, Gilded Rune and Precious Mettle (both of whom are completely original creations). I'm in love with them already and I can't wait to draw them some more. I hope you guys enjoy them as well!! Link to the DeviantArt page:
  12. There are some rumors about the 2017 movie that it will contain another Draconequus named 'Longma'. According to some anons it is very likely to be Discord's mother. This is of course based on the leaked Emails and it could be already discarded but who knows? Thoughts?
  13. THIS is a fanfic that I've stayed up till 1:00 AM every night writing! It's a Fallout: Equestria fanfic, set RIGHT after the Megaspells fall. Violet (the mane character) Must find a way to survive, and keep her foal safe from this harsh new reality! Story is currently in its 2nd chapter, and I've just made cover art for it (see below) The story can be viewed on FimFiction here:
  14. Gotta go with Rarity myself. She's my favorite, but definitely has a record of being terrible with kids, with the inconsistent exception of Spike. I do think she could be a wonderful mom, but it's gonna be an uphill battle for both.
  15. As I sit by the window watching the stars by night Shining so perfectly, a gleam so bright I remember the time they were there Nurturing me, when I was a little filly I remember the time I bucked my first apple tree It was when I was only three Heh, it took me only once to knock all them apples down And I remember the look on their faces...*giggle* But then that day came...when I decided that the farm life wasn't for me So I took that journey to Manehattan to live the urban life, to see what life would be It was different...but I soon learned...that it wasn't right... Then...that life changing moment occured. I saw a that pointed my way....home So I ran back to the farm...and lo an' behold...I earned mah cutie mark... But...that wasn't the only thing That happened that day... A tragedy occured...not one...*sniffle*...but...*takes her hat off and hugs it* parents...passed away...*light sobbing* I never got to spend the time I wanted with them...all...because ...Of me wanting to do what I wanted...*continued sobbing* What was I gonna do now? I had an entire farm to take care of Big Mac...and...Granny Smith and...oh little Appleblom...they need me But how can I carry that burden...on my own? *continued light sobbing* As I continue to look out the window...I see...two bright...shooting stars They...remind me of.....of.....mah....parents...*stops sobbing* I....remember them one day tellin' me that....everypony...must leave a...legacy But...what did they leave me...if...*sniffle*....they passed so soon? They...they taught to work hard and... Never give up no matter what weather we face If...if that's what they taught me then...*wipes the tears from her face and puts her hat back on* That's how I'll leave my legacy "I promise to be the Apple I was meant to be No matter what comes, I will face the weather I will never give up and...*sniffle* be strong...because... an the core...and I... Will leave my legacy for everypony to remember..." ~Applejack A freewrite blank verse poem written by Thunder-Dash Critique is wanted!
  16. I just had this topic come to mind for whatever random reason so I felt like asking, how big is your extended family? Just so you know your extended family means your family as a whole, your cousins aunts uncles all that. I'm sure not everyone who has super big familys or just can't remember can know exact numbers, but atleast try to give somewhat close guesses, or atleast how many brother's and sister's your parents have. I was going to add a poll to this, but I feel like it would be quite long with how broad a span of different sizes of families and options there would be, so I guess you'll just have to settle with posting it.(Well that and I'm lazy.. hehe.) Anyways, my family. Well my Mother has only 1 sister, my mom's mothers alive but my mom's dad's dead. My mom's sister has 3 children. On my dad's side. Hes one of 12 so he has 11 other siblings(I think its 3 sisters 7 brothers, and him, but I'm not positive on that.) My grandmothers still alive, but my grandfather on my dad's side is also dead(They've both been dead already like since I was 2, so I don't really have any attachment to him, guess it kinda sucks having no grandfathers, but oh well.) And as for all the cousins and other relatives on my dads side... Well we have alot . My family for my grandmothers birthday filled up a big room we rented for the ocation and I think someone counted like 70+ people there. And its all family, so yeah we have quite large scale family get togethers . Oh and I have my stepdad who has 4 daughters, (Who are actually like 30+) And has a brother and a sister. And his daughters have something like 10+ kids I think combined. Probably more, not sure on the exacts.(I have some weird step relations to them considering their all nearish to my age .) And then I have my brother if you wanna put him it, but hes 2 years younger then me so he doesn't play into any extra relatives or anything. So.. Now that I've got my family outta the way, how about y'all's? How big (or small) is your extended family? Feel free to include whatever family members you feel necessary, and again try your best to get a somewhat accurate count even if you can't remember them all(I honestly don't know half my cousins and uncles by name, so don't feel bad if you can't count them all exactly .) Get to posting! I'll be back in a bit to check on this thread! Looking forward to seeing how big or small other families are! Also if you don't feel comfortable sharing parts of your family or anything about your family for whatever reason then don't feel obligated! I'll understand! Have fun! Later bronies!
  17. I'm writing a fanfic about Applebloom and Diamond Tiara, drawing parallels to them and having them resolve their differences. In it I have DT jealous of Applebloom because of the closeness of their family while she gets a lot of toys and goodies, but no real love, like hugs, etc. In my story, Applebloom's mother is dead as a result of a death by birth scenario, where she spent the last of her time just holding onto her newborn and wishing for the family to take care of her. The dad had a breakdown, and run out of the hosital and got in an accident. At first Applejack hated her new sister, feeling that she was wholly responsible, until Big Mac talked some sense back into her(ala Ponyville Confidential style) causing her to change her opinion and start treating her sister properly as their mother wished, with Applebloom telling her at one point that she sees her like a mother with the way she takes care of her and since she doesn't have one anymore herself. So now that it's almost done I'm wondering how other people feel about the AB/AJ relationship. Is it simply sisterly, or is it something deeper? Does Applebloom see her as a mother figure? Does Applejack see her like a daughter? They have been commented to be as much like one pony as two. According to another topic I made Applejacks feelings on their lost parents is a pretty common fanfic material, but Applebloom doesn't get that much attention on the subject. Now, I don't know if that's actually the case of not, not keeping up too much with fanfics, so it'd be interesting if I brought something new to the table.
  18. There might be a thread like this but what the hell. Whats Your favorite video game hero? Solid Snake from the mgs series was and always I will be #1.
  19. Alright, so a large part of the world is celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow, so why not have a themed topic? (that I don't think has been done before...? well, at least the first 4 pages of a search for 'mother' didn't turn up anything relevant) Let's make a hypothetical situation where one of our six favorite brightly-colored equines adopts a foal. Which of the Mane Six do you think would be the best mother? _________________________________ My opinion below:
  20. Okay, so it's my b-day tomorrow. Mom was setting up my birthday right? However I saw balloons that are MLP, but most of them have ponies from G3!!!! What do? *hope im in the right sub forum to discuss this
  21. WARNING! This contains spoilers. And it's from yesturday "I just finished Mother 3 on my computer and the ending didn’t make sense. It reminds me of the 2nd chapter to Tezuka’s Phoenix saga when the world ended. We never find out what happened to the characters in the game. All we see is devastation and a black screen with writing on it. Then they make it sound like the characters are stuck in a dark place saying how happy they are now. WHY NOT FREAKING SHOW THEM THEN?!? Then the credits role after they show all the sprites from the game. All I can say is WHAT THE FRACK???" Ever felt like that when you've played a game?
  22. I told my mother I was a fan of the show when she visited me last month, and she was cordial about it, but not thrilled. I wasn't sure if she disapproved or simply didn't know what to make of it yet, but I assumed the worst and have not talked with her very much since then. Well, last night we finally talked on the phone again, and I'm starting to think she's okay with it after all. I brought up the story I had written for Clarity's fanfiction contest, which led us to My Little Pony again. She was curious and asked me to email the story so she could read it! I told her about the forums and all the awesome fanworks and how many guys just like me were into this show all over the country. "I thought maybe you wouldn't like it," I said, referring to my being a brony. "After all these years I can accept just about everything," she replied. My mom surprised me there, because acceptance wasn't always her strong suit in the past. So that made me feel really good. I sent her a link to Episode 1 along with my story so she would know who the ponies were and some of the references, so who knows? Maybe I can make her a fan of the show too! I can't wait to see what she says.
  23. So Mother's Day is tomorrow and I was just wondering, what has everyone bought that special lady in their life? No, not your Girlfriends, but your mother of course! I took my mother out for dinner and bought her a movie, on my budget it was all I could do but it made her happy considering the month she's been having (Her father is in the hospital, lots of stress). So what has everyone else done for their mothers?