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Found 12 results

  1. So. 2017 is here, and at the time I'm posting this, a lot remains to be seen about what will happen this year. Will it be an overwhelmingly progressive year perhaps? Maybe there'll be times in 2017 that'll bring about a lot of hardships. Or it could even just be a dull and uneventful year overall, I can't claim I know for sure what way it'll turn. But... regardless of how it goes, I think there's something that'll matter all the same- our mindsets. Don't get me wrong, having a positive mindset doesn't mean bad stuff won't happen, or that it won't matter. If you try your best and 2017 doesn't turn out to be your favourite year, then nothing wrong with that. But I think it's important all the same that one can see and appreciate the good that'll happen this year, for as much as 2016 was an unwelcome year for many, there was also a lot of bright shining acts of kindness and progress that had been discarded and forgotten. And that's kinda what this topic is for, I guess. I have no idea how 2017 is gonna go, but regardless of what it's like, I want to help make a difference perhaps and get some more of that positivity going at times when we might be missing it. So, what kinda stuff am I hoping for with this thread? Mostly stuff like this (not required to reply to don't worry- especially since some of these are intended for later in the year-, just suggestions x3): ~Things you're looking forward to this year ~Good news/acts that you've heard, seen, or even were a part of that took place this year ~Positive ways you're developing in 2017 ~Motivational words and such that feel relevant to this year to you ~Positive highlights of the year, be it a wonderful game, or a touching song; anything like that. I count these because I don't doubt their (sometimes inadvertent) power to bring a smile to people's faces, or to give them strength and inspiration at times when those are fleeting ... and possibly some other stuff too, if you can think of anything else that'd make sense for this topic. Obviously the year has only just started by the time I've posted this, but I'm impatient so sue me : D I guess to start things off; one of the main things I'm looking forward to this year is finally getting to move to my girlfriend! The change of scenery that'll come with that should be nice too, it'll do me good to see new places and push my comfort zone a bit further :3 And to an extent, I'm already spending a lot more time with my family recently than I tended to even two weeks ago, and it's a trend I hope I can stick to for as long as I'm still with them.
  2. So after talking to a friend and reading up other people's thoughts about Zephyr in the new episode, I thought I'd put my word to it. The biggest thing I hear about Zephyr is how people can relate to him in the sense of being lazy. I've read how people have felt as if they are just as lazy as Zephyr, live with their parents just like Zephyr, or are unable to keep a job just like Zephyr. What they don't seem to understand is the motives behind these actions. Zephyr was unable to keep a job because he was unable to keep focused on the task and, instead, tried to take shortcuts to the goals such as putting his own interpretation on (different from what Rarity had wanted) or convincing Spike to do all the work. It's a common problem among many, many people to not do things that are boring. It's just a natural human trait to not want to do things that are boring. (To the point where doing nothing is more entertaining than the task) The thing is, when put in a situation where this task is a life changing event, people will do the task, even if it is boring. The difference is that Zephyr did not necessarily have to do these jobs. He was always able to fall back on moving back into his parent's house, so these events wouldn't ruin his life. Other people do not tend to have that option, but the ones that do are more abled to do this very thing. The reward just doesn't happen to be as great as the task deserves, so most of the time these jobs aren't even giving wages high enough to live off of. People don't seem to understand the number of people in today's society (at least in America) who must live with their parents. It's becoming progressively harder by the day to move out on ones own, and it is definitely harder than it was when your parents were kids. The stereotype usually falls under the "fat, trashy, videogame-playing slob" when that is simply not the case. I guess what I am trying to say is that it isn't a bad thing if you live with your parents. It's just what people have to do these days, because it's so incredibly expensive. Minimum wage is never able to cover the costs to live on one's own. The biggest thing that I've seen is people saying that they are just as lazy as Zephyr. (Which I should say that you should not put yourself down like that.) The thing here is that we discover that Zephyr has never completed any of these tasks his very first time. It's a case where he talks about how much he would love to do something, but then starts the process to get there, realizes how difficult it is, and simply gives up. I am going to be blunt about this, but stay with me. This is wrong. It's bad. But lets be honest. We've all done this very thing. It is wrong, but we are all victims. Let me put it this way. Remember that moment you had at the campfire late at night with your friends, or that picnic on the top of that nice hill under the stars with your friends? Remember the conversations you all had about your dreams? "I want to be the president!" "I want to be a singer!" "I want to be an astronaut!" Whatever your dream is, just think about it. Now, what progress have you made towards it? If I am right, most people would say very little. That is because it really is difficult to start that progress. It's hard to reach your dream. But then you also have to think. If it was as easy as you want it to be, why don't we have so many? If you truly want to do or be your dream, you have to actually work towards it, and making that first effort is always the hardest part. Quit watching one more video. Stop waiting until tomorrow. Hold off on the "not being prepared" business. What Zephyr could never overcome was that very first moment into his passion. He loved to be able to style pony's manes, but never realized how difficult it was until he actually had to do it. Once he saw the difficulty, it was forever-times easier to quit. But now remember, once he actually did the task, the next one was so much easier! It's always that first time that stops people. Write that first book, draw that first picture, make that first song. Once you do it, you'll appreciate the effort and that will motivate you to do it again, and again, and before you know it you'll have the skills and the fan to keep you going forever. It's impossible to be perfect the first time. No one writes a bestseller the first time they write, no one paints a museum-quality piece the first time they draw, and no one makes a grammy-worthy song the first time they make music. But if you practice at it, you will do just that. The idea of wanting to be that big person and not realizing the difficulty is what pulls people away from it, but it's just a wall you must break through. --- I did not mean for that to sound as motivational as it became (unless I'm just tired) but I got my point through. Zephyr eventually reached their goals, and the people who see themselves as him just haven't broken through that wall yet. Pushing yourself is the hardest part, but everyone is a Zephyr in one way or the other, whether they haven't been able to gain that motivational 'push' to break through the wall, or if they have already broken that wall and are out their doing the things they love. So ask yourself this; You may be a Zephyr, but what's wrong with that?
  3. Hey everyone! So I think it's safe for me to say that we've all found ourselves in situations where we just lack motivation to do a particular task. Maybe you're struggling with your latest school assignment or a personal project you've been working on? Perhaps you have a fantastic idea in your head, but you can't seem to find the desire to put it to practicality, you just procrastinate and put it off until you no longer care for its significance. I know I've been there. Maybe you just feel downright uninspired lately, unsure and unexcited for the future. You feel in your heart that you want to get out and do something, but you're lost to what exactly that is. Maybe the daily grind of life has just dampened on your soul, and you feel trapped in a loop with no clear sense of purpose to it all. It can really bring you down, mentally and physically. Sometimes we just need a little bit of a jump start, a fresh perspective! A place where we can retreat to clear and our heads and give a sense of clarity and newfound inspiration to our minds. Or perhaps we need to do something a little more exciting, something we have never done before, make the step outside your current boundaries and just go for it! Ride the wave of motivation to new possibilities! Or maybe it can be something as simple as talking with a close friend. Whatever the reasons; I'd like to know what is YOU do to become motivated when you feel that you're in a rut? What do you do or where do you go to recharge your batteries and make yourself feel whole again? How do you regain lost inspiration? Share your tips and stories here.
  4. It's been like a week or so now since I've managed to complete a page to this webcomic series that I've been wanting to do. I'm only eight pages in and each page took around 2 to 3 hours to make and the hold up as the title of this post would assume is that I don't know what I want to put down next. Perhaps it will help if I just share the comic right here: It's about the life of these two cops named Jackson Armstrong and his just as butch sister Mackenzie who work at this new branch of authority that handles super villains and monsters known as the Licensed Crimefighting Foundation. In this first issue or episode or whatever you want to call it Jack finds out that the newest recruit is none other than his sister who's been in jail for a couple of years for causing a giant traffic accident after jay-walking in a hurry to use the bathroom. Right I've gotten to the part where Jack gets ready for work and we're going to be introduced to a whole lot of stuff like the workplace, the other recruits and so on. And there's the problem, my mind just can't decide on where to start or what to do. So I ask you, what remedies are there for me to overcome this problem and to make myself able to continue this comic?
  5. I need some advice. I'm wanting to creating a pony animation in SFM but every time I open it up I'm no longer motivated to work on it. This is something that I really want to do and I already know what I want to make. The full story will be about 1 hour long which is one reason I get discouraged because its so long, but to get the full ideal in that's about the shortest time I can make it. Also I am a gamer so games distract me a lot. Does anypony else get like this and what do you do about it?
  6. I like art, and I used to draw all the time on paper. But when I got to a certain point I stopped. I'm not really clear as to why anymore but I do know that I was disheartened at some point. I wanted and still want to transition to digital art and I have a tablet and everything but to this day I can't muster up the motivation to sit down and practice and draw much. And when I do I easily get down on myself because it seems like it takes too long or its too complicated to work on the computer and I don't want to stick to pencil drawing. And then the comparison from my pencil work to my computer work is also depressing. So I wonder, how do you guys stay motivated or get motivated when you're down about your art? I'd really like some help.
  7. Anyone here like to workout and eat healthy or would like help on where to start with a healthier lifestyle? I am looking for support and motivation for myself or anyone else who needs it! What do you like to do to stay active? What are your favorite healthy foods?
  8. I remember back when I was younger, around the ages of 9-18, when my life used to be interesting and I always had something different and fun to do day in and day out. Now, it seems like my life has become one boring repetitive cycle of: go to work, come home, watch some shows or play some video games, and go to bed. I just can't seem to find anything remotely interesting to do anymore. My job(s) are boring and then I also have to deal with people being absolute jerks to me day in and day out. I can't find the ambition to play video games anymore now that most of my friends either no longer play them or they have trouble connecting to me due to my terrible Internet connection. The only shows I watch now are MLP:FiM, Hell's Kitchen, and Game of Thrones; and that's when I actually have the time to watch them. I've lost ambition to go on my afternoon walks since the mosquitoes are terrible here and those walks were my favorite way to relieve the stress built up from work. I also need to pay off the thousands of dollars in loan debt that I've accumulated as well, and that's always weighing on my mind. I don't even know why I'm talking about this tbh...I think I'm just afraid of living a boring and uninteresting life with no friends nearby and being alone. I guess I just, I dunno...want to be somebody. And right now I feel like a nobody :/
  9. So I recently tested myself with a small fanfic and quickly fell back in love with writing and making up stories that were all my own. I've created an original character that I love to write, and his adventures keep even myself guessing. Writing for the other parts of the Mane 6 that are involved (And in my recent story the CMC) has been challenging but not daunting. I really enjoy all the energy I spend on my work. That being said... Lately, I'm having a hard time staying motivated to write. I want to. I know where I want my story to head and I've got tons of ideas floating around, but every time I sit down and think about writing I just can't seem to pull myself to it. My feelings toward the stories and my writing haven't changed, I still love it, but something just keeps me from working on it. Like, I sit down and say, "I'm going to spend some time working on this." But as soon as I go to open the story all the wind just blows out of my sails, which is frustrating. Anyone else ever have this problem? And how do you stay motivated to work on your stories?
  10. Everyone has something that motivates them to achieve their goals. Whether it be encouragement from friends and family or dreaming of seeing yourself at the top. Either way, there is something that gets you going and gives you a reason to keep pushing on. So, I ask all of you, what is it? What is it that gives you that surge of energy to continue, no matter how grim the circumstances seem for you? The courage to face your greatest fears? The persistence to keep trying until you reach the top? Sounds a bit too dramatic, huh?
  11. Heya Everybeing it has been quite long i haven't been in these amazing parts of the internet,and with such dedication i am here to announce and launch something new. Onto many keys of knowledge,many care about governamental affairs and political disorder to be a key in society ,i personally believe that happiness should be key,i've through these years of life and many hospitilizations ,that happiness heals the inner and outer being. It makes them smile, be proud and even sometimes , share beautiful moments of love . I have dedicated many moments of my life in making beings happy and even save some from making the worst choice in their life. I believe that everybeing can achieve everything they want,that includes you and the whole wide population of beings . I believe in you , that you can achieve everything, i will support you no matter what and onto these subjects.If you ever need some cheering up ,i am always here ,i may seem young,but i have dealt with much older beings than me.You are all my family,my inspiration,my love.I,Afrox Jones,Thank you for reading this and love everyone and each of you amazingly beautiful beings <3 if this wonderful website let's me,i would love to do these everyday,for those who might need it :3
  12. Alright, so i'm looking for advice, and some motivation to start making some stories again. For starters, I do have a Fanfiction and Fimfiction account, although I barely go on Fanfiction since it has turned into quite a ghost town since the last time I visited the site, which was late last year; and I tend to go on Fimfiction just for reading other peoples' works for now. I have not made a story based on MLP, but I did make some stories back in 2010-late 2011, and at the time being I enjoyed making stories & chapters, and still do on occasions (if i'm motivated enough). I have tried to finish a story back in August 2012, but I only managed to finish 2 chapters before I lost motivation, and had no interest in updating it for a while. So, some of you may be wondering why would I would be asking for advice if I have no motivation to story making at the time being. Well, to answer that, I was looking through some of my junk files on my laptop and I found a few of the story chapters i've first made; along a few 'character background' files for a story I decided to start on because I had nothing to do at the time and some of my friends on Skype suggested that I should try to create a story for fun. After reading some of those files, I somewhat missed creating new stories and finishing chapters to a ongoing story. I guess some of my motivation came back, although i'm not entirely sure if I would even be bothered to create another chapter or story or not, even though I would love to have that feeling again. Well, to end this, I would like to know from any story writer or a former story writer, how would you guys go about gaining motivation to finishing up a story? This has been a problem for me ever since I started making my first multi-chapter story, and along with being a Junior in HS, this won't help much. I will appreciate the advice given.