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Found 3273 results

  1. So, there is a new show on Netflix called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It's a prequel to The Dark Crystal, taking place when the Gelfling are still alive, and the Skeksis are considered the benevolent rulers of the world... until a Gelfling discovers a terrible secret the Skeksis have been hiding and sparks a rebellion. I thought I'd share some info on it with you in case any of you haven't seen it. Here's a trailer.
  2. I'm surprised this topic hasn't been made yet. Anyway, what was the last show you watched? I just finished up an episode of Hey Arnold.
  3. Are you a fan of Gameshows? Or do you dismiss them as evil? Tell everyone your favourite 3 gameshows. Personally mine are: Goldenballs: I just love it when people amass a huge amount of prize money and then nobody takes anything home. Deal or no Deal: The only programme on TV where you are remembered for winning 1p. Cash Cab; It is such an innovative idea and a good test of on the spot knowledge.
  4. Anypony here a wrestling fan? Well this is the place for you to discuss the comings and goings in the world of wrestling. Whether it be how good this weeks matches were, how boring this weeks matches were, who should be on top, who is overrated, what is really the best promotion,what each company is doing wrong, classic moments of the past, your dream matches, your favorite wrestlers, how the next PPV is going to turn out or just to post your favorite matches. Whether you're a member of the WWE universe, a fan of TNA, a fan of ROH or the North American indy scene, fan of Lucha Underground or Lucha Libre in general, a fan of NJPW or Japanese puroresu in general. Whatever kind of wrestling you watch, you name it, this is the place for you! Now get to posting! *DING!*
  5. STEVEN UNIVERSE FANCLUB; BECAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS IT. I'm a HUGE fan of Cartoon Network's show "Steven Universe" created by Rebecca Sugar. Anyone else? I'd love to talk about the show with other fans on here! Favorite episode? Theories? Favorite gem/character? How much merchandise do you own? Ships? Reviews? Excited for new episodes to come? Need a shoulder to cry on? POST IT ALL! BELIEVE IN STEVEN!
  6. Even though Disney is probably the most successful movie studio in the world right now, I can say that I've grown to like them less and less. Sure they've made some classic films like Lion King, Beauty And The Beast, the Toy Story films, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Up, etc and put out the odd surprisingly good film now and again today (Christopher Robin, Zootopia, and Moana come to mind), however they've also been really busy making a lot of mediocre/crappy films IMHO. Most people seem to complain about the live action remakes of the classic Disney animated films. I have to agree with that. I'll admit that I did enjoy Jungle Book and Cinderella, but films like Alice In Wonderland, Maleficent, Beauty And The Beast 2017, Aladdin, and Lion King just feel soulless and poorly paced and I'm shocked that some of them made over a billion dollars. I'm not against the idea of remakes in general, but I have to believe that most of these live action adaptations will be forgotten in a couple of years while the original animated films will continue to be classics. The MCU may be the most successful franchise, but I'm tapped out now. I find most of their films without much directorial style (Sans the first Iron Man, Thor, Guardians 1, and Winter Solider) and the last few films have had really shoddy color grading, an overreliance on comedy (Especially with Ragnarok), over edited and bland action scenes (Captain Marvel), mostly forgettable scores and villains, and they sometimes beat you over the head with the shared universe connections (Especially in the MCU Spidey films). The MCU has yet to make a CBM on par with something like The Dark Knight or Logan or Raimi's Spider-Man films or Man Of Steel. Some of the fanbase also turns me off as I've seen several MCU fanboys actually hoping for other Marvel based films from Fox and Sony to fail just because they aren't in the MCU. We're seeing a lot of this happening again with the Marvel/Sony split (Which happened because they got too greedy despite making tons of money of merchandise). I'm personally happy with it considering that other than ASM2, I think Sony has done a great job with Spider-Man and Venom and their world on film and with the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series (One of my Top 3 favorite shows) and the recent PS4 game. With Disney Star Wars, I'll admit that I still like The Force Awakens, but Rogue One, Last Jedi, and Solo haven't aged well for me and if some Rise Of Skywalker leaks are to be believed, I have a feeling that film will also end up disappointing. And even some great animated shows from Disney like Gravity Falls and Star Vs The Forces Of Evil had rushed endings. Granted in Gravity Falls's case it was creator Alex Hirsch's decision, but I believe Star Vs was cut short due to a rule they have about shows not going beyond 4 seasons. And because of that we got a series finale that felt incomplete. And of course you have their purchase of 20th Century Fox. I know Fox was going to sell anyway (Which I hated), but if they were going to sell they should've sold to someone else (Not Comcast, maybe Sony though). Despite promising at CinemaCon that they'll keep the Fox division as is, they've recently started changing major parts of it and cancelling over a hundred Fox projects that were in development. But that's just my take. What do you think of Disney in recent years? Comment and let me know and thanks for reading. :0)
  7. I for one thought this show was actually really good. This show was the reason why I stopped throwing garbage on the ground and started doing things to help the environment. I used to not even give a crap. Plus it even had the balls to tackle mature issues like drug use and AIDS. We need more shows like this for this generation.
  8. Is it just me, or are they pushing some sort of agenda? When you consistently get such a dramatic difference in scores between critics and everybody else on Rotten Tomatoes, that's how you know something isn't right. Almost every movie I've seen in the last few years has gotten trashed by these people for reasons that are either devoid of any coherence, or just carelessly stupid, because their reputation is supposed to make the general audiences' opinions null and void. I swear, their reviews always make me feel like Rainbow Dash listening to Quibble Pants shitting on the Daring Do books.
  9. So we know mostly everyone likes spongebob on here so i was wondering what was your first episode viewing of spongebob ? mine was the box. :3
  10. I'm curious. What are the 2 worst movies you'e seen in theater? For me, worst is Transformers: last Knight by Michael Bay. Next is Transformers 4.
  11. everyone must have grown up with a few disney movies, my faves are Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, the Aristocats and Tangled they are the few films that I will go back and watch again, I tend to like the more headstrong characters and I always love the animal side kicks.
  12. Spider-Man will be leaving the MCU, as Sony and Marvel failed to reach new terms. Kevin Fiege no longer involved. So expect yet another spiderman reboot. Annoying but tbh im not mad. MCU spidey didnt really feel like spidey to me.
  13. This is a thread in which we discuss all things related to Disney's past, present and future. Rules: No hate, no off-topic posts, and no NSFW content.
  14. Ah Saturday Morning Cartoons. How i miss thee. For me, my favorite is a tie between One Saturday Morning, Kids WB, and the different incarnations of Fox Kids. (Fox Kids, Fox Box CW4Kids, etc)
  15. I've seen a lot of threads around about bad films (and I've yet to see one for listing the best in film history), but what do you think are among the BEST films of all time and, if you want to, why? Well, my list would include: The Big Lebowski Back to the Future Toy Story Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan Jurassic Park Finding Nemo Though I don't think I could get enough into detail about why. I will say that I'm a pretty big fan of sci-fi and Pixar, but I've also started to like movies done by the Coen brothers (like Big Lebowski).
  16. In honor of SpongeBobs 20th anniversary special. I wanna know what your guys top 10 favorite SpongeBobs episodes are mine are. 1. Pizza Delivery 2. Chocolate with Nuts 3. Band Geeks 4. Graveyard Shift 5. Sailor mouth 6. Club SpongeBob 7. Idiot Box 8. Christmas Who 9. Rock Bottom 10. Fun
  17. News straight from Tommy Davidson himself, The Proud Family is back! Originally from 2001-2005 (first premiering just a few short days after 9/11 actually), i'm curious how this'll go as the references humor and lingo of the era that is so integral has since become very outdated.
  18. This has replaced Joker as my trailer obsession! Everybody seems to hate it and dancey movies aren't my thing but it looks really creepy-fascinating. I've never seen the play but I've seen ads for it and the makeup always struck me as creepy and a lot like this.
  19. I wish I was joking. Michael Bay is producing a Dora The Explorer movie with The writer of The Muppets and Neighbors writing and possibly directing it. weve reached Idiocrocy. The world is officially ruled by idiots. EDIT: Comfrimed fake
  20. With a worldwide gross of $252M and a domestic gross of only $65M on a budget of $200M, Dark Phoenix will lose about $100M. Making it the biggest box office bomb of 2019. But how and why did this happen?
  21. I always wanted Jeremy Sumpter (the actor who plays Peter Pan in the 2003 Peter Pan movie) and Rachel Hurd-Wood (the actress who plays Wendy Darling in the 2003 Peter Pan movie) to fall in love with each other and become a couple in real life. I was upset when I found out that they never became a couple, and that Rachel Hurd-Wood is now married to another man and now has a kid with him. It's true that Jeremy Sumpter did have a crush on Rachel Hurd-Wood, but I also heard that Rachel Hurd-Wood didn't feel the same way about him. There was a rumor that they did date each other at some point after the 2003 Peter Pan movie was released, but I don't think that rumor is true.
  22. Live action remake of the movie comes out tomorrow. Have you seen the original 1994 version though ? Not everyone has seen every classic Disney movie (and if you have you’re not everyone ), so I imagine The Lion King could be one of those unseen movies. Ive seen it, and it’s fun to quote it . Haven’t seen the whole movie in all it’s entirety in probably quite a while... A little special to me since it came the same year I was born (a couple months after).
  23. Can you think of a movie you liked and thought was well made, but never wanted to see again? By that, I mean a good movie so unpleasant, so depressing, and or so hard to sit through, that one viewing was enough.
  24. Looking for some new anime, what do y'all recommend based on the following list of stuff I've seen and liked? FMA:Brotherhood, Magi, Black Butler, Soul Eater, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Hellsing Ultimate, Attack on Titan
  25. I'd normally post this in the wrestling thread, but I wanted to gauge the opinion of non-fans in this as well. I've noticed a trend of pro-wrestling cosplays at various conventions I've been to. Wrestling merch being sold at Hot Topic. Wrestling videos trending on YouTube. Wrestlers themselves being featured more in the gaming and movie side of things. I've seen a lot of pro-wrestling tees being worn in public, ranging from retro Macho Man Randy Savage T's to the nWo shirts of the 90s to the newest Bullet Club designs. Heck, I met wrestling fans wearing their merch proud at BronyCon. Wrestling has always occupied an odd place in entertainment as a live pseudo sport, whether it was Rock 'n wrestling golden age of the 80s or the Monday night wars of the late 90s, both being popular but ultimate dismissed by critics, the media and sports fans as a whole. But what if it's place wasn't as a sport or as the "soap opera for men"? What if all this time it was meant to be a part of the broader geek culture alongside comics, anime, video games, sci-fi and high fantasy? With it's emphasis on long term stories and larger than life characters, does it make more sense for wrestling fans to be associated in the same bubble as MLP fans over say UFC fans?