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Found 24 results

  1. Note #1: This is one of the episodes leaked a few months ago. If you watched the episode already, keep all discussion under the spoiler tag until after it finishes officially airing. (Hit the eye icon to trigger it and type within it.) DO NOT LINK OR POST THE LEAKED MATERIAL! Note #2: Over the last few months, some content originally leaked (e.g., the Student Six's names, episode titles, some summaries) have been officially revealed, and chances are more will, too. But as always, please keep all leaked content not officially revealed yet — and/or if you're unsure if you're revealing too much — under the "spoiler" tag. Note #3: This episode was released early in Finland. Unlike the leaks back in December, this release is official. If you watched it, feel free to post here. Title: The Break Up Break Down Air Date (U.S./Disc. Family): May 19 at 11:30am Writer: Nick Confalone Summary: "It's Hearts and Hooves Day and Big Mac has romantic plans for Sugar Belle, but the day takes a turn when he overhears his special pony tell Mrs. Cakeshe's planning on breaking up with him!" Episode will be linked after it airs. Remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on! SendVid:
  2. It's easy to see! How do two earth ponies have one unicorn and one pegasus pony twins?? Mrs. Cake had to have cheated on Mr. Cake with an alicorn! Assuming genetics work the same way in FiM, then it's impossible! Take a look at this Punnett Square: Let's say the lower case "y" is the earth pony gene, and the upper case "Y" is the alicorn gene. Mrs. Cake is on top and the adulterer alicorn is on the left. Based on the theory of genetics, The upper case "Y" alicorn gene is dominate gives offspring either a horn or wings. Double lower yy means its just a earth pony. This is the only explaination of how Mrs. Cake could have those children!
  3. Welcome to the Mrs. Cake Fan Club! Mrs. Cake is one of the owners of Sugar Cube corner. She married to Mr Cake. They both have two fillies. Her type is a Earth pony. She also has some good looking hair if you ask me! Rules (By Tomixx) -No Spamming to beome the biggest fan -This is a children's show and believe it or not, there are younger who go on these forums, please limit content not to unappropiate - Don't post a picture of Pinkie Pie on the Mrs. Cake Fan Club - Don't hate on other Fanclubs - All MLP Forums rues still aply to this Fanclub Enjoy! Eat a ton after viewing this club!
  4. There aren't that many of them but they are there. We have Cadence and Shining Armor, Twilights parents, Rarity's parents, though they have yet to make an appearance in the show Applejack's parents, Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda. My favorite though is the Cakes. They are nice hard working ponies trying to run a business and raise two foals which though I am not a father makes them relatable to me. And though it is subtle rather than overt we do see signs that they do care about each other and have a strong, loving relationship.
  5. A cute story of how Pinkie Pie came to live with the Cakes. Pinkie uses all her charm to help save Sugarcube Corner from shutting down. May your heart's explode with adorableness.
  6. There are a couple of mother ponies in the brony community, but in this thread; we will be looking at two of them. One from the show; one from a recent fan animation: Mrs. Cake and Button's Mom. Now, Mrs. Cake is rather underrated. but has a great design, and a nice pony overall. Button's Mom, on the other hand, has recently gained a lot of popularity, and with her great design, and character; it's honestly not that surprising. Anyway, in this thread, we will see which of the two is more popular among these forums. Vote above, and post reasons below if you want to put more detail behind the reasoning behind your choice. As usual with my character polls, pictures of each character will be posted below to help you decide. Mrs. Cake Button's Mom My Choice: This one was really close for me. As much as I enjoyed Button's Mom in Button's Adventures, I think I'm going to go with Mrs. Cake here. I love mother-type characters, and Mrs. Cake has such a nice design. Plus, she is simply adorable especially with how she is a little bit chubby. It makes her seem like a soft and nice pony, and adds a lot to her character. Plus, she is such a loving pony, and like I said; very nice.
  7. So I was at Toy's R Us the other day and I saw the, Cake Family babysitting fun toy. Now if you look at the toy, Mrs. Cake is not called Cup Cake. She is now called Dazzle Cake. I think they changed it do to legal issues or something. And no it was not because of the Fan-Fic. So I was just wondering which name do you think sounds better? I acutely like the name Dazzle Cake more than Cup Cake. It kinda sounds like she is the decorator of the Cakes. Also she could be called Dazzle for a while and not have the name Cake at the end of her name.
  8. The Cake Family Mr. and Mrs. Cake. The two owners of the popular Ponyville restaurant: Sugarcube Corner. Now, these two ponies are a married couple, and currently have two children, but I have made this thread to find out which of these two underrated ponies are your favorite. Vote above and put reasons below if you like. Here are some pictures if you need help deciding. Mr. Cake Mrs. Cake Together My opinion: My personal favorite would be Mrs. Cake. She has such great colors, and her mane is so nice. I also love her voice, and her plumpish body type is really cute and goes well with her personality.
  9. Since this is a trend now, I decided to hop on the "Ponies fighting random objects with the same name" bandwagon and to *Gasp* POUND CAKE VS POUND CAKE That's right, its the tale of foal Versus Cake: POUND CAKE: -Adorable -Can understand -Will grow up to be something -Can talk -Can walk -Can be your friend -Easier to make (Ifyouknowwhatimean.jpeg) POUND CAKE: -Tasty -Takes 5 minutes to buy instead of 9 months - Isn't frustrating and painful when ready -You would rather have Pound Cake come out of an over rather th-okay I will stop -Eating won't send you to jail -Doesn't make a mess out of things -Isn't an asshole to Pinkie Pie -Doesn't shit itself
  10. Oh dearie... You seem lost! Here, just stay here. Sit down. Let me get you some coca. Anything to snack on? Yes yes. I'm on it. Now, is there anything wrong? Anything you want to ask me? Any advice you need? I'm listening, and I'll help, don't worry.
  11. This is something I brought up in a different topic, but I want to make it a main focus. So how intelligent is a baby pony from a real baby? I mostly ask because, it seems that everyone thinks that just because Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are babies that they are the same as real human babies and when they grow up, the 2 are just going to forget that they can use magic or can fly. But it seems in the episode that Pound and Pumpkin are much more intelligent and are developing much faster than a real baby does. I have some examples that show that Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are nothing like real babies and well not develop in the same way. First, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are already walking with in a mouth. True, to what have read a real pony will start walking with in a few hours after birth. So this works. But this does show that they develop much faster than a real baby. They can even stand up on their back legs with no problem. So if this movement can stay with them, who says they will forget about flying and magic? Next, when Pinkie Pie is singing her songs to the twins they are lessening to her and are focused on her. A real baby does not even have any lessening skills. You can sing to a baby, but they aren't going to applauded or show signs of liking it at or disliking it at first. It would take time before they know this is a thing they like. Pound and Pumpkin lesson to Pinkie and enjoy her singing. They even showed signs of not liking something and giving her a negative look. So this shows they have a pretty good understanding of what is going around them. Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake can eat both liquid and solid foods. I don't know much about this, but to what I know it takes about 2 mouths before a baby can eat real food. Pound and Pumpkin are able to say Pinkie Pie's name at the end of the episode. Most babes will take many years before talking and much longer to say words right with out any problems. Now here is something I find very important that the twins do that show signs of their intelligence and that the emotions they show. Pound and Pumpkin have many different emotions in the episode. They show happiness, sadness, even anger. At the end of the episode both Cake twins show the sign of guilt. They feel really guilty for what they did to Pinkie Pie. Feeling guilt is a pretty big emotion for a baby to have, when it would take many years before a child would understand what guilt is. Happy, Sad, Angry Gilt This last one I have is not a big one, but I do feel like bring it up. When Mr. and Mrs. Cake leave for the party, Pound and Pumpkin start crying because their mommy and daddy left. So this shows that the twins know who their parents are. True, I am not a parent and I am not sure when a baby learns about parents and stuff like that. But I do feel it would take sometime before a baby knows who their parents are. It also seems like this is the first time the twins have been apart from Mr. and Mrs. Cake. Where did they go? Now to what I have show Pound and Pumpkin are nothing like human babies and develop in a whole other way. I will admit that they may need training to maintain their powers or to get better at it, but overall I still think that Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake will be able to remember that they can use it. UPDATE Well after todays episode, we can say baby ponies are very smart. In the episode Apple Family Reunion, during a flash back we got to see baby Applejack. She was so cute. Now in the episode AppleJack talked in this episode and she looks so young. Now of course we don't know how old she is in this part. She could be 5 mouths old or maybe even a year old. Still this part shows us that baby ponies do grow much faster and have a great understanding of the world around them. She even ate an apple fritter which should be very hard for a baby pony to eat.
  12. So when watching Magic Duel this week I kinda noticed something, this is the first episode that we have multiple side characters in it. Now we have had other side characters show up in other episodes. Like To Many Pinkies had Applebloom and Big Macintosh in it and One Bad Apple, had Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara in, but I can we don't want to see those 2 that much. Now in this episode we had a lot of them. Their was Mayor Mare, Snips, Snails, Granny Smith, Big Macintosh was in this episode, Zecora, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and even Pumpkin Cake got in the episode. (No idea where Pound was.) Also I have been hearing from a lot of reviewers that they are putting in a lot of background ponies, even using the same ones in the same seen. So why is it now that we are seeing the side characters in episodes now and not in previous episodes? I mean The Cake family could have been used in "To Many Pinkies" seeing as they are characters that are mostly used in Pinkie Pie related episodes. It could have been a big part or it could have just been a little part. Now I could just be jumping the gun seeing as this is only episode 5, but why isn't we have yet to see side characters in any episodes? What are your thoughts?
  13. So we all know that Applejack is a very stubborn pony. During the start of the show, she did not want help from anypony in any kinda of way. Then after watching some other episodes I kinda noticed something, that all earth pony characters are stubborn. Lets look at some examples. First let's look at Apple Bloom. Now AB has always wanted her cutie mark and has tried many different times to get it. By doing things that have almost gotten herself killed and using magic to get it. Now this could just be a sign that she is determined to get it and try or just stubborn about it. Seeing as also she ignores or own lesson and try's to find her cutie mark and not take time with it. Next up is Mr. and Mrs. Cake. They have also shown signs of being stubborn. In the episode Baby Cakes, The Cakes were looking for a baby sitter to watch Pound and Pumpkin, even thou Pinkie Pie offered to do it. Now the Cakes did not have a lot of time on their hoofs. Seeing as they had to make a bunch of treats for a big party and most likely spent at least an hour trying to find a baby sister for the twins. They could have saved themselves some time and would have gotten the order finished faster if they just let Pinkie Pie to do it. Of course the problem was they just did not think Pinkie could do it, because she has shown them no sign of being responsible. Speaking of Pinkie Pie, has she ever been stubborn about anything. In the episode Party of One, Pinkie did not want to go with with Rainbow Dash because she she thought they did not like her anymore. In the end they were just trying to throw her a party for her birthday. Even in the episode Baby Cake, Pinkie did not want Twilights help watching the twins when Twilight said, that not every pony is cut out to do it. This can be a sign as soon as an earth pony here the word you can't do it on your own, they get into a sate where they prove they can do it or something like that. Even the town ponies of Ponyville are stubborn, seeing as they don't want to use magic in Winter Wrap up. True, they to stick to tradition and they just want to do it on their own. Still it's just odd that would not let some unicorns in the town just use a little magic for the job. Still the unicorns in the town may just like that idea to. So what do you all think? Are all earth ponies stubborn at heart?
  14. So I was wondering why no one likes the idea of Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake being prodigy? What's wrong with the idea? I have heard many different people say why they can't be. Like, Scootaloo can't fly, so Pound well just stop flying once he get's to her age or Twilight is already the prodigy in the show, so we don't need another one. Even the magical out burst thing comes up a lot. So what is the reason? Now Pound Cake, I can see being a prodigy and maybe not being one. It must not take long for a pegasus to fly, seeing as most live in the sky. So it may only take a mouth for a pegasus to truly start flying. As for the flying school, I don't think it is a place to learn how to fly, as pegasus have to fly there. It is most likely a place to improve on one flying and skill. It could also be a place where they learn how to control the clouds, animals, and other things down on the ground. As for Scootaloo from what we know she could be crippled, so she may never fly. If anything Pound is just super strong, still it is very interesting that a pegasus, who was born from 2 earth, ponies can fly with in a month. As for Pumpkin Cake, I think she is a prodigy. The way she was controlling her magic, it just seemed like she was able to handle it very well. Mostly if this stuff happened to a baby, they would be scared of it, but Pumpkin was using it like it was a natural thing. Like breathing or walking. Still unicorns could be very connected to their magic at a young age. Now the big thing is of corse the magical out burst. Now this could be the reason, but we don't know how fare or powerful an out burst could be. Does it last for a minute or a day? What things happens during an out burst? Can they do all the spells that Pumpkin did or can they do more? If we knew more about then I would accept it, but till than I well say she is a protege. This could also be a good episode idea. Pound and Pumpkin may have to choose one day if they want to be bakers like their parents or try and become the best flyer and magic users in equestria. It can only work if they age at all or get that many seasons. It' just we are the brony community. We come up with new ideas for characters and improve on some many ideas for the characters. I just don't see why we deny this idea for Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake.
  15. As I was searching though the strange, yet indescribably beautiful wold of YouTube, I have come across-my favorite Cupcakes PARODY OF ALL TIME! What's is your favorite Cupcakes Parody? and why?
  16. So I was watching the Royal Wedding DVD and then I thought of something when Celestia asked Apple Jack to cater the party. Why did she ask Apple Jack to do it and not Pinkie Pie and the Cake family do it? This made me wonder if the two families share the business or are they competing with each other. Now I know well that Apple Jack and her family have helped out at many different events. Like in the first episode, the Apple family helped out at the Summer Sun Celebration and Apple Jack was allowed a booth Grand Galloping Gala. But Apple Jack only knows how to make apple themed food and not much else. And yes ponies don't eat much and a lot of times we see them eating apples, but would only just apples food be good for a wedding. The Cake family also gets a lot of different jobs to and they may have also helped out at the Summer Sun Celebration. When Celestia came to town they had the party at the Sugarcube Corner. To what it looked like they can make other things besides sweets. That would be much better for a party. I well admit that I would have like to see them just so, Pound and Pumpkin would be in the episode. Not to mention it would be another thing they could have used to show that Cadences was evil in some way. So are the rivals or something else?
  17. One of the two most looked at side charters of MLP I think are Mr. and Mrs. Cake. They just seem to show up a lot of times in episodes. The first time the Cakes appeared was in the episode "Applebuck Season." Then after that they would make more brief appearances in other episodes of season 1. Then during season 2 they would have more development, like showing them enjoying town events, entering cakes in baking competitions and the biggest development would be giving them the twins, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. So my question is, why are they looked at so much? Is it because they are the only ones that are a married couple we have seen in the show, they own a shop that has all kinds of ponies coming and going, what is it? Also why give them the twins, why not one of the 6 parents or someone else? It just seems odd to me that they show up in more episode then other side charters. I think they have shown up more times then Zecora and Mayor Mare.
  18. Theres something that bothers me in the episode, MMMystery on the friend ship express and thats how the friends acted in the episode. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and even Fluttershy take huge bits of the Cake families cake and pretty much ruined any chance of their cake winning first place. Even worse, they weren't going to even tell anyone and have someone else take the blame for it. I mean they knew very well that the Cakes wanted to win the contest, so why did they just not wait until the contest was over and then eat it? It could be they knew Pinkie Pie was going to eat it all. Also if I was Mr. Cake I would be pretty mad at these 3. I won by using works of 3 other bakers. This could have boosted his business up and would get more orders, but now 3 other places are going to get the same boost in business. The guy has 2 kids now he has to get more money. If anything there should have been 2 lessons in this episode, don't jump to conclusions and being patient. So does this make them bad friends?
  19. One of least favorite episodes of season two would have to be Ponyville Confidential. This where the CMC try and get their cutie marks by making a gossip column. Now their is one story they do that I just don't understand. It was the one where Pound and Pumpkin cried in a store. Now why would this be a good news story? I mean it's just two babies and they are just crying thats it and nothing else. Their is no excitement in this story. Why did Diamond Tiara think this was a good story? Does she have something against the Cakes? Or was the story good? It could be that I just don't see the big deal in this story because I work in a grocery store and you know how many times I here a baby cry? Almost every week I here at least 2 or 3 babies crying because of something. Pound and Pumpkin are still babies so they just going threw one of those baby based problems. 1. They are hungry. 2. They are sleepy. 3. They just don't want to be there. 4. They were playing with a Jack in the box and they got scared. 5. They just found out this is the last episode they are going to be in and they know the next episode is a Pinkie Pie episode. Now if Pound was flying around breaking stuff or Pumpkin was using her magic to do the same thing, that would be something. So what do you all think?
  20. so I was wondering what kind of relationship Pinkie Pie has with Mr. and Mrs. Cake? it obviously looks like Pinkie Pie is their (only) employee, however, I think she has too many "advantanges" as an employee, like throwing every kind of parties in their establishment and they don't seem to be invited to any of them, she also takes a lot of free time to hang out with her friends when she really should be working. They actually are really careful with what tasks they give to her, like if they don't trust her enough, so why they chose Pinkie Pie and not other pony? She lives in Sugarcube Corner, and they seem to pay for her needs (it seems), they aren't any kind of relatives that I recall...why doesn't she has a place of her own? she has a job right? She used to work in a rock farm with her family, what happened after she earned her cutie mark, why did she left them? Does she wanted to pursue the "pony" dream in Ponyville by leaving her family? what are your thoughts on that "gap" in the life of Pinkie Pie, time to discuss away guys!!
  21. This is something I kinda brought up in another topic I posted called, Could Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake been in more episode? After reading some of the comments people left and looking back at some of the episodes, I believe during season 2 certain episodes were moved ahead and some were moved back. Now I am not sure if this has been talked about before or if it's true. So I well try and explain it. The flow of the episodes just did not feel right when it came to episodes with Pinkie Pie or the Cakes. Some episode looked like the Cakes were still enjoying the life with no kids. They were in still entering contest and enjoying town events. They weren't acting like parents and by the end of the season it would show that the Twins were waring them down and they were having hard times.. This is how the episodes looked to me. Now episode 13 was the episode "Baby Cakes" where Mr. and Mrs. Cake had 2 new foals, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. Now with these 2 charters it would be implied that they would show up most the time with Pinkie Pie, like how the CMC show up with their sisters or role models. But after that episode we see less and less of the twin's and the one thing the show is good at is keeping continuity. Now during the episode "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" which is two episodes after "Baby Cakes." We can see Mr. and Mrs. Cake, standing in the line and jugging by there position they camped out with Pinkie Pie. Now if they are here, who is watching Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake? The way the line looked, it almost looks like the whole town is there and the camping out thing was a last minute thing Pinkie Pie came up with. So did The Cakes find someone to stay at there house all night and take care of the twins during the day tell they got back? Now it could be that they just used there charters and weren't thinking about it, but as time moved on in the show we can see a few more errors. The next time the Twins would show up would be in the episode, "A Friend in Deed" showing that they would be in episodes with Pinkie Pie, but like other times we would see a lot of Mr. and Mrs. Cakes, but there would be no sign that they have kids yet, that they are still living the life with no babies. The last time they would show up would be in Ponyville Confidential, and it would show that Mr. and Mrs. Cake are still getting use to them, even thou mouths have already past, so you think they would be used to them by this point. This would not be the last Pinkie Pie episode. The last Pinkie Pie episode would be, "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" where yet again Mr. and Mrs. Cake leave there home and don't take the twins. Now of course they are nerves about the cake, but don't you think your babes would be more important to you then some stupid cake. Now Pound and Pumpkin could be taking a nap and other times it could be that way, but I have some ideas. Now why would they do this? One word, leak. As we all know MLP has had many leaks in the past like episode being released to soon, new charters, and there big one was when the song smile smile smile got out on the net. Now they never talk about leaks, so most likely they moved the episodes up and did not mention it. So this is what I think MMMystery should have been episode 13, episode 18 should have been Baby Cakes, and episode 24 should have been A Friend in Deed. Now for all I know I am way off on this or I could be wright. What do you all think?
  22. I wanted look at one of the homes of the mane 6 and out of all the houses in Ponyville, one of my favorite homes would have to be the Sugarcube Corner, home of the Cake Family and Pinkie Pie. The one episode where we got to see a lot of house was in the episode Baby Cakes. Now when the show first started, I had no idea that Pinkie Pie lived at the Sugarcube Corner. I just thought that she either worked there or she just liked being there, because of all the sweets. I should have known that she lived here. I mean it’s a house in the shape of a giant ginger bread house, with a birthday cupcake on top. This is Pinkie Pies home and heaven. It almost feels like we are at the Sugarcube Corner a lot of times. Whether one of the mane 6 is there or a party is going on. It seems like a great place just to get something quick to eat and rest a little. Let’s look at the inside of the house. Now from what I can tell there are 2 different kitchens. One kitchen is on the far right side of the lobby and the other one behind the counter. The kitchen on the right looks like is where they bake all big stuff. The other kitchen is also used to bake treats, but it is also used as their living kitchen for eating, and it is also has a bath room. Upstairs only has two rooms, on the left of the hallway I think is the room of Mr. and Mrs. Cake and on the other room is where Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cakes nursery is. Now Pinkie Pie lives in the cupcake of the house. Her room is very big, almost like a dome. Great spot to hold parties and to what I can tell, her room as her own bathroom. Now comes an interesting question, how does Pinkie Pie get into her room? Now the stares in the lobby could lead up to her room and the stairs to the Cakes room could be somewhere else. I just got a Sugarcube Corner that looks at the outside of the house. Now it looks like from the card that there is another part of the house, that is behind the Sugarcube Corner and the door has Pinkie Pies cutie mark on it. So could this be how Pinkie Pie get’s into her room or was it something put in at the last minute. So what do you all think of the info I gave about the Sugarcube Corner? Whose house do you like more and do you find anything odd about it their homes?
  23. This is something I was thinking about when Pound and Pumpkin were put into the show. How are they going to be used in the show? Would they be in the background at the Sugarcube Corner, would Mr. and Mrs. Cake or Pinkie Pie be walking around town with them, what were they going to do with them. In the end Pound and Pumpkin would only show up 2 more times. So could they have shown up in any other episode? Now I'm not saying they needed to be in every episode or have any big roles, but it just feels like they could have been in some episodes to show that they still existed. Like in the episode the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Mr. and Mrs. Cake are almost at the front of the line. We also know that a lot of Ponies camped out there that night. So does that mean they camped out there that night to with Pinkie Pie? So who's watching them that night and the next day? I think it would be hard to find a baby-sitter to watch them that night and then watch them that day and miss out on one of the biggest town events that year seeing as everypony in town is there. I mean they could have put them back further in the line and have Mrs. Cake with the saddle bag they have for them. Also after this episode the mane 6 and other charter would be at the Sugarcube Corner a lot more. We would be there during Hearts and Hooves day, Putting your hoof down, Mrs. Cake would show up in It's about time, They were in the episode Ponyville Confidential briefly and then the 6 were at Sugarcube and so were Mr. and Mrs. Cake when another story came up about them. They could have at least been holding them. The last one the Cakes would have been seen in is MMMystery on the Friendship Express. In that episode they did not even give a reason why they could no go to the contest. I mean yes they have to watch the babies, but why did they leave them at home? Who is watching them? Plus they could have done something to cause problems for the cake. Now maybe when some of the episodes were made they did not know about them so they just could not put them in, or it was a random chance they used Mr. and Mrs. Cake. I just feel they could have done more. What do you all think about this?
  24. This story looks at the twins Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. So read it and tell me what u like. Also I know there is a lot of misspelling in this story. I edit to the best of my abilities. Also I need help with editing. So would someone help me out? http://www.fimfictio.../27869/Together