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Found 27 results

  1. Welcome to the International Derpy Day Trivia on the MLP Forums. I know what you're all probably thinking right now. Since when is this an official day? The answer? It is because of reasons that most likely involve magic. Anyway, no doubt you know just how popular Derpy has been in the MLP fandom ever since she first became recognized amongst the many background characters that exist. Even though she does have an official name in Friendship is Magic, I'll be utilizing her fandom name because I'd rather not cause a scene. International Derpy Day Trivia... There is a badge associated with Derpy that you can win--I'm sure you all know what it looks like--but you will need to answer these questions. No... none of them are derpish in any way even though that would've made things more interesting. Instead, these questions are taken from both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls. Of course EQG would be included here. After all, I make sure it gets included in these trivia challenges. Ahem! Who do you submit your answers to? Why @Derpy herself! Don't worry. Nothing is going to go wrong here. Here are ten questions for you to sink your teeth into plus a bonus. This last one can be used as a substitute answer in case you get one of the regular ones wrong. As before, you can work together with others though the difficulty could change depending on how you go about it. Finally, you have the usual four days to submit answers. In other words, I will lock this thread sometime on Friday. Remember! Submit to @Derpy! Not me, @Derpy! Are we good? Excellent. Here are your questions. 1. In which episode does Derpy first speak in? 2. Who does Derpy fight in 'Lesson Zero' due to Twilight's spell? 3. What is Derpy's Costume in Luna Eclipsed? 4. After being absent for a long time, Derpy returns in 'Rainbow Falls'. What does she end up doing? 5. What does Derpy deliver to Starlight Glimmer in 'To Where and Back Again Pt 1'? 6. What does Derpy mess up in 'Slice of Life'? 7. How does Derpy make a first impression at the School of Friendship in 'School Raze'? 8. Derpy gave Rarity quite a lot of stress during 'The Best Gift Ever'. What exactly did she do? 9. It can be said that Derpy is similar to a famous storybook character who was 'always difficult to find in a crowd' due to people trying to spot her. Who is this character? 10. Flash Sentry and Derpy have a sort of running gag in the Equestria Girls series. What is it? Bonus: In 'Rainbow Rocks', Derpy and two other characters had their own band. What are the names of the other two band members? What instruments did each of them play?
  2. Basically what rank you want to get to by the next January 1st. For me it would be Dragon or Changeling, so that I don't look like a newbie with my post count currently.
  3. At what rank do you get a personalised Title underneath your username? ^__^;; that is the one thing I have wondered.
  4. Hello every-pony! My name is Stella Star and I joined MLP forums in 2016 and thrived on these forums for a solid 1-2 months until I stopped and abandoned this website. I am now back and better than ever, however... Since my return i've noticed an update on the profile design and i'm struggling to remember basic navigation around the forums. So here is what I can't exactly wrap my head around: How does the Rank system work? I am currently sitting on the peewee rank of the Muffin and I want to know how I can advance further but I can't for the life of me figure out how to view my progress and all other basic information on this system. If anyone could give me the rundown about how the Ranks work that would be extremely helpful! Thanks ponies!
  5. Now tell meh, what is best? Pinkie Pie's Cupcakes or Derpy Hoove's Muffins? Or any other suggestions?
  6. This is Derpy Hooves. This is a muffin. This is Derpy Hooves eating a muffin. Any questions?
  7. Look who popped through the fourth wall and took up residence in my apartment! We watched the new episode together today. Very excited to finally get my very own Pinkie, and the Beanie Baby version was both an excellent financial deal and very cuddle-able. Pinkie: " Ohmygosh, I'm so excited, I've never been this excited before, well, except earlier this morning when you saw me on the discount rack at Vintage Stock and took me up to the cashier and I went *GASP* and then you let me sit on your dashboard all the way home, but really what could top that?!" Seriously, this has been the best day in a long while.
  8. This isnt a big deal, i just wanted to say this in a separate post. I am no longer a Blank Flank, i am a muffin, therefore i or, at least i should be by posting this, if not, then i just did a huge celebration for nothing. edit: why is the last video not working... also ill suggest level up celebrations in the other area now.
  9. So I know how to become a cupcake. Everybody knows how to become a muffin. But there are heaps of other member status'es'essseseees! I'm seeing people with parasprite, changeling, pony, Pegasus, even dragon, and I can't find anywhere that tells you how people reach those stages. What are the requirements for reaching the stages above cupcake? Thanks in advance, I guess.
  10. I am getting faster ad doing these now. This took me maybe half the time it did about a week ago. Also I can finally cross derpy off my list of ponies to do art for. I think I finally got the muzzle/mouth from this angle right too. Not sure about how I did on the hair shading though. Derpy's hair is so plain its hard to do much. Also forgot to do the highlights but, live and learn right? Thoughts? Opinions? Love? Hate? Etc?
  11. My first time drawing my oc Artistic RainMuffin I think I failed....
  12. I had to use a referance image for the wings and body, she still needs to be upated and givin a name What do you guys think?
  13. So here's a short horror fan-fic based on the game: Derpy's Muffin-Tastic Day by nathanielclone090909 (Idk how many 09s are there XD) on Roblox. It'll be more gruesome when you play the actual game. Or maybe you can just watch the video. So,sweet dreams! If you read this, it's not creepy. But I recommend you to watch the video. Derpy: "Hey! Can you help me bake my muffins?" You: "Umm...Sure?" Derpy: "Come near me" You: "Ok" Derpy: "So go into the door and I'll tell you how to make one" You: "Ok" Derpy: "This is my muffin baker 3000" Derpy: *Tells instructions* (In the video) You: *Makes Cupcakes* Derpy: "You may go home and rest now" You: *goes home* You: *Sleeps* You: *Dreams that Derpy murdered somepony* (In video) You: *sleeps again* You: *wakes Up in the morning* It's Derpy's Birthday! Derpy: "Would you like a muffin?" You: "No" Derpy: *Kills you*
  14. My favorite songs right now are Problem by Ariana Grande and Human by Christina Perri. I was wondering if anybody else knew these songs and liked them so I'm just wondering......what are your favorite songs? This is my first post so please be nice in the comments. Thank you!
  15. "thy muffin people. i Summon thee to join me in this thread for just pure randomness because we resemble the symbol of..." pure silence randomness also im just uber bored so.....
  16. I know this is not my favorite holiday but heck enjoy the day regardless you know what I mean. I wish you all a wonderful day and just have a good time with a friend or just anyone you care for. :3 I died when I saw this dawww
  17. Imagine

    AsK dErPy

    HeLlO eVeRyPoNy!1! i'm DeRpY aS yOu KnOw FrOm My LiTtLe PoNy: fRiEnDsHiP iS mAgIc. AsK mE aNyThInG!1!1!1 Note: My first Ask Pony blog. So.......yeah...... DeRp!1
  18. I didn't add this to my main post articulating my theory that Derpy is Clara Oswald because it didn't fit with the flow of the feng shui. However, it's amusing enough that I've given it its own brief post. In the 6th episode of the Doctor Whooves and Assistant series, the Doctor and Derpy get into a heated argument. Near the end, we get this exchange: Derpy: You know what, maybe I DON'T want to have muffins with you! Doctor: Oh, I see, so you only care about muffins then?! Derpy: No I do not! I care about your promise, you idiot! Doctor: No, you only want to stuff your face with your precious muffins! Well, frankly I think you could lay off the muffins for a bit. Derpy: Wha-- a---are you calling me fat?! Doctor: No, I wasn't saying you are but I'm certainly thinking it! Derpy: *gasp* Oh, look at you, butter butt! Doctor: Hah, I may have a butter butt, but at least I don't have bubbly buns of steel! No, no wait, it's beyond bubbles. Your iron rump would likely pull the moon into a new orbit if I tossed you into space! Derpy: That's insulting!! Doctor: Oh your mother was twice as insulted when she gave birth to you! Derpy: You leave my mother out of this! Doctor: Phht, just look at you, your mother would be SO proud. Derpy: You don't even know my mother! Doctor: Hah, I'm old enough to know you're mother's mother's MOTHER! Derpy: Okay, whatever you say, grandpa! Doctor: So what if I'm a grandpa? Me being a grandfather has nothing to do with this, and it's none of your business! Derpy: Doctor's an old crabby grandpa pants! Careful grandpa, don't break your hip! Doctor: Oh, don't even start miss 'prissy poo' Derpy: 'Prissy poo'?! Yeah, well, pretty soon everyone's going to be asking you "Doctor Whoooo?" Doctor: At least it's not your name, Ditzy DOOOOOO! Derpy: It's better than no name at all, DOCTOORRRR! Doctor: Lookit me, I'm Ditzy Doo, I like muffins and being stupid! Derpy: I'm the Doctor, I'm a big lying jerk who doesn't know how to drive because I probably stole my ship and don't know how to use it! Within a span of 40 seconds, Derpy alludes to three fundamentals of Doctor Who: She unintentionally brings up his status as a grandfather. She points out that he doesn't give his name. She correctly deduces that he stole the TARDIS. Now we jump to this encounter between Clara Oswald and the First Doctor: Clara helped the Doctor steal the TARDIS (*ding*) with his granddaughter (*ding*) in the opening of an episode aptly titled The Name of the Doctor (*ding*). If Derpy is merely another copy of Clara, it's possible that within this long-winded argument she had a subconscious memory of actually helping the Doctor steal the TARDIS in another life. Note that these tangents of Derpy's sequence of Doctor Who references were directly after the Doctor insults her love of muffins and brings her mother into it. Remember that muffins are the substitute for soufflés in this alternate dimension incarnation of Clara. In the aforementioned Who episode, Clara reveals that her love of soufflés stems from her mother. In fact, right before she jumped into the Doctor's time stream, she invokes her mother's soufflé philosophy. I believe that if anything were to trigger a quasi-memory in Derpy's mind of helping the Doctor steal the TARDIS, it would be the mention of muffins and her mother.
  19. eightbithoof


    Yea yea, I know, both of these memes have been done to death. But I was bored and really wanted to draw something, so, Derpy... staring at a muffin. (nom nom nom)
  20. this is my first attempt at drawing Derpy. i decided to take over my brothers computer for a few hours as i tried my hand at a little art. Derpy is one of my favorite background ponies ( after lyra of course ) and i figured what better pony to draw then her. so i decided i would throw a muffin her way and hope that she can catch it. so tell me what you think and maybe ill draw lyra next. if fanglore will let me at his computer again
  21. BOOBLES! I had too much fun with this one. It's a little too bright for my taste, but, I'm honestly not too sure how to fix it... I lowered some layer opacities and that helped some though. Any suggestions on how to fix it though? I would have done lineart, but it kept on looking funny, so I scrapped that, and kept it as a sketch. Looks good though, keeps that extra... oomph of sketchy character, doesn't it?
  22. So the little thingie under my avatar was a muffin for a while, now it's a cupcake...I'm wondering about people's MLP inspired culinary creations? Cupcakes are easy enough because they are already crazy bright colors and cute, but muffins would be more of a challenge. In addition, what flavor to make the muffin? Oatmeal or Bran for horses or something fruity? I thought about cooking with Dandelion too...but I end up feeding it all to my rabbit. So, who has done some awesome MLP recipes or has good ideas for one?
  23. Okay, so I was drawing Derpy Hooves for the first time today, and decided to add a muffin. Then, when I was drawing the muffin, I had a thought. What kind of muffin is it that our beloved Derpy likes so much? My guess is that it is some kind of nut, but I could be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, here is an image of the muffin:
  24. Much better than my previous art. I will be taking requests only for drawings like this. Template: Pony: What the pony is dreaming of: