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Found 47 results

  1. Couldn't find another thread like this on here, so I'm curious to see how this goes. The idea is simple- the poster above you will mention any characteristic of their choosing (for example, 'weird', 'cute', 'funny', and so on) and you have to reply by saying whether it describes you well or not, after which you then mention another characteristic for the pony below you to use. Sound okay? This game should work better the more participants it gets, so don't be shy to join in Okay, first characteristic of the game- 'hyperactive'.
  2. Give the gift of muffins to all your favorite users and friends on here! Who doesn’t love muffins? Muffins for @Tacodidra @TwilySparky @Phosphor @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @Mellow Mane @shyabetes3939 @Partialgeek514 @Dynamo Pad and @Lord Valtasar
  3. after some extensive research and deep contemplation,on top of some some experiments of questionable nature one of which you're now part of I concluded that the only thing that could potentially compete with the teacup would be a muffin reaction, i'd still go for the teacup though Which would you chose?(i know its a hard choice, but do it for science)
  4. I made a special montage for Derpy when she finally got into the game I hope you can identify all the Easter Eggs.
  5. I honestly don't believe in ships, until the episode Slice of Life came. Not only did doctor and Derpy look cute together but in a way it made sense. So I saw that they're was fan clubs for some ships but I couldn't find a Derpy ship Doctor Hooves fan club so I made one.
  6. Hello. I decided to write this little fanfic because of the episode "Applebuck Season". In it, Applejack is staying up all night bucking apples so she is sleepy and mishears ingredients, which leads to some muffins being made that give some background ponies food poisoning. They're all fine now, but I imagined what if after getting better, Lyra becomes afraid to eat muffins again because she's worried she'll get food poisoning again? Then, I came up with this. It's mostly dialogue, and very short, but it's my first attempt at MLP fanfic. One morning, Lyra was prancing down the streets of Ponyville. She thought she'd stop for breakfast at Sugarcube Corner. When she got there, Bon Bon was sitting at a table, eating a muffin. "Hey, Lyra!" said Bon Bob, "want some of my muffin?". " thanks," said Lyra, backing away hesitantly. "What?!" said Bon Bon, "that's not like you, Lyra! Normally, you barely leave any for me!" Lyra giggled. She was used to teasing like this from her best friend. "Well, the thing is, I'm scared," she said. "Scared?! Why in Equestria would you be scared of muffins?!" said Bon Bon. "Well, remember a few days ago when we ate those muffins and got sick? Pinkie Pie herself said that they weren't baked goods, but rather baked bads. I don't want to get sick again!". "Ly, it was a fluke!" said Bon Bon, "Pinkie said that she will always check the ingredients before making the muffins, and besides, they tasted terrible. We would've spat them out but we were afraid of being rude. But I say that if you don't like it, just spit it out." Just then, Pinkie Pie bounded over. "What's going on, you two wacky mares?" she said. "It's Lyra," said Bon Bon, "she's worried that the Baked Bads incident will happen again so she doesn't want to eat a muffin." "Don't worry, Lyra," said Pinkie Pie, "I now have a policy against having ponies who are sleepy help make the cakes, I check to see what they put and discard any muffins with yucky ingredients." She said this all in one breath, lay her head on her front hooves at the word "sleepy", and made a silly disgusted face at the word, "yucky". By this time, Bon Bon had finished her muffin, so Pinkie Pie ran out and got Lyra another muffin. She set down the muffin and said, as though Lyra was a stubborn foal, "Come on, Lyra-Wyra, just one bite!" Lyra leaned over the muffin and drooled, but she still looked hesitant. Then, Pinkie Pie burst into song, singing very quickly to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: "Lyra should eat the muffin. 'Cause it's very nice and sweet. She's always liked my muffins. And I'll make sure they're good to eat. Bon Bon ate hers and she's fine. Lyra will like hers, I bet. And if she eats the muffin, She'll be very happy yet!" With each lyric, Lyra's eyes and mouth opened wider and wider and she leaned in closer to the muffin, eventually taking one little bite. It tasted so good that she instantly forgot about being scared and scarfed down the whole thing. "Atta filly, Lyra," said Bon Bon. Lyra gave a satisfied smile and hoof-bumped Bon Bon, the two went on their merry way, and Lyra was never afraid to eat a muffin again.
  7. This is the thread for pretty much anything... and muffins. The great Empress Derpy would be proud!! Which should I make??
  8. Another animation SFM MLP channel: video:
  9. My old animation Video :
  10. VOTE FOR DERPY HOOVES!!! (Please note that this is NOT a political statement of any kind!) Credit to DesGaming at DeviantArt for helping to come up with this joke.
  11. It's too bad that I'm so new, I don't know how to post pictures. Can somebody please tell me how! XD
  12. OK, so it's finals week at my college, and I'm ashamed to admit I had never been to the top floor of my library until last night. While there, I found a "rare books" room. This pretty much means a "books no assignment ever needs" room, and therefore it didn't seem like anybody had been in there in years. A thought struck me...what if I put a time capsule-y thing in here. And then another thought struck me (as it does about 4 times every hour): PONIES. So, I made this thing and I'm gonna hide it in a book. Yup. I'm wasting my time on pointless derping when there's real work to be done. As per usual.
  13. I am making a story where two mares Derpy and Pinkie Pie get into a feud about which is greater, cupcakes or muffins. But since I'm making the story after the events of Season 6, I do not know what to do with Starlight Glimmer. I have only three options, she goes and runs away, works aside of Twilight Sparkle as more tragic events occur in Equestria or kill her off entirely (alongside of other ponies) I know she would be an interesting character but I have enough on my plate
  14. After appearing in the Slice of Life episodes, and given the cannon name Muffin. Has Derpy evolved into a minor MLP Character, instead of a background character.
  15. Hey are anyponys boyfriend/girlfriend into ponies? Mine is and i wuv him so much we are both pegasus and we send eachother muffins! And a while ago today he said "Your the love if my life" then *hugs* *kisses* D'aww
  16. I'm expecting my house to be burnt, a curse placed on my soul, and multiple hits to be issued on me for saying these things. So I've been thinking. Derpy is REEEEALY popular, like woah. I read up on Derpygate, and from what I read, it was like North Korea threatened to launch missiles... Wait. Maybe it was a side effect of coming into the fandom late, but I never really got into Derpy. I don't hate her, I rarely HATE anything on this show. I just dont like her. I'm fairly indifferent on most things Ditzy, or Muffins. I'll just get right into it: 1) Mainstream. This one is pretty subjective, but I have never been a man to follow the current most turtles follow. I always choose to save the guy no one else chooses in The Walking Dead. I don't like being just another sheep in a herd. I like having the other side in arguments, disagreements, or debates. It makes it interesting and for lack of a better word, more fun. 2)Last in the Gate. I joined the Fandom between Seasons 4 and 5 (but still know way more than some of the bronies I've talked to). I completely missed the graze on Derpy Fields. So I feel I don't have the same "she shaped the fandom" mentality that some veteran bronies may have. 3)The Last Round-up. That f**k took the spotlight from best pony. One of the greatest Applejack episodes was completely overshadowed by some 30 second cameo of Derpy wrecking the joint. The episode was so damn good. One of my favorite episodes to date (dat I Love Lucy reference *squee*) was pretty much forgotten by everyone else. Everytime you look up anything about that episode, at least 75% of the page is filled with "Derpy voice change", "Derpygate", "Derpy Scandal". I. Don't. Care. My apathy towards Derpy might not be so high if not for this one point. So how much do you like Derpy? Do you maybe share similar feelings to her as I do? Have your thoughts be forever memorialized by leaving them below.
  17. I already posted 5 replyies and 1 topi, but i don't get in the muffin group! I thought i done everything right. Do i have to post 5 topics? because that's hard when you only can post in the welcoming plaza, suggestions or support. Thank you! - dashedPaul
  18. I call her derpy why because that what the fandom called her when she was just a glitched out background pony, but what do you call her and why?
  19. i just became a muffin today so shut up diamond tiara and i am not a blank flank so i made this comic to celabrate
  20. The muffins could of used more color than just brown, but that being said I think It turned out ok. What do you guys think?Write in the comments if you have any suggestions for other ponies you want me to draw
  21. I think I'm well over 1,000 by this point- they've become my full stops, pretty much See? Right there! Feel free to go into more detail, if you wish- what emoticons you use more of, where you use them, whatever I did it again!! >_<
  22. The idea is that (like the title says) you have to suggest a video game the character above you may want to play/plays. Once you've done this, just mention another character for the person below you to suggest a game for. The characters can be anyone from FiM, and if you have any OCs for this series, then feel free to use them. HOWEVER- if you ever use an OC, please give the person below you enough to work on. Linking to/giving a description of your OC, including an image of him/her; any method is fine so long as you're informative enough AND provide this information every time you mention your OC (for people who haven't seen your original post about them ). I'll start with... Fluttershy, I guess. What game would you suggest?
  23. Hey there everyone! About 3 days ago, I finished a drawing of Derpy and I though you may be interested I wanted to make something in the same style as my previous drawing, which was called ''Good morning Fluttershy'' For reference purposes, here it is: I developed the concept as I worked on it, and I felt like playing with warm colors for the occasion. And like I said in the description on Devianart, I feel like the journey of a brony artist has to contain a drawing of a pony in socks at some point. And this concept came to mind! I'm not much of a fan when it comes to socks, but I can definitively see why they're popular, it was pretty fun to draw ^^ Anyway, here it is! Source: Some people said that her little beanie look like pancakes, and I have to agree Like always, if you guys think that something doesn't work or anything, feel free to shoot! Helps me to get better ^.^ On that, thank for checking!
  24. Today's daily drawing post is a personal favorite Derpy *insert flutter shy yay here* hope you like it. Attached file is a bigger view of the drawing.
  25. Time to flex my creative muscles. It's been awhile, so if it's not perfect- it's not supposed to be This is sort of an exercise for me, but feel free to read it(which is why I'm posting lol). Without further ado- Title:Muffin Man's Mania! A day for the Muffin Man is never easy. One day it's Breezy, the next Discord. But none other of days in the past could prepare, For the mare who entered through his store. "Hello miss, may I take your order" said Mr.Muffin, But as his words flowed through the air to her ears, They were blocked by sheer mania. Within the second those words were spoken, A crack came to the glass, as Derpy smiled. Rubbing her hooves frantically like a child, The gape of her mouth turned to a canyon. Drool came flowing making waterfalls down the glass. The Muffin Man became befuddled. He sees muffin mania every day, but never to this extent. Derpy suddendly stopped, and starred intensly at one muffin in the case. The focus was so intense the heat in the air seemed to rise. Muffin Man was growing concered. After a few minutes, he decided to ask again what she wanted. Derpy then pulled out the Muffinpedia. Being the biggest muffin maniac, This sort of book was commonplace for her. Flipping through the pages, each with scents of the muffin it describes, Derpy got to the page she wanted, and laughed with joy. "I'll take the Blueberry please." "Sure thing ma'am, but may I ask why such a dramatic entrance?" "I'm the Muffin Queen, I take my role very seriously." After the purchase, she walked towards the door, and stumbled on a rock. The muffin flew in the air, slipping her grasps. Without hesitation, Derpy bolted up with cat-like muscles and springloaded open her wings. Catching the muffin in the air, tongue extended, her hooves planted back on the ground. Muffin Man was astounded, an air of amusement floated around his head as he went on his day.