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Found 3749 results

  1. Ok, so this is really simple. Basically, someone posts a song. Then the next person gives it a score out of 10, briefly explains why, then posts another song for the next person to rate and so on. Example: User 1: Friday by Rebecca Black User 2: 10/10 Best song evaaar her voice is da bestest evaaaar!!!!lol Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley User 3: 5/10 meh, not my kind of music. But I do like his hair. A lot. Winter Wrap-up - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic You get the idea. The rules are that you MUST listen to to the whole song, or at least the first 5-6 minutes if it's longer than that. Whether you like the song or not! It can be anything as long as it's labeled music. Pony music, your favorite song, the song that you and your friend composed last night, a song from your favorite opera, a song you hate, ANYTHING GOES! Also, try to include a Youtube link to the song (or any other kind of link really, as long as we can listen to the song) to make it easier for others to listen to it. Also, try to stay classy and respectful. Not everypony has the same music tastes! ^^ Ok, so I guess I should start. Octopus - Syd Barrett http-~~-//
  2. Do you love Lyra? Like her? Know nothing about her? Whatever the case, this is the place to talk about the cutest, mintiest, and best background pony in all of Equestria! Until this month I barely noticed Lyra on the show. But then I looked at some pics, and it was like seeing her for the first time. Then I looked up some pictures, read 'Anthropology,' listened to music about her. Then I voted for her in the Most Attractive Pony poll and now I'm a fan for life. xD (You can vote Lyra too! Help her pull off the biggest upset in forum history! ) I don't just like Lyra, I LOVE her. I can't get that unicorn out of my head. I didn't understand background pony nuts or WAIFU fans before, but oh god, I think I've become one. Or both. So here's a topic about her. Tell me what you think about her, what kind of pony you think she is, post cute pictures of her...anything and everything Lyra!
  3. Not sure if anypony has done this yet, but it's a game I really enjoyed in some past forums. In this game you have to use one word of the previous song title to use in the new song title. While you don't have to, bolding the word from the previous song would be helpful Example: "Back In Black" by AC/DC "Black Sheep" by Metric "Sheep Go To Heaven" by CAKE "Monkey Gone To Heaven" by The Pixies "Gone Away" by The Offspring ....and so on and so forth. UPDATE: No just using the word in part of your response, like such: "Mother" by Danzig "Motherboard" by Daft Punk This does not count However, the following is okay: "Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince And The Revolution Now let's start with the following song: "Welcome To Paradise" by Green Day
  4. I was using Apple Music but since my student discount ended, I've been using Spotify and I should've been doing this sooner. I also listen to radio from time to time.
  5. Music is incredible in that it can powerfully influence our emotions, but we also listen to certain kinds of music depending upon our current emotions. One of the most common functions of music is when people listen to songs in order to relax. What are some of your favorite songs that help you to feel at ease? I'll begin with the one that I am listening to as I type this:
  6. About an hour ago, it was confirmed that Eddie Money, a pop rock musician from the 1970’s and 1980’s, has died. At 70 years old, Money was dealing with stage four Esophageal cancer. He is survived by his wife and five children. He was widely known for hit songs “Two Tickets to Paradise,” and “Baby Hold On.”
  7. what your favorite song of the movie and why ?
  8. As a longtime fan of Daniel, seeing this was absolutely heartbreaking. I'm sending my thoughts out to his family, and I hope Daniel's finally at peace after lifelong struggles with mental illness.
  9. It's time for a long overdue re-updated OP (as of 9/29/13). Spoiler tag it up if you want to check it out.
  10. Here is something new i have been working on and hopefully will turn into something fun!
  11. So, what are your favourite songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Mine are Art of the Dress and Winter Wrap Up, two great little songs.
  12. So, what radio station types do you like? (I know I prefixed it "Music" despite there being non-music radio stations). I like rock (alt, hard rock) and NPR stations. I haven't listened to NPR recent (here it's WFYI 90.1 FM), but I found a new radio station recently (105.1 FM in Indianapolis) that plays most of the stuff that our harder rock station (X103) played before they changed brandings and started playing more indie and low-key alternative. I like it, but it's a low powered station out of the south side of Indianapolis, so it doesn't come in well! I haven't been able to find a stream of it either. Hopefully that comes soon!
  13. What is the weirdest music you ever heard of performed by humans? ProjeKct Two - Live Groove [DGM9913] FLAC [4].mp3
  14. Thought it would be funny to see what instrument everypony plays if you play any. Here's my instruments:
  15. All we got something All we got something That's very special All we got something Can't be erased yeah Cause I know friendship is something magical Those who will Keep you in their heart What they say Worth more than you know I never knew how great the magic is You won't believe it at all How hard the crisis is, Magic's always there Those who will Keep you in their heart What they say Worth more than you know I never knew how great the magic is You won't believe it at all How hard the crisis is, Magic's always there Who will (Those who will) Keep you in their heart What they say (What they say) Worth more than you know I never knew how great the magic is You won't believe it at all How hard the crisis is, Magic's always there
  16. Any 80s - early 90s thrash metal suggestions? Here's a list of albums that I already heard in that genre and era. Bold to what I liked eapecially more. Anacrusis - Suffering Hour Anthrax - Fistful of Steel, Spreading the Disease, Among the Living Annihilator - Alice in Hell Artillery - Terror Squad, By Inheritance Аспид - Кровоизлияние Bathory - Bathory Believer - Sanity Obscure Beyond Possession - Is Beyond Possession Body Count - Body Count Bulldozer - IX Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion Coroner - Punishment for Decadence, No More Color Dark Angel - We Have Arrived, Darkness Descends, Time Does Not Heal Death Angel - The Ultra-Violence Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence Destruction - Sentence of Death EP, Infernal Overkill, Eternal Devastation, Mad Butcher EP, Release From Agony Devastation - Signs of Life, Idolatry Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Exodus - Bonded By Blood, Pleasure of the flesh, Fabulous Disaster Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday for the Deceiver, No Place For Disgrace Forbidden - Forbidden Evil Gammacide - Victims of Science Heathen - Victims of Deception Holy Terror - Terror and Submission, Mind Wars Indestructible Noise Command - The Visitor Infernäl Mäjesty - None Shall Defy Kat - 666, Oddech Wymarłych Światów Kreator - Endless Pain, Flag of Hate EP, Pleasure to Kill, Terrible Certainty, Extreme aggression Lääz Rockit - Know Your Enemy, Annihilation Principal Medieval - Reign of Terror Megadeth - Killing Is My Business, Peace Sells, So Far So Good So What, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction Mekong Delta - The Music of Erich Zann Merciless - The Awakening Metal Church - Metal Church, The Dark Metallica - Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice For All, Metallica Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death Nuclear Assault - Game Over, Handle With Care Overkill - Feel the Fire, Taking Over, Under the Influence, The Years of Decay, Horroracope Paradox - Heresy Piledriver - Metal Inquisition Poison - Into the Abyss Possessed - Seven Churches Protector - Golem, Urm the Mad, A Shredding of Skin Razor - Evil Invaders, Violent Resolution Realm - Endless War Rigor Mortis - Rigor Mortis Sacred Reich - Ignorance, The American Way Sacrifice - Soldiers of Misfortune Sadus - Illusions Sarcófago - INRI, The Laws of Scouege Sepultura - Bestial Devastation, Morbid Visions, Schizophrenia, Beneath the Remains, Arise, Chaos AD Slaughter - Surrender or Die, Strappado Slayer - Show No Mercy, Haunting the Chapel EP, Hell Awaits, Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss Sodom - In the Sign of Evil, Obsessed By Cruelty (US, EU), Expurse of Sodomy, Persecution Mania, Agent Orange, Tapping the Vein Stormtroopers of Death - Speak English or Die Testament - The Legacy, The New Order, Practice What You Preach Tormentor - Anno Domini Turbo - Kawaleria Szatana Vendetta - Brain Damage Viking - Do or Die Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare Voivod - War and Pain, Rrröööaaarrr, Killing Technology Wargasm - Why Play Around Whiplash - Power and Pain, Ticket to Mayhem Znowhite - Act of God
  17. What is your opinion on Synthwave?
  18. It's shit. I don't care.
  19. Everyone's happy Masters of the electronic genre — Tycho and Madeon — drop an album and a single respectively, lifting the week for everyone around the globe. Released yesterday on July 12, Tycho's fifth album, 'Weather' is a downtempo, chill experience featuring the classic reverberant and mellow 'Tycho sound' of layered synthesisers but with a twist: he's introduced vocals. The voice of Hannah Cottrell (AKA Saint Sinner) is present on most of the album to spice up the usual airy atmosphere of the San Francisco artist's style. French musician, Madeon, also released a single yesterday, his latest addition to his upcoming LP, 'Good Faith'. The dreamy, sing-song single is called 'Dream Dream Dream' and follows the release of 'All My Friends' from last month. Tycho and Saint Sinner combine to create something more than chill Ambient virtuoso Tycho shows off some new tricks with 'Weather'. The tracklist is as follows: Easy Pink & Blue (ft. Saint Sinner) Japan (ft. Saint Sinner) Into the Woods Skate (ft. Saint Sinner) For How Long (ft. Saint Sinner) No Stress (ft. Saint Sinner) Weather He's not usually known for his inclusion of vocals. Any previous voice samples from other albums such as 'Dive' and 'Awake' were used more so as a layer of texture rather than for any lyrical purpose. Instead, this latest album extensively and exclusively features the saintly voice of fellow Californian, Saint Sinner, with clear and meaningful lyrics designed to tell a story. But of course, despite this new vocal experiment, Tycho maintains his classic ambient sound. This time however, it's been amplified by — as Tycho himself says — "the most organic instrument of all, the human voice." 'Easy' is easy on the ears. It's more upbeat than most of the other songs on the tracklist, but it's energy is perceivable as pure relaxation. It's not the type of song to get your heart racing, but it'll get you immediately engaged with the album as the opening track. Tycho states that 'Easy' is all about "taking it easy" and enjoying the ride. As one of the three songs to not feature Cottrell's voice, it feels different to the rest of the album, but easily familiar to fans of Tycho. It presents itself like a segway between his last album 'Epoch' (2016) and this one; it combines elements of both. Pink representing a girl and blue representing a boy. 'Pink & Blue' is Cottrell's expression of sexual fluidity. Its lyrical content matches the fluidity of its instrumental. As she sings of the complications of romance, Tycho's signature synthesisers are droning away in the background, with a deep bass rhythm underlying it all. As the first song with Saint Sinner, it's an excellent introduction to her airy voice, allowing the 'Tycho purists' to find themselves comfortable with the alien presence of leading vocals. "Came home from Japan." 'Japan' was written after Tycho's visit to the country. The lyrics, written by Cottrell, emphasise the struggles of a long distance relationship. Two versions of this song were released, one with Saint Sinner and the other without. 'Japan', in my opinion, stands as testimony to the power of the "most organic instrument" being able to amplify the emotion of a song. The instrumental version is fine, but the vocal version takes the cake. Cottrell's voice is dreamy and rhythmic, coasting the listener along for the duration of the track. As the second instrumental track of the album, 'Into the Woods' is interesting. It almost reminds me of 'Past is Prologue', Tycho's 2006 debut album. Its washy guitar and upbeat patterns cause the listener to feel as though they are embarking on a journey "into the woods," but it's all a fantasy. It's kind of nostalgic in a way. 'Skate', 'For How Long' and 'No Stress' all portray the angelic nature of Cottrell's voice. Each is similar to each other; they are the culminations of a master of downtempo ambient music utilising the human voice as the primary instrument. 'Skate' is my favourite song on the album. 'Weather' finishes off and titles the LP. With the classic Tycho-style melodic synths cascading in the foreground and the wide, airy chords moving the song up and down, 'Weather' feels like any other Tycho song. It's his bread and butter signature sound that caps off the album with a pretty, stunning finish. Madeon's upcoming LP and world tour, 'Good Faith' and its opening track 'Dream Dream Dream' "I feel the weight of my dreams." Always fresh and original, Madeon releases what he states to be the opening track to his upcoming album, 'Good Faith'. Expect more songs like this, because apparently this is what he wants 'Good Faith' to "feel like." Powerful, magical chords meet emotional, melodised lyrics to create something new from the French EDM artist. Madeon will be touring worldwide to launch his sophomore album. Dates: Sep 25 | London UK - Heaven Sep 26 | Amsterdam NL - Melkweg Old Hall Sep 27 | Paris FR - Élysée Montmartre Oct 30 | Vancouver BC - Commodore Ballroom Oct 31 | Seattle WA - Showbox SoDo Nov 01 | Spokane WA - Knitting Factory Nov 02 | Portland OR - Roseland Theater Nov 03 | Boise ID - Knitting Factory Nov 05 | Salt Lake City UT - The Complex Nov 07 | Phoenix AZ - The Van Buren Nov 08 | Albuquerque NM - El Rey Theater Nov 09 | Denver CO - Fillmore Auditorium Nov 14 | San Francisco CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Nov 15 | Los Angeles CA - Shrine Expo Hall Nov 20 | St. Paul MN - Myth Live Nov 22 | Grand Rapids MI - The Intersection Nov 23 | Detroit MI - Majestic Theatre Nov 24 | Toronto ON - Danforth Music Hall Nov 26 | Columbus OH - The Bluestone Nov 29 | Brooklyn NY - Brooklyn Steel Nov 30 | Montreal QC - MTELUS Dec 03 | Boston MA - House of Blues Dec 04 | Philadelphia PA - Franklin Music Hall Dec 05 | Washington DC - 9 30 Club Dec 06 | Atlanta GA - The Tabernacle Dec 07 | Orlando FL - The Plaza Live Dec 10 | New Orleans - The Joy Theater Dec 12 | Dallas TX - House of Blues Dec 13 | Houston TX - Warehouse Live Dec 14 | Austin TX - Emo's Summary I was so excited to see Tycho release a new album this week and then I saw a new single from Madeon and now I'm just overflowing with happiness. I don't want to wait any longer for Madeon's next album, I want it now! Sucks that he won't be touring in Australia though. But I'll definitely be saving 'Weather' and 'Dream Dream Dream' into my favourites playlist.
  20. Here is Forever Forest from Paper Mario on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patrons, Juke Denton and Austin Spendlove, for supporting me on Patreon. Join them here:
  21. If ever there was an artist to start this blog with, it's Poppy. What is Choke? Cult leader and popstar, Poppy, released her latest EP, Choke, last month on June 28th, 2019. Featuring the rapmetal band Fever 333, Choke further develops Poppy's spiral into eerie, sonically-perplexing and experimental pop-influenced songwriting. The EP features five songs, each varying in style and demonstrating the breadth of her artistic capabilities. The tracklist is as follows: Choke Voicemail Scary Mask (feat. Fever 333) Meat The Holy Mountain Some history on Poppy It's amazing to think that back in 2016 and 2017, Poppy appeared as nothing more than an interesting internet personality who happened to produce characteristically 'poppy' songs. Her first EP, Bubblebath (2016) and first full-length album, Poppy.Computer (2017), presented a girl delving into social commentary and catchy but meaningful lyrics. With the addition of Am I A Girl? (2018) to her discography last year, fans noted a sudden shift in her tone. Gone was the cute and technologically-influenced aesthetic of Poppy.Computer and in was the more exotic and varied sound of Am I A Girl? However, despite this drastic change in sound, Poppy has always maintained some fundamentals: her music is exactly as her named would describe; her lyrics are either tongue-in-cheek or introspective of society or herself; and, she remains to be a mysterious cult leader amassing an army of loyal fans to achieve some sort of objective. Choke does not stray from these fundamentals. Let's talk about the songs Choke continues that shift in tone and presents a new vision. Most of the EP, especially in the first, second and fourth songs (Choke, Voicemail and Meat), can be described as a dirty and industrial sound. Low synth frequencies dominate most of the soundscape of these tracks, juxtaposed by Poppy's unnervingly cute and high-pitch vocals. These songs stand in stark contrast to the artist's previous releases, particularly those of pre-2018. The real stars of the EP, however, are Scary Mask and The Holy Mountain. The former sees Poppy once again presenting something that's entirely metal and grungy, not dissimilar to her previous metalcore tracks, X and Play Destroy (2018). However, in accordance with her namesake, Scary Mask is fundamentally poppy and catchy: she's perfectly fused the metal sound with that of a charming, enjoyable-for-all-ages one. (Think BABYMETAL). The latter, The Holy Mountain, is something entirely different that we've never seen from Poppy. The bizarre piano-instrumental song, decorated with a trap-like beat during the chorus, features Christian god-worshipping lyrics. Again, this is just another one of Poppy's weird, eerie releases. Choke and Voicemail We'll discuss these ones side-by-side since they're extremely similar. Deep and grungy is the best way to describe the opening track. The distorted bassline accentuated by a low bassdrum and the singer's breathy voice emanates a 'suffocating' feeling. This is emphasised by the despairing lyrics, making existence seem so difficult. Voicemail follows up on this 'suffocating' feeling and bolsters it by adding a somewhat nauseating and perplexing emotion with its discordant, flickering melodies and ostensibly nonsensical lyrics. Above all else though, it maintains Poppy's creepy artificial image with lyrics such as, "Poppy is your mommy," almost harking back to the chorus of her previous 2017 song, My Style, with lines such as, "Poppy is your best friend" and "Poppy is an object." Poppy is reminding us that she is whoever you want her to be, she's Poppy. Scary Mask God, I love this song so much. Scary Mask can be referred to as the sister of X (2018), my favourite song from Am I A Girl? Poppy revealed in an interview with Gigwise that the two predominantly metal-focused songs were recorded just a week apart from each other. The similarity is uncanny. This song, like X, features dreamy and melodic verses which are continuously destroyed by roughly screamed metal choruses. I think it's this constant, repetitive juxtaposition between harsh and soft that sets something right for me and many others who have been praising this new artistic route that Poppy has been venturing. Poppy states in the same interview that this alternative path to pop music that she's taken was "borne out of frustration." Well, it's definitely frustration that's sonically emitted from this track. Meat As previously stated, Meat fits well with Choke and Voicemail in terms of its grungy, low sound, however, this one features somewhat friendlier and more upbeat verses. I say somewhat because the content of its lyrics are still nothing short of creepy. You'd think though that maybe Meat is a normal, regular pop song right? Kind of. Any normalcy is immediately dispelled by its harrowing, whispered and breathy choruses. I'd rank Meat lowest on this EP, however, that isn't to say it's a terrible song. Just not what I usually expect from Poppy. The Holy Mountain Surprisingly, Holy Mountain comes out of nowhere on this EP as a very enjoyable but bizarre religious-themed song. The track is primarily a piano-instrumental, featuring an electronic trap-like beat during the chorus. Poppy has never featured lyrics quite this direct about religion, especially not Christianity. The preachy ballad features an acceptance of God into one's life. In fact, the length of the song is 3:33, which may refer to John 3:33 which speaks of accepting John's testimony that Jesus was the son of God from Heaven, and that by accepting this, one can see "eternal life." In her Gigwise interview, Poppy stated that with The Holy Mountain, she hopes to inspire people to seek "the higher consciousness" so that they may achieve an open mind. This track stands as one of Poppy's latest experiments with new genres, demonstrating once again that she's not afraid to use her lyric-writing pen in any way she wants. Summary Hopefully Poppy continues to amaze or shock us in the future with her tenacity to take the pop music genre and craft it into something that's entirely different and sonically interesting. With the large difference between this EP and her previous EP, Bubblebath, we can only imagine what's in store next. If you like the occasional synthpop and/or experimental pop coupled with a bit of weirdness, this EP, including most of Poppy's work should be right up your alley. I'm in love with it and have it on repeat.
  22. I want to ask, "Do you remember back in the day?" Do any you reminisce about the past. Always thinking about the music and the musicians that passed. Maybe any cartoons? I'm a late 90's kid but I remembered a lot of them. So tell, Do you guys reminisce often?
  23. Yey! I finally created my first Minecraft Noteblock cover! Yaaa.... can't wait to make more of these!