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Found 3717 results

  1. So I was playing my clarinet a bit earlier today and I wondered what everypony else's favourite instrument was. I checked for any older topics and I couldnt seem to find one, so here we are now! While instinctively I would go with the clarinet after playing it for six to seven years, I have to say that the violin has to be my favourite instrument. I tried practicing with a cheap violin, but I didn't really have the time to actually master it. I was already playing the clarinet and you know, picking up a new instrument during exam period in high school is not a good idea. None the less, I really like the sound of the violin and really just any string in general. In high school, I was in the school band and it was one of two musical groups, the other being the string section. I used to sit outside the door listening to how great their music sounded on the way to my math class. It just always sounded great and I could tell they put a lot of effort into it compared to my group. So anyway, time to open the floor. It doesn't matter if you play this instrument or even if it's something a little more unique like the theremin. If you like a certain instrument, feel free to post about it and explain (or not) why you like it.
  2. Sholem Itzhak

    Can you play the piano?

    If you can play the piano (or want to learn how), "raise your hand".
  3. Marshmallow

    Rate song, then post another!

    Ok, so this is really simple. Basically, someone posts a song. Then the next person gives it a score out of 10, briefly explains why, then posts another song for the next person to rate and so on. Example: User 1: Friday by Rebecca Black User 2: 10/10 Best song evaaar her voice is da bestest evaaaar!!!!lol Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley User 3: 5/10 meh, not my kind of music. But I do like his hair. A lot. Winter Wrap-up - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic You get the idea. The rules are that you MUST listen to to the whole song, or at least the first 5-6 minutes if it's longer than that. Whether you like the song or not! It can be anything as long as it's labeled music. Pony music, your favorite song, the song that you and your friend composed last night, a song from your favorite opera, a song you hate, ANYTHING GOES! Also, try to include a Youtube link to the song (or any other kind of link really, as long as we can listen to the song) to make it easier for others to listen to it. Also, try to stay classy and respectful. Not everypony has the same music tastes! ^^ Ok, so I guess I should start. Octopus - Syd Barrett http-~~-//
  4. Crispy

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    It's time for a long overdue re-updated OP (as of 9/29/13). Spoiler tag it up if you want to check it out.
  5. what your favorite song of the movie and why ?
  6. Before 2003, the only way people could get their songs from the Internet were P2P websites, like Napster. To fight this illegal activity, Apple introduced the iTunes Store, allowing people to download songs at a price of a dollar apiece. Here's the question: How many of you do it the latter way, and how many of you still do it the old way?
  7. hello people i was just wondering what do u do when er bored cause i just finished reading all my books and need something to do until i get a new one before i go CRAZY and im all out of really sad and joyful music to listen to so what do u do when ur bored
  8. Choose a favorite song that came out before 2005. It can be a nostalgic childhood song. (Which I have PLENTY of, I swear it would cover up plenty of pagers if I were to list them all.) Or it could be a song you recently got into, but it has to be from before 2005. I guess I'll start. (My Childhood Song Number 1! )
  9. asdfmovienerd39

    Music Favorite genre of music?

    I'm curious, what kind of musicians do my fellow bronies like?
  10. What do you guys think the Mane Six like to listen to? I have a few ideas. Rainbow Dash - metal and rock Pinkie Pie - pop and dance Rarity - classical Applejack - country (obviously) I'm totally stuck on Twilight and Fluttershy. So what do you think?
  11. I heard "Sicko Mode" by Travis Scott for the first time recently (because I don't really have my finger on the pulse of popular music that much) and I honestly fell in love with the beat and the flow...and I started thinking about how great it would be to make a brony parody version of it, replacing lyrics with pony references and brony "posturing" a la "Pony Swag" by Swagberg. You know...the good 'ol days of Brony rap. I have previous experience with pony rap (I'm the first guy rapping on this track) though I have largely given that up in favor for doing YouTube, but I was particularly inspired to do this one so I guess I'm coming out of retirement for just this once. I want the song to sound very similar to the original by Travis Scott with the only real change being some of the lyrics. I would like the flow and melody to remain as close to the original as possible. I was thinking about taking all of Travis Scott's verses but I will still need someone to fill in for Swae Lee's parts, Big Hawk's parts and Drake's parts. A Blue Yeti mic or quality equivalent is the minimum mic quality I expect everyone to have. It would be helpful if people sent me their verses in .wav format with VOCALS ONLY along with a text document of some kind containing lyrics. Being explicit is fully allowed but any kind of hate speech or excessively violent lyrics will not be. This is not horrorcore. This is traditional trap rap. If anyone is interested in helping I will provide resources below: Original Song: Instrumental Version: Original Lyrics: Edit: I have gone through the liberty of ponifying all the lyrics myself. I still need others to hop on the recording and finalize it but you won't have to come up with your own lyrics. Lyrics are here:
  12. What are some songs that you hate or dislike but everyone else seems to like for some reason? I don't like Oasis' "Wonderwall". There's just something about it I don't like. I think it's the vocals. Same thing with a lot of British bands around that era is also why I don't like Blur's "Song 2". I also don't like Bohemian Rhapsody. Overplayed to death and the lyrics don't make sense.
  13. Are there any songs that you actually prefer a remix of rather than the original track? I have a decent amount of these actually. Many of these that I actually heard first before I even heard the original work, but I ended up liking the remix better anyways. Here's some examples from me: Tactical Sekt - Devil's Work (Accuser Remix by Solitary Experiments) Suicide Commando - God is in the Rain (Wumpscut Remix) Aesthetic Perfection - Living the Wasted Life (Machineries Mix)
  14. So, what are your favourite songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Mine are Art of the Dress and Winter Wrap Up, two great little songs.
  15. Blame Crispy and Viscra; their threads drove me to do this, because It's not all about guns, bitches, and bling. Have some POS to start out with. And yes, I fully expect this to be an unpopular thread.
  16. Justin_Case001

    Episode 1 - Restaurant Music

    Hi, and welcome to the first episode of What Really Grinds My Gears with Justin_Case. You know what really grinds my gears? Restaurant music. Why the hell does it always have to be pounding club music? And why's it gotta be so f*ckin LOUD?! WHY?! Every restaurant you go in. You can go in a dim, five-star steakhouse, and it's Why do they think everyone wants to listen to that?! You can't even talk! If it's a party atmosphere type of place, then fine. That's cool. But it's every friggin' place, all the time. And if it's not rave electronica, then it's cliché pop that's still way to loud. Sweet Celestia, if I were king of the world, restaurants would have such good music. At a DECENT volume. This has been What Really Grinds My Gears with Justin_Case. Thanks for droppin' by!
  17. Featuring Princess Twilight Sparkle at the song - We are the One!
  18. CloserToTheSun

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    Not sure if anypony has done this yet, but it's a game I really enjoyed in some past forums. In this game you have to use one word of the previous song title to use in the new song title. While you don't have to, bolding the word from the previous song would be helpful Example: "Back In Black" by AC/DC "Black Sheep" by Metric "Sheep Go To Heaven" by CAKE "Monkey Gone To Heaven" by The Pixies "Gone Away" by The Offspring ....and so on and so forth. UPDATE: No just using the word in part of your response, like such: "Mother" by Danzig "Motherboard" by Daft Punk This does not count However, the following is okay: "Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince And The Revolution Now let's start with the following song: "Welcome To Paradise" by Green Day
  19. Stanpai

    Music My Music Collection

    Here is a link to my soundcloud! please feel free to tell me what you think i would love to be a part of more projects!
  20. ERB (Epic Rap Battles) is a youtube channel that puts two figures from history (fictional or not) together, and those figures face off in a rap battle. The newest one they've done is Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield. , so I put up a poll about that one. So, I have to ask: Do you like ERB? Which one is YOUR favorite battle? Also, who won in that one? My favorite is either Steve Jobs V Bill Gates (Steve one that one), Frank Sinatra V Freddie Mercury (Freddie won that one!), or Artists vs Turtles (the Artists won for me!)
  21. Altastrofae

    Favorite Music Genre

    What's your favourite music genre and what's your favourite song of that genre?
  22. Okay, I was suggested to create a special thread to publish my non-pony works (for pony-music see here), and finally, I creating it. From Russia with magic of love and sorry for my English All further my non-pony works will be posted here. Music writed in Instrumental\Score genre with elements of epic. All tracks available for free dowload. Usually, more than half of my work is non-pony. === And the first one will be the newest. =============== Also, there are the full playlist of my works: Main, For tributes (including pony), and for other type of works (mainly the requests). === Examples of my relatively popular non-pony works since they were published in SoundCloud: 1. Cross of Dead Man [Instrumental Remake] (2014) - Epic Rock. 2. The Land of the Morning Star (2009) - Rock\Instrumental 3. A Utopia with Teeth (2014) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 4. Dying World (2008) - Rock (There is also an instrumental remake) 5. Quenta - Freedom of Time (2014) - Song orchestration\Request 6. Midnight Dragons (2017) - Orchestral\Electronic\Dance 7. World Reborn (2014) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 8. The First Sunrise (2015) - Orchestral\Epic\Score 9. Space Walk (2015) - Ambient\Score 10. Inner Worlds [Instrumental Remake] (2016) - Rock\Instrumental Thanks for listening and feedbacks
  23. PuddingPonyPal

    General Ever been to a concert?

    I've never been to a music festival or concert before... I really want to though! I'm always either too tired or busy to go to any local ones. Going to a Vocaloid or any of my favorite bands concert has been a fantasy of mine since I was younger. I hope to go to a moderately sized concert with a group of friends. That probably won't happen though... Have any of you been lucky enough to go to a concert or music festival?
  24. So by now holiday music will be all over in the US. What are your favorite holiday songs? Do you have favorite variations of the classics? My personal favorite is Dominick The Donkey
  25. Techite Sparkle

    What helps you to relax?

    Well alot of the time when I just want to sit down and relax and/or be left alone now these days I tend to simply browse the internet or listen to calm or melodic music. (Lulz yes) Edit: Oops... I can't forget playing Sonic 2... xD... So what about everybody else here?