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Found 1 result

  1. I feel like I want to do a review of this Book called My Little brony; An Unofficial Novel about finding the Magic of Friendship. I bought on ebay like last week and arrived this week and finished it today (13rd Thursday July), to me, it good and addicted that want to carry on reading, even took it with me to work. Never knew I loved it and enjoyed it. As I going to tell my review and have my opition, it be by me and won't put too much details and there be also spoilers. Story about a boy in high school and has a father who football coach. A boy named Drew, was useless at sport. He force to watch My little Pony with his little sister (which they don't get along) but thing change when he watch the show, he become into the show and start watching more episodes and draw ponies, but didn't know everything about bronies, yet. There a pegasister called Skye she become a target cos she into MLP, Wanted Drew to become friend with Skye but there time she was angry at him and accuce him of spying. Drew become friend with Emma. His sister find out he like the show. Then Skye finally find out he like the show and become friend. Things went bad for me as kids at school give him a hard time and lost friendship with Emma. Drew went to brony meet-up but he didn't tell his parents and things went worse with his dad, it got worse that drew had to find himself home. Apart trouble with his father, Emma become friend and also enjoy the MLP and so did his two male friends, His mother don't mind him for liking MLP and wanted to be artist. Things got worse when his parents went in argument and Drew stand up to her father, (he's sexist and an a**) and the got weak when Holly, Drew's little sister show up, Drew's father got weak when his little daughter show up. They all watch the show, even dad still have little problem but let Drew go to Brony meet-up but only with Holly. Oh forgot to mention about the builles that beat-up Drew for standing up against them and for Skype, gald they got suspended cos Drew show a video to principal of the buillies busing Skye. At the end it Drew end up having friends cos of the show about ponies and friendship. As I was reading there many mentions about MLP, Equestria Girls and stuffs, of course there is, it a bovel about bronies after all. Okay that my review many not too good, I'm not a good reviewer just want to. Brony State said it was misaimed focus (What ever that mean?). Even Anti-bronies start criticing it. Favorite Character: Skye, she a person I want to met. She goes to school in cosplay as different ponies. Her famliy also into MLP. Just this character interesting and wantede Drew to her friend which it did. Least Favorite Character: Drew's dad, was annoyed, I did mention he's sexist cos he say it does matter if girls specially Holly (Drew's sister) watch boys show but not okay for boys to watch girls show. It annoyed me. He also went weak when Holly show up when he argue with Drew. Best bit: Brony Meets-up, it made me want to go to one. But I'm kind of not a people's person and not un-social. Don't being in one. Okay, Never expect i enjoy this book and finished in one week. It make me read again. Now it make me want to read more books (instead of just magazine or on internet).