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Found 96 results

  1. Hi fellow bronies I have a question for ya What in an alternative timeline instead of Nightmare Moon appearing in the first two episodes Daybreaker appeared I want your answers after you take into consideration the fight between Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker in the Episode Royal Problem Here some material for ya:
  2. Basically what the thread title says, what would be your reaction if Celestia was sleeping in your bed one day? :3 Pretty random I know but it's funny seeing your answers.
  3. I have a question Let's assume that mane 6 teleport themselves from Equestria to our world What is their opinion about our world and its technological level? I am waiting for your answers
  4. Anypony here have any tattoos they're willing to share on? If not, do you have any plans for getting any, and what are your views on them? I was just wondering because I want to get one eventually. I plan on getting this on my forearm...Thoughts?
  5. You know how we've all read fanfictions about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic meeting characters from another series? Otherwise known as a crossover. Well, do you think that maybe, just maybe, Hasbro may actually make a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic crossover a real thing? I mean, how awesome would it be if the Mane 6 got transported to the Kalos Region and met Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie? Or, what if Dr. Eggman was planning to take over another world with his dimensional traveling machine, Sonic and Co. Try to foil his plans, then the Sonic characters end up in Equestria and Sonic and Rainbow Dash have a race? But the crossover they would probably do would be Sonic Boom and My Little Pony. But it would still be cool! Plus, it would be the very first official crossover of two shows on two different channels! Discovery Family and Cartoon Network! It would air on both channels! MAD doesn't count. Yeah it has SpongeBob on it, but it's basically a kid friendly Robot Chicken. Anyway, do you think Hasbro will actually make My Little Pony Friendship is Magic officially crossover with something outside of fanfiction? Whether it be MLP Meets Pokemon, MLP Meets Sonic, MLP Meets SpongeBob, etcetera etcetera! Tell me if you think Hasbro will actually do this someday, and if so, what will be the first series MLP will crossover with? I'd love to hear your opinions!
  6. Welcome to the Sassy Saddles Fan Club! The fabulous Cadence/Fleur like pony to debut in S5 E14. (All forum rules apply.)
  7. Gameloft has gotten me to my last nerve. As I was playing for Hearts and Hooves Day, a sweet new pony called Lovestuck, who had the same design as Twilight Sparkle (but with different colors), appeared in the store. But when I got to the store, I noticed something very very very unfair. She cost 600 motherbucking gems! This is unfair, and it's greed. Gameloft is trying the fleece the brony community. But we won't let this go on no longer. I have already had to spend $11.00 on the game, and I won't spend anymore. Let us join and restore fairness to this game.
  8. Please note, I am not suggesting Twilight Sparkle is a Mary Sue and this is not my opinion about her or an anti-Twilight Sparkle post. However, since she has turned into an alicorn, I've heard a few say that they think since this transformation, she's become a Mary Sue. I wouldn't say she is personally, but others are saying her transformation has only made a negative impact to her character, and making her look like the center of attention for everything. What does everypony think?
  9. Hi I'm Jonquil and this is my ask blog You can ask me questions and I can respond with text or drawings​, this should be fun. My cutie mark is a plant in a test tube to represent my passion for biology and other sciences. I study biology and learn to make various natural potions and write notes about nature. I live in a 3 storey tree house in the outskirts of Ponyville where I enjoy roaming the Everfree forest. I like to find plants to make potions such as medicines and exploding glass bombs. I also go to the Everfree forest to watch animals in their natural habitat to see how they behave and interact with each other. I occasionally like to visit Ponyville to sell potions from my kart and buy supplies I don't have many friends but that's mainly because some of the residents are a bit nutty ( especially the pink one). Now .... back to studies....
  10. This on this channel I give all the songs and MLP Equestria Girls
  11. I'm going to redo this post about the game by making a new forum about it..As of right now, this forum is closed..There will be a NEW updated better forum concerning this game idea under the same title, so please look out for that. Hopefully when I make the new update it will be better thought out and more organized. I have a pretty bad habit of getting excited about a new project, and then posting it to soon before all details were well thought out. For now, the project will be closed until I can think of a newer, better, update. Thank you for reading everypony..I hope to bring you the updated news about the game soon.
  12. Out of boredom, I decided to make a Wikipedia page for the 2017 Movie of MLP. I've now sent it in to be reviewed, but for now their buried in submissions so I wanted some input on how and what I can Improve or add to the page while I'm waiting. Not to sure how to put in the picture of the logo yet but I'm trying to. P.S. I'd like to thank SubZeroSilver on Wikipedia for helping organized and edited a lot of the article to make it seem more professional
  13. So I was just recalling some clips from an old 2012 segment of Oprah and it got me thinking: Rarity and Rihanna seem quite similar. Both have compelling beauty, amazing voices, stay true to their origins whilst mixing with the "high life", and are serious about their dedication to fashion and clothing design. They also have had run-ins with selfish boys and whilst remaining cool over those who love them, can snap at times. Even their smiles and eyelashes look similar:
  14. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A NSFW POST. Personally I will admit I am in love with Rarity. Her hairstyle, her bright wide eyes, her charming accent, the ample amounts of generosity her heart possess...I just love everything about her. A thought then crossed my mind - is there a certain aspect of how Rarity's body curves and facial features that make some bronies fall in love with her? Has Rarity been deliberately designed to look visually appealing? So what you guys think? Is Rarity sexy? Or is she just another pony? Give me your thoughts!
  15. Hello everybody. A quick thought ran through my mind...if we as bronies/pegasisters enjoy buying and collecting MLP toys, how do we use them? So, this is more of an ask topic (Don't be embarrassed by the questions I'm still keen to know more about the merch sector because I'm still a bit of a closet brony) How do you use your MLP toys? Do you play with them like a little girl would, with voice impersonations, toy castles on the floor/table, and everything? Do you just let them sit on your shelves and gaze at them every day, feeling proud to own them but never played with them? Do you sleep and/or play with your MLP plushies? Do you talk to your toys or plushies to make yourself feel better in "down" times (like after a bad day at work)? Do you take a MLP plushie/toy with you when you go outside? If so, any public reactions? Do you ever feel emotionally attached to your toys/plushies (meaning, getting that same loving bond feeling you would get from having a human friend or a pet) Share your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you all.
  16. When Rainbow Dash don't notice you.... And i'm back to the animations . Don't forget to like and subscribe my animation videos .
  17. Hey everypony, Just found this clip on YouTube of a fighter jet with the same blue/yellow coloring as the Wonderbolts. What do you think? Close to being a real-life equivalent of a Wonderbolt? And would Spitfire approve of this flying? Another clip:
  18. My poem to No Second Prances is here go check it out and subscribe if you want
  19. Hi bronies and pegasisters, Here's something fun to do. Open up this video (link) and listen carefully to what's being said in it. While you listen, observe the image below. Then rewatch the video, without looking at the image. What pairings between the two can you form?
  20. Who do you think is oldest pony? Who is it and why do you think that pony is the oldest in the history of my little pony? Hint: It's not an Alicorn
  21. Occasionally when an idea doesn't fit into any fanfic or anything I might intend to produce but seems decent enough that I don't think it should go to waste I will post it here for general use so that someone else may use it if they find a relevant inspiration for its use. One idea that could be funny would be to have Pinkie affected by a reverse-entropy spell or something that causes her to bounce twice as high each time. Then maybe Twilight would have to calculate which bounce is going to send her off into space and have her bounce at the right angle so that she bounces into a geo-stable orbit around the planet..
  22. I've returned from a 1 year hiatus to present more reactions. Today I'm reaction to the Season 6 Premiere of MLP.
  23. Hello Everyone, I was hoping that some of you guys can come and check out my channel. Even so I feel like everything looks bad, it's a start. Here I have an intro to my channel for you guys to check out So if you want to subscribe do so. I promise to not let you guys down.