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Found 12 results

  1. So this is my first fanfic that's ever been posted, and it revolves around a universe with my oc and the Discorded Doctor. If you like it, you can find it on the WattPad app, found on Android and iPhone, and follow me on @KeithTheMultifan14. I hope y'all enjoy The Discorded Misadventures of The Discorded Doctor.txt
  2. hey how is every pony i hope you like my third My little pony OC drawing this is Doublestar going camping at night
  3. Ask my oc's anything and yes interviews for them are accepted just ask me when. Light Fire's page: Pumkin Seeds Halloween Coustume: (This is the only picture of Pumkin Seeds,Please read the description in there) Pumpkin Seeds page:
  4. Just the summery the story is in the pdf and I will update when I can: When Twilight was walking back from Canterlot along the edge of The Everfree Forest she runs into an alicorn who she had never seen. He was not royalty of anykind but then how could he be here? follow Twilight and this Mysterious pony on a quest that could determine the fate of Equestria Luminous Mysteries.pdf
  5. I wanted to draw my OC Specter, who is the team leader of ESFU (Equestrian Special Forces Unit) Team 7. I had to take the picture with my 3DS so it has bad quality and I am low on resources so he isn't colored yet. Spectra; Specter's R63 counterpart:
  6. Hyperhooves

    Ask Hyper

  7. Ask Ballet Shoes anything you want.
  8. I am pretty new at drawing. I have tried my hand at drawing a filly version of AJ (came out looking like scoots). I have also done a few fluttershy drawing because she is dah bestesist EVER! I have drawn only ponies and now I have drawn some accessories on said ponies, but now I have drawn background stuff. I.E. explosions and distance affects. Please, anyone with art skill or just a critic, point out flaws and if possible inform me of a way to do it better.
  9. Thank all of you how decided to check out my first pony drawing. I haven't ever really drawn anything. Literally. I am pretty good at circles though. This is my first try and the general idea I have for my OC, Tobium fission. His Cutie mark is a beaker or or vial. He is a chemist. At least an insane one. If you can, I would love some feed back!
  10. Mares and Stallions Filly of all ages. I being you here to see a great pony who now how to use magic. With a great away. I bring you The Great and Powerful Trixie. Trixie: Thank you Fox for a great introduction. Trixie is so great I love you all for being in my show. Now all you ponies out there I hope you like the show I well put on. But I know you all going to love it. The Great and Powerful Trixie well put on. Princess Luna: Well we heave to say Trixie know how to put a show. We are looking forward to it. Fire Start: Yes I know Trixie well have a great show to show us. Well you people I hope you like Trixie she in not a bad pony at all. I like Trixie she is a good pony she gust got jealous at Twilight. But now she know now Twilight is a nice pony never wanted to put Trixie in a bad position. One day Twilight and Trixie well become great friend and I hope they put that in the show one day. Well that all I have to put down Fox is Out now see all of you in the forums. Fox Out!! Sorry for my bad spelling and grammar but I hope you like
  11. Hey y'all its a bit late(Then again i normally end up posting drawings at night anyways) and I just randomly drew this drawing for no real reason other then because I felt like doing it . It wasn't like a big plan, it took me about 2 hoursish to finish the whole thing, I spent a good bit of time adding little details to the background(I even added a little something in the background that will take some time to see if you wanna look for it ) But the actual OC drawing is really just a pretty normal pose, nothing impressive, but its a good chance for me to smooth out proportions and little details I guess. I'm planning to do a bit more difficult poses and stuff instead of the regular one because well its one I've used a good bit, so I think its time to expand a bit and get some skill drawing other poses. I also didn't use really much reference but I used the same picture in my profile pic(Atleast when posting this) and even then I hardly used it since I've drawn my OC a good couple times now. So without further ado, here's my drawing As always this is done in GIMP with my mouse(m705 logictech .) and yeah. I will say that most of the lighting stuff is from GIMP, so I didn't actually draw that.(You think I would use a program and not abuse it a little? hehehe, you are sadly mistakened .) So tell me watcha think about it! Any and all critique is appreciated and accepted! ALSO if you haven't noticed I used a different cutie mark, the normal one is in my profile pic(The tied 8th notes) and the one I did this time is on my OC, I might make an actual offical thread for this or something, but I'd like to see if I can atleast get some opinions on it here if not decide here which one looks better, or maybe even critique to edit about it. So tell me which you like more. Another thing while I'm at it, Do you like the Black coloring on the hooves or not? I personally think it looks good because my OC kinda feels strange without it, Idk why . But I want a few other opinions while I'm asking questions. AND FINALLY. If you may since I haven't decided yet should I make this OC just my ponysona or into a actual OC?(I'll probably still base him off me since he is already kinda based off me anyways.) Just wondering since I kinda am unsure what I should do about that . You don't have to answer those 3 questions, but it would be appreciated. Enjoy Having your eyes fall out of socket in pain the art . Later bronies!