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Found 22 results

  1. I've seen a noted lack of discussions for NASCAR and auto racing fans on here, so i'm starting one up just in time for the Daytona 500 next Sunday. We can talk about NASCAR, bur we can also talk about other forms, like Indy, F1, or any other you'd like to talk about.
  2. Racing is a hugely popular sport all over the world. As a result, there are tons of kinds too! We have GT Racing, V8 supercars, bike racing, Nascar, Indycar, Formula 1, even Go-Kart racing as well as many others. With such a wide variety, it makes me wonder what people tend to prefer, or perhaps certain people love a combination? Let's answer that! What are YOUR favorite types of racing? For me, it has to be GT racing and in second place, V8 Supercars. GT Racing is just soooo technical and I love seeing how the drivers handle the huge variety of courses all over the world. I also prefer GT racing in the Forza Motorsport series.
  3. hey, i'm just wondering if there are any other NASCAR fans out in the mlpforums. and if so, been to any races? have any fun stories? excited for the season finale? The best story I have was back in 2010, my buddy dave and I were at Michigan, and I finally got to see one of my drivers win a race, which was Brad K, winning the Nationwide race that weekend, in his #22 Dodge. we camped outside the track, and the following sunday morning, i was making pancakes on the grill, and had a little extra batter left over. so I spelled out 22 in batter, and cooked it, literally making 22 pancakes, lol. to this day, dave still won't let me live it down! oh, i was also thinking of running a NASCAR post-race blog on here starting for the 2015 season. would anypony be interested in something like that?
  4. So I've aways kinda wondered about this, what would NASCAR look like in Equestria? Would they have cars, like in "The Cart Before The Ponies" or would it be Pegasus ponies in flying races that are close to the ground, or would it be ponies galloping on foot ( hoof ) on like an oval track?
  5. deleted post deleted post
  6. This is some of my NASCAR paint schemes that I've done last year.
  7. Hey! I'm heading to Michigan International Speedway this weekend, and wondered if anypony else was going to be there. If so, shoot me a message, and maybe we can hang out outside the track Saturday and Sunday!
  8. Hey, if anypony else plays NASCAR Fantasy, or is interested, feel free to join my league, MLP: Friendship is Racing! Just create your team, and in the League selector, search for MLP, and you'll find it. The game is free to play, and even includes live points updates during the races! Boogety boogety boogety! Let's Go Racing!
  9. I was just wondering if there were any nascar fans here in the atlanta area that planned on going to the race in two weeks. My (non-brony) friend and I are going that sunday, and if anypony else was, would love to hang out and make some new friends!
  10. Anyone here play nascar 2003 I am looking for you. To do are own online races. What you will need. Nascar 2003 Skype Tunngle
  11. Anypony here a fan of NASCAR? Who's your favorite driver of today or of past & why. Do you prefer a certain type of car (Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge-which is now no longer in NASCAR) Have you gone to any races? To those who dislike NASCAR, why do you dislike it? What do you think about the most recent major accident causing 28 fans to be injured? __________________________________ Carl Edwards is my #1, then Matt Kenseth. Carl has a great attitude and is honest and fun. Oh, and look at him shirtless... (I liked him before I found out how great he looked!) Matt is from my state, Wisconsin. I also like his style For past drivers, Alan Kulwicki and Rusty Wallace. RIP Alan... he did what no one else attempted, came from up north... he was a Wisconsin driver, started from nothing, turned down big teams to drive for himself... won the championship in 92 as the Underbird as they changed the car's name to... Died in 93 in a plane crash. Rusty is just a great guy and driver... plain and simple. Was always cool to watch him race, he also makes a good announcer. I'm a Ford girl... so I AM disappointed Matt is no longer with Ford Racing. Never been to a race... want to though. This last wreck was just horrible... I really hope the fans are okay, they go there to enjoy a race, not get hurt... although they do assume some 'responsibility' in going to the races knowing a freak accident may happen... and this one mirrored the Edwards/Keslowski wreck in Talledega a few yrs ago... So everyone knows there IS a risk. Even though I don't like Stewart his reaction was real good and classy... he didn't celebrate his win, he was worried for the fans. As for Keslowski, part of the accident does fall on him, he knew Regan would block and never let of the gas. bit similar to the Talledega one, but in that video Carl blocks him but he also moves up into Carl... I do dislike Keslowski a lot though... he is a punk of the sport... shown it in interviews and how he drives. -_- (not just talkin bout these 2 wrecks I mentioned.) Also I really love this sport, there is much more to it than "driving in circles & left turns" as many see it.. There's so many things to it! Strategy, passion, speed, cars...
  12. In NASCAR, the checkered flag is waved when the leading driver completes the final lap of the race, signifying the conclusion of the event. It's time to wave the checkered flag in my life as a NASCAR fan. --- As a lot of you probably knew before I changed my name, the sport has had a glorious effect on my life for a long time - but I personally think it's time to put that enthusiasm to rest, because lately I have not really been living up to my old name. While I may still enjoy things related to NASCAR, I don't follow it at all anymore, well, very little (I don't watch the races live anymore though), it's just not as 'there' as it used to be. Let me just tell the tale of how it came to be. I was born on June 21st, 1996 in Fairfax, Virginia. From then there have been many complex controversies involving which family member owned me among other things. I was finally chosen to live with my grandpa in a my Vienna home on September 1, 2000, and it's where I currently live now. Some time around then, I had returned from visiting one of my relatives in Florida, and during my time there, I had experienced some sort of traumatic event of which I do not remember. It made me fall into a psychologically erratic state that shocked my guardians. I wouldn't recognize my stuffed animals things from my room and around the house, I wouldn't play with any of my toys. I apparently spent most of my time cowering under the covers. I was mentally scarred, really. To help calm me, my grandpa let me play games on his Windows 98 computer. One game that he already then had was an NHL (American professional ice hockey league) game from 1999. I played it rather often, and to this day, is rather heavenly nostalgic to me when I play it. The same can be said for another game a NASCAR game from the same company and year. Since I then had a particular interest in cars, he had bought me that one in addition. Over time, I played them very often and I was eventually brought back to a normal mental state. If it weren't for those games, I probably wouldn't have felt better that soon, and it helped, especially considering that was my first year of school. I owe a lot of my enjoyment in life to those two games. I particularly liked the aethsthetics of those games, I have an emotional connection to the teams, players, logos, cars, music, etc. from those old games, and I came to experience those two sports even more for years to come. Back to NASCAR. Ever since I played that game, I was really interested. But, now I look back and realize I haven't given it the attention it deserved from me. I did go on to buy tons of NASCAR-related merchandise, including more games, over the years. A lot of the old NASCAR games, especially the ones from the early-mid 2000's are really nostalgic to me, and I recognize all the specific cars that were in them, the tracks, the graphics, the controls; everything. But, I never actually saw a race. For whatever reason, growing up I never saw any NASCAR race, not in person nor on TV. I don't know why I never did; I guess I never thought about it. I never actually followed the actual sport until 2009. I did go to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC, in 2010 (the year it launched) and 2011, but even then I hadn't gone there since; and now I even realize I've enjoyed certain things more than that. In summer of 2009, I went to Pittsburgh, PA, to see a race that consisted of old 1930's race cars. For whatever reason, they brought one of the NASCAR race cars to the park to put on display; I wasn't expecting it and was really shocked. It was the first actual race car from the sport I saw in person, and it was just amazing. And soon after that, I actually started watching the races every week, including the small stuff they had during the week. This continued into early this year. Out of the blue, NASCAR had for some reason started to become a less important factor in my life. I started watching the races a lot less, more interests started taking over my free time, like internet, ponies and hockey (which had sparked in my interests late last year). I have no explanation for this but I have to move on. Identities...they're the best way to instantly recognize a person. My old name, NASCARFAN160. A huge portion of internet aliases are based on what one likes to partake in. Some time in the summer of last year, I listened to a podcast interview with someone, and a discussion had been brought up about screen names. I hadn't until then realized a very importan moral: original uninspired names have superiority over names based on occupations. For example, if you had a name, say, MLPFan160, it would most likely imply that said individual enjoys My Little Pony; depending one one's definition for the acronym MLP. Now, say, since then, their interest had been deteriorating from visting multiple pony sites daily and watching multiple episodes monthly, to doing each once per three months, it would not really be worthy to be considered a 'fan' in most terms, and thus the name MLPFan160 would be misleading. To have an original name initially is to avoid this circumstance in the first place. Starting off with the same alias makes everything easier from then on out. And I prefer it to be that way from now on. From my perspective, 2013 was a big year of change, in both other people, corporations and organizations, three mediums where change is most significant. It's one of the things that urged me to change my name. And I feel like I, too, have changed. This fandom has done incredible indescribable things to me, mostly good things. It almost felt like starting a brand new life. I feel different, new, refreshedl I want to break away from the negatives of the past and experience new beginnings. It's an amazing sensational feeling, comparable to love and nostalgia. I like to live for said feelings, I just want to do good and feel good. And I think that this is the best step to a new life, a new identity. My other interests and hobbies include internet browsing, ponies and ice hockey; all of which had sparked in the past three years. Sometime I depsier the way I balance my schedule, and even with that having issues lately, I can not refer myself as a person who dedicates the time one devotes to NASCAR that I don't. So I decided an adjustment had to be made, and you now know why. The sport has done so much to my life, and I think it just has all died down too much. But enough of that. Change is good. On to better times! (As for this particular blog, I probably will just scrap it and start a new one, with not promising activity or anything like that.)
  13. If you live in the south or have even visited here.... you know what this means... Btw country music is not good... All in the exception for Johnny Cash.
  14. After watching the movie I instantly decided to make some of them. Here's Sunset Shimmer for Bullring Generation 6 2013 ----------- Broohoof
  15. If you are big on NASCAR, or even heard of NASCAR then you may get some interest out of this here drawing. The inspiration for this was from a Dale Earnhardt Sr. poster I have hanging above my television which Dale Sr. is leaning against his 97' Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS and looking off to a angle. Basically for this drawing I decided to draw more of a angled perspective instead of just a side shot (as the original poster was) I tried to make everything scale out and look like it fits properly, the hardest part was probably Rainbow Dash in general, just the way I wanted her was very difficult to try and draw due to there not being a reference to follow. But in the end, I got he to lean up against this generation six Chevrolet SS NASCAR properly. I also based Rainbow Dash's signature off of Dale's signature using some of the style from his signature to give it a classy look instead of just writing "Rainbow Dash" down next to the number 20. Even though I probably could have spent more time shading this picture up, I really found it interesting when finished. For a product of 4am, I turned out pretty cool.
  16. NEW CAR: it took a while but Equestria Racing Added the #47 Sweet Apple Acres Toyota Camry. i am really proud of how it turned out. RACE RESULTS. Course: Darlington Laps: 37 Winner: #47 Sweet Apple Acres Toyota Camry/ Equestria Racing. Next car to be made Either Sugarcube corner or the Weather factory. Next Race: Dover We here at Equestria Racing would like to thank everypony who supports us. Want to join Equestria Racing? tell me and i will (try) to make you a car! GOOD NIGHT
  17. As many of you know, today was the Daytona 500 and just for the heck of it I went on to and to my surprized that "Track pass they had was replace with "Race View" witch appears to be free where as "Track Pass" was like $20 or so a month. I was just wondering is "Race View now a free service or was that just a special offer or something?
  18. As per tradition, we will start the night with two movies, which are listed below, followed by a marathon of random pony videos which will begin at approximately 8:40 PM EST and continue until the new episode airs, which we'll stream live at 10:30 AM EST on Saturday morning. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Showtimes 4:00 PM EST 10:00 PM GMT +1 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Showtimes 6:55 PM EST 12:55 PM GMT +1 So grab some snacks, get comfortable, and prepare to fill your head with hobbits, fast cars, and ponies! Rules Don't spam. That means no <3 <3 <3 <3, johnmaddenjohnmaddenjohnmadden, as;dlfkja;ldkfj, eeyup eeyup eeyup, or anything of the sort. Keep discussion on topic. This event is for watching movies and ponies together, not random chat. Try to keep all discussion at least somewhat related to the video. Don't Roleplay. This is not Roleplay World so do not RP in the chat. Follow the global forum rules. This is an official MLP Forums event, so all forum rules apply, no exceptions. If you break a rule once, you get a verbal warning. If you continue to break the rules, you get kicked. If you still insist on breaking the rules after being kicked, you get banned from the site. In the event that a movie can't be shown for whatever reason, we'll just watch ponies instead. Feel free to contact me if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party!
  19. Source: What did you get for christmas Three days late because excuse to update this blog. c: Just an FYI, this guy will be on break until Wednesday, the third. Till then, bye. :3 ~NASCARFAN160
  20. I recently had a sudden inspiration do to a very thought provoking and interesting piece about something that alot of people think of as odd or look down upon. @, Merry Christmas :3 I made you some art on my about your favorite pastime. I hope you like it!
  21. In the spirit of combining two of my burning passions, My Little Pony and NASCAR, which have very little connection unforutnately, I've decided to make custom cars in a NASCAR game that are based off the ponies' color schemes. When making these, I used accurate vectored color guides to assist me, and I thought of all the possible elements that could be put in perspective when choosing the colors, such as coat color, mane colors, eye colors, cutie mark colors, etc. to convey the most variety. I hope you all like them. Pictures were taken with an iPad (second generation) camera, so the quality and colors are kind of off. Rainbow Dash- Twilight Sparkle- Applejack- Pinkie Pie- Fluttershy- Rarity- Did you like them? Which one's your favorite? You can find the rest here. EDIT:I branched from doing just the mane 6 too other characters in the show, you can find them in my latest post and in the link above.
  22. So, in the show, Rainbow Dash wants to fly with the Wonderbolts. From what I've read, the Wonderbolts are based off of the Thunderbirds USAF demonstration group, but their uniforms are meant to look like the Blue Angels. I can't help but wonder, though, especially after reading "My Little Dashie" a few days back, what would Rainbow Dash's dream be in the real world? (In "My Little Dashie", she was raised in this world and loved NASCAR.) My own biases lead me to think that she'd dream of being an astronaut. Flying faster, higher, and more glorious than anything else like NASCAR or the Blue Angels. Simply put, there isn't a space program in MLP, the closest thing to it is the Wonderbolts. Though, I have to admit, you won't make the modern space program as a high school dropout, unless you enter as a pilot (which is only 1 of a crew of 7...). But she seems like a perfect candidate for the early space program's astronauts corps, who were really good, fearless test pilots. But here's the thing: What is it about the Wonderbolts she likes so much? "... To fly with those great ponies, The Wonderbolts Their daring tricks, spinning round and having kicks Perform for crowds of thousands, They'll shower us with diamonds..." I still think she'd want to be an astronaut, though, because of her competitive spirit, and they kinda seem at the top of everything. I think they fit the "Select few" best, and they do go on "big adventure". But at the same time, it requires discipline, hard work, and in reality it's mostly switch-flipping. Anyways knowing her personality, and her said reasons for liking the Wonderbolts, what does it seem like most? NASCAR, Blue Angels, Air Force, NASA?... Maybe she just likes the thrill of exercise, so maybe even an olympic athlete... Or maybe it has more to do with them being her personal heroes than what they do... Thoughts?