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Found 26 results

  1. Naruto Opening #9 Song: Yura Yura Artist: Hearts Grow
  2. Hello and welcome to the discussion thread of all things Naruto! I, myself, am I huge fan of the series and I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well. Feel free to discuss everything about it!
  3. You and Shisui had been good friends for a good number of years and you felt like he was almost a brother to you. When he wasn't training or when you weren't working, you were hanging out with each other. You felt that you could tell him anything and you also felt that you could just open up to him without feeling judged. He listened to you and it truly made you feel special. You worked at the local tea shop in the Leaf Village and Shisui would occasionally stop by to come and say hello to you while you were working. Recently, however, you noticed that you had been seeing less and less of him. Whenever you asked Itachi or Sasuke where he was, they always told you that he was training. You had no reason not to believe them, so you just thought that Shisui was training harder than usual latley. One Friday morning, you arrived at the tea shop to start your shift. Customers were literally coming and going all throughout morning and you were having trouble getting to everyone's orders. Thankfully, the rush eventually settled. You were standing behind the counter counting the tins of tea leaves when you heard the shop's front door bell, signaling that someone had entered. As soon as you heard that chime, you hoped that Shisui would be the one entering. However, It was Itachi. Still, Itachi was someone you had come to grow fond of. He was intelligent, wise, and amazingly strong. He would sometimes spend some time with you and Shisui. He walked up to the counter and greeted you. "Things seem rather slow now" "Yeah, it's usually really busy here in the mornings. Especially weekend mornings because everyone is probably headed to work" you replied while resting your elbow on the counter and then placing your chin on your hand. "So, what can I get you?" you added. "Nothing for me. Thank you, though" "Really? Well, alright. Are you waiting for someone?" "I am supposed to meet Shisui here. He informed me that he wanted to discuss something with me" At that name, you froze. Why would Shisui be making plans with someone and then turn around and avoid you? Is he mad at you? Are you thinking too much into this? Hundreds of possibilities ran wild through your mind and you began to worry a bit. ...But now that you had the opportunity, you'd ask him about his recent behavior. Shisui finally came inside of the shop and shot you a smile as he proceeded to walk up to you. "Hi, (Y/N)" "...Hi, Shisui" you hesitated; almost awaiting an explanation from him. "Can I just have some plain green tea? Thanks" "Yeah, sure" you replied while beginning to brew the drink. An awkward silence flooded the air around you both and your eyes trailed off to the side. "So, Shisui... I hear you've been training really hard lately. How is it all going?" "Hm? Oh, training. Yeah, it's going well. Itachi has been teaching me quite a lot" "That's good. Here's your tea. Careful, it's very hot" you sighed while handing Shisui his drink. Sp The Uchiha gave you another smile, took his tea, and walked to the table where Itachi was sitting at. ~Shisui's P.O.V: "What the hell, Itachi! You didn't tell me that (Y/N) was working today!" he whispered Itachi just looked at the ninja sitting in front of him with no words following. ... "What? Why are you giving me that look?" "You can't hide your feelings for her, Shisui. She knows that you've been ignoring her and it's beginning to make her feel unsure about things. You cannot keep making excuses. Nobody "trains" that much; not even the Hokage". "Still... I wanted to discuss this without worrying about her hearing..." "Look, Sasuke would recommend the same. Just be upfront. Anyway, I have to go" Itachi stated as he rose from his seat to leave. "Wait! Damnit..." But it was too late. Itachi had already left. ~Reader's P.O.V: Now, it was just you and Shisui in the shop. Utter silence again filled the room for a good while until Shisui suddenly stood up and slowly walked toward you once more. He was now standing face to face with you; glaring at you with nervous eyes. You raised an eyebrow at him. "What?" He was now blushing and had one arm crossed behind his head. "(Y/N)... Will you go out with me sometime?" Did he just ask you out? Where did this come from? Is he being serious? You were shocked that he asked you such a thing, but you also couldn't deny that you had feelings for him. You never thought that a relationship was possible between you two, so you never let your feelings show or said a word regarding them. At the same time, however, you wanted to shout at him and confront him about giving you the cold shoulder. But before you could release your frustrations, an idea popped into your head. Maybe you could use this date as a time to ask Shisui about things. You wanted to let him know how angry you were, but you also didn't want to ruin your chances with him. "Sure! I'd love to! How does later this evening sound?" "Really? That's great! Let's meet by the training field around 7:30pm, okay?" "Sounds good!" you exclaimed, giving a fake smile. ~Time Skip~ You had gotten off of work, gone home, and prettied yourself up for your time with Shisui. Even though you were frustrated with him, you were also rather excited about this. You exited your home and made your way to the place where you said you'd meet. ~Time Skip~ Now sitting on a large rock, you noticed that the sky was growing dark and that the sun was setting. You were wondering if Shisui was even going to come. Was he really going to show you up? If so, you'd have a hell of a lot more to say to him than you do now. Just then, you heard the grass rustling. A figure was making its way toward you but you couldn't make out who it was. You cautiously reached for one of your kunai in your pouch and braced yourself for a fight. "Hey, no need to be afraid" said Shisui as he raised his arms. "Oh, it's you. I honestly couldn't tell it was you, so I kinda panicked. Sorry about that" you explained with a small laugh following. "It's alright" Shisui then climbed up the rock you were sitting on and sat himself next to you. You were both looking up at the now star-filled sky. You desperately wanted to wait until later about asking about Shisui's actions as of late, but you just couldn't. You needed to know why he was acting this way and you were going to figure out why right now. You slammed your fist into the stone underneath you and Shisui jumped slightly. "Why have you been ignoring me?" you asked, tears almost flooding your eyes. "What?" "Why have you been avoiding me, Shisui? We used to be so close and you've been purposely avoiding me for weeks now! Why? How do you have the nerve to do such a thing and then ask me out like its no big deal? Who the hell do you think you are?" All of your suppressed anger was now leaving you. You didn't want to unleash it all like this, but it was too late. "I mean, really! Where the hell do you get off being so close with someone for so long and then acting like a complete jerk!? What's your problem!?" you shouted, scorning at Shisui with your tear-filled eyes. You then swiftly turned your face away, not wanting him to see you cry. You tried to stop crying when you felt a hand touch your shoulder. "(Y/N), there's a reason I haven't been around. Please, just listen to me for a second..." he explained. You sat quietly awaiting for him to speak. "You and I have been friends for so long and I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't falling in love with you. I have been concealing these feelings from you and I wasn't sure how to deal with them. I wanted to tell you, I truly did, but I was scared. Until I could think of a way to talk to you about it, I figured I'd give myself some time to think it over by telling you that I was so frequently busy with things. I've been beating myself up over this for what feels like forever and I finally had the courage to ask you out. I was going to admit my feelings to you" Shisui's words left you speechless. Was he really putting himself through all of that just because he had feelings for you? You turned your head to Shisui and playfully shoved him. "This whole time, I assumed that you were done with me. Have you seriously been going out of your way to think of ways to handle this?" "I have-" Just then, your hand slipped and you fell backwards off of the rock. Your hand reached out to Shisui and dragged him down with you; resulting in him landing on top of you. Your faces were inches away from each other. You both blushed as you got caught staring into each other's eyes. You, again, turned your face away. "How can I be sure that you aren't lying to me?" you pouted Shisui placed his hand on your check and and moved your face back to face his. "Does this prove that I'm telling the truth?" Just then, Shisui's lips slowly moved into yours... You closed your eyes and melted at the kiss and almost felt completely weightless as stars spun around you. Shisui then sat you upright as he wrapped his arms around you; enclosing you in a loving embrace. You had never felt so secure and so loved in your life... You both pulled away from each other and rested your forehead onto his, smiling sweetly. "So, does that prove it? Hm?" Shisui chuckled. "Yes, it does" ~Itachi and Sasuke's P.O.V: "It looks like your advice wasn't so terrible after all" Sasuke said sarcastically to his brother as they both watched from afar in a tree. Itachi just smiled at Sasuke and they both leaped away.
  4. Ask my OC from the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series (the one in the love triangle!)
  5. Hello! I see that you have stumbled upon my very own Trade Ya! thread. (That, or you saw the tirtle and you were like "Ah! I want my pony OC drawn in chibi form!") Either works! What i'm looking for: I would really appreciate it if you could draw a photo of my pony OC doing something cute with one of her husbandos. However, her husbandos are anime characters and I would like them drawn in pony form. That way, the picture all comes together nicely. For example: If you look up a photo of Kakashi Hatake, you'll see that he's, well, a human. I would like him drawn as a pony to go along with my pony OC. What can I give to you in return?: I can draw up a chibi form of your pony OC! By "chibi", I mean the style that was introduced in the season two finale of MLP; A Canterlot Wedding. Rules/restrictions: - NOTHING NSFW - Pictures you offer can be drawn digitally or on paper. - Please do not pester me about your photo, and I promise I won't pester you about yours! - Cutie marks are not my strong point; so they may not come out perfect on my end. Should you decide to take part in this anime mancandy-obsessed girl's art trade, just tell me that you accept and I will provide you a photo of the anime character to be ponified. (I can also provide their cutie marks) At the same time, you provide a reference of your pony OC for me to hang onto. My pony OC: What do you think? Can you handle the hottness?
  6. Naruto oc demi hyuchiha with her pink wig on My pony oc without her wig My pony oc with her stallion My equestia girls gothic villians Team Everflame first version My anthro pony oc My Old steven universe oc's
  7. This is my Kyuubi Cosplay... Well the making of him! He is a quadsuit so I'm on my hands and legs in the suit, of course my arm do have stilts. which are jointed so you get that realistic ankle movement of a quadruped! He will be my cosplay for Comic Con! My friend will be cosplaying as sasukie or however you spell it XD here are some pictures of him so far and an outline of what he will look like!!
  8. Kakashi Hatake, from Naruto, finally had his face revealed at a Naruto exhibit that took place last year in Japan. I realize that this is a bit late, but i'd love to hear your thoughts. Source: Kakashi's face:
  9. Here is a short Naruto AMV I created not terribly long ago. I felt that this song could really relate to Shikamaru. (Assuming you are fimiliar with the anime) NOTE: I am not looking for a critique; just thought i'd share!
  10. I am a big fan of Shonen Jump's hit anime, Naruto. So I decided to create a thread dedicated to discussing it!
  11. I decided to have a go at recreating the Rinnegan, from Naruto Shippuden. Not sure if it looks great, but here it is.
  12. Sephiroth goes up against everypony we know in love and hate The Mane 6 have are powered by the Keys of Harmony (The power used to defeat Lord Tirek) Shining Armor is with Princess Cadence Princess Celestia and Luna have the Elements of Harmony Lord Tirek is at full power (equivalent to after he had the powers of everypony in equestria) Chrysalis is at full power (equivalent to after she ate Shining Armors "love") King Sombra is King Sombra Discord is Discord Spike is an adult everypony (and other species) in equestria has thier usual Sephiroth is in his usual and can not go into god form
  13. I made a Youtube Poop-styled parody of Naruto, but I tried to put in a MLP reference whenever I could. This vid is only the first part of episode one, I'm probably going to make the episodes better for the next ones. How did I do this time, and how can I improve?
  14. Who would you like to see fight? I would like to see ether Twilight or Luna VS Saskue. I just have a feeling that would be a good fight.
  15. I continue to watch Naruto because it reminds me of the Fire Emblem series.
  16. Out of the characters listed in the poll above, which one had the saddest anime death? One Piece: While spoilers in a topic titled "Saddest death in anime..." are a given, don't forget that not everyone has seen every anime, and that simply attempting to scroll past the spoilers may not be enough. Label and hide your spoilers (with the
  17. It only seems it was yesterday that Feld0 made our sites' memorable year anniversary topic, and the forum's community gathered for a touching, lengthy series of replies that outlined why they stuck around with our site, and why they found something meaningful in the community established here. Old staff, newer staff, forum veterans, brand new members; regulars and lurkers alike participated in that rather symbolic milestone that our site achieved. We're now very deep into our second year, and here we are, still trucking. Bumps and hiccups have happened, and will continue to do so, but regardless we remain strong as we enjoy our plentiful fanbase, await the approaching Season 4, and the even closer arrival of 2013 BronyCon. There, a panel and table will be represented for Poniverse and our community, upheld by staff and members of ongoing Poniverse Projects. BronyCon is but less than 40 days away, at this point, and I know I look forward to seeing as many folks from here as possible. Get psyched! Achievements, though. They're something that our forum has accomplished in not only milestones such as having a piece of BronyCon's pie this year, but also in the individuals that have walked into our midst and helped this forum run the absolute best it could, all this time; wrestling with drama and stress to often asinine amounts, just to assure the community's success. Volunteering their time and even sanity to serve, protect and better the community started here by Feld0 and Kurtiss in what seems so long ago. In reality, I've little to no idea how many of you watch Naruto & Naruto: Shippuden, but I'm sure you're passionate about other animes or shows of your own. From one passionate fan to many others, let me share with you something. Paraphrased slightly to be sure, but I believe the core values apply very much to the situation we face, here. As we all move forward as a community, everyone should remember that Zoop and Key, Vexx, and any and all past and future staff members who aid in up-keeping our peaceful corner of the internet...though they may all eventually hang up their helms, a new generation is always there to continue the responsibility that they shouldered, and thus, everything they've all stood for is not forgotten. Though all unique, we're all here for a common interest, and a communal sense of unity in providing the best community we can create. The next generation is already among us. It's been here for a while now, but only now is it time to establish it as a prime order. With some veterans retiring, BronyCon and Poniverse's advancement approaching faster and faster, and our community reaching an evolution standpoint thusly, it's time for the young heroes of tomorrow to kick some butt, and give their best to assist in making this community continue to thrive in the best way possible. First and foremost, welcome Artemis to the role of admin. Who didn't see this coming, has probably been inactive or looking in all the wrong places. Having ascended every rank thus far, Artemis's dedication, intelligence, calm and approachable demeanor and ability to help out members in need has only evolved in his time as a moderator, with leadership blooming for him rather noticeably ever since he became one. May his new found role allow him to assist people all the better, and for him to be even further self-sufficient in slaying off staff projects as they come along. Secondly, welcome Twilight Sparkle to the role of moderator. Twilight has been shown to possess not only an astoundingly positive and thoughtful attitude towards engaging with others in discussion, but has also gone out of his way on occasion after occasion to seek out threads, links and quotes for even the simplest of questions, to assist members inside and out of the Site Questions section. With Artemis moving on to other first and foremost duties, having an additional set of eyes capable of handling the day hours of Beyond Equestria will be a wise long-term decision. Good luck to you, Twilight! I'm sure you'll do fantastic! Thirdly, something that's actually been in implementation for a week or so now but simply hasn't gotten its' chance to be announced; Lavoaster has agreed to assist Feld0 as a second sysadmin for the site While he is not listed as a Tech Admin due to his disinterest in dealing with actual forum administration/moderation, his blinding fast speed and high knowledge of IPBoard has already been proven to be invaluable for our solution to solving bugs, implementing new features and taking care of the gap in technical-expertise we've been seeking for so very long. Last, but most certainly not least, please welcome Apple Bloom to the administration staff as well. I'm going to be very blunt here when I say that, this guy is hugely, massively under-appreciated; by all. Whether or not he'll try to denounce this with modesty is unknown to me, but what I can tell you for sure is that despite his favorite pony being inaccurate, he is, to me, the epitome of the Element of Loyalty. Apple Bloom has been apart of this staff since its' very first days, and has not only stuck around with us all this time, but has single-handedly taken care of the stream and shown interest in its' continued success, even during earlier points where others showed very little of that same interest. Apple Bloom has been a 'Global' Moderator with no focused sections for over a year now if not more, if I'm correct. The problem is, this role gives him very little opportunity to do a whole lot, considering that he's not the kind of guy who just assists in general moderation. He's the leader of an extranet site, that will ultimately be developing further into its' own Poniverse branch some day. As someone who can access the CP and help plan not only's future better, but actually have a managers' role in it as well, Apple Bloom is probably more deserving of an administration role than anyone. Merry June Christmas, you Cutie Mark Crusader mod, you. -- I'd like to leave everyone off on a few more points, of which I think also need to be mentioned. The New Character Minimum has been promised for some time now, and I'm happy to say it is on the very cusp of being implemented in its' entirety. A separate announcement topic will come when it does hit the forum, so no major spoilers yet, but I will say that I hope everyone gives it a chance, as it is far more user-friendly and tolerant of post types both long and short, than what we've had until now. Issues, things on the ever present staff To-Do List and other projects, both tech and non-tech, have been in a very consistent state of productivity. With Lavo on the tech front, and a new To-Do List Tracker system aiding folks with projects, I'm personally pretty happy in how things have been getting done lately. Just something to help folks know that, even though things may not always seem too active on the surface, that doesn't mean much work can't possibly be going on. Expect some new stuff fairly soonish, though~ I hope to see a bunch of you at BronyCon! Going to be a blast, and people need to bring cameras so we can get an entire album for this years' experiences! Thanks for reading, everypony~
  18. Like the title says, its tobi from naruto as a pony! This was directly inspired from the bloody rag rp I'm in. so if ya like it, thank synangel. Yes, I know the cloak came out funny, but I didn't have any good refrences for it. Please leave your feedback below, and Sorry for the crappy photo!
  19. So I made a quick amv and put it on youtube, please support my dying channel haha...or not Well at least check it out so here it is, hope you enjoy and please give me feedback!
  20. So...which do you prefer? I honestly prefer manga, mainly because I can view my favorite characters in a more private manner without people blabbering 'Oh, what's that?' or have everyone hear what I'm doing. Plus, I enjoy reading, so that's an extra bonus. I would watch anime, and I sometimes do on my ipod, but that's i. It's more easier to just pick up the book and read in my opinion. What do you guys think?
  21. while I was using illustrator (vectoring) i stopped at a where i made twilight look like Hinata (Naruto char) added alittle detail lol tell me they don't look the same and plz don't say its because of the eyes
  22. Normally, I am a one-shot, short story kind of guy. My mind moves onto new ideas rather quickly, so usually, I stick to single work, and don't do chaptered stories. This piece, my singular Naruto fanfiction and my tribute to the series, is different. At over 40,000 words thus far and still only 3/5ths of the way done, I began working on it back at the end of 2010, writing, editing, writing, editing it until where it stands, now. I lost Naruto interest when ponies took over, and before that, when my Sonic interest came back, but now, I have more motivation to try and trudge forward and complete my work. I've posted the first five chapters to Fanfiction.Net, and will periodically update the story with more chapters as I go along. I hope to finish it before the end of the year, so here's to that. I appreciate feedback whether in here or as reviews on the actual story itself. Naturally it's too long to post again here, so just read it on FF.Net ^^ Summary: After all Naruto, you have a power that nobody else has. The power to change the hearts of everyone you meet. But I wonder, can you change the hearts of demons, too? Story: Enjoy~
  23. Well after a certain status update, I decided to sing. (After Scootacool advertised my status getting others to vote.) I am singing a song from Naruto: Shippuden that I added my own lyrics to. (Because the song is that awesome.) Maybe if I get enough interest I will write lyrics for the whole thing instead of just the chorus. I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE MUSIC. Full credit goes to the makers of Naruto and their musicians! (Except the lyrics, which are mine.) I literally pushed myself to my limit on this. I was barely able to sing that highest note. Sorry if I broke your windows. #HNNNNNGH I'm going to regret this so much. :I Crappy recording mic is crappy. EDIT: Embed failed, so I posted a link. EDIT2: Oh hey that auto-embeded it. e_e
  24. So who here watches/reads the anime/manga Naruto? So i wanted to make a thread where we who likes the show discuss it. Such as theorys,thoughts favorite villans etc etc. Have the manga inspired you somehow? There is a very toucging story and from what i know it have helped alot of people in life. [And ofcourse, the games can be discussed here] ___________________________________________________________________________________________ So lets start with the basic, who is your favorite character? Villan: Orochimaru Hero: Jiraya,Kakashi,Guy-sensei Akatsuki: Pein and Deidara. Favorite game: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ News Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3! For all the Narutard out there ^.^
  25. I thought it would be hilarious to make Sasuke a parasprite! XD