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Found 12 results

  1. Sorry, @Adam Burt for completely stealing this idea from you. I'll start with the few positives. POSITIVES My experiences with Paladins in general. It was actually a really good game until Hi-Rez killed it by making change after change that was unnecessary and backwards, through caving into the wants of their upper management. I played this game for months, and actually became one of the Top 100 Barik players (Based on KDA and Win Rate) in the world in that small span of time that I borderline one-tricked him. The game had quite a few sour moments with me, but for the most part it was actually positive. Introductions to Steven Universe, Star VS the Forces of Evil, and We Bare Bears. All of them are among my favorite cartoons of all time, all for their own reasons. Probably the best of the year. All three series in my opinion are very solid (though from what I've watched SvFE's 3rd season isn't looking too good...). My marathon of Star Trek. I already had an admiration for the franchise before I really got into it around the beginning of last year, but it was heightened. Quite frankly, most of the franchise is pretty solid with a few hiccups (including the entirety of Deep Space Nine... Luckily I only watched the "best" of that series)... I became a lot less naive about politics, and began to realize how despicable 99% of politicians really are. I realized how bad mainstream politics really is. I even found political voices of reason... on YOUTUBE of all places. Some actually good LoL changes for once (aside from Zoe, Ornn, Kleptomancy keystone)... NEGATIVES The rapid deterioration of my computer's condition. It really got beat up this year. It's so bad in fact I'm actually using my dad's computer instead. Before the beginning of this year, it ran so smoothly... Now it's basically potentially salvageable junk. Politics as usual, but even worse. Removing my ignorance came at a cost, I know. I realized how bad the political system of the United States has gotten over the past 50 years, but 2017 was worse than average. We have an incompetent man child with tiny hands in the White House (to be fair, Hillary would be no better), Net Neutrality is going away (even though only 9% of Americans actually AGREE with that, and I bet I know who they are), and not to mention the absolute absurdity of the Democratic Party's "resistance" (yeah right, it's not a resistance, you're literally voting FOR what he proposes most of the time...). Doesn't help with all of the mass shootings this year, bombings on innocent civilians, the worst military leak in US history... Losing my old account on here because of sheer laziness. The basically zero progress I made towards getting anywhere with my life. I've had to put up with so much s**t last year, it'd be enough for an entire DECADE. Seriously, I got attacked by an ENTIRE subreddit, a forum account (and my IP address also) perma-banned by an fascist Brazilian mod for literally no reason aside from the fact he didn't like what I had to say about things involving Paladins and his method of moderating, and having moronic teammates who I could swear were 2-year olds in half of my Paladins and League of Legends matches, the insane number of special snowflakes that suddenly presented themselves... That's just about the worst of it, but I could probably sit for days listing all of the stupidity I've had to endure even like that. Tried to commit suicide twice, because my situation got more hopeless by the month it seems like. RIP Big Ben. See you again in 4 years. Though it was a pretty nice meme for a little bit. Dealing with more of my Dad's inane drama than usual. To be quite frank I wish I didn't live here now. All of the special snowflakes In other words, it was, overall, a bad year for me. In fact, the worst I've ever had.
  2. is there just one personality trait you have that you wish you could get rid of or hell maybe even more than one share down below as for me it would be that I'm way to forgiving and can't say no I mean WAAAAY to forgiving. me and my "friends" is the actual reason that I need glasses. we were having a sword fight (with sticks) and he hits my eye (purposely) permanently damaging the muscle that moves it. so now one of my eyes can't move all the way left or all the right. while the nurse was asking what happened I said that I threw a stick at a tree and it bounce back. and the next day he just said sorry nothing else and we are still still friends to this day. I have a few other incidents where I've been way to forgiving such as being framed for breaking an antique and forgiving the person who framed me and a whole lot of other incidents where it has gotten me into bad situations.
  3. Since as early as the late 90's the average gamer began to be conditioned to believe that anything with cartoon-like visuals is for children, and that cool people play realistic/violent games. But should this mentality exist? What makes say, Okami less mature than Elder Scrolls or Dark Souls? Why is something like Mario suddenly deemed only suitable for children?
  4. Recently I’ve recently read that there are some social justice warriors that seem to just pick on bronies, and some bronies that seem to return the favor. I think both ways of hate are wrong, but complaining isn’t going to help that. This is a long post, but it describes how to deal with hate and what it means to be a better person. Being a brony, encounters with bullies, social justice warriors, or internet hate is emotionally draining and stressful. These people criticize every move you make, and thrive in misery. This sort of thing would make anyone feel depressed, sad for what humanity has become. However, understanding how to deal with people and why this behavior happens can help you develop better strategies for dealing with hate, and being a better person. Understanding Human Behavior First let’s talk about some basic human reactions to negativity. Realize that negative people may not be concerned with the effect their behavior has on others, but rather they may want to get rid of their own uncomfortable feelings in the fastest way possible. We learn from experience; from a very early age we learn certain ways produce certain results. For example, Let's say we're a toddler: If we are hungry and we cry, someone will give us food. If we throw a tantrum, someone will pay attention to us and ask what is wrong. If we throw a big enough tantrum, people will leave us alone. These behaviors stay with us throughout our lives. As adults we're expected to repress these feelings of stress and in a calm, collected manner. However, expressing ourselves in a more socially acceptable way takes advanced communication skills, and often times I feel like many peopl haven’t developed that. Consequently, when people experience stress, they may lash out in unexpected and unfriendly ways. Typical Reactions to Stress When faced with a situation that causes them stress, many people react in unproductive or unfriendly ways. Usually this is because it is human nature to go into ego-protection mode when criticized. Here are some of the most common responses: The “know-it-alls” who boss others and believe they’re never wrong. (“Forget it—let me do it—All you do is mess everything up!”). They take on a victim role (“I never do anything right”) or simply withdraw from the situation (“Whatever.”). They behave in a rebellious way (“No way! You can’t tell me what to do!”). They respond with insensitivity, sarcasm or inappropriate humor (“Enjoy your pony art, freak.”). Sometimes people react to a stress in a combination of these ways. It all depends on what behaviors make people feel the most comfortable at the time. Strategies for Dealing With Negative People So what can you do when you get a bully that’s really gets under your skin? Take a close look at how you react. Are you reacting (out loud or to yourself) in one of the ways described above? Developing an awareness of how you deal with cynics will help you better deal with what you can control—yourself. When you become self-aware on how you react to stressful situations, two things happen. First, your awareness provides you with an opportunity to choose a different way to behave. Second, it enables you to maintain objectivity in the presence of stress. It helps you remember that other people’s negativity is not personal to you or to your situation. It is simply the way they express themselves when they feel insecure or uncomfortable. Creating and maintaining awareness of your own behavior and choosing to act in a different manner (i.e., not using your automatic ego-protective responses) prevents an encounter with a bully from escalating. It might not stop the person you are talking to from being negative, but it will provide you with control over your response to the situation. Your choice not to communicate in an unproductive way removes the likelihood that you will be replaying the conversation in your head for days or thinking of all the zingers you wish you’d said! Misery Loves Company Some people seem to thrive on making themselves or others miserable. Nothing you do or say can change that fact. After employing various productive communication strategies with a person like this and finding that nothing seems to work, ending your relationship might be the best thing you can do. This approach may not seem like an option, particularly if the person is "friend". However, there is usually a solution to dealing with negative people. Continue to talk positively with them and not see everything in a pessimistic viewpoint. If you find the person unbearable to be around even for a short time, keep calm and find talk with close family or other close friends more often. Above all, don't let them get trigger your ego-protective response. In All Honesty Dealing with critical people is difficult. Talking, working and even sitting by them can be very stressful, even when you try not to get involved with them. Take a break from that Tumblr or /MLP/ or any place where where people wants others to feel miserable. Develop ways to destress after an encounter with a negative person. I usually watch funny videos on Youtube or go outside and play a game of soccer., Try to find ways to release stress and diffuse your negative energy rather than perpetuate it. However you choose to destress, make sure you do it in a positive way. Going on a forum and complaining in public only amplifies that stress. ---------------------- I summed up my thoughts on how to deal with negativity on the internet. React calmly, be awesome, and find friends that support you when you feel down, not people who put you down when you're on your knees. Personally I've never had to deal with excessive brony hate, but it does exist out there. Don't give in to the satisfaction of misery. Don't lose your way!!! Brohoof /)
  5. Hi I am an English and Media student at university and am writing a research report on online fandoms and participatory culture with a focus on Bronies. What I would like to know is; what role does social media and other online platforms take in your fandom? And also, are there negative associations with being a Brony, specifically through online mediums? It would be a massive help if you could answer please and thank you
  6. It's quite simple really, just give a rating between 1 and A ( 10 ) on how negative the user is in the freedom dimension. PLAY!
  7. Let's try list some bad things things in Equestria, from the show's canon, not fan fiction. King Sombra was some sort of demon Pony, that enslaved Ponies. Princesses, like Luna could potentially get possessed by a demon, that wanted ever lasting night and leave the planet a lifeless icy rock. Twilight Sparkle said 'war' in 'It's About Time'. That must mean they had wars in the past.
  8. Edit: my comment on the blogpost this was a response to was removed, the author felt it was off topic and was concerned it would de rail things and create more conflict. I respect and understand this decision these are still the same words I said there though. It all starts with each of us as individuals, no place is perfect no matter how tightly knit of welcoming it is but it is up to us to do what we can to do the little things that make this place feel more like a community. Report trolls and flamers, be polite and civil even when it is hard, try to cheer people up when they are feeling down and be aware that there are various different people from all sort of different background and opinions and though you may not always understand their preferences that having certain preferences dosen't automatically make them monsters. As was pointed out there indeed was a thread asking which pony was most likely to commit suicide and while I can understand why some people didn't like that thread as someone who has had suicidal thoughts both recently and in the past I can understand how touchy this can be. But some of the people who expressed their distaste for the topic did the exact same thing they accused my friend of for making that topic and me for defending him from the unjustified shitstorm of hate he got for it. They spread more negativity by insulting me and my friend when if they were given fair warning about what that thread entailed and have only themselves to blame for actually clicking on the topic itself. While I do feel guilty for losing my temper I feel that accusing my friend and I of forcing our views on other people was complete bullshit and totally uncalled for. I can understand something not being someones cup of tea, but all this scapegoating and phony baloney moral posturing of the so called "dark sides" of the fandom and this desire to turn the fandom into some kind of hive mind among some bronies accomplishes is to, create flame wars and encourage haters and trolls. I of course agree that there is too much negativity here and there are some topics that I do not like, but what I do is I simply ignore them and move on and if I think something is inappropriate I report it and walk away. If those individuals who had such a distaste did that instead and the thread still got locked Inazuma and I would have been dissapointed but we both would have understood. Controversial topics will always exist and some of those topics might be things we are unfomfortable with, simply wishing them away will not make them go away but voicing any concerns in a calm rational manner will help create a more positive and productive atmosphere.
  9. I know that we all perceive non-tolerators to MLP as ignorant people who simply hate us because we love a girly show. But since my older brother is not a pony lover, and yes, he's seen the show, it just led me to divulge a little bit between opinions about the show for the fans and not-fans. Here's some interesting points to why my brother doesn't fond over the show, and the fans. Believe me, he's pretty reasonable about this. That's why I wanted to see other's opinions about this too. Now here's his opinions in bold quotes, and my responses and opinions in the spoilers. "It's everywhere. It's in places it shouldn't be." "It's full of simple lessons. Things everyone should already know. Its all its directing towards. That's why it was meant for little girls." "There's nothing that engaging about it. I love cartoons too. I watch Adventure Time and Regular Show because it has interesting senses of humor and references." Now, did you think he was fair overall? Not fair? Let's hear it from you.
  10. Hello! I hope I have not selected the wrong category. First, I am not a brony (wut?) I am a furry and I created an account to get answers from you. Real answers, not some bullshit-fake ones that are answered by trolls : p The Question is : What do you think of the furry fandom? I also ask this question in furry forums about bronies. The answers can be quite different between fandoms! Now please, Be honest, You have the right to tell everything you think. If you think the furry fandom is retarded, say it. If you think you don't give a shit, say it. If you love it, say it! Those in the brony fandom who are also furries, please do not answer the question. Thank you ps : I am not english sorry for the grammar
  11. tranglam


    This game is easy. You say three things about the person above, a good thing, a bad thing, and another good thing. Also make sure to remember that this is humorous. Get at it.
  12. After being a bit of a lurker for a while on this site and just now getting back into posting a lot, I've been noticing a lot of sarcastic, critical and downright negative threads. A lot of it is stemming from things that can offend you from the show, talks about "coming out" for being a brony, hate experiences, trigger threads (basically, topics that can trigger very negative emotions from people who have suffered trauma) even if they don't mean it. Do you think the site is in a bit of a funk? Or is it just me happening on the threads that make it seem that way? I know it's really impossible for everyone to agree on all the same things, and I know that if someone says something offensive to you it's hard to ignore it. I even have a hard time with it. I always feel like I need to leap into action and throw myself into the drama to defend myself and whatever is being talked about. But that's just it, there is nothing saying I have to. I'm finding it a little hard to get my thoughts across (I'm half-listening to a lecture in class) but the thing is, it's getting complicated being here for me. It's becoming a little too "real". Agree? Disagree? I would honestly love to hear your thoughts.