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Found 11 results

  1. So I just finished a request for DJ Neon, and so here it is. And here is my request shop in case anyone wants a pony drawing:
  2. Something I put together in the Minecraft Anniversary back then and forgot to post it in Deviantart for a few weeks. I'm not sure I did the glowing effect right.
  3. I need ideas for the cover art of a remix I made that is going on youtube. If your Idea is chosen, i will give you credit in the video. Base your Ideas on the art matching the name of the remix, which will be "20 percent cooler: Neon Remix". Im sure everypony on this forum has great Ideas.
  4. Not long ago, i watched an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion. What do you fillys and gentlecolts think of this anime and what is your favorite character? At first, I thought this anime would involve nothing but Transformers style fighting. Instead, it was much deeper. There were awkward moments at first but then when Shinji started having mental breakdowns, I began to think it was exciting. My favorite character is Shinji Ikari because during the show, I felt sorry for what he's gone through and I liked his mind sight on why people treat him based on what he's doing. The theme song was also amazing.
  5. tired/upset Vivid Visions hiding in her hair xD such a cutie pie <3
  6. Hello, just showing one of my newest OC's, Vivid Visions c: Originally I was just practicing drawing ponies, then I got bored and spit my sketch in half and went from there.I liked her so much when I finished, I decided to make her an official OC! I absolutely adore her now c: Her talent is creating hallucinations that affect other ponies. Though she is not immune to her own hallucinations, so she struggles if things are real or not. She has good days and bad days with controlling the hallucinations, so she is a bit unpredictable on how she acts. The split down her middle is not always there, so can appear normal sometimes. No pony really knows if her split is just an hallucination as well, or if its actually real.
  7. Well, I came up with a name for my new OC! Meet Light Wave!! c: I'm really happy with his second piece of art, even though it took forever to make it seemed xD
  8. Hey everypony,my names Neon! so im here i guess you guys get to ask me some questions! well fire away.
  9. Hi guys, i was getting tired of the old background so i tried all my skils to make one that i would be proud of and I WAS!! Here it is my new Profile background! Thanks to Jokuc and Cast for the help! Feedback is always welcome and only helps me get better.
  10. This song... just... oh man, this song! I don't know if anyone else has posted this (I checked tags and such, found nothing) but it's so awesome. And it's inspiring! Perry Grip never fails me
  11. This past week, I have been writing my first fanfic. I was doing it as a test for myself to see what I could accomplish. Although my writing isn't perfect, I am proud of it and encourage you to check it out. Many of my readers have loved it and I would like your opinions aswell.