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Found 8 results

  1. What nerf gun would your OC use if they were in a nerf war (Assuming the gun was able to be used by your OC)? I'll post mine once some other users post.
  2. I have had this idea boiling around in my mind for a while...what if Hasbro decided to make a first-person shooter (or maybe third-person) where you play as the Equestria Girls, and they're armed with NERF weapons and Super Soakers? Hasbro makes both MLP and NERF/Super Soaker, so it could totally be done. Plus, in real life, people have live-action roleplays using NERF and Super Soakers, so it wouldn't be out of place in the EQG world. I won't go on about my ideas for this unless people actually want to hear them though; at the moment, the question on my mind is: do you suppose it might be a good idea?
  3. Ah, these things are always a blast. Here's a video documenting my most recent Nerf war, and hopefully the channel will continue to post a lot more of my Nerf escapades, haha. I'm in need of some constructive criticism, I do realize I should be going over modifications I made, gamemodes, etc. But from your point of view, what else should I be doing to correct problems I have yet to directly mention (I mention the issue of no microphone during the wars during the video). Anyways, here is the video, feel free to like/comment/subscribe if you enjoy the content, or are interested in more!
  4. Would you nerf an OP Pony in order to beat them? Note the overpowered ponies don't know they got nerfed. Let's say for example you challenge Applejack to a hoof wrestling match. But she's totally overpowered and you a mere underpowered human can't ever hope to defeat her. However, one day Discord gives a magical item that allows you to temporally nerf a pony's power. So, this time you stand a fair chance, if not an outright easy win depending on how much you nerf her powers. Said magical item could even be used to nerf Rainbow Dash, so that you a mere human could beat her in a race. The nerfing power is so great you could even beat Big Macintosh in a wrestling match. Even the almighty overpowered alicorns would fall before the power of the nerf.
  5. I had a silly idea, so I figured, why not let others share some as well? My personal silly idea is a Nerf Crossover, not in that the guns are used or anything, but rather the guns are characterised into ponies in the show. For instance, the Nerf Centurion is widely reguarded as cool looking, cool sounding, but comes with poor preformance, as such I could see the character being a super showy pegasus, that can't live up to snuff in a race. That's just a silly idea of mine, what're some of yours?
  6. So I just discovered tat there is a nerf gnu society at my university where you can have capture the flag ect with nerf guns ! Does anyone else own a gun or modified one? I'm going to buy a new one and hopefully put some decals on it so any ideas on which gun would be great !
  7. Hello little forum people. I have been making signatures for quite a while now. Using MS GIMP, and a little bit of Photoshop. Why am I telling you this? Well...if you've read the title this is going to be the thread where I basically dump all of my signatures and avatars I have made. I shall also update it everytime I make a signature, whether it's for me, or a special pony that I made it for. Here are my latest signatures: I shall post more of my older noobish ones when I'm not lazy.... (Also thank you to Chaotic Discord for giving me the idea to make this topic :3) EDIT: The font I use is Origin, sexy ain't it?
  8. Hey bronies, pegasisters, or any other people. Basically, there is a new law taking place in California on airsoft. I do not live there, but, I am going to move there for college. Basically, a new law is passing up. Now this law is absurd, even for anti gun people, Basicall it states that all people who own an airsoft gun, nerf, or pellet gun must use it only on private property and must have direct supervision from adults if the person is a minor. All guns must be colored bright orange or a color that make it look like a toy. If not, police are subjected to fire and the adults must pay a heavy fine. Now, this will put Evike and Ai out of business. Now, I don't know but it would be embaressing to walk around with an orange AK47. Here is the site where I found this: Could someone create a petition to sign. We need to keep california sane. I could care less if you had to carry your airsoft gun in a gun case, but don't do this to us. Please, ppl support me.