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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, everypony! So if you follow Smash, the entire gaming community was waiting a week longer than expected due to the earthquake in Japan to see who character number 68 would be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And now we have our answer. This is Isabelle. She comes from Animal Crossing New Leaf, where the player becomes the town's new mayor, and Isabelle will be the player's assistant. In the previous installment which was Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, she was an assist trophy. She is now the third Assist Trophy to be promoted to a playable fighter. The previous two being Little Mac and Dark Samus. What are your thoughts about Isabelle's debut in Super Smash Bros? Personally, I don't play Animal Crossing anymore, but I still care for the franchise and I will use her.
  2. Welcome to The Animal Crossing Master Thread Welcome, hello, and greetings! I made this thread for all things animal crossing related. The idea is simple: a hub for all of us on MLP forums to be able to share, trade, discuss and do all things Animal Crossing. I noticed no such thread existed prior to this, and that simply won't do. This is a game that is very community based and heavily reliant on having friends. So what better way to make friends than to check places you already frequent. So whether you have the game, or plan on getting it, this thread is for you! Commonly Asked Questions: What Is Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing is a life simulation game made by Nintendo. It was first introduced to English speaking parts of the world with the Gamecube game back in 2002. Since then, there have been 3 other major installments on the DS, Wii and now the 3DS! So this thread is all about New Leaf then, the newest installment on the 3DS? Correct, however when the new spin off game "Happy Home Designer" comes out, depending on its level of multiplayer involvement, it may too be incorporated in some manner. However it does not appear as though that game is going to be very multiplayer heavy. However there is a Wii U title called Amiibo Festival coming out that is more or less a Mario Party spin off of Animal Crossing. We are not certain if it will support internet play yet, so when more news on that pops up, I'll update this thread accordingly What if I play one of the older games? Can I still use this thread? Yes, you can to discuss those games, however since the Wii and original DS wifi has been shut down for good, trading with the older games or visiting towns is literally impossible now. There are some people working on like a way to get Wii and DS games back online, but the community for those games is now very small if non-existent. Animal Crossing unfortunately is a series where you sort of need to stay current to get the full benefit of it. There is a way to trade with the gamecube games via sending codes back and forth though. What can I do with this thread? That is completely up to you! You can trade, discuss the game, send your villagers to other people, get signatures for petitions in your town, visit other towns, or whatever you like! The idea is to bring players closer together and grow the animal crossing community as this is a game that's a lot of fun when you have friends! Where can I get the game? The game will work on ALL 3DS and 2DS models, and is around $25-35 in shops these days depending on where you go. You can also get it on the eShop right off of your 3DS if you have an SD card large enough for it. I have a European/Non-American version of the game, can I still play with people with different versions of the game? Yup! All versions of the game are compatible with each other. In fact there are certain items you can only get by trading with other versions of the game. Rules I ask everyone to follow certain level of etiquette when playing with other people. Remember these are real people and deserve respect! Treat them as you would like to be treated. Do not attempt to damage other players towns, or property. This includes destroying flowers, chopping down trees, or otherwise engaging in conduct that they do not desire. Some people may use hacks or cheats. This is something you have to accept and deal with because not every item in the game can be acquired legitimately yet, and to get some items you need to cheat. Please note there is NO way to determine if an item was brought into the game through any kind of cheating. It is physically impossible to track this kind of thing. No scamming of any kind. This includes but is not limited to: taking items from other players towns without permission, not meeting your end of a trade, or anything that involves obtaining items or services from other players without giving them the agreed upon payment/trade value. You MUST follow all rules of MLP Forums. No exceptions. Please do NOT report people facetiously. Anyone caught falsely reporting anyone will be subject to being blacklisted as well. Please ONLY report people who are legitimately ruining the game experience for other players! Please be respectful of the other players! Do not offer any kind of cheating services, this includes glitching, duping, RAM editing, and anything else to try and manipulate the game. If you wish to engage in any of these things, please do so on another thread/site/via PMs. You do so at your own risk though! Forewarning: duping runs the risk of losing items, RAM editing runs the risk of save file corruption and glitching can lead to many various undesired results. YOU ENGAGE AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND I WILL NOT BE DOING ANYTHING TO HELP CHEATERS. Must adhere to all of Nintendo's Terms of service, obviously. Reporting Cheaters/Rule Breakers/Anyone Playing in a Manner That is Intended to Reduce the Enjoyment of Other Players Sadly, not everyone likes to play fair or nice. As much as I'd like to think we're all better than this, let's face it: this kind of thing is going to happen. However I wish to reduce the amount of people getting harmed by this kind of behavior. Please note, if a person has SEVERELY harmed you in a manner that is NOT GAME RELATED, please CONTACT THE SITE STAFF AND REPORT THEM. THIS IS ONLY FOR REPORTING PEOPLE FOR GAME RELATED THINGS, NOT SITE RELATED. If a player has scammed you, please post the agreed upon items, and as much detail of the scam as possible. Using the 3DS screenshot feature can help you significantly in helping prove a lot of these cases. You may PM myself with the details and I will take action from there. If it is a violation of the site rules, I will tell you to speak with the site staff. Do not report people offering cheating services via PMs to me. All I will do about that is advise you not to use them and ignore said PMs. DO NOT post violators on this thread. They deserve a chance to tell their side of the story before attempting to slander them. Anyone caught doing so will be reported to site staff. I do not want people trying to hurt other people's play experience just because they do not like them. Anything breaking the site rules once again: will be reported right away. Please allow some time for me to look into it. I am only human and I am only online so many hours of a day. At some point I may appoint other people to take care of this stuff if necessary. I doubt we will have many issues though. People are not going to be black listed on a first offense unless it's extreme. Please make sure to get the person's friendcode and username on the site. Blacklist Below are a list of players who have played in a manner intended to damper other players experience and thus have been blacklisted with their friendcodes. You may still choose to engage with these players if you so choose, however consider this a warning that these players have chosen to harm other players experience. You choose to interact with them at your own risk! No one! Yay! Trading So, how do you trade on this thread? Well you can do so in any manner you like, but here is a good format for doing so. First of all, it's a good idea to make an account at MoriDB and create a list of items you are selling and a list you desire. This makes it easier for people to browse through your items and see what you have vs. what you want. It makes selling and buying a lot more streamlined and saves everyone a ton of time. However you are free to trade however you like. Just remember to offer fair trades to people. Don't expect insane prices for items that are very easy to acquire and do not lowball people for rare items. If you are unsure about an item look it up via the Animal Crossing Wiki. Friend Code List To make things easier on everyone, I have made this list for people to add their friendcodes so it's easier to find people who frequent this thread. If you want your friendcode added, simply post it with your town name or PM me and I'll add you to the list! Mist - 3840-6082-2301 Watatown Resources Below are a nice list of resources to help you with the game and are great tools for assisting in your experience! Try and check these resources BEFORE asking a question, please. MoriDB - An item database where you can display which items you wish to sell and which items you are currently seeking. It contains every item in the game. Animal Crossing Wiki - More or less the wiki of all things Animal Crossing. There is a good chance that anything you need to know is here somewhere if you look for it. Thonky's Animal Crossing Guide - One of the most definitive guides to Animal Crossing. Thonky's guide covers tons of the extras in the game and goes over almost everything there is to know about New Leaf from designing your face to the coffee shop! Animal Crossing Trade Reddit - A great community to trade if you can't find what you're looking for here. Will require a Reddit account. Happy crossing!
  3. I will start us off Dream Suite Code 5400-2214-1557 My 3DS friend code is 5086-1486-8628 Leave your's below and lets all hang out!
  4. So I've been playing animal crossing new leaf recently, and decided a thread like this would be a great place to discuss the games, trade between players, visit other people's towns, etc.I figure it'll mostly be about new leaf, seeing as it's the newest one. In particular I'm looking for cherries, and will offer apples, oranges, or something else we can discuss. Friend code: 5370-0639-9783
  5. NOTICE: It's difficult to talk about a new, upcoming game without discussing spoilers. If you don't want to see/read any spoilers, turn your buttocks in the other direction hastily! Hello my little lovelies! Are you excited for the new AC game? Yes? Of course you are, get your plot in here! What are you most excited for in the game? What do you normally spend your time doing in AC? Favourite K.K. songs? Favourite villagers? Discuss what you want! Share your friend codes here or over PMs if you wish! Mine is 1134-7462-2357, put my name in as Enny So far I'm UBER excited for all of the new fancy customisation options, especially the dresses! I have a fairly vast collection of QR codes waiting for June 14th (Europe release) to kit my character out in style for the get go hopefully! I love the little addition of seeing your fellow animal friends wandering in shops in your town etc, it just makes everything feel so much more alive~ Go go go! Discuss discuss! Ramble your excited rambles!
  6. As of now, it has been confirmed for a while that QR codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf are region free, so you can use codes from all around the world!! And I have a few that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy them for as long as you can, because I don't know if this thread will be banned or not... -Az Hatsune Miku Outfit: Sleeves, w/ or w/o tie, Etc. (If the link is broken, please, by all means, tell me.) Post some cool QR codes you have found!!!