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Found 7 results

  1. That day had came. That day had finally came, when Rainbow Dash would take her first flight with the Wonderbolts. This was it. She was about to start living her dream. She had waited all those years, trained all those months and studied all those weeks...for this, the first step in her dream to become the best Wonderbolt there was. Rainbow woke up with a jolt and a squeal, chomping down her breakfast and zipping toward the Wonderbolt HQ. There, Spitfire greeted her in her usual serious manner. It was hard for Rainbow to contain her excitement, but she managed to, despite Spitfire's warning about following the guidelines and staying in the group. Once in the air, it was a mental fight. Rainbow wanted to show her stuff, but knew she would get in trouble if she did. Due to this inner fight, it was very difficult for her to follow cue. "Swing right!" Spitfire yelled. Rainbow swung right but too hard clipping Fleetfoot and almost sending her into a spin. Spitfire glared at Rainbow. Rainbow frowned. When it came to synchronized inversions, Rainbow though she could sneak something extra in, but ended up bumping Soarin' and he almost lost control. "Get it together!" Spitfire barked at Rainbow. This was not going well for Rainbow, as her attempt at wanting to just be herself was failing. The last straw was pulled when she tried a synchronized maneuver, got caught in a loose wind and crashed on the ground. Everyone else landed smoothly. The audience was awestruck. It was dead silent. Most eyes were on Rainbow, and others are on the other Wonderbolts. Spitfire stomped over to the still down Rainbow, huffing out of her nostrils angrily. "Now...explain yourself...Rainbow...Crash." She hissed staring deep into Rainbow's magenta eyes. At that moment, when Spitfire, Rainbow's role model, her leader called her that name, yes, that name that always brought her down in flight school, she felt the sadness, shame and those memories of being taunted and bullied all gang up on her at once. She certainly didn't want to cry in front of Spitfire, which would make things 100x worse. She just looked at Spitfire then to the ground, knowing she did not want to expose herself. She couldn't take it and just flew off to the locker room. There, she was the only one there, and let a few tears escape. She tried to quickly dry them but missed a few areas. Some stains still remained along her eyes. Just then, trotting could be heard. Rainbow gasped and rushed to try to act as normal as she could. Spitfire was the first to come through the doors. Spitfire looked at Rainbow, seeing the tear stains on her eyes. Spitfire approached Rainbow with a look of anger. "Were you crying?!" She barked. "No ma'am...j-just excessive sweat ma'am..." Rainbow lied. Spitfire growled and walked off. Rainbow let out a quiet sigh of relief. Just then, Soarin' came in but not with his usual smile. "Look, Spitfire calls me Clipper. So what? Big deal. I can take it and so can you. Now suck it up!" He barked. This certainly didn't help at all. Rainbow thought of yelling back at Soarin' but that wouldn't help. "Says you..." She murmured. Soarin happened to hear this. He zipped right in front of Rainbow. "You back talkin'? He asked sternly. "N-no sir..." Rainbow managed to say. "Good, now get it together Crash!" Soarin barked. Rainbow winced yet again. Meanwhile, Spitfire was organizing her stuff and preparing for the next flight routine for later that day. Suddenly there was a knock. "Come in." She said with a serious tone. Soarin' trotted in. "Oh, hey there Soarin', what brings you here?" She asked. "Well...ever since you called Rainbow that name, Rainbow Crash, she's been acting very strange. I just can't get it into her head she needs to just suck it up and deal with it." Soarin' said. "Yeah well that's just her stubbornness, she just can't seem to let it go, oh well, that's her problem, but she'd better deal with it soon or else we're gonna have some major issues." Spitfire said. Soarin just sighed sadly. Rainbow was pacing back and forth trying desperately to forget all that had happened. She growled. "If only Spitfire hadn't called me that I wouldn't be like this, and if only they'd understand...but...oh forget's just not worth it..." Rainbow said lying in her bed and curling up. Rainbow thought of Twilight. "If they don't understand...then Twilight may..." Rainbow proclaimed making sure not to fly off base with her Wonderbolt suit on. She flew all the way to Twilight's castle. "So uhh, how has your first day as a Wonderbolt been?" Twilight asked. Rainbow sighed. "The worst ever..." She pouted. "What?! Why?" Twilight asked stunned knowing it was Rainbow's dream. Rainbow took a deep breath. "I...tried so hard to stay in the group for our first flight but...let myself go and ruined the entire routine. Spitfire then calls me that despicable name I earned in flight school and then both Spitfire and Soarin' say to suck it up and deal with it. I can't deal with it. It was the hardest thing I had to live with as a filly, and now thanks to those two...I have to go through it again." Rainbow ranted. "Oh dear..." Twilight said. "Hold remember helping Fluttershy overcome her past?" Twilight asked. "Well, you and her are totally in the same boat here, not physically speaking...see, overcoming the past and speaking up it helped Fluttershy. I understand this is your first day with the Wonderbolts. I know it can be intimidating, but because some ponies haven't lived it, they don't understand. Even if you are afraid, try, speak up and let them know that that name they call you is tied with your past, which you struggle with. Make them see the impact that name has on you." Twilight explained. "Are you sure...? Rainbow asked. "I'm the Princess of friendship after all..." Twilight stated. "Ok, I'll take your word for it...I-I gotta get back now, they're probably worried about me..." Rainbow stated as she headed out of Twilight's castle. Where is Rainbow?" Spitfire asked now aggravated. The door suddenly swung open. "Right here ma'am." Rainbow stated standing tall and proud. "It's about time you showed up Crash." Spitfire said. This time, Rainbow wasn't phased. Instead she took a deep breath. "It's Dash. You know, you might think that this thing you're doing is some sort of motivational thing, but really, it is tearing me up inside. That name has been around ever since flight camp. Step into my shoes and see what it was like to be bullied and teased all because you make mistakes and crash more than others because you just wanna show your stuff. Everypony has something they have to face. For some, it takes longer, but always shoving it into their face saying to suck it up and deal with it is just...just wrong. It hurts them even more, because the past shapes us all, yes, even the parts we hate...and using against whether for tradition or for your own gain...isn't gonna fly in my book." Rainbow proclaimed standing tall. Spitfire just looked at Rainbow awestruck. She thought all that time, was trying to make Rainbow what she wanted out of her. "I..." she started but stopped. Rainbow calmed down and waited. "I...I'm so sorry..." Spitfire said, ashamed of what she had done all that time. "All that time...I thought I was helping you to grow stronger. I ignored the fact that that nickname hurt you in the past...I should've lied to me in the locker room because you wanted to hide your feelings about that name...all because of my...ignorance. Now I understand. The past shapes us all and we cannot let our needs get in the way of the past struggles of others. Now I see the fight you had to fight upthere. You've always wanted to stand out individually and now struggle to work together to fit in to a team to stand out together. You are who you are and nothing can change that. Now I regret treating you the way I did..." Spitfire said sort of putting her head down. Rainbow had a smile on her face. "I forgive you no matter what. Because hey, we're not perfect but we can strive to be the best we can, no matter how many times we crash or fail." Rainbow said confidently. "We seriously owe you one Rainbow..." Soarin' said. "Wow...from the Wonderbolt Academy, to Rainbow Falls, and then now..." Spitfire said remembering all the lessons she has learned from Rainbow. "That's it...this next flight for lead it Rainbow. Because in all honesty, you've been an example to me, and now after the way we've treated you, we wanna give it back." Spitfire said. Rainbow was squealing on the inside. This was her ultimate chance, to show that no matter where you came from or how many times you crashed and fell, you are who you are. "Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!!" Rainbow flipped out. Spitfire and Soarin just looked at her with a smile. Spitfire then lookedat the time. "Well would you look at that. One minute 'til it begins. Places everypony!" Spitfire blared. This was it. Rainbow took front and center with Spitfire, Soarin and Fleetfoot alongside. "It's all yours Rainbow Dash." Spitfire said to Rainbow. Rainbow licked her chops and took off into the air followed by the others, leading them in various tricks and finishing with an amazing quad storm combo. I wrote this rewrite for a contest on Equestria Amino. Haven't gotten the results yet but I'd like some feedback.
  2. It still surprises me that an organization with so many problems like promoting hazing and being total d*cks (including a certain veteran who framed RD) is still alive. I think it would be put under scrutiny and eventually disbanded if the results are far worser. Maybe you'll get a new team who doesn't make the same mistakes, and appreciate RD more. What do you think?
  3. Honestly, after the way they treated her during the events of Newbie Dash I think she should leave the Wonderbolts. They bullied her, you don't tolerate bullies. You don't just suck it up. I was just waiting for the moment Rainbow yells at them and shouts "That's it! I quit!" and gives them the reason you suck speech.
  4. So I wanted to talk about 'Newbie Dash', my personal favourite episode of the sixth season so far. Despite this episode showcasing a significant moment in the show's history, (Rainbow Dash finally becoming a Wonderbolt), it has been obvious that since its air, it's received some harsh critique from what seems to be the majority of people. From what I've seen, people have generally referred to it as "cringe-worthy", badly written, placing Rainbow Dash in an already over-used plotline in which she tries to make the best of a situation in the wrong way; and probably the most common comment I've seen is the fact it seems to be glorifying/justifying the idea of bullying and name-calling. All this criticism is quite hard for me to take in, for I personally loved the episode. I thought it was the most enjoyable plotline thus far, mixing in the right amount of emotional moments with humorous moments, and being written in such a way that left me satisfied by the end, and thoroughly relating to the situation Rainbow Dash found herself in. So I've been thinking: am I weird for liking this episode so much? The one that so many people have such a strong hatred towards? If so many people dislike it, surely that must mean I've judged it wrongly and it's indeed awful. But I've decided I stand by my opinion that 'Newbie Dash' was a brilliant episode, and I've thought of a way to tell you all why. And also, perhaps, a way to explain why people hate it for the wrong reasons. So generally, it seems that the main critique of this episode is that the writers are trying to suggest that bullying and name-calling is glorified in an inappropriate way, which sends a bad moral towards viewers. We see Rainbow finally achieve her dream, but unsurprisingly find that her first day is not as amazing as expected. Specifically, what we find is that Rainbow not only makes a disastrous first impression, but her idols respond by labelling her with the nickname 'Rainbow Crash', the same name that was given to her by bullies during her foalhood. So of course, we feel for Rainbow Dash in this situation: the Wonderbolts are once again showing they can have a nasty streak about their nature, which can make us question her loyalty towards them. Because of her desperation to make a better impression, Rainbow Dash tries to find a way of standing out, first by impersonating her friends, and then by attempting a daring move at her first Wonderbolt performance. As we once again expect, this goes horribly wrong and she's forced to explain her actions. At this point, which is where most people find fault with the episode, Rainbow Dash finds her hurtful nickname is in fact a shared jab among all the Wonderbolts, reflecting on the fact they've all messed up badly in their early days on the team. Now, people severely criticized this plot point for understandable reasons. Is this a way of justifying bullying? After all, it was clear Rainbow Dash was uncomfortable with the nickname, and we hated the Wonderbolts for it, and the fact they didn't get their comeuppance was probably unsatisfying for a lot of people. Were the writers implying that teasing and mocking is okay because it's all in good fun? I can definitely understand why people would think that. For a time, I began to think like that too. But it's been some time since the episode aired and I've been debating this idea in my head. Now I believe that people might have the wrong idea about what the moral was trying to say. I think the message was less about the actual name-calling, but more about Rainbow Dash's first impression and how that made her feel. We saw her excited to join the Wonderbolts, her first day then going badly, and her nickname is used as a constant reminder of that. Because of this, she doesn't feel she truly belongs, and has to find a way to prove that she has talent, hence her ridiculous efforts to get noticed all the way through the episode. But then we find out at the end that ALL the Wonderbolts made bad impressions on their first day, which is why they were all labelled with nicknames. So, to argue against the general conception about the moral, the message seems to be saying, quite simply, that everyone has a bad first day. No-one is alone in feeling that, even the most talented people in the world who have already reached the peaks of their careers. We see that put into practice in 'Newbie Dash'. The ending is not justifying name-calling, but instead provides a way of reassuring Rainbow Dash that she is not alone in messing up her first day. ALL her idols have done it, including Spitfire, whom she arguably looks up to the most. We didn't even hear the nickname she had, so assume it must have been bad, but it puts Rainbow Dash in a better position because the Wonderbolt she looks up to the most has had her own share of bad days, and that puts her idols in a totally different perspective. Specifically, a much more positive one. No one is perfect after all. This is something I've been thinking about for a while and felt the need to get it out in the open. As stated before, I think 'Newbie Dash' is a brilliant episode, regardless of other's opinions, and truly believe this is the way people should interpret the moral. If you put that with the well-written humour and uplifting moments as we see our little Rainbow Dash finally achieving her dream, you've got an episode to remember. Go, 'Newbie Dash'.
  5. Okay, so I've never done an episode review before, but considering what happened in Season 6 Episode 7, and the reactions it's been getting by the fandom, I've decided to step up. Obviously, there are spoilers here, so you'd better watch the episode first. Duh. Newbie Dash. Now, where to start... Rainbow Dash has just been told my Spitfire, captain of the Wonderbolts, that they're going to make her a proper member, and want her to fly in a show in Ponyville. Let's address how big a deal this is, before we go on. Rainbow Dash, the athletic pegasus we all know and (some of us) love, the one who has spent her entire life, and six seasons, gushing over how awesome the Wonderbolts are, has just been made a member of her heroes. This is the same as saying you've spent your whole life idolising an artist or writer, and they recognise your work and want to plug it. Or whatever ambition you chase, and your hero in it has recognised you. Just imagine how that would feel. That is what Dash had. Anyway, so we've had the usual Mane Six get together, and Dash is being her usual overconfident self. Which is fine, it's her flaw, and an imperfect character makes a perfect character. She arrives at the Wonderbolt base, and of course, Drill Sergeant Spitfire is there... and as well as being authoritative, is also being quite friendly with Dash. She recognises her and her talents. This is some good display of development, along with continuity. Later on, she's looking at herself in the mirror with her Wonderbolts uniform on. Obviously, she's feeling the pressure, but trying to keep herself calm and focused. Again, totally natural. Now, I should point out that when Dash first arrived, Spitfire alerted her to 'look both ways before crossing the runway'. Which is fine and dandy - safety first, and all that. But the problems arise when Dash forgets this rule and she nearly crashes into other Wonderbolts. Why didn't she remember, some might ask. Well, where she lives, as Doc Emmett Brown once said, "We don't need roads." In other words, she's never had to look both ways once in her life, so of course a new rule like that is going to fly over her head on the first day. Anyway, back to the plot. Not that one, you dirty so and so. So Dash nearly crashes into the Wonderbolts, and she ends up diving into a garbage can out of panic. Fair enough, it happens to the best of us. And then one of the Wonderbolts (whatever her name is) comes out with "Nice introduction, Rainbow Crash." Now, anyone who's followed the show since Season One will know the history behind that name, and what it means to Dash. Anyone who hasn't or doesn't know, not to worry, obligatory flashback sequence ho! Filly Dash tries to make a big first impression, and crashes into a garbage can. Then, kids will be kids, the name starts flying. And then the teacher starts snickering. That is the most douchebag thing anyone could ever do. Anyway, snap back to the present, and Dash is looking rather upset. Also, note that the only one who asks if she's okay is Soarin'. We got a good guy here. Props to pie boy. I mean, I understand that the Wonderbolts are essentially a military unit as well as a performance team, but sure they could at least show a little concern for one of their own? Spitfire rationalises that no one was hurt and it's all good, so training starts. Dash lags behind, possibly due to the PTSD she just suffered because it truly makes sense for her to lose focus, and what happens? "Higher, Crash!" "Be careful, Crash!" "Crash, speed up!" Dash is not a happy little pony right now. And what happens at the end of the day? She's dubbed the worst flyer of the day and tasked with cleaning up the compound. Pow, right in the self-confidence. Later on, Dash is visibly upset, and lo and behold, her friends (and the Cutie Mark Crusaders) are there to surprise her! Of course, Dash being Dash, she tries to hide that she's had a bad day, but her friends see through her right there and then. Like good friends. Eventually, Dash comes to the conclusion that in order to fit in, she had to fit in the way her friends would. And here, fillies and gentlecolts, is where the controversy among the fandom starts. She starts going around the team acting just like her friends, even mimicking their mane styles, which I personally thought was an adorable little touch. Oh, and Reading Rainboom and Care Mare. I see what you did there. Obviously, her team isn't impressed with her. Rightfully so, since she's likely being annoying to them. But here's the point - have you ever had a feeling, especially as a child, where you felt like you had to act different, or dress different, or change yourself in some way so that some people you really like would start to respect you? Even if it was for someone you weren't? Let me remind you that Rainbow Dash has spent her entire life idolising the Wonderbolts. Borderline worshipping them. And now that she sees that they haven't accepted her right away, along with unknowingly using a trauma-inducing nickname for her, things are looking grim. She's panicking, and trying anything she can think of to get her heroes to accept her. This, right here, is the big deal of this part. They even get 'Crash' engraved on her outfit. How is she supposed to feel about this? Of course, Spitfire comes out with the 'everyone on the team has their own nicknames' thing. Okay, that's fine, it's a thing that happens. But Dash's is a name that has more or less scarred her. And here's the big issue with everyone - why doesn't she come out and tell them about her childhood trauma? Let me put it like this. "Hey, so, you're my heroes and I've loved the Wonderbolts since I was a filly, and after years of training and studying, I've finally managed to become one of you. So, um, do you mind if I just tell you a bit about a psychologically scarring moment in my childhood?" I understand Spitfire, being the captain, is supposed to listen to such things. And of course, she seems like the character who would genuinely care and put an end to it. But considering how much Dash respects her, do you think she'd really step up to the Wonderbolts - and I don't think I need to remind you how big of a deal they are - and tell them that? To Spitfire of all ponies? Spitfire to Rainbow Dash is Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe to any aspiring horror writer. She's the top dog. Dash probably wouldn't think she'd have time or patience to listen. And another thing - childhood trauma is not easy to let out to other people, even as an adult. Ever. Anyway, the show is minutes away from starting, and Dash wants Scootaloo to kick a thundercloud toward her so that her final part in the show would make her stand out amongst the Wonderbolts and be respected by them. I don't think I need to remind you of Dash's mindset right now. Scootaloo is obviously not that cool with it, but since Dash is the Spitfire to her Dash, she goes along with it. And after a little Pinkie Pie silliness, we see Dash's plan unfold. Keeping to the status quo, the plan goes awry and she crashes. The Wonderbolts are not pleased. It's not until Dash finally admits to feeling embarrassed and undermined that we finally see the reason behind the Crash name they gave her - everyone shares their embarrassing team names and stories behind them. And we're left in the dark about Spitfire's. Let's leave that to the theorists, shall we? So now Dash is feeling a little better about it, because she knows it's not personal, it's just a jab at her being the new girl. They were all new at some point, so it's only a little tradition they have. Episode end. In a nutshell, the message and the way it was portrayed... yes, it could have been better. Dash was a bit exaggerated in what she was trying to do. But, it's not about how she did it, it's the message itself. As I mentioned before, there are many kids in the world who feel like they have to change themselves in order to fit in with their peers, lest they be stuck feeling like a social outcast. And yes, you have to vent out your trauma and stuff so people will lay off. But, again, it's not easy. You can't just walk up to the people you've spent your entire life idolising and just tell them to stop giving you a name because you don't like it. They're going to throw digs at you for being the newbie, that's how the world goes. Plus, childhood trauma is not easy for anyone to get off their chest. They've lived with that underlying pressure, and it's so personal that it's stuck to them. Childhood bullying is not a small issue. It's a big problem, and it always has been. It's going to mess up anyone's psyche. And let's not forget, there's only so much you can fit into a 22 minute episode of a show aimed for children. Now, if you'll all excuse me, my fingers want to murder me for making them work so hard.
  6. Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews." What's that I smell? A controversial, polarizing episode you say? Well now, this should be fun! Yes, Rainbow Dash has finally joined the Wonderbolts, and as I very much expected, this is going to be a polarizing episode that people either love or hate, so without further ado, let's dive into "Newbie Dash"! First off, let's get the controversial aspects out of the way. I would describe this episode (as I already did earlier in this thread) as the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice of this season so far. It's undoubtedly flawed, there's no getting around that, BUT those flaws do not mean one cannot like or even love this episode. You just need to understand the flaws in order to do so. So what do I personally think is the biggest flaw? Well, it's not the Wonderbolts behavior, nor is it the fact that Rainbow Dash freaked out and made some poor decisions. Both of those can be justified and I will do later in my review. I think the biggest flaw is that Dash's poor choices came across as too impulsive and reactionary. We didn't always get great insight into WHY she was doing what she was doing beyond "she's freaking out and wants to make a good impression," so it left us wondering how exactly some of the things she was doing was supposed to make a good impression on the Wonderbolts (most notably her confusingly impersonating her friends). This made her actions seem stupider and far more cringeworthy than they were, so yes, some of her actions were sloppily executed, there is no getting around that. Really though, that was the biggest problem in the episode, and it wasn't one which, for me, ruined the episode. That out of the way, let's get into the good which saved this episode and made it a worthy start to Rainbow Dash's finally fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a Wonderbolt. First of all, the beginning was fantastic. This felt like a nice balance of how Dash should learn she becomes a Wonderbolt. Too much fanfare would have felt forced, so it was nice that it was something very much unexpected for her; as far as she was concerned, she was still going to be a Wonderbolt Reservist for the foreseeable future, so to have that suddenly dropped on her made for an elated reaction of surprised shock that was raw and genuine. The fact that both Spitfire and Scootaloo were there, however, also made it meaningful; Scootaloo looks up to Rainbow more than anypony else, so to have her share in this moment for her was wonderful to see, and likewise Spitfire has long been an idol of Rainbow's, so it was great to see her deliver the news that Rainbow was finally to become a Wonderbolt, and on a permanent basis no less. Overall, that was really the best way we could've seen Dash learn she was to become a Wonderbolt; nothing felt forced or too overblown, but at the same time it was an undeniably special moment, so clearly the writers put a lot of thought into that. Oh my gosh, what's wrong with your face?! The Mane 6 were really strong here as well, I thought, because they gave just the right amount of support without helping too much. All they could really offer was helpful advice, but at the same time they could only influence too much since, obviously, they can't be with Rainbow as she was working with the Wonderbolts. It's a nice sign that the girls continue to get older and won't always be doing everything together as they fulfill their own personal dreams, similar to Rarity opening more dress shops or the CMC pursuing their own personal passions and hobbies away from each other. But they were still there through thick and thin for Rainbow as much as they could be, especially Fluttershy who, having grown up with Dash and being as sensitive as she is, had to especially understand how hard it must have been for Rainbow to once again get the nickname Rainbow Crash. Rainbow herself behaved pretty much as she should have in this type of episode, some of her SPECIFIC actions aside. Yes she had cringeworthy moments, but again, they were understandable and justifiable. This is THE thing she has dreamed of her whole life. She never dreamed of being a savior of Equestria, she never dreamed of being an Element Bearer or one of the icons of the Magic of Friendship in Equestria, but she has always, always, ALWAYS dreamed of being a Wonderbolt. Therefore, her having butterflies in her stomach that made her an absolute nervous wreck was plenty understandable. She tried to be too confident, cool, and cocky, she tried to stand out too much, she tried to do anything she could to make a positive impression on ponies she'd always called her idols who were suddenly her teammates no matter how irrational it might be. It was her first days at work at what was essentially her dream job, so she can easily be forgiven for doing some stupid things. Lots of people in a similar position would and have freaked out similarly, because suddenly, the one thing you've dreamed about your entire life is a reality, and that can be mentally overwhelming. It did not help her nerves that she made such a bad first impression and kept thinking that she was this close to getting thrown right out. But in the end, Rainbow learned a fantastic lesson because of all of this, one which demands she take what she has learned as a member of the Mane 6 and apply it to her being a Wonderbolt. Being a Wonderbolt is not and was never about her shining more than anypony else; sure she had to have a ridiculous amount of talent to get there, something the Wonderbolts themselves more than recognized, but once you get there, you have to take that talent and what makes you special and channel it into making the entire group special, not just you. Rainbow has been learning this ever since she became an Element Bearer, the strength of a team, a group, how much stronger that is than any one single pony. So it was fantastic to see that she now HAS to apply what she has learned to the thing she has always dreamed of, and that is a lesson worth learning in her first outing as a Wonderbolt. Oh Rainbow, you don't have to try to act like an egghead, you were already one The Wonderbolts themselves, I thought, were very strong here, mostly because of the ending. Some of their hazing of Dash came across as mean-spirited at times, but the end made it abundantly clear that that's just what it was, lighthearted, ritual hazing, nothing more. Dash was the newbie, and they haze every newbie. They all have embarrassing nicknames because, in a group of the most talented fliers in Equestria, being reminded of your most embarrassing moments helps both bring ridiculously talented fliers back down to earth and also builds comradery between them all. They were also very different in their behavior, which nicely reflected their positions. Some of the regular Wonderbolts were more teasing to Rainbow while Spitfire, being the leader, was far more no-nonsense with her, even if she too still hazed her. Wonderbolt's who knew Rainbow more closely, like Soarin and Fleetfoot, were also more supportive and encouraging than some of the other ones were, and that was a nice bit of continuity. The end, where they all explained that they've all been where Dash was, completely justified their actions. They've all had her nerves, they've all been newbies, they've all had their embarrassing moments. This changed their actions throughout the episode from being mean-spirited and singling out Dash to simply being a routine part of her initiation. If they didn't care about her, they wouldn't be singling her out as the newbie but simply ignoring her. But like any rookie on a sports team, Dash is the newbie, so she has to go through the growing pains of being one as any newbie on the Wonderbolts would. The nickname isn't meanspirited like when she was bullied as a filly, it's supposed to be something she can look back on and laugh about. Some day, she'll be doing the same thing to other newbies on the Wonderbolts, and it won't be any more mean-spirited than the Wonderbolts behavior here was. Beyond that, it was very nice finally getting a sense for how the Wonderbolts work. They take their jobs very seriously because being the best fliers in Equestria doesn't just mean they're show ponies and performers. They're leaders among ponies and the pegasi, so being able to work together as a unit and team as smoothly as possible is supremely important to them, especially their leader Spitfire. They may all be special in their own ways, but when you're a Wonderbolt, you're one of many, not just THE Wonderbolt. Call backs to their history were nice, it was cool getting to see their barracks, training, and performance, and just cool in general getting to see the whole team together, not just one or two of them like we normally do. The fact that they gave Rainbow a pat on the back and told her to keep her chin up at the end was the icing on the cake, since, once again, it highlighted that they've all been where she was. They're only ponies, after all. They've all bucked up as Wonderbolts, they've all been the newbies, so they get it, she's nervous and freaking out. But that's not going to stop them from embracing her as one of their own, which they're more than thrilled to do; after all, they know she is ridiculously talented, even more so than the rest of them. She's going to be great someday with them, she just has to get the hang of it is all. Did... did the show suddenly become self aware of R34 and just decide to purposely give us R34 material? Cause that's what I'm getting from this episode Aside from that, there's not too much else to cover. Seeing Scootaloo get in some nice interactions with Rainbow was really nice, as always. The humor was a bit hit and miss. Some of the physical gags (like Pinkie's cotton candy bit) felt a little forced, and some of Dash's freaking out moments could be both cringeworthy but also hilarious (best example being her Mane 6 impressions; the action itself was very confusing, but hearing Dash impersonate all her friends was hilarious and some wonderful voice acting from Ashleigh Ball as well). I actually thought the Wonderbolt's humor was the funniest, weird right? I don't want this to sound mean, but some of their hazing was genuinely funny. Not so much the nickname Rainbow Crash, but the way they started treating it so normally got quite a few giggles from me. That and how annoyed they got at Rainbow at times, mostly because I never got the sense that they were going to kick her out. They were just annoyed at her because she was the newbie of the group doing newbie things, so yeah, I thought that was pretty funny. That's it, isn't it? Be honest writers, I mean, what else could it possibly be?! Overall, this is an episode very much worth liking, with some stuff to love even. It has a very nice message about what achieving your dream job might actually be like at first and how one shouldn't take ribbing so seriously, while also illustrating how sometimes our nerves can wind up making us our own worst enemy. Is it flawed? Yes, it is, mostly in aspects of its execution. But that doesn't mean I don't like it, nor think this isn't what Rainbow deserved in becoming a Wonderbolt. I think this is a moment that so many people will have hyped up in their heads that, in many ways, it was always going to disappoint in some way. It's been built up too much not to. But for what they did with it, I'm very happy with how Rainbow Dash becoming a Wonderbolt turned out. She had some growing pains to go through, but she made it! SHE MADE IT GUYS!!! She's a Wonderbolt, for good, and she knows it! That's why she was so happy at the end, and we should be to. This isn't just something that happened in the final episode of the show in some two minute epilogue. Rainbow Dash is, for good, a Wonderbolt, and we get to see that for as long as the show continues!!! I don't know about you, but for me, that fact alone is the epitomy of coolness, awesomeness, and radicalness. Rainbow Dash is a Wonderbolt now and forevermore; it's canon, won't be taken away, and we get to see Rainbow for as long as the show goes on get to live her dream, not simply achieve it. That alone makes this episode completely worth it and worthy of Rainbow Dash's dream finally being brought to life. That's all I got everypony; if you still don't like it even after reading my review, no big, to each their own. But this is the best I could do to defend this episode. Until next week everypony, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* She didn't just achieve the dream; she's living the dream, and we get to see it. I'd say that's the walking, talking definition of 20% cooler, if I do say so myself