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Found 5 results

  1. ATTENTION! PONIVERSE NEWSLETTER NOW HIRING!!! Good evening everypony! First of all, for all you American bronies, we at Poniverse hope ya'll had a very Happy Thanksgiving with friends or family! Here's hoping your bellies are stuffed, belts loosened, and that you are well into a food coma (if not your second or third). That out of the way, we've got some exciting news for ya'll here at Poniverse! The Poniverse newsletter staff is, as of this moment, currently hiring new staff members. While I have no details as to what positions exactly are open, nor do I have an application to link you to, feel free right now to contact 11th Doctor Whooves via PM if you have any questions about what positions are open, what staff responsibilities would be, how you can apply and/or qualify for a position, etc. Once I have an application to link you to as well, I promise that I will post that as soon as I can. Thank you all for your time, and have a nice evening and rest of your Thanksgiving everypony! We hope to see many of you apply to join our staff and are sure that you all may have some really great things to contribute to Poniverse, so please, don't be afraid to apply!
  2. The Poniverse Newsletter As some of you might now, we started a project some time ago; a newsletter with information about Poniverse and its sister sites, as well as some other enjoyable things for you to read and look at. The newsletter was created to give you information about recent and future changes that you might have missed reading about here on MLP Forums or which you maybe not even knew about. With sections about Poniverse, MLP Forums,,, The Last Stand of Harmony, PoniArcade, featured content and more, we try to make the newsletter as interesting as possible for you. This little project fell by the wayside, however the team has been rebuilt and the Newsletter has been resurrected. We are back! We just released the 5th issue for the newsletter via email. Hopefully you will like it, however there is always room for improvements and new ideas. Therefore, we would like to hear your opinions on this. If you have any suggestions on how the newsletter can be improved, please tell us below in a post. The Poniverse Newsletter team consists of: @Jeric - Project Leader, Writer @Rainbow Skywalker - Editor, Writer @Lightwing - Writer of the Giggles - Interviewer - Community Writer - Poniverse Public Relations Head If you find any errors or incorrect information in the newsletter, please Find the newsletter here: Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 Issue #5Issue #6 Issue #7 Issue #8
  3. PacificGreen

    Poniverse Newsletter

    Thanks to the Poniverse Staff for choosing to feature my comic in their recent newsletter! I'm always glad to share my work with everyone here. So yeah, that's all. Peace out, ~PG/Natsu
  4. The gates are now closed. As many of you might know, Poniverse has... or had, a newsletter that was published about once each month. However, for the last few months, no newsletter has been published. This is because a couple of reasons, one of them being a lack of news. However, it is mainly because I (as leader of the project) have been unable to continue working with it due to things I have had to deal with in my life. The staff working with Poniverse do not have any kind of blog or similar where we give information to all Poniverse users. Therefore, the Poniverse newsletter is the only way for us to communicate with our community as a whole. This makes the newsletter quite important and we need to continue to publish it. My team which I worked with to create the issues we have released so far is sadly no longer capable of doing the job because of various reasons. Because of this, I now need a passionate new crew to create the newsletter. Most of the staff are busy with tasks of their own, so I am now asking you the community for volunteers. Right now, exactly what the job will be is not yet determined, but it is more or less only a writing job and the team shall help each other with whatever we have on the table. Some of the different things to write about could be for example: Pony FM - Write about news/changes to our music archive website where Poniverse users can share their music with the rest of the community. Equestria TV - Write about news/changes to our media streaming website where Poniverse users can watch videos together or watch a livestream of the new MLP episodes. MLP Forums - Write about news/changes or events that has taken place on the forums. This can be everything from new rules, art and merch actions to interesting threads you would like to share. PoniArcade - Write about news/changes to our brony gaming network. The Last Stand of Harmony - Write about news/changes to the upcoming fanmade MLP feature film in collaboration with Poniverse. Interviews - The interview section which we have included in the newsletter was a great add-on and people loved it. Interview people of Poniverse or other known people within the fandom. Featured content - This is one of the sections I have been doing myself, here you can dig up some great art/music/fiction or other creations that you would like to shine some light upon and tell us your thoughts of. Some knowledge about the topic is an advantage. For example, don't review fanfiction if you have never read fanfiction before. Events - Write about events within the brony communiy that might have something to do with Poniverse such as Bronycon. Other - Write about other news that needs to be covered. Now, what we are looking for is someone who is engaged and motivated to do their job, as well as someone who is passionate about it. We do not want someone who can't spend the time required to do the job. You need to know how to write in an article-sort of style (well, at least kinda. Don't worry, I'm not super strict) and you need to know how to write a text where you clearly show your own opinions as well as how to write from a neutral standpoint, if required. Some knowledge about Poniverse and its sites is welcomed. It is preferred if you have somewhat good grammar, however eventual mistakes can be fixed before release by the rest of the team. Last but not least, we need to be able to contact you. If you know already that you are away a lot of the time, this is probably not your job (don't worry if you're away at work or similar, as long as we do not have to wait three days before you answer us it should work fine). It is important that the team stays in touch with each other so we can discuss things when needed. This has been the major problem in the past, me or another member of the crew has asked something in the Skype group chat and has not gotten an answer for many days. Therefore, you must check up on our joint conversation every now and then to catch up on eventual changes or questions. Right now it is unclear how many people we need, but too many is better than too few. If two people are away, the newsletter must be able to continue anyways. To apply: Send me (Jokuc) a message by going to my profile or press this button -> The title of the message should be properly titled "Newsletter job application" and you must include a reason why you want to contribute as well as why I should pick just you for the job. Please tell me if you have experience or knowledge that in some way could be positive for the work on the newsletter. If you wish to show us some of your work, you could write a little text about something in the brony fandom so we can tell whether you will do for the writing part or not, however this is not required. Each application will be read by me and I will pick out a couple that I think look promising. The administrators will then make the final picks. Note: You will NOT get paid for this job, neither will you get any fancy features here on MLP Forums. Those who apply should apply because they want to help and provide the community with something. The deadline is July 20th. If you wish to look at some examples of the previous issues of the newsletter, you can find some here: #1, #2, #3, #4 Our goal is to make the newsletter better than the previous issues, but after doing a few issues now, I know that is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, the writing part is not super hard, but the difficult part is to find something interesting to write about. This has been one of the major problems for us before. That being said, it's not a hard job if you just finish your part, I mean if you know what to write, then it'll be super easy. It is just one newsletter a month after all. If you have any questions or thoughts, please post them in this thread and I will respond as fast as possible. tl;dr:
  5. Sterling Crimson

    I'm on the newsletter! :D

    I got on the newsletter! Woohoo! I feel great! Sorry if I'm feeling really excited, but this was the perfect chance for me to show why I love My Little Pony so much and how much the show was changed my life. I've even shown it some of my friends and found a brony in the process! If you're asking where in particular I got featured, well I've been interviewed by our very own Harmonic Revelations! Have a read and tell me what you think! I'm planning on submitting an article about My Little Pony that features snippets of this interview to our university's newspaper! Here's the link, Enjoy!