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Found 37 results

  1. I was intrested to know what others favorite cartoons from their childhood? Here are my top 5 1. DBZ Toonami Ftw 2. Ed, Edd, & Eddy- "Butter Toast.." 3. Animaniacs 4. Courage the Cowardly Dog 5. Beavis & Butthead
  2. To celebrate Dora and the Lost City of Gold Nickelodeon will air a 24 Dora the Explorer Marathon on Friday August 9th. I think this is a great way to promote the movie and Im totally all in it Vamanos lets go.
  3. Okay I see there is a thread for the best and worst Cartoon Network shows well I think there should also be one for in Nickeldeon because in my opinion, they're even more in the toilet then cartoon network. At least cncan make a few decent shows, nickelodeon only has like maybe 1 or 2 or maybe 3 Best Spongebob Squarepants (first 3 seasons and movie) The Fairly Odd parents up until Poof got there Jimmy Neutron Angry Beavers invader Zim Rocko's Modern Life Hey Arnold The Avatar series the new TMNT from what saw of it was good Drake and Josh Ned's Declassified Worst Fanboy and Chum Chum Victorious Big Time Flush Rush icarly Nick Studio 10 (Saw a clip of it one time oh my gosh it was terrible) And that's what I've got. Now there are some old nicktoons that I personally don't like that much but they didn't sink as low as this plus I don't want to mention them to accidently ruin someone's childhood or something So discuss away
  4. Harvey Beaks was a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon 4 years ago in 2015. It was created by C.H. Greenblatt who also created Chowder and was also a writer for early SpongeBob(Band Geeks!) and Billy & Mandy. This show was unlike anything Nick ever put out. It has a lot more in common with MLP, Peanuts and Winnie the Pooh than it does to most Nick shows. It follows a bird named Harvey and his imp friends Fee & Foo and have adventures in the magical forest and many of the characters are forest animals. The show has a strong emphasis family and friendship, lovable quirky characters, stunning watercolor visuals, charming stories and a beautiful orchestrated soundtrack. Nick shows are very infamous for being over the top and having gross out but Harvey Beaks is the direct opposite. The humor is subtle but charming. This show like MLP requires some commitment but if you stay invested you’ll love it, and it’ll make you feel like a child again. Unfortunately the show was screwed over by Nick because it couldn’t get SpongeBob level ratings. Greenblatt was displeased with the Network for doing this, with the show being cancelled after 2 seasons. As a result few people know of it or watched it. It’s easily one of the greatest cartoons I’ve ever watched period. I even like it more than most of the classic Nick shows, it’s that good.
  5. One thing I've always enjoyed growing up was game shows. Especially the ones made for kids. Most of them were on Nickelodeon, but there were a few shown on syndication and other networks as well. My favorite ones were: Double Dare Think Fast Fun House Where in the World/Time is Carmen Sandiego Nick Arcade Legends of the Hidden Temple Nickelodeon Guts What are some of your favorite kids game shows?
  6. What's your favorite 90s nick show. My favorites are aaahh real monsters and rockos modern life.
  7. For those who don't know, Nickelodeon has 2 sister networks, Nick Jr. aimed at preschoolers, and TeenNick, aimed at teenagers. But what's interesting about these networks is the lengthy history behind them. Once upon a time, they began as one partnership between two companies, promising to educate and make learning cool for kids. Way back in 1995, Nickelodeon began blueprints for a teacher friendly network that hoped to make education fun and interesting amoung a young audience. Something like Discovery Channel or The Learning Channel, but geared more towards Nick's demographics. The problem? Nick would have to acquire 90% of it's programing to avoid canabilism with the Nick Jr. block. Acquiring that much programing for a 24-hour channel would cost a lot of time and money. Arround the same time, shortly after Cro was canceled, Children's Television Workshop (CTW), the production company behind Sesame Street, tried launching their own kids' network with a simillar purpose called.... and I'm not kidding here, "Kid City". Wow, real creative guys. Unfortunatley, it never got off the ground, and was scrapped shortly afterwards. CTW knew they didn't have the man power, rescourses, or brand recognition to operate a TV network on their own, so they decided to turn to someone with experience. And what better company to turn to, than the 1st kids network itself. In 1998, CTW teamed up with Nickelodeon to create a brand new channel that filled both companies goals. Between the two they pulled their resources, and the final product, was Noggin. Touted as a "Squirm as you learn kids thinking channel" Noggin was created to be an educational network that made learning cool for children. It also featured a creator driven website in which viewers could create and submit various content to the website that may show up on air. It would feature programing from both Nick and CTW including, Sesame Street, Cro, 3-2-1 Connect, The Electric Company, Ghost Writer, Doug, Nick News, and various Nick Jr. reruns. The network would also produce it's own original content, but that wouldn't happen until at least a year after launch. To run the network, Thomas Ascheim was appointed as general manager. Noggin offically launched on Febuary 2nd, 1999 @ 6:00am starting with the very first episode of Sesame Street. The channel ran 24-hours, and was commercial-free, though originaly, CTW wanted it to be ad-supported. At launch, Noggin was avalible in 1.5-2 million homes, not viewers, homes that simply recieved the channel as part of their cable package. Initally, the network simply aired reruns of already created content by both it's parent companies, and off-network acquisitions like Bill-Nye the Science Guy. In 2000, a year after it's launch, CTW changed it's name to Sesame Workshop, to reflect it's most well known property. That same year, Noggin premired it's first batch of original series, including (But not limited to) A Walk In Your Shoes, a reality show where kids with two different backgrounds and interests, switch places with each other. Sponk, a bizzare mix of sharades and Who's Line is it Anyway?. And The Phred on Your Head show, a talk show hosted by the channel's mascott, Phred featuring the aforementioned creator driven content from Noggin's website. The channel looked to have a bright future ahead of it. However, this wouldn't last long. In 2001, Noggin announce plans to more agressively court the older quarter of it's target audience, the 12-14 year olds. Tomassi Lindman, VP of the channel's programing and production department said "We're looking for programing exclusively for our older 12-14 year old kids. It's where our library is the weakest, and it's where we feel there is the largest potential growth." That came into play soon enough, because in 2002, 3 years after launch, the channel announced a new format. It will now be split into 2 different dayparts, Noggin itself would be repurposed into a preschool network, and would feature exclusively preschool programing, meanwhile, afternoon and evenings would be home to a new network, The N. Whereas Noggin would target preschoolers, The N would be marketed to adolecents, the demographic with large amounts of free time and larger amounts of disposable income. The reason for this change was because Noggin's prime-time ratings which consisted of nostalgic reruns for adults, were much lower than expected. Both blocks would run 12 hours a day, and alternate between evening and night. They would operate seperately, with different websites and ratings reports, but would still be under one roof. This is similar to how Cartoon Network and Adult Swim operate, in which they are each distinct networks with their own operations, but still operate under one management unbrella. The split officially occured on, Ironically enough, April 1st, 2002, and no, it was not a joke. The channel still remained commercial free, and was still co-owned by Sesame Workshop. That is until a few months later, when Sesame Workshop sold it's 50% interest in the channel to Nickelodeon, taking it's programing library with them. This move gave Nickelodeon full control of both Noggin and The N. By 2003, the change was clear. The new Noggin, featuring hosts Moose A. Moose, and Zee the bird, aired programing from Nickelodeon, foreign aquisitions, and original programing. Meanwhile The N..... aired programing from Nickelodeon, foreign aquisitions, and original programing. Oh yeah, and butchered reruns of Daria. But perhaps The N's most famous series, was Degrassi. This Canadian Teen Soap Opera would become the network's highest rated series for many years and it still continues to this day. It also helped paved way for other simillar shows on the network like the ground-breaking and critically acclaimed, South of Nowhere. Although, Sesame Workshop no longer owned Noggin at this point, they still produced content for the network such as the Sesame Street spin-off, Play With Me Sesame. In 2004, Nickelodeon announced that The N, would become an ad-supported network. While Noggin would remain commercial-free, Nick hoped to attract advertisers for the ever lucrative 12-24 year old market to the nightime network for teens. The N also ran a programing block featuring the then latest programing from Nick's TEENick block, the same was true vice-versa, as the TEENick block also ran an hour of programing from The N. That same year, The N premired it's first original animated series, and one of the most overlooked cartoons of the 2000s, O'Grady. This bizzare teen cartoon from the crew behind Home Movies stared 4 teenagers putting up with "The Weirdness" that inhabits the enpynomus setting of O' Grady. It's a witty and hillarious show to check out if you love Home Movies. In 2007, Nickelodeon announced plans to split Noggin and The N into seperate 24 hour channels. Noggin would remain in it's position, except they would expand to a 24 hour schedule for the first time since 2002. Meanwhile, The N would inherit the channel slot of Nick GaS, who, at this point, was just running reruns of the same 5 shows on an automated loop, and would also expand to 24 hours. To fill in the extra time, The N began airing reruns of That 70's Show and Saved by the Bell. This took effect on December 31, 2007. However, Dish Network refused to give up Nick GaS, and continued to air Noggin and The N as timeshare networks, until April 23, 2009, when Nick GaS was replaced with a west coast feed of Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. They began carrying Noggin and The N as seperate channels later that year. In 2009, as part of Nick's universal rebrand efforts which involved all 5 of their networks adopting the same new logo, Nick announced that Noggin and The N would be rebranded as Nick Jr. and TeenNick. The programing blocks of the same names were phased out on Nickelodeon itself shortly after the announcement. The change took effect on September 28. It seemed that Noggin was now officially dead, but it wasn't. At their 2015 upfront earlier this year, Nick announced that Noggin would be relaunched as a subscription based education service for preschoolers, avalibe on various mobile devices and still featuring the same logo and hosts. Noggin was an interesting experiment. A kind of "makes kids smarter" channel not only backed by a big player in children's edutainment, but also the #1 kids network at the time certainly had potential, but in the end, it was meerly an oddity, and yet another in a long list of cable channels that abandoned their original purpose in order to persue a more marketable demographic (MTV, TLC, History, Syfy, G4, etc.). If they took a different approach to primetime and overnight programing, maybe it could've panned out a bit better. With that, join me next time when we take a look at the original TV 4 Gamers, G4.
  8. Nickelodeon. Quite possibly the most popular kids network of all time. While not one of my favorites and even though they have kind of gone downhill, I have some favorite shows from Nickelodeon that I want to talk about. So I present to you my Top 10 Favorite Nickelodeon Shows of All Time. Here We Go! #10: iCarly I actually think this is a good sitcom. It follows a girl named Carly who makes a comedy webshow called iCarly and this show also follows her daily life. And it's got funny humor too. I liked this show but I felt like this was the beginning where Nickelodeon went down the path that they are at right now because this show is related to webshows and they are pandering to the online age and putting internet series on TV. #9: Drake & Josh This is my favorite live action show on Nickelodeon. It follows step brothers Drake & Josh who have adventures in typical but humorous sitcom adventures. #8: Rocko's Modern Life This show follows a Kangaroo named Rocko and his friends Heffer, Filburt, and Spunky and follows his quirky life in O-Town. #7: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius This show follows a boy named Jimmy a boy genius and has an interest in science. He makes several gadgets but most of them get abused and don't end up working. #6: Rugrats This show is about babies named Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and eventually Dil and Kimi who are mostly in the home and usually do stuff babies aren't supposed to do. And there is Angelica who is a spoiled brat. #5: Fairly Odd Parents This show follows an average kid named Timmy and has fairies Cosmo and Wanda (and eventually Poof and Sparky ) who wishes for stuff he wants or to improve his life. And there is also Vicky his bad babysitter and Crocker who wants Timmy's Fairies. Similar to FiM this is a show about fairies that doesn't pander to girls and is more widely accepted probably because there are average kids in it and it wasn't in a franchise that used to pander. I'll admit I think the modern episodes aren't very good and I felt Poof and Sparky were just ways to increase the lifespan of this show. And I think modern Fairly Odd Parents is worse than modern Spongebob. But I still enjoyed this show back then. #4: Hey Arnold! This show follows an average kid named Arnold who follows his daily life as a kid. This show is really unique in that it doesn't focus too much on comedy and has some slice of life moments and some deep storytelling as well. #3: Invader Zim This show follows an alien named Zim and tries to take over the world through several different plans and inventions. The humor is really unique and clever and this show was really overlooked. #2: Blue's Clues Blue's Clues is my favorite preschool show of all time. This show follows Steve his dog Blue they play a game called Blue's Clues to figure out an answer for instance they find out what Blue wants to have for snack. The show's concept is brilliant and well thought out and the lessons it teaches are excellent. I grew up with this show when I was a kid and it was just incredible. And my #1 favorite Nick show of all time is... Honorable Mentions: Ren & Stimpy, Doug, Angry Beavers, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Chalkzone, Harvey Beaks, Danny Phantom So thank you for looking at my Top 10 Favorite Nick shows of all time. Tell me what your favorites are. My next list will be my Top 10 Cartoon Network Shows.
  9. So recently I just saw the latest Nicktoon called Harvey Beaks and because of their abysmal shows recently such as Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners and the crappy live action shows they had, I had low expectations for this show. I watched and wow this is actually a decent show. This was made by C.H. Greenblatt who also made Chowder so it has similar animation. Though I think the backgrounds look kind of bland. The characters are more kid relatable than Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners because they're not really teenagers. There is a bunch of toilet humor but it does have serious tame moments in this show as well. Which means this show is a lot more respectable and emotional than recent nicktoons. But I still liked Chowder better. However this might be a good sign for Nickelodeon.
  10. Nickelodeon. A channel of crap. A channel of no variety. A channel of pandering. A channel of crap decision making. This is a channel that pretty much everyone gave up on, especially with the way they treated Legend of Korra and the fact that that show is over. However, there is but one new show that rose above the ashes and decided to actually try. And that show is, Harvey Beaks. I'm not joshing you, this show is actually decent to watch and not something that makes me want to face desk. Before I get into why it's good, let's discuss some background! This show was created by CH Greenblatt, who also created the 4th wall master cartoon itself, Chowder. If that's not enough for you, he was also a writer on both early Spongebob and Billy and Mandy. This show follows the slice of life adventures of 3 animals and their adventures in the woods. Basic premise, but hey it actually works. Let's discuss why it's good. First, the characters. They're actually likable and have different personalities. Harvey is kind of the play it safe character who has a big heart. Then there's twins Fee and Foo. Fee is adventurous and Foo is actually a stupid character written well. It doesn't hurt the plot and can actually be funny. There are also many side characters, but the series only has 4 episodes so far, so it's hard to really talk about them yet. This show also mixes comedy and heartwarming moments great. There are some great moments of adorableness in episodes and great character bonding. The creator himself said he wanted to create a show kind of like Hey Arnold or Rocko's Modern Life, and you can tell some similarities. It's slice of life is built around character interactions and bonding, and the humor can be funny and clever at points. The animation of this show is brilliant. The backgrounds are especially beautiful to look at, and the show has a wonderful musical score. Now there is one problem I do have with this show. Well the humor can be funny at times, it also does suffer from the Nickelodeon curse. Where there will be forced toilet humor, butt jokes and fart jokes. It's like well writing, the Nick execs just came in and were all like, "This scene needs more toilet humor." But they aren't there too much. It's just when they do, it feels like it doesn't fit. So yeah, this show is the first decent show to come out of Nick in a while. I'd recommend checking this show out. I give an 8/10.
  11. Even though I'm a 2000s kid, I wish they could bring back all the old Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows. They are waaaaaaaay better than what we have on today on those channels now. Rule: no hate allowed on this topic and ABSOLUTELY NO flame wars about what generation is better. I know I may sound a little like I'm worrying too much, but I have the sinking feeling this topic will have problems. Last thing, if this topic does get out of hand, I will ask the moderators to remove it.
  12. Since at least iCarly, Nickelodeon has been trying to adapt whatever popular (or not so popular) YouTube sensation to TV. First it Fred, then It was Awesomeness TV, Then it was Web Heads, then Breadwinners, then React to That, now they're making a new gaming sitcom which will most likely try to get as many YT LPers on at once. What's Nickelodeon going to take from YouTube next? RWBY?! (God lets hope not)
  13. Whenever I think of Nickelodeon's animation catalogue, I can't help but feel similarities to Sega. Think about it, they were both known for quirky, experimental titles. They both marketed themselves as cooler and more cutting edge than the alternatives. and several of their products are similar in one way or another. SpongeBob = Sonic - Long running pop-culture icons Rugrats = Alex Kidd - Former mascot retired Avatar = Skies of Arcadia - Vibrant and epic RPG-esque adventure My Life as a Teenage Robot = Space Channel 5 - Cute girl kicking alien ass (Plus, Jenny has a very similar design to Ulala) Hey Arnold! = Jet Set Radio - Urban setting and Jazz/funk based soundtrack ChalkZone = Nights - Heavy focus of visuals and atmosphere As for other kids networks. I always saw 90s/early 2000s Cartoon Network as very similar to Nintendo in a lot of ways. They didn't care too much about demographics so much as they did about showcasing their respective mediums. Plus, they were both a bit heavy on censorship. And Disney Channel believe it or not, was similar to the PlayStation IMO. A semi-upstart product hoping to court a slighty older audience, in DC's case, it was the 9-14 year old "Tween" market. Nowadays, Modern Nickelodeon is like Microsoft, a company who cares nothing for their target audience, nor the medium they're known for, and will hype up whatever mediocre crap that makes them the most money, rather than quality content.
  14. Hey guts this'll be my last casting for a parody for now anyway then I'll give you the plots for my two original stories . As you can probably tell by the tittle ( unless your name is Derpy ) is that this parody is one of soongebob . As always leave me your suggestions ! Fluttershy = spongebob Pinkie pie = Patrick Twilight = squidward Rarity = mr krabs Rainbow dash = plankton Angel = Gary Applejack = sandy Trixie as Karen Iron will = Larry Sunset shimmer = squillium Sweetie belle or diamond tiara = pearl Others coming soon
  15. Apparently, the creation of Invader Zim came about when Nickelodeon approached Jhonen Vasquez to make a cartoon for them. But of all people, why did Nickelodeon go to Jhonen for a new cartoon? Surely they must've known about his previous work. Well, apparently I read that Nickelodeon wanted a Nicktoon for a slightly older audience compared to say Spongebob, kids 12+ or Something. If that was the case, then why didn't Nickelodeon put the show on TEENick in the first place (even though it was briefly on the block at one point), or even better, move it to The N for it's second Season.
  16. I know alot of people keep beating up on Nickelodeon all the time, but honestly, is there anything the network can do to save itself again? Cartoon Network, Disney XD, and even Discovery Family are all destroying them in terms of animation. Even goddamn Qubo, a dirt-cheap, ove-the-air subchannel with NO original programming, and one third of its shows being preschool, is a better network than Nickelodeon, one of the pioneers of children's programming on cable. I honestly wonder how Nick still gets better rattings than the alternatives when the latters are much better options for children. How are they still on the air? So back to the original question, what can the network do to be at least watchable again? I guess the only thing they can do is reformat themselves as a family co-viewing type kids network like What Discovery Family is, and what Boomerang, Disney and (supprisingly enough) Qubo are trying to do. This means bringing in people who won't just pander to the lowest common denominator. If the network is serious about being for kids, they'd stop this unnecessary pandering they're doing, and make some quality kids entertainment.
  17. Unlike most kids networks, which continue to keep kids as they grow into early adolecents, Nickelodeon these days seems to shut off any appeal to those 12 and older, this is most apparent in their ratings reports. Back when they had TEENick, Nick would've bragged about its tween ratings all the time. Now, they seem to care less about middle schoolers. Look at most of Nicks recent ratings reports, all of them only report 2-11, or 6-11. This proves my theory about Nick wanting the 12+ crowd off the network for good. I get that Nick is a kids network, but there's a difference between targeting kids, and pandering to them.
  18. Nickelodeon was a network that made made entirely for kids between the ages of 2 and 15, as well as kids at heart. Its programing was diverse, you had preschool shows in the morning, cartoons for elementary schoolers in the daytime, and middle/early high school tween shows for 11-15 year olds in primetime, and Nick at Nite comedies for late night. But Lately I feel the network wants to skew a younger and younger audience. Look at nearly every animated show on the network so far, they're all trying to ride the Cartoon Network surreal train without understanding how those shows worked, and throw butt and fart jokes at the screen constantly to keep 6 year old jimmy's attention (even if its insulting his intelligence). What made the old nicktoons great was that they knew their audience, but they didn't pander to them, they weren't always about butt jokes, and farting, and gross-out. In fact, 9/10 times, that kind of juvenile humor was almost nonexistent, this ment that Nicktoons could be enjoyed by anybody and were some of the best written shows for kids. But Nick thinks kids today don't want that same kind of wit and maturity, which probably one of the reasons why Korra was kicked off. Their live action shows have also suffered. Remember when Clarissa Explains It All could say hell and sex? Or when Are You Afraid of the Dark? tackled themes like murder, death, and truama? Now we have wacky superhero shinanagains and haunted houses filled with ghetto ghosts all with annoying laugh tracks. While Nick's live action shows weren't masterpieces (even in the 90s-early 00s), There was a charm to them, and the kids on the shows were just normal, relatable 12-14 year olds, rather than the high school beenie boppers today. They don't even feel like real tween shows anymore, they feel like fantasies for 8-12 year old elementary school girls. I know Nick is a kids network, but they never tried to limit its audience this much before. Nickelodeon was fine with older viewers watching as long as kids enjoyed it too, now they seem hell bent on making sure nobody 12 and older can watch the network. So what are your opinions?
  19. So cartoons or pretty much anything from the 2000s is pretty much not very liked. I might be exaggerating a bit since many stuff from the 2000s is liked but I know this from reading on a site called retro junk. Ps most of the articles on that site cannot give any show good criticism at all trust me. Anyway going back on topic, what is your favorite cartoon from the 2000s? Mine are Ed Edd n Eddy Spongebob (early seasons and yes it's more 2000s since it came out in 1999 same with previous show) Fairly odd parents (early seasons) Teen Titans Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Codename: KND Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Dave the Barbarian Danny Phantom Jimmy Neutron So discuss away!
  20. So we all know how the children's networks aren't really as good as they used to be (except for you hub keep up the good work). So I was wondering, how would you improve the three major kids network's? Here's what I do. Cartoon Network 1. CANCEL ALL LIVE ACTION CONTRADICTORY NETWORK, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANNOYING ORANGE! 2. Make Adult Swim its own channel because it's so great, it needs its own channel. 3. Flesh out the network's schedule: They're rerunning the same five shows and constantly repeat them. Do we need to see Johnny Test 8 time a day? NO! As for original programming, they seem to have more coming up that look somewhat promising. Nickelodeon 1. CANCEL SPONGEBOB, THAT SHOW IS ALL DRIED UP! 2. CANCEL FAIRLY ODDPARENTS, THAT SHOW JUMPED THE SHARK AGES AGO! 3. Hire more people to make shows: They seem to just be sticking to Dan Schneider to make sitcoms. 4. Make more original shows: Really, Dreamworks shows and washed up shows Nick. 5. FARTS AREN'T FUNNY NICK! Disney Channel 1. Just stick to mostly cartoon since those come out the best mostly.
  21. I've noticed some interesting cartoon threads tonight so I thought "Why not remake a thread I made a while back that didn't get a whole lot of attention. So what is your least favorite 90s cartoon. The 90s did have a lot of great cartoon but there were some that were not that good, so here are mine My little pony tales: okay that was predictable but that show is extremely corny and even more cliched than fim. those cartoons that are based on video games: I know some of them came out in the 80s but some lasted into the 90s. These shows had rushed animation, bad voice acting, and were extremely cheesy. The only good thing I could say is that they would sometimes be laughably cheesy that they could cause memes (excuse me princess) Rocket Power: I'm probably gonna get some flack for this don't worry I'm not against you if you like the show, I just found it boring and too "we're totally skater dudes and use outdated slang" for me and the characters weren't that interesting to me Catdog: I'll probably get even more flack for this but I find this show really hard to sit through. This show could get mean-spirited sometimes and that's kind of pet peeve of mine and when it's not doing that, it just bores me to death. Also the characters are kind of dull and a little bit of jerks Anyway I probably got some people angry so what are your least favorite 90s cartoons discuss away *runs away from angry mob that would probably chase me*
  22. (Hopefully I can get out of this review without getting too much flack and...) Oh hi there guys, it's me Chikorita, back for another review. Today, I'm gonna be delving into some of your childhoods, not my childhood in particular, but some of you older folks' childhood. That's right, I'm tackling some Nicktoons of the 90s. Now, before we start, I'm just gonna say 2 things. One, yes, I do find some of these shows overrated mainly due to how over glorified the 90s is on the internet (Seriously I can't click on an old CN or Nick commercial without seeing the comments section filled with "BRING BACK THE OLD SHOWS!"). But just because I find something overrated, doesn't mean I hate it (Frozen is an example of this). Two, I'm not covering every Nicktoon from the 90s, just ones that I really wanna talk about. I've wanted to talk about some of these shows for a while now so I decided to lump them all into a review. So without further ado, let's do this! What better way to start this out then with the first Nicktoon that aired, Doug. All right, the premise is a middle school kid named Doug is basically living life in middle school with his friend, his crush, and the bully (Good job with the voicing Billy West!). That's pretty much the premise. Now, I will say this, my opinions on this show are pretty much the same as the Nostalgia Critic which is not good*holds up flame shield*. All right, I'm not saying it's a bad show but it's just a bit generic. If you've seen those shows that star teens in school, you get this show just more tolerable. The problem is like I said before, the show is generic. The characters are pretty basic and kind of bland. The only character I liked was the dog Porkchop since he did some funny gags. but other than that, I found the show generic and kind of boring. I've seen people praise this show for kind of the same reasons as FIM (relatable characters and great morals), but I feel another show I'll talk about in a bit pulled this off a lot better. So, 6/10. The next show I'll talk about is Rugrats. I find this show overrated but better than Doug. The only reason I find it overrated is because I don't find it the best Nicktoon (The best imo would be like Avatar, Danny Phantom, Rocko, early Fairly Oddparents, or early Spongebob). Rugrats is one of those that went through what usually happens to long running shows, seasonal rot. Basically, I found the first like 3 seasons pretty decent. They had some interesting ideas for episodes, some unexpected jokes that were surprisingly funny and some nice references. But then they started adding more characters. There was Dil, who was just a plot device and was annoying (Seriously, it was an easy job for Tara Strong. She just had to fake cry.) And then there was Kimi, who was basically just a female version of Tommy and that's it. And don't even get me started on the spin-off All Grown Up *shudders* 7/10 Next it's time for one that I like quite a bit, Rocko's Modern Life. And before you ask, I find Ren and Stimpy overrated, not bad, just not what I'd watch. Anyways, this show's plot is about a wallaby who lives in O Town and basically follows his live there. This show I really like. It's got an interesting, define set of characters, some adult jokes that are even more cleverly hidden than Rugrats to the point where they are Animaniacs level. How I'd describe this show is like early Spongebob if it took more risks. Huh, probably because the Spongebob creator, Stephen Hillenburg was a writer on this show. Anyways, this show gets a 9/10. Next show I should mention is another show I really like, Hey Arnold! This show basically just follows the premise of a boy named Arnold who lives in the broncs, and that's about it. Well the premise is simple, it actually manages to be interesting. Seriously, when this episode has a good episode, it's like, Pinkie Pride level good. Arnold's Christmas is an example of this. Not much to say but this is the show that I feel does the relatable characters and morals better than Doug at since these characters were more interesting and it has delved into some deep stuff. Just see Arnold's Christmas and Helga on the Couch if you don't know what I mean. Overall, this gets a 10/10. Now, I'm gonna group these two together, The Wild Thornberries and Rocket Power. Wanna know why I grouped them together, because, both shows I feel suffer from the same problems. They're not premises, but just not really that interesting. Rocket Power I find worse since it's held back by outdated skater slang. Both are actually pretty boring to watch. Not to mention, I found the pacing in these shows to go very slow. Like each episode feels like 2 hours to watch. Adding the fact that characters are pretty uninteresting in both and you get a basic show that can be used as background well you're surfing the web. Overall, I'll give both these shows a 5/10, directly down the middle. Now, we get into the 90s Nicktoon that I actually hate with a burning passion. Catdog! *Pulls out flame shield again*. Don't worry, I can explain why I loathe this show. The premise is simple, a cat and a dog are morphed together. Now like most kids probably did, my question was as a kid, "How do they go to the bathroom?" But nitpicking nostalgia aside, the only things I like about the show is the voice acting (which is done pretty well by Jim Cummings and Tom Kenny respectively) and the catchy theme song that's hard to get out of your head. Everything else is downhill from there. First off, let's start with the characters. Most of the characters on this show are unlikable jerks. We've got Cat, who can range from being sympathetic to a total jerk, Winslow, who is just an annoying roomante who acts like an a**hole to them. There's Rancid Rabbit, who is basically the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken if you make him even more unlikable. And of coarse, there are the Greaser dogs, who's whole purpose in the show is to beat up Cat and Dog, usually for no apparent reason. You see the problem here? Not only is the only decent character Dog (who he even can get annoying sometimes) but the whole show feels mean spirited by giving characters in the right unnecessary punishments. Like in one episode, Cat wants to throw a party but it ends up boring. Winslow throws a more fun party. The rest of the episode is Cat being tortured by this party. That's not funny that's just cruel. At least Ed Edd, n Eddy knew how to properly punish characters. Also the fact that just like with the two shows mentioned before, the show is just full of slow pacing. an 11 minute episode feels like 11 hours to me. If you like the show, that's fine, but I'm not one of those people who likes it. This show gets a 3/10. So yeah, here's my thoughts on some of them. I didn't go into all of them since I feel some of them are basically what others think like early Spongebob. So not much else to say but, hopefully I won't get too harsh of hate mail.
  23. any nicktoons from the 90s will work.
  24. If I'm allowed to put a swearword in a title, I would, because it needs it. After re-reading and rewatching angry reviews of Breadwinners, I had the itch to bitch about it again because once isn't enough. I'd stop, but I might've lost a few years of my life, so whatever. Nickelodeon's Breadwinners really pisses me off! If you think modern Spongebob and Sanjay & Craig are at the bottom of the barrel, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Because Breadwinners is much, MUCH worse! How bad? The animation and character designs are goddamn terrible. Firstly, the voices don't match the lip-synching sometimes. The movements themselves are very stiff. A bunch of the scenes (hell, almost all of them) rely on stock images slapped and lazily animated, making the scenes look very awkward. Secondly, these "characters," SwaySway and Behdeuce: In case you're wondering, yeah, they're supposed to be ducks. Instead, they're geometric blobs. Flash is a tool to create great animation. Like Friendship Is Magic, Johnny Test, and Littlest Pet Shop, Breadwinners uses Flash, too, but doesn't put in the effort to design characters that look like ducks or smoothly animate their puppets! When Johnny Test, a widely panned cartoon, understands the tools of Flash animation better than Breadwinners, you're doing something wrong! The "humor" is stupid. Every "kid" joke relies on flatulence or a reference to a butt. The toilet humor is abundant, out of place, and lazy. They pretty much can't think of any joke beyond this or a disturbing "Getting Crap Past the Radar" moment. (We'll get to that later!) Speaking of cheap "humor," these "ducks" have a tendency to twerk. Yeah, a show with a content rating of TV-Y7 contains a sexually provocative dance. And it's not rare, either. The two main "characters"? Who are they? The two ducks who are supposed to be two, yet have almost the same personality? They aren't characters. They're obnoxious, disrespectful, stupid caricatures who will annoy the hell out of anyone who wishes to watch the "cartoon" with their brains turned on. The plots are shallow at best and creepy at worst. There's a lot of filler to slow the pace. It ignores its own continuity. Some of the concepts and resolutions create unfortunate implicationd. It relies on disturbing "humor" and stupidity to bypass any resemblance of logic or sense. Hell, they break the rules of their own show sometimes to pander to kids. To make it worse, many of the episodes rip off other Nickelodeon cartoons. And not just the good ones, either. Even objectively horrible episodes from modern Nick episodes (including ones from modern Spongebob) are ripped off into Breadwinners. The "creepy" part? Some episodes rely on stereotypes for a cheap laugh: Thug Loaf, for example, uses racist stereotypes as a joke. Another episode tortures a main character for simple laughs. And then there's one that was loudly bashed online: Love Loaf. If you want to read the synopsis, click the "spoiler." The saddest part? This show was rated #1 for kids ages 2-11 for a few weeks…and it's being renewed for a second season.
  25. MLP:FiM has been around for over 3 years now, and it has come such a long way; but it has still not yet touched one place I think it deserves to be, candidacy for the “Favorite Cartoon” Kids Choice Award in Nickelodeon’s KCAs. Yes, the KCA’s: Nickelodeon’s annual awards ceremony where the kids get to pick who will win the title for “Favorite TV Show”, “Favorite Book”, “Favorite Actress”, etc. In the past, the candidates for the KCA’s “Favorite Cartoon” have included (among others) well known and groundbreaking shows such as “Rugrats”, “Tiny Toon Adventures”, “The Simpsons”, “The Powerpuff Girls”, “Pokemon”, and “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. This year’s candidates are “Adventure Time” (yuck), “Phineas and Ferb” (a worthy candidate), Spongebob Squarepants (despite it being over milked for more than it’s worth), and Nickelodeon’s version of TMNT (I personally would rather watch other versions). Once again, there are no Ponies. But, I’m certain many of you will agree that MLP:FiM would have made a better candidate than either TMNT or even “Adventure Time”. Now even though many of us are a little too old to participate in the KCAs (I don’t vote anymore); I still think you’ll all agree that MLP:FiM deserves to participate in Nickelodeon’s KCA’s. I do sometimes wonder if Nickelodeon is afraid of the likely influx of votes from Bronies all over the world and thus believes MLP:FiM is “way too good” for the other shows to have a fair chance against it. I’m certain even Tara Strong (who just recently called herself “Queen of the Bronies” on Twitter; and I agree), who as we know also plays “Timmy Turner” at Nickelodeon in addition to Twilight Sparkle would agree that MLP:FiM should be a candidate in Nick’s KCA’s come next year. I think we should all petition Nickelodeon.