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Found 83 results

  1. Shanks

    Luna Fan Club

    HUB Welcome to the Luna fanclub! EDIT: I would like to thank ~Scootaloo for making this signature for the fanclub. Luna is the co ruler of Equestria along with her sister Celestia, as the princess of the night she is responsible for raising the moon every night and also has jurisdiction over ponies dreams. After being banished to the moon for 1000 years for becoming Nightmare Moon and threatening to plunge Equestria into eternal night and being reformed thanks to the mane 6 and the elements of harmony Luna has had some trouble re adjusting to modern society as some ponies still fear and mistrust her. A few rules -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Luna forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum unless of course Luna is also in the picture. -Do not hate on another fan club -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. -Fan art is encouraged but all images with the exception of the cover image in this first post must have the proper spoiler tags. Large amounts of unspoilered images on a single page can often cause lag and nobody likes to deal with lag. Here is some fanart to start things off
  2. Hey everypony! With Nightmare Night fast approaching, we felt it time to reintroduce an old MLP Forums tradition and get ourselves into the festive spirit with a Nightmare Night themed art contest! This contest will be open to any and all, irrespective of artistic skill. Feel like you want to make a contribution to the holidays? Well, now is your chance! However, in the time-honored sense of fair competition, we do have one simple guideline for all entries to follow: That they depict a scene featuring at least one of our Poniverse Mascots. It's entirely up to yourselves who or how many you want to include, but we want to see what scenarios you can come up with under this heading. (If you need reminders or references of what our mascots look like, images will be included in the following post.) Entries can be submitted as of this announcement going live! All entries should be submitted to: Submissions end on October 31st at 2PM EST/1PM Central SHARP. So get cracking if you want the most amount of time to work! But wait...! You may be wondering what exactly is up for grabs in this contest? Well, I'm glad you asked! If your piece is selected to be a winner, you could be in with a shot of: First Place Prize: A special "Nightmare Night" badge applied to your profile to display your victory across the forum! You will also receive a complementary $35 commissions voucher to spend as you wish within our commissions section, as well as have your piece featured! Second Place Prize: You will receive a $25 commissions voucher to spend as you please within our commissions section. Third Place Prize: You will receive a $10 commissions voucher to spend as you please within our commissions section. Remember that you will need an active MLP Forums account in order to claim any of these prizes! If you have any additional questions relating to the contest, feel free to leave either a comment on this thread, or contact @Heart Container for assistance. And with all that said, I now declare this contest officially OPEN! Best of luck everypony!
  3. When the costumed hordes come to your door, how do you dish out their just rewards?
  4. So...unfortunately because of school, I hardly had time to whip up a sweet Nightmare Night piece. Instead, I give you this sweet piano the dark! This improv is modelled off of WoodenToaster's Nightmare Night. Hope you stallions enjoy it!
  5. Syndar

    [SFM] Lullaby

    I have created a little video for the Nightmare Night i hope you like it
  6. The JLmle

    Nightmare Night Fan Club

    Nightmare Night Fan Club... I don't know about anypony else, but Halloween Nightmare Night is my absolute Favorite Holiday of the year, and I would celebrate year round if I could. So I figured; why not a Halloween Nightmare Night fan club? I know that there was only one Halloween Nightmare Night episode, but that doesn't mean I haven't seen tons of Fan Art for it... Whether it's the original costumes... Or new ones... Pictures or figures... Or even plushies... So please, join this Halloween Nightmare Night Fan Club and share all of your favorite Halloween Nightmare Night related joy! Please note all regular forum rules apply here, including keeping things SFW for the kiddos...
  7. Gamer Pizza

    It's the headless horse, man!

    Many have heard of the headless horse, but what if the headless horse wasn't bad? Here's my idea for an episode: Fluttershy gets dared by a bully pony to go into the haunted woods and take the headless horse's magic axe. She finds the axe and the headless horse (aka Ichabod Maine), but instead of attacking her, he starts crying. After telling his story about how he decided to devote his life to scaring ponies because no one would be his friend, he and Fluttershy decide to scare the bully pony into apologizing to fluttershy. Afterwards, the headless horse learns that being liked feels a lot better than being feared. Hope you guys like it!
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen...the time has come. Prepare for an immersive frightful experience...I present to you...Nowhere To Run, Nowhere to Hide. You find yourself in a forest being confronted by evils... Critique is wanted!
  9. NomadSpellbrush

    Trick or Treat the Mane 6 Go Trick or Treating on Nightmare Night.
  10. Batbrony

    Fandom Q+A NCMares Q&A

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND NIGHTMARE NIGHT EVERYPONY!!! WELCOME TO OUR NIGHTMARE NIGHT NCMARES Q&A!!! Good evening everypony, and welcome to our Nightmare Night Q&A with NCMares! First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the MLP Forums staff and NCMares for your understanding regarding the rescheduling we had to do for this event; a last minute scheduling conflict came up and we had no choice but to push the event to today, but now that that's all out of the way we're all set for the main event tonight! So without further ado, let's get to this evening's event. Most of you I'm guessing already know who NCMares is, but for those few who may not, he's one of the best artists in the entire brony fandom, a longtime and frequent con attendee, and a really nice, stand-up guy all around! Below you will find just a small sampling of some of the fantastic work he's put out! You can check out all of NCMares' work by clicking on the link above, which will take you to his DeviantArt profile. Whether or not you're an artist or an aspiring artist in the fandom, please, ask away to your hearts content! As with all of our Q&A events, you can ask whatever you want, but understand that it is at NCMares' discretion to determine what he does and doesn't want to answer, so we cannot guarantee that every question asked will be answered. With the introductory formalities out of the way, let's get this show on the road! I'll start things off by asking a pretty basic question: So, NCMares, why ponies? What in particular got you into drawing our favorite, colorful, talking equines in the first place?
  11. We got another scrapbook promo for McFlurry. This time is about Nightmare Night I think she'll make an adorable were-puppy
  12. VG_Addict

    Movies/TV Halloween movies.

    What movies do you watch to get in the Halloween mood?
  13. Here's my list: Twilight - Ness from Earthbound Pinkie Pie - Mario Fluttershy - Luigi Rarity - Princess Peach Applejack - Captain Falcon Rainbow Dash - JOHN CENA!!!! Spike - One Punch Man Shining Armor - Jason Voorhees Princess Cadence - A severed head (She's wear an invisibility cloak from the neck down and Shiny would carry her by her mane) Big Mac - The Sweet Transvestite from Tran-sexual Transylvania (Since his alter ego is Orchard Blossom) Princess Celestia - Jesus Christ Princess Luna - Neil Armstrong King Sombra - Himself (he's ugly enough to be his own monster) Queen Chrysalis - Ghirahim from Skyward Sword Discord - Jeff Goldblum
  14. Since we almost all saw Derpy dressed as Twilight on Nightmare Night in Scare Master, how about seeing the other way around? Would've been super awesome if that's what they did in the actual episode. Enjoy
  15. WARNING! THIS IS A PARODY AND THE STORY AND "ARTWORK" ARE POORLY DONE! Insane the Pony Unce Upony time, there was very Yandere kawaii red ponhey named Insane Margory Love-face Al Pacino Sugarspell Scarface the Unicorn or Insane fir shart. Insane was very bootyfuf and was in relationshet wif her waifu, Bulk Biceps Senpai. He lived her ans she loved they were so in loved. Bulky senpai was getting tirrd of Insane chan's crap and murdered her in cold blood because she cheated on hiom wif Fluttershyy sensei and stuff. Then sghe cam back and stebbed him wiif a knnif. THERE WAS ALL THE BLUDS AND SHE KIIL PEOPLE SHE SO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTYFUL I apologize for what you just read, everypony.
  16. Just in time for Halloween, here is a musical celebration of Nightmare Night with swingin' jazz and erie orchestra! Download this song:
  17. J-Rusty

    Nightmare Moon Descending

    Hello ^w^ I've been working on a Nightmare Night project every night for the past three weeks, so I thought that I could put some of the art I've made here! Bear in mind I'm not as artsy as some other members here, but constructive criticism won't be for nothing Okay, so here goes: ...If I can figure out how to do it... let's see... How about ThIs? NoPe... Didn't WoRk... Dangit... *Applause* I did it! I managed to show pictures! I'm officially upgraded to mega genius of the jelly fishes! I don't know how to write below the last picture though... Now I do ^^ Well, anyway.... If you are curious about how the video turned out, and how all the other images turned out, I'll leave a link here ^^ Expect to be mildly un-apathetic! Actually ignore that, I'm working on making this video better for now no... I... I don't know how to embed videos... Here's the last picture Some more pictures ^^ Alright, that's some of them
  18. Lyme Soundstick

    Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night !

    Hello everyon! I just wanted to wish everyone a Halloween! So, how are you celebrating this spooky holiday?
  19. Hello everypony, and welcome to a super special spoooooooookkkkyyyyyy edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! First of all, a Happy Halloween and Nightmare Night to you all (and to any of my fellow Lutherans out there, Happy Reformation Day as well! ). That out of the way, let's dive into Episode 21 of Season 5, "Scaremaster"! Overall, I don't have a lot to say about this one. Not cause it wasn't fun or didn't have a good message, oh no, I liked it on both of those counts, but I suppose it wasn't quite as... fresh, if you will, as say last week's episode was. This was a wonderful episode, but a somewhat predictable one as well, at least once it was clear what the issue is. Basically, the episode was an extended version of this: You may think that's an exaggeration, but not really. So what was going on here? Well, Fluttershy, as we all know, hates Nightmare Night. Like, a lot. It's really never been her cup of tea, and she generally as a rule of thumb just spends the night literally hiding under her bed. With her animal friends. Including Harry the Bear. So what goes wrong this year? Angel Bunny, that's what. Because of course he would. Yes, poor Flutters has to go out and about on Nightmare Night after Angel Bunny demands she pick him up some carrots, and for the first half of the episode she basically has a panic attack. Even after she finds her friends and tries her best to celebrate the holiday with them, nothing really works out for her. She just seems too uncomfortable with the notion of a holiday dedicated to scary things and ponies scaring each other. Oddly enough, Angel Bunny eventually steps up and helps her find a solution... of sorts. She ends up, with the help of her animal friends, delivering the biggest scare of the night to her friends, but also comes to the conclusion that, really, this holiday just isn't for her, and she's OK with that. She sees that it really is a fun night, but at the same time something she just doesn't want to be a part of. She's happy, her friends are happy, all ends well. We all probably knew this already, but this episode pretty much confirmed that this bunny is, in fact, the devil incarnate as a tiny, fuzzy mammal with big ears If there's one critique I have of this episode, it's that the message is a bit confused at times and the entire episode is pretty by-the-books as far as a Fluttershy episode goes. Fluttershy has deep insecurity about something and needs her friends help to overcome it, we have seen this MANY times before, and executed much better. Not that this wasn't an issue, oh no, we've known since Season 2 that Fluttershy has a big problem with Nightmare Night. But there were bits in the first half of the episode that were just ludicrous, namely when Fluttershy kept questioning whether something horrible would happen if she tried to partake in some games with her friends (seriously, that scene was kind of asinine, I've never seen Fluttershy overthink something THAT MUCH! Even Twilight rarely goes to those lengths, and she's far more OCD than Fluttershy ). Also, even though I understood that Fluttershy was content with not partaking in Nightmare Night at the end of the episode, it was a bit confusing just what exactly she thought of the holiday from then on. Like, it seemed like she understood the appeal and thus was less bothered by it, and I know she doesn't want to scare her friends, but if that's the case why doesn't she just celebrate with them from now on in ways that don't involve scaring them? Look, I get that the message is saying you don't have to partake in something that everyone else does, even if it's a good or harmless thing, if it's really not something you like, and that's a good message to be sure, but here it was just a bit odd how it was executed. I don't know, maybe again as I said before my biggest problem was just that we've seen Fluttershy do this song and dance before, it's just this time it involved Nightmare Night specifically. The most important bit of canon to come out of this episode OK, not gonna lie, this was pretty bucked up. I would've been right behind AJ in that situation, I can tell you that much! Those issues aside, I loved this episode very much. Nightmare Night is a very fun holiday as presented in the show, and Ponyville looked just as great this time as it did in Season 2 during "Luna Eclipsed." All the costumes, the festivities, seeing who's going as what and what everypony was doing, it was a blast. I especially got a kick out of Derpy's "Princess Twilight" costume and Spike dressing as a dragon (again!), this time a two-headed one (so original Spike, so original ), and Rarity's "Mermaid/Sea Pony" costume was pretty funny too, but they all were great. Just like "Luna Eclipsed" as well, this episode was also very, very funny. Between Fluttershy's panicked behavior, Granny Smith scaring the bejeezus out of her, Fluttershy's failed attempts to celebrate with the gang (culminating in the best scene of the episode, the least scary "Scary Tea Party" ever!), and the climax in the Apple's Haunted Corn Maze, there were just laughs after laughs after laughs. We even got to see the "return" of Flutterbat, and that was a pretty entertaining nod to that bizarre episode from last season. Thanks M.A. Larson! This costume is simultaneously awful and amazing Rarity: She whips her tail back and forth DAT LIP BITE, HNNNGGGGGGGG!!! Besides all that, Fluttershy and the rest of the Mane 6 were spot on overall. Spike and the Mane 6 tried their best to give Flutters a good time, even if it took away from their own fun at times, and Fluttershy had a solid episode overall, even if it was hardly her most serious appearance ever and the conclusion and message left something to be desired. I was just a tad disappointed that Princess Luna didn't show up in any capacity at any point, but eh, that's a very minor complaint. All in all, while not quite as amazing as "Luna Eclipsed" was and still is, "Scaremaster" is for sure a worthy successor, and a wonderful way to kick off Halloween this year. Hope ya'll enjoyed it as much as I did, and that's all I got for this one. Have a great and Happy Halloween this year everypony, and be sure to stay safe no matter how you may be celebrating it (especially if alcohol is involved in your festivites, drink responsibly ya'll ). This is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  20. Chronamut


    to the moon.. I saw the status under my post and nearly had a heart attack - I was like OH NO WHAT RULE DIDN'T I FOLLOW NOW?!? and then I remembered that it's nightmare night tonight.. ..phew HAPPY NIGHTMARE NIGHT EVERYONE!
  21. DJ Onex

    Doctor Whooves costume. >w>

    So this is what my OC had to wear for Nightmare Night
  22. Sup guys? New Remix and PMV! Be sure to let me know what you guys think! Happy Nightmare Night!!!
  23. Happy Nightmare Night everypony! I have a lovely little soundscape for your listening pleasure. I highly recommend headphones for a more immersive experience.
  24. I am kinda dissapointed that from all the episodes this was leaked. Now i won't have a proper Halloween Episode on that day. Oh well... Scare Master is about Fluttershy on Nightmare Night, which we all know since Season 2, she is scared of it with a passion. At first, you could mistake it for another "Fluttershy needs to overcome her fears" episode. But it's actually about something different. She needs to go out to get Angel some carrots and at first, she is kinda frightend, but the fact that she is going out in the first place, is a sign that she overcame her fears from last Nightmare Night. After getting scared by some of the ponies, she approaches Twilights castle and i swear to god, that scene reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, where Belles father Maurice is entering the castle of the beast. Fluttershy greets her friends, who where telling each other Ghost stories and she asked them if she maybe can celebrate with them. Now before i go any further, i want to say that Rainbow Dash was my biggest issue with the Episode. Instead of encouraging her friend, she just laughs at her and is constantly annoyed by her. It kinda reminds me of Dragonshy. How are they friends again? Anyway, after Twilight and the others told Rainbow to shut up, they went to Raritys botique to get themselves some costumes. Rarity is a mermaid, Applejack is the Lion from Wizard of Oz, Rainbow Dash is an Astronaut (space canon,) And Twilight is...Peter Gabriel. Kidding, she is a Centurion. Don't know what Pinkie is supposed to be though and Fluttershy is just blank. Fluttershy tries to participate in certain Nightmare Night activities, but even with the encouragement of her friends, she just can't get in the mood for it, until Twilight suggests that "What about you do the scares?" They all get invited to Fluttershy to a "Scare Tea party" (which actually sounds scarier for me, then you might think. XD) Fluttershy fails though, as she thinks upsetting someone is the most scary thing for her. Flutters decides that Nightmare Night isn't for her and so her friends leave her, dissapointed. Without Flutters, they went to the hay Labirynth, which was set up by Granny Smith and Big Mac (who is dressed as a mummy.) They have a good time there, getting scared by different things, until they fall down a hole. They find a Granny Smith skeleton, a giant green monster and when they got out they find...Flutterbat? At that point, they where all shaking to the bone and Fluttershy, who was just dressed as Flutterbat, felt very guilty about it, while the others applauded her for her efforts. Fluttershy then said that she has only done it so she wouldn't upset her friends and that Nightmare Night isn't for her, because she dosen't like to see her friends in danger, even if they are not, so she stays away for Nightmare Night. We get warm grouphug and that's that. Although Rainbow annoyed me a bit, i have to say that this a fantastic episode. All Mane 6 members interacted well together and none of them felt out of place. The moral was nice, which is about understanding that your friends are not always going to like the same things as you do. Too bad none of the ponies in the background had a Lamia outfit. Either way, i give this episode a thumbs up and certainly belongs on the great tier list of episodes.