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Found 86 results

  1. Shanks

    Luna Fan Club

    HUB Welcome to the Luna fanclub! EDIT: I would like to thank ~Scootaloo for making this signature for the fanclub. Luna is the co ruler of Equestria along with her sister Celestia, as the princess of the night she is responsible for raising the moon every night and also has jurisdiction over ponies dreams. After being banished to the moon for 1000 years for becoming Nightmare Moon and threatening to plunge Equestria into eternal night and being reformed thanks to the mane 6 and the elements of harmony Luna has had some trouble re adjusting to modern society as some ponies still fear and mistrust her. A few rules -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Luna forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum unless of course Luna is also in the picture. -Do not hate on another fan club -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. -Fan art is encouraged but all images with the exception of the cover image in this first post must have the proper spoiler tags. Large amounts of unspoilered images on a single page can often cause lag and nobody likes to deal with lag. Here is some fanart to start things off
  2. Nightmare Night Fan Club... I don't know about anypony else, but Halloween Nightmare Night is my absolute Favorite Holiday of the year, and I would celebrate year round if I could. So I figured; why not a Halloween Nightmare Night fan club? I know that there was only one Halloween Nightmare Night episode, but that doesn't mean I haven't seen tons of Fan Art for it... Whether it's the original costumes... Or new ones... Pictures or figures... Or even plushies... So please, join this Halloween Nightmare Night Fan Club and share all of your favorite Halloween Nightmare Night related joy! Please note all regular forum rules apply here, including keeping things SFW for the kiddos...
  3. My obligatory annual art piece for Halloween/ Nightmare Night
  4. Anyone have any fav Halloween/Nightmare Night movies that you all enjoy watching durring this time of year? Go ahead and share! And enjoy chatting
  5. IT HAS COME MY FAITHFULL SUBJECTS!, NIGHTMARE NIGHT IS HERE AND TH... right... no Royal Canterlot Voice then, where were we? oh yes, Nightmare Night is here, and that means it's time for Trick or Treating, we have been waiting all year for this, we shan't be Trick or treating, but we shall be trading some old things we'd rather not hold on to, to whoever comes to us with 100 candy, of course, you'll have to find us first, LET THE FUN BEGIN! (your goal here is to collect candy (the reaction) when you have 100, you can then find luna and ask her for the special badge she has for you(she will be hiding in a thread, whre you'll have to comment, don't just pm her), how to get the candy? it's a reaction so there are plenty of ways, but we recomend visiting profiles and asking "trick or treat?") you have a week, not just until the 31st of october
  6. ah, i see you know us well, quite prodent of you to search for us here, very well then, have you brought the candy? i won't be needing this old helm anymore, it brings back bad memories, but maybe you can use it as a costume (just comment here and if you have 100 candy, you will recieve the badge)
  7. It doesn't look like we already have a thread along these lines {if we do, merge away!} so here goes - share a spooky, scary or just vaguely HalloweenNightmarenightishly-themed song with us to help carry us to Nightmare Night - be it a song or a video. There is but one rule, though - and no, it's not that it has to be MLP-related, because it would be silly to limit ourselves so {although it's encouraged, of course}. The rule is, you can bring one song per post - and if you can, make a little comment on one of the songs already posted. So, with that, I shall begin with one of the classics....
  8. Welcome to the Nightmare Night Trivia. Just when you thought that the nightmares were over, another trivia challenge has made its presence known. Surely all of you have the time to partake in this whilst going around and causing all kinds of Nightmare Night mischief. After all, you will earn a badge if you can answer these questions correctly. This time around, Nightmare Moon provided me with these questions save for the Equestria Girls bonus which happens to be my little treat. Given how powerful Nightmare Moon is during this time of the year, who was I to refuse her command to do this? I'd rather not end up suffering some kind of terrible curse or worse. The eight regular questions are all Nightmare Night related though the bonus question is something related to but not connected to the occasion. Like before, collaboration is allowed and you can be given hints for most of the questions excluding the bonus; that one you'll need to figure out on your own. @Nightmare Moon is who you should submit your answers to as well as any concerns but I can address some as well. When will she go over what you give her? When Nightmare Night has reached its conclusion. Luckily, our gracious host isn't without mercy so she will allow for some questions to be given a second attempt. However, the bonus question doesn't count because even she knows that you need to do it on your own. You'll have until the end of Nightmare Night to submit your answers which gives you a total of four days. Remember, send your answers to @Nightmare Moon. I promise that she won't cause you any trouble unless you do something to offend her. Here are your questions. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention this. There are eight questions plus one bonus. Q1. Who did Twilight dress as for Nightmare Night? Q2. Who had their first Nightmare Night during Luna Eclipsed? Q3. Why was the sleep over canceled in Stare Master? Q4. Why is Twilight headed to the Everfree Forest in Stare Master? Q5. What myth does Applejack tell Rainbow Dash in Castle of the Two Sisters in Castle Mane-ia? Q6. How does Spike reveal the Journal of the Two Sisters in Castle Mane-ia? Q7. What were the Mane Six dressed up as during Scare Master? Q8. What does Fluttershy do to scare her friends in Scare Master? Bonus: The Equestria Girls series is known for some of its characters becoming monsters. What are the names of these monsters? Who became them? And how did this happen to them? One note of warning here. You must spell out the names of the monsters correctly.
  9. My Obligatory Annual Halloween Celebration
  10. First off, some minor corrections to the last image I had; I forgot Sunburst's glasses, so not much has changed. Images are spoilerized because S8E23 spoilers. Now, bear this image in mind because there are four more images related to the previous image and they're all connected. Note: previously, I was making a single image and then drawing a companion image that conveys a message that is the opposite of the original. Now, I'm drawing an entire web of interconnected images that are all related to each other somehow, and the goal is to convey a story based on the entire set of images (or a subset) instead of each image conveying its own message or story. (The one I have in mind is that Pinkie Pie turned herself into a kirin at either the worst or best possible time and now she's stuck that way for a while, while Glimmy's still bummed out that she broke her kite, but bringing in the Sunburst laundry pic makes it look like Pinkie is pretending to be a kirin in Sunburst's laundry room; bonus points if you can come up with a different story.) 1: Remember that Glimmy pic I drew? I connected it back. 2. This is my art contest entry for October: Kirin Pie. (I checked and kirinification has become a recurring theme this month; I don't mind at all but let's just say that after some poking around, some kirinifications work too well while others require very little context/backstory if at all.) 3. Oops. 4. Guess it's a good thing that all my images are connected because I could use this for another ongoing event; I had something like this in mind for a while, but had no good idea of what to use for a background. I'll leave this one open for interpretation. Fun fact: this is also a reimplementation of an even older image I had... BONUS IMAGE (featuring four of the young/student six):
  11. Hey everypony! With Nightmare Night fast approaching, we felt it time to reintroduce an old MLP Forums tradition and get ourselves into the festive spirit with a Nightmare Night themed art contest! This contest will be open to any and all, irrespective of artistic skill. Feel like you want to make a contribution to the holidays? Well, now is your chance! However, in the time-honored sense of fair competition, we do have one simple guideline for all entries to follow: That they depict a scene featuring at least one of our Poniverse Mascots. It's entirely up to yourselves who or how many you want to include, but we want to see what scenarios you can come up with under this heading. (If you need reminders or references of what our mascots look like, images will be included in the following post.) Entries can be submitted as of this announcement going live! All entries should be submitted to: Submissions end on October 31st at 2PM EST/1PM Central SHARP. So get cracking if you want the most amount of time to work! But wait...! You may be wondering what exactly is up for grabs in this contest? Well, I'm glad you asked! If your piece is selected to be a winner, you could be in with a shot of: First Place Prize: A special "Nightmare Night" badge applied to your profile to display your victory across the forum! You will also receive a complementary $35 commissions voucher to spend as you wish within our commissions section, as well as have your piece featured! Second Place Prize: You will receive a $25 commissions voucher to spend as you please within our commissions section. Third Place Prize: You will receive a $10 commissions voucher to spend as you please within our commissions section. Remember that you will need an active MLP Forums account in order to claim any of these prizes! If you have any additional questions relating to the contest, feel free to leave either a comment on this thread, or contact @Heart Container for assistance. And with all that said, I now declare this contest officially OPEN! Best of luck everypony!
  12. When the costumed hordes come to your door, how do you dish out their just rewards?
  13. So...unfortunately because of school, I hardly had time to whip up a sweet Nightmare Night piece. Instead, I give you this sweet piano the dark! This improv is modelled off of WoodenToaster's Nightmare Night. Hope you stallions enjoy it!
  14. I have created a little video for the Nightmare Night i hope you like it
  15. Many have heard of the headless horse, but what if the headless horse wasn't bad? Here's my idea for an episode: Fluttershy gets dared by a bully pony to go into the haunted woods and take the headless horse's magic axe. She finds the axe and the headless horse (aka Ichabod Maine), but instead of attacking her, he starts crying. After telling his story about how he decided to devote his life to scaring ponies because no one would be his friend, he and Fluttershy decide to scare the bully pony into apologizing to fluttershy. Afterwards, the headless horse learns that being liked feels a lot better than being feared. Hope you guys like it!
  16. Ladies and Gentlemen...the time has come. Prepare for an immersive frightful experience...I present to you...Nowhere To Run, Nowhere to Hide. You find yourself in a forest being confronted by evils... Critique is wanted!
  17. the Mane 6 Go Trick or Treating on Nightmare Night.
  18. We got another scrapbook promo for McFlurry. This time is about Nightmare Night I think she'll make an adorable were-puppy
  19. What movies do you watch to get in the Halloween mood?
  20. Here's my list: Twilight - Ness from Earthbound Pinkie Pie - Mario Fluttershy - Luigi Rarity - Princess Peach Applejack - Captain Falcon Rainbow Dash - JOHN CENA!!!! Spike - One Punch Man Shining Armor - Jason Voorhees Princess Cadence - A severed head (She's wear an invisibility cloak from the neck down and Shiny would carry her by her mane) Big Mac - The Sweet Transvestite from Tran-sexual Transylvania (Since his alter ego is Orchard Blossom) Princess Celestia - Jesus Christ Princess Luna - Neil Armstrong King Sombra - Himself (he's ugly enough to be his own monster) Queen Chrysalis - Ghirahim from Skyward Sword Discord - Jeff Goldblum
  21. Since we almost all saw Derpy dressed as Twilight on Nightmare Night in Scare Master, how about seeing the other way around? Would've been super awesome if that's what they did in the actual episode. Enjoy
  22. WARNING! THIS IS A PARODY AND THE STORY AND "ARTWORK" ARE POORLY DONE! Insane the Pony Unce Upony time, there was very Yandere kawaii red ponhey named Insane Margory Love-face Al Pacino Sugarspell Scarface the Unicorn or Insane fir shart. Insane was very bootyfuf and was in relationshet wif her waifu, Bulk Biceps Senpai. He lived her ans she loved they were so in loved. Bulky senpai was getting tirrd of Insane chan's crap and murdered her in cold blood because she cheated on hiom wif Fluttershyy sensei and stuff. Then sghe cam back and stebbed him wiif a knnif. THERE WAS ALL THE BLUDS AND SHE KIIL PEOPLE SHE SO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTYFUL I apologize for what you just read, everypony.
  23. Just in time for Halloween, here is a musical celebration of Nightmare Night with swingin' jazz and erie orchestra! Download this song:
  24. Hello ^w^ I've been working on a Nightmare Night project every night for the past three weeks, so I thought that I could put some of the art I've made here! Bear in mind I'm not as artsy as some other members here, but constructive criticism won't be for nothing Okay, so here goes: ...If I can figure out how to do it... let's see... How about ThIs? NoPe... Didn't WoRk... Dangit... *Applause* I did it! I managed to show pictures! I'm officially upgraded to mega genius of the jelly fishes! I don't know how to write below the last picture though... Now I do ^^ Well, anyway.... If you are curious about how the video turned out, and how all the other images turned out, I'll leave a link here ^^ Expect to be mildly un-apathetic! Actually ignore that, I'm working on making this video better for now no... I... I don't know how to embed videos... Here's the last picture Some more pictures ^^ Alright, that's some of them