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Found 6 results

  1. Sup guys? I was thinking...I was actually planning to buy myself a shoe...But not any normal type of shoes...But a RUNNING shoe and I needed Bronies and Pegasisters to help me...To suggest or recommend on which is the Best Running Shoe Brand...Share and please post your recommendation down below -The Blue Dasher
  2. I have seen my share of Rainbow Dash shoe attempts before, but none really include wings, which I think would be necessary in this situation. Before going to the sleep and what not, I decided to poorly draw this idea out on some notebook paper. This is basically what I got so far. I'm pretty certain that this design idea will rely on some colors as well. This thing is quite simple I'm actually quite surprised someone has not done it already, I'm quite positive someone hasn't either, I thoroughly checked Google images. Anyways, here's my design. Remember, it's simple but I find it generally attractive for a shoe. I understand it needs some colors, but for now this is what I got. I'm sure after some coloring and gradient effects this thing will look all sorts of fancy.
  3. If any of you remember the paper drawing I made of anthropomorphic Rainbow Dash, I decided to re-make it on the Microsoft Paint and add some colors to it. So here we are, anthropomorphic Rainbow Dash with upgraded detail and some fancy shoes! I like shoes. So, feel free to leave your comments, questions & concerns below and i'll be sure to answer them. That is if you want to.
  4. Well, with tonight's official NFL 2012 Schedule Release and next Thursday's NFL Draft Day 1, I think it's safe to begin the MLP Forums' official NFL discussion thread The Road to Super Bowl XLVII begins today!
  5. Introducing the Rarifade. Open in new tab to view the enlarged version of it!
  6. I'm going to write this as if I was an employee of Nike We played around with the Nike ID in Marketing class today, and I came up with a design idea. Enjoy! Good Evening Equestria! We here at Nike, are excited about extending our Nike brand to the Equestrian division. And to start us off, we would like to present you with a Running shoe inspired by everyone's favorite pony athlete, the wonderful, the magnificent, the awesome Rainbow Dash! Just visit this like provided to see what all the hype is about! Introducing the NIKE RNBOW DASH 20 Percent cooler version. Just visit this link, enter RNBOW as the left ID, and DASH as the right, and BAM, a one of a kind shoe that is guaranteed to make you run a mile in 10 seconds flat. (Ok, maybe not!) But still! Or, create your own ID for a unique shoe. Yes, we realize the website design is for human feet, but we are working on a design to fit your awesome hooves. Stay tuned! Disclaimer: (May cause sonic rainbooms) -Steel Matt (Nike: Human Division) Also, Nike will let you turn it into a wallpaper. So with a little editing, here is an example!