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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everypony, this is my first game too ever be released. It is a mlp themed asteroids game. With Princess Luna as the main protagonist. Destroy all of the asteroids and prevent Equestria from meeting with a terrible fate! (If you are havin trouble, try pressing R!) Here is the link! Screenshots: Please enjoy!
  2. Hello every pony, Nintenboy195 here to announce my latest project. And because pf this, I have decided to cancel two of my older ones. Which are "Mlp Super Mario Bros Wii" and "Smile PC". This is a tech demo inspired from fallout equestria. And as I said in the video, I am not completely going off the canon of FoE, this is my interpretation. Video Posters Credit to Morning Glory for Nintenboy195 Illustration Note: reuploaded vid. there was a problem. More artwork that will be featured in Fallout Equestria: Project Rebirth. I know this seems kinda weird right now, but trust me, all will make sense soon! ^^ Another peice of artwork. This is another billboard. Here is the entrance to Rebirth City Park. Here is another update of Fallout Equestria: Project Rebirth.
  3. Just found this news out on msn! any thoughts? I hope they do a good job...
  4. Hello everypony! Not everything should be focused on PC, and thats why I made this thread today, so we ps3 players can find times and plan on when to play. Lets have a lot of fun playing Minecraft on the Ps3! Please let me know by telling me in the thread if your interested!
  5. In a week or two, I may release a demo of my Pony Fps Prototype. And I would like to have some people to come and try it out before I release it, So in case there is something I can fix, I will know before its released and have it fixed up. In case you haven't heard of this game, please have a look at this video. That video was from a little while back though. It has had some significant updates since then. What I need! 1: People that I can rely on to give me updated and information on any bugs/glitches found in the beta. 2: Information on what I can do to improve! I need to know what I can do in order to give the best experience possible! 3: Don't be shy! Give constructive criticism. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I would like! 1: Somepony who can capture a computer screen. (This is something I can do myself, but i know people can do it better.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will let the first fifteen who volunteer take the role. And please let me know if you are on a mac or windows. So I know which ver to send you. PM if interested! And until then, I'll talk to you ponies later!
  6. This Is a thread where I post all of the level I make in super Mario Maker! As of right now, I have made two. Please give me your honest opinions and tell me what I can improve upon. Thank you. This is the first level I made. It is not my its nothing too complicated, but it's a level! The code for this one is: (C5DD-0000-005E-9050) My second level as of right now is an automatic level. The code for this one is: (2190-0000-005F-E660)
  7. This is a thread for me to upload my recordings. I don't know if I will do these often. But as my first one, I wanted to explain how I became part of the fandom. and why I still exist.
  8. Hello everypony! Have you ever wanted to have your awesome Mario level featured in a game? Well now you can! With MLP Super Mario Bros Wii! MLP Super Mario Bros Wii is a community mod of New Super Mario Bros Wii (NSMBW). Find more info here: You may be wondering. "But Nintenboy195, I really want to make a level. But how will I be able to do it without some complicated computer program?" Well let me tell ya! It is possible! And I'll tell you how! How do I participate? Get a pencil and paper! Making a Mario level is as easy as Pinkie Pie! Just draw out your level and me and my team will transform your led drawing into a beautiful Mario level! Look at these examples below. Example 1: Your drawing on paper. Your drawing come to life. Example 2: Your drawing on paper Your drawing remastered: Create Now! Sorry about that. I post the thread to early!
  9. Hello everypony! This thread is for CoD Bronies and Pegisisters to come play some call of duty, I hope to make a Clan and have fun! Please use this thread for Ps3 only, and not XBOX. I hope to get some good games in!