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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! This is my second project in my "World Leaders" series of art, I hope you guys enjoy it! And as always, feedback is very useful for me, since it helps me put it into context in my next art. (P.S, which world leader should I draw next?) (GT is my signature, it stands for my name)
  2. for the past year, there has been an investigation going on, gathering evidence that conditions in North Korea are comparable to atrocities committed by the Nazi's during world war two. It's been over 60 years. what took them so fucking long?
  3. You can has link: http://www.fundforpe...?q=fsi-grid2012 Basically the Failed States Index is a list made by people smarter than me, based on a ton of factors which I can pretend to comprehend, and they assign a number value to each country. Like golf, the higher your rank and higher your score, the more screwed you are. The maximum score is 120 (10 for each category), and that basically means your country fails utterly and absolutely in every conceivable aspect and is a total cesspool of shit and would be an accurate representation of hell on Earth. Most Western countries are on the bottom or around there, most of Africa is on top. It also seems both Iraq and Afghanistan are among the top 10 in overall score, I wonder why that is? Also Yemen is 8th and Pakistan is 13th. You'd think with all the "aid" money the US and NATO sends they would be in better shape! Also a breakdown if you don't want to click the link yourself: 5 Worsts 5 Best