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Found 5 results

  1. Let's here some puns that you've guys made up or heard before, shall we? Here's a question you'll never expect on a test. What's the frisbee like thing that people throw at the olympics? Discuss.
  2. Pretty basic really, I kind of need an avatar, so, you give me pictures of a ram skeleton with a brown paper bag on its head, and I make your sprites to be used in RPG Maker/GameMaker, because yay. Reference:
  3. As a brony, I have loved MLP for its creative fantasy element, interesting characters, wonderful stories and optimistic and relaxed tone. However, I'm beginning to feel like MLP is losing some of its magic. I don't know why but the last few episodes that have come out didn't entertain as much as Season 4. Epsidoes like Amending Fences, Slice of Life, Bloom and Gloom, The Cutie Map, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Rarity Investigates and the Lost Treasure of Griffonstone were all great episodes and they are good becuase they expand character, have world-building or jsut have an entertaining story from beginning to end. Whereas in episodes after Sliceof Life, seem to b a little mundane and not as entertaining. Maybe it's the new writers or something but the stories doesn't go into interesting directions, the morals are still great and the characters or great but they didn't do something interesting or creative with the set-up. For example, Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep - great premise and development for Luna but like Power Noia from PPG it took a 90 degree nose dive into disaster as the conflict was caused by Luna because she wanted to punish herself for being Nightmare Moon. For fucks sake, Luna. Stop listening to Linkin Park, stop acting so emo and sort yourself OUT!! Your self pity could have endangered millions of ponies! And you created the Tanatbus because it's a creative way of cutting yourself?! Jesus, Luna. You need to see Dr Wolf. Party Pooped - cute idea and its jsut alright. Again very mundane and what transpired in the episode didn't connect to the moral. Heartbreakers - Again a sweet episode. Loved to see Pie family. But I don't like Applejack episodes. They always centre on family. It's getting old. Carousel Boutique - Rarity is not my fave character. But i liked this one. Also Raven goth pony and blond pony should be best friends. It must be canon Brotherhoods Social - hilarious episode and took a twist on the "guy cross dressing for the sake of pleasing friend in competition or something" trope having the characters know it was Big Mac all along but went along with it. The One Where Pinkie Knows - okay episode but wouldn't it be so much better if there was a Cadance and Shining Armor episode where they find out that they are having a baby and stress out over everything and fear they aren't ready to raise a child? Character development was practically gift-wrapped for them. Also they aren't related to Applejack or even close friends with Apllejack, so it's okay for them to use Applejacks birth certificate? That's just creepy. Scare Master - decent but wouldn't it be better if we saw Fluttershy struggling to get out and enjoy Nightmare Night as she wants to go out so she can spend time with friends, but her fears of being scared get the best of her? So you see, I loved Season 5 from the beginning but after Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep and after the 2 month hiatus, it began to get just mundane and not as interesting or fun. Even the most by the book episodes have had something fun or unique to it, but here it's like on slice of life autopilot. Have a conflict, characters freak out about it, show new ponies for bronies to fan-gasm over and make stupid fanart or fanfiction on it, conflict solved, moral, the end no refunds. I really want to like season 5, and I don't want to hate, I don't even dislike it, it's good, but after the hiatus, it feels weird and watered down. Am I being too harsh? Is it just me? What do you think? Am I being an insensitive over critical moron? Or am I being selfish? I just want MLp to have that magic that kept me hooked since the series premiere.
  4. Hey guys, have a seat, have some refreshments. If you remember me, hey, nice to see you again. If you don't, its always great to make new friends. It's been a long while since I've been on these forums. Two years?, already? wow. Time really is relative. Anyways, what brought me back here is the fact that I took off without notice. I guess you could say I forgot. about this forum, got caught up in so many things that my brain pushed this all the way to the back. I got really lonely for some odd reason too. The newer episode, "Amending Fences", Is what reminded me... So I guess you could say the same thing that happened to Viva (Immatoonlink), happened to me: so uh hi again If you want to stay in constant contact with me, my steam is TheOneAndOnlyButtonMash, I think I have facebook stuff on my profile or whateverr , Im more active on that I guess. It's just that this forum became much less relevant in my life I would suppose. I kinda just kept to myself and my programming kinda like how moondancer did it. I guess.
  5. I had posed a 1k-word-limit but the momentum took me to 1,2k. Written following Tich's specifications and feedback on the draft. First time I've written comedy, I usually mix a little bit into epic or suspense/drama. IDK enjoy I guess, LMAO THE NEIGH AFTER TOMORROW Opening his green eye to a crack, the purple pegasus lying in bed noted the sunlight filtering through the blinds. His blanket shifted as he stretched his legs and wings with delight, then pulled back a lock of blue mane fallen across his feminine muzzle. Tich rolled over and was startled by a soft, fuzzy and warm shape next to him. It was a blonde, light green earth colt, lying on his back with a tongue hanging out of his gaping mouth. Two snorts responded to the clumsy contact, but there was no other reaction. That reminded the pegasus of the previous night's events: four friends hanging out at a pub by the lake... him having that "drunk swimming" competition with a unicorn mare, while the others just drank cider and cheered for him. In hindsight, it seemed pretty stupid now; he had probably made a fool of himself, and so had the three other colts. Bana must've been too drunk to enter his own bed, Tich thought. He was about to wake up the blondie when he caught sight of a metal block on the nightstand. Taking a closer look, he recognized a stack of dog tags; Banana Delight would sometimes pick one depending on his mood, and latch it onto his collar... but always left the stack on his nightstand. Tich's eyes grew wide. Duh, this was Bana's bedroom, not his! "Blarg!" he let out, and slipped out of bed. This time, the earth pony named Banana blinked his hazel eyes and yawned... before moaning in surprise and shooting upright in the bed, his mane flowing freely around his bare neck. He didn’t have his yellow collar on, but instead wore the pegasus’s black-sleeved orange t-shirt. Tich's expression went from mild concern to disbelief as he realized the problem - Banana's tongue was stuck onto his cheek! He bit his lips to hold back while his roommate brought up a hoof to peel the tongue away. But even after getting unstuck, the strip of muscle kept hanging down as Bana groaned: "Gah, fnap... ny thongue if ftill numb." The pegasus broke into a fit of laughter, rolling on the floor and flailing his legs. It got even worse when he heard "That'f noth vunny ath all, Tith!" at which point he started tearing and his sides started to hurt. That’s when he felt something rubbing against his neck and head - was he wearing a collar, and was his mane tied up? He was interrupted by a spray of saliva... no, must be water, since Banana was holding a bottle... but why did it taste salty and feel viscous? When he was done panting, still lying flat on his side, he looked at the colt with a banana cutiemark, and asked frowning: "What in the hay was that?" The earth pony closed the drawer where he had put the bottle back, and grinned wildly. "Why, concentrated murinic acid of course!" Tich became a purple-blue flash neighing and rushing to the bathroom. "Kidding!" Bana shouted, standing in the doorway. "It's just juice!" The pegasus's head stuck out through the bathroom door, snapped: "What kind of juice is salty?", then was pulled back inside. "Uh... Creamy Stallion Fizz?" Tich broke the bathroom window and flew away screaming, until he remembered that was the name of a smooth cocktail at the previous night’s pub. He was hoping nobody (pony or other) had witnessed that, but an excited "Wheee!" rose from below. Looking down, Tich could see another, dark red pegasus with purple hair hovering near the ground, his cyan stare awkwardly directed at him. The whinnying was coming from a white-ish earth pony though, his muzzle slightly feminine but less than Tich’s, with green mane and eyes. "Hey Ruby, you saw how he stormed right outta his house? And he’s naked! Well, except from Banana’s collar and loop..." Ruby Storm rolled his eyes and shook his head. "It was impossible NOT to see him." He added, grimacing and rubbing his ears: "Or hear." Tich swallowed to moisturize his sore throat, which was almost as hurt as his ego. He nervously waved and tried to sound normal. "Hi Ruby, hey Flick." Scratching his neck under the yellow collar, he glided down and spoke as casually as possible. "How you doin' filly?" Flicker Sweet's eyes glittered in the rising sun's light. "We're great, thanks! Oh, will you believe me if I told you we woke up this morning... in the same bed!" The purple pegasus stood there, mouth agape, before deciding to stay quiet about his own experience. "That shoulda been pretty weird," he simply commented as he accompanied the two colts to his house. "Kinda, we didn’t really dwell on it though." Flicker momentarily stopped to run a hoof through his mane and pulled a lollipop out of it, which looked almost identical to his cutiemark. Tich blinked. "You, uh… put sweets in your mane?" "Yeah, I do now." The earth pony took a lick of the candy. "I tried hiding it in my tail too, but it’s too hard to keep it clean and in order. Because… you know." "No, I don’t." Ruby Storm fluttered in front of them and Tich caught sight of his flank, bearing the picture of a cloud with a ruby on top. The red pegasus sounded almost bored: "Because I ruin it when I come in from behind." The purple one froze in place, fortunately landing on his hooves, choking. "Yeah," the sugar addict said quietly. "He still needs to practice his landing, and wants me to watch him to provide feedback." "…Ah." Tich took off and glided forwards. "We in the weather service sometimes need to use the narrowest airstrips." Ruby shook his head. "I’ve done quick, short landings before, emergency landings. But precision…" He shook his coiled hooves to finish: "GAH, why can’t I do precision work?!" The purple pegasus caught up to them as they almost reached the house. "There’s a reason I chose computers for my day job, filly. Large keys to push, plus a wheel or ball for scrolling." Ruby pursed his lips, stopping before the door. "I really like balls and other round shapes, but I hate hard, flat surfaces. I prefer clouds; they’re plump and soft." Then he knocked - three, two, three; the gang’s code. And surely enough, Banana opened, the t-shirt now held in his hoof. "Hi guys!" he sang, tossing the orange t-shirt that Tich caught just in time, and was given back his collar and loop. He stepped aside to let the other ponies in. The purple pegasus tried slipping the shirt on while walking, and smashed his face against the wall with a "thump" followed by his muffled neigh. Banana... you will pay for closing that door in my face! He finished pushing his forelegs and wings out through their respective sleeves. Turning around, he circled the house and found the broken bathroom window. He went inside, reached the corridor, rushed to the entrance hall... "Oh, I didn’t see you come in... when DID you?" With that, Banana closed the door and trotted to the kitchen to make breakfast.