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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everypony! Here are the blog I will be using to write about development progress of the Celestial Supernova mini-episode animation. Using the regular forums I found out could lead to something known as "Double Posting" and I refrain from causing such, so I am switching to using the blog to keep you guys updated! Here is a recap of what has happened recently: - Summer has started! - Script is written! (Suggestions appreciated!) - Need voice actors! Post your auditions here - Stay pony my friends! /) Signed, EndenDragon -_-
  2. Nova sharing her special talent, astronomy, with Troubleshoes. I certain that Troubleshoes is a Clydesdale, and Nova in my mind is a Shetland pony, so I made her much smaller. Alright, I stayed up way to late, I'm gonna go to bed now.
  3. For all the fans of the 5, which of all the 5 do you like the most. For me, I like all 5 because they're entertaining a lot. But I'm a long time bro of PewDie and Smosh, I like all 5 of them.
  4. Since PewDiePie got his own thread, I though to myself "Why not make one for The Creatures?" (If you don't know why they are, I'll get to that in a moment). I decided to make one mega thread for them since I didn't want to make 8 different threads for a group of people who are related in terms of alliances and stuff . Anyways, the creatures are a group of gamer friends who live in Colorado, near Denver. Some of them live in the Creature House, a large manor in Littleton, while others live one their own, but are nearby to each other, and will frequently visit ech other and do playthrough with each other. The list of Creatures are as followed -James Wilson Jr. (Paragon Nova) -Eddie Cardona Jr. (xXSlyFoxHoundXx) -Nick (Sp00nerism) -Steven (Ze Royal Viking) -Max Gonzalez (GassyMexican) -Jordan Mathewson (kootra) -Dan Gidlow (Danz Newz) -Seamus O'Doherty (SSoHPKC) Each Creature combined would add up to a total of 3,409,117 subs (The most coming from from Nova). Anyways, I put a poll at the top also to see who's the most popular Creature. This is more or less a thread for discussing about the Creatures
  5. So as you guys know, yesterday, I uploaded the UNICORN. To state the obvious, it is a giant mechanical walker used for this fictional alien army I've created, hence why it has such a specific designation (The full name is the ADLV-T/C3 UNICORN). Later today or tomorrow, I will draw a new warship. The 2 ships are the NOVA, a massive space carrier that can hold numerous fighter craft and warships, and the HAMMERHEAD, a battleship/destroyer-like watercraft that has massive turbines which can propell it to very high speeds. So which one do you want me to draw more ?