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Found 7 results

  1. Fan made Novel "Hidden Secrets of the Potters'' Log Line ''The Greatest Threats are the ones you Can Not See and Know Nothing About.'' During the pregnancy of their second child, Harry Potter, his six year old sister Maple Rose Potter , mysteriously vanished without a trace. The Potters Consumed in grief, yet knowing the importance to make sure their second child was born healthy and well. Were forced to wait until the birth of their child, to continue their search. yet as the time grows close a new threat is made known to the Potter family. Not to long after the birth of their son, the potters fall victim to the the threat that took both their lives. Harry's mother quickly casting a magic spell protecting their child from the dangers that threaten to take his life. As Harry Grows Up, Making many friends, defeating many foe's. Successful in The final battle to help set the balance of good and evil. Harry Potter Married and had a family two sons and a Daughter... Yet this is merely the start of his life.., Late one night, Harry Potter in his study, hearing a faint knock at the door. "'Come in the door is open.'' Lilly Luna Potter quickly enters her fathers study, closing the door shut. Looking distress full of worry'' Father my friend needs your help...'' Harry looking down at his daughter, knowing the whimsical stories she would tell him, smile on his face.'' I'm not sure if I can be much help,'' seeing the sad expression on her face.wanting to give her some comfort.'' perhaps I can try.'' Lilly looking up at her father, hopeful expression on her face.'' She is trapped, lost and afraid.'' Harry getting a bit uneasy, usually his daughter would talk about fairies, mermaids, even flying unicorns, this was very unusual even for her.'' do you know where?'' Lilly, tears in her eyes worried about her friend.'' She did not say, she told me to find her brother, he would know what to do.'' Harry Potter, concerned.'' Did she tell you her name, perhaps I can look up her family history at the ministry tomorrow," Quickly Grabbing a Piece of Parchment on his desk, dabbing his quill and ink. Lilly, wiping the tears from her eyes.'' Maple Rose Potter.'' Harry finding it odd, puzzled his parents were the only known potters in the wizard world, mumbling to himself ( could there be a second potter family, perhaps our families are related in some way.) or maybe her parents were half muggles or wizzard's. Yet seeing the fear in her eyes. Knowing how important it was to her, needing more information. Questions her further.'' Did she say her parents or brothers name, when she spoke to you.'' Lilly, getting up on her fathers lap, looking down at the parchment, her friends name Written in her father's hand writing.'' She told me her parents where expecting her baby brother, at the time she was taken away from them. She cried wanting to go home with her family, yet the dark figure refused to let her leave.'' remembering the time she last saw her.'' She would secretly sneak away from him, appear in my dreams, at first we would just play dolls, skip in puddles or just skate on a frozen pond together. Yes the Last few dreams she spoke about her future baby brother.'' Harry Potter a flurry question swirl through his mind, yet not wanting to interrupt his daughter.'' can you tell me what you remember.'' Lilly drifting off into her memory of dreams. ''we are playing, taking turns on the swing, she told me her parents came to her, said she was going to be a big sister. She was so happy, during the early days they were deciding on a name.. For their child...Maple Told me she helped them with a name for her baby brother, she had a plush puppy her parents bought for her for her 5th birthday, seeing his long harry look. That is when she made the Suggestion. Harry. I asked her what if the baby was a girl, she said no. The baby was a boy. How could you tell, she said she knows. Her parents decided the full name would be Harry James Potter.'' Harry Potter, Overwhelmed, he was kept in the dark all his life about his parents, family members and their friends, having only the memories of the final moments he last saw his mother alive remembering the sound of shrieks of pain surging through his mother from Voldemort's final strike that sadly took her life. Only a photograph left behind to help remember their faces. Who was Maple Rose Potter, why did his parents kept her a secret for the outside of the home. His family had friends and knew his parents well, why would they not bring her up, and what about Serious Black why have he not mention his niece, not even once. Could she have been the first victim of Voldermort, or was there another foe hiding in the shadows yet far more sinister that the one he defeated. Lilly looking up at Him. Lost in a blizzard of Questions '' Father her brother does have the same name you do. Is it possible that she is your sister? could we be related?'' Harry Potter, snapping out of his mixed thoughts, looking at his daughter, concerned and worried look on her face. '' I don't know, but I'm going to find out.can you remember anything else.'' Lilly going back to the last dream she had.'' Maple told me she had to stay away for a while the dark shadow like figure was growing suspicious.'' Harry Potter looking up at the clock on the wall in his study, midnight. "' its getting late, your mother would be furious to see you up at this hour.'' getting off his chair picking up his daughter, bringing her to her bedroom, placing her in her bed, pulling the sheets over his daughter tucking her in snugly, kissing her on the forehead, ''get some rest, if she comes back in your dreams tell me at once.'' Lilly looking at her father standing in the door way.'' You will help Maple, Won't you.'' Harry Potter looking back at his daughter.'' I will do everything I Can.'' ...................................................... yes I just wrote this Right Now.. What do you Think about this? It open the world of Harry Potter all over again. Not going to go deeper into writing this fan fiction story, since I got my own novel series to write about. However I'm just curious to find out how many out there, like this sudden twist, on the Harry Potter series.. Written by Laurie Ann Garland
  2. Sure, some books that you read in literature were absolutely disgraceful, like... The Metamorphosis. Of course that's just my opinion. But occasionally, we actually enjoy a book that we didn't think we would. For example, The Book Thief is an outstanding novel. An much older classic that I enjoyed was A Tale of Two Cites by Charles Dickens. While it's very easy to complain about to your classmates when reading it, everyone seems to really enjoy the conclusion. So... what books did you actually like from school? Feel free to complain about some of the awful things you had to read as well. (So many Holocaust books... Like I said, The Book Thief was great, but... Literally ALL OF THE HOLOCAUST BOOKS!) Discuss.
  3. See * for disclaimer Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity (Novel, April 8th 2014) I was going through these books, because there were a couple of instances where the books revealed facts that showed up in the regular show some time later. I'm not entirely sure that's ever going to happen again. This book, while it has a quite reasonable characterization of Rarity, doesn't reveal any background information about Rarity. Mostly it's puns. The author, G.M. Berrow, likes creating cities in this series. Neigh Mexicolt, obviously New Mexico. This book was published long after the Rarity Takes Manehattan episode broadcast, but the setup feels like the author wasn't aware of it. Yet, it references Filli Vanilli's the Pony Tones... in a weird way that makes it sound like Rarity isn't a member of it. This is one of those cases where I think G.M. Berrow does get advanced info from the show writers, in order to keep the books 'in universe', but nothing too detailed. Coco Cheval. I have vague memories of that one popping There is a difference between satin and charmeuse, but it's pretty trivial in the long run. Charmeuse, like proper satin, is a *pain* to work with machine stitching, the stupid stuff just won't sit still. And a reference to Derpy/Ditzy complete with preventing speech and confusion as to what her name is. Larsons The Neigh School for Design, is a take off of Parsons: The New School for Design, and referencing M.A. Larson at the same time. The back-references to the show are coming a bit thick. Bridle Gown. I can't believe I didn't notice that pun before. Odd. It suddenly switched from her having no luggage (no books as per Twilight) to having a ton of junk for Spike to carry, and no bridging info between those two states. Mare-is, Prance. And John Gallopiano, an expy of John Galliano. Sacks for Saks is a bit weak, but there's a limit to how much punning any one person can produce. This is following a rather stock plot. It's still a creepy plot, of course. But resolved in a very kid-friendly way. Oh well.
  4. Here are some of my stories in blog-form (I know that it's an unpopular type): Do you know any good blogs that consist mainly of fictional stories? And anyone I can discuss their ideas with?
  5. There is always a lot of talk about favorite MLP ships, but I'm not really shippy when it comes to MLP. On the other hand, I have written hundreds of Star Trek fanfictions, many but not all of which revolve around or include my personal favorite ships. The best part about shipping fandom outside of MLP is that for many shows there is more romantic tension to work with, plus the chance that the ship might actually become canon, as other shows are geared towards an older audience and can include romance, sex, or anything else in their shows without alienating large portions of their fanbase. For instance, I was, and am, a huge Caskett (Castle/Beckett) shipper, and Castle went ahead and did that, and did it well! Whereas Bones finally shipped Booth and Brennan and it completely ruined the show. I have written over 300 Trek fanfictions, dozens of Castle fanfictions, a few NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Bones Fanfictions, and three Animorphs fanfictions. My favorite ships, and favorite to write, are: Kim/Torres from Star Trek: Voyager The Doctor/Seven of Nine from Voyager Riker/Troi from The Next Generation Odo/Kira from Deep Space Nine Bashir/Jadzia from Deep Space Nine Hoshi/Malcolm from Enterprise Trip/T'Pol from Enterprise Marco/Rachel from Animorphs Tony/Ziva from NCIS Jimmy/Abby from NCIS Castle/Beckett, as I mentioned before Booth/Brennan, before they actually got together in a crappy way I've never shipped any Criminal Minds characters, they just don't lend themselves to it very well Does anyone else have strong favorites from other shows or books?
  6. See * for disclaimer The second of the series of G.M. Berrow novels. As I mentioned previously, these are being treated as canon by Hasbro as IP owner, even if the DHX crew isn't. But then, maybe they are, because of something that happens with this particular book, and with the most recent episode. Otherwise I would have skipped this one, and the rest of G.M. Berrow books as fluff. With this, and the Cadance as a pegasis originally in the previous book, it seems that the DHX crew is in fact taking a few cues from these books. However, they're not in complete agreement as to what's going on, so I'm still treating these as secondary or tertiary canon, to be overridden by the main series. Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party! (Novel, July 2nd 2013) Summary: Pinkie's family is in trouble, and only a Pinkie Party can save the rock farm. Indication that the story takes place one week after Winter Wrap-Up, but that doesn't mean it was the *same* Winter Wrap-Up seen in the series. We could be on another year for all we know. Posy is not actually a specific flower, but is a type of flower arrangement. A small handheld cluster of flowers, basically a small bouquet. This seems to indicate that in Equestria there is an actual flower called a 'posy'. And it's bitter to ponies. There are several flowers that are toxic to horses in real life, Goldenrod, Larkspur, Silverling, etc. So likely a Posy is in one of these families. Reference to the Mirror Pool. Also mention that this story occurs after the Crystal Empire episodes, but that in Pinkie's memory she was put in charge of the flugelhorn booth. There actually were spring-soled shoes, and still are but they use a different design. The ones I used to have were originally from the '50s called 'Satellite Jumping Shoes', made by Rapaport Brothers. Now-a-days they use a far more modern design but are just as freaking dangerous. Again Cloudsdale is right next to Ponyville at the moment. This is the second reference in this novel about how the returned Crystal Empire is changing the fashions in Equestria. And we get names for Pinkie's family. Cloudy Quartz (mom), Igneous Rock (dad), Marble Pie and Limestone Pie. The naming convention is very... strange. And here's where this gets weird. Pinkie refers to an older sister, who was not seen in the Cutie Mark Chronicles episodes. Normally this would just be something that could be written off as non-canon, but in the most recent episode (Pinkie Pride), a picture of Pinkie's family was shown, including a third sister not seen in the previous episode. Strange. The impression in the Cutie Mark Chronicles was that Pinkie's family loosened up a lot with Pinkie's first party. This backsliding is a bit odd. However, we now know this story is occurring in Season 4, as we have Princess Twilight Sparkle in full force. More so than in the main series, actually. I should have expected that one. A rock concert. The term 'palooza' was originally from an old 19th century word lalapalooza or lollapalooza, meaning a extraordanary thing. It was adopted as an extension on words in the same way as 'orama' and 'agogo' to mean an extraordinary event. Oh, that pun. Nine Inch Tails. Ouch, that hurt. More band pony puns, some being a bit odd. Switchhoof (Switchfoot), Neigh-Z (Jay-Z), Coldhay (Coldplay), The Whooves (The Who), John Mare (John Mayer). A really odd range of bands for the author to think of. This is an eclectic set.
  7. See * for disclaimer Okay, I'm not sure how this is going to work, as doing what I've been doing out of written text rather than video feels a bit odd. However, I'm going to try at least once. I may not do the other novels individually, or at all, depending on how this goes. For those wondering what happened to the comics, I'm going to do them as a batch based on the trade compilations, and the first trade is Volume 1 which contains individual comics published from November 2012 to March 2013, so that's next. I would have put it after One Bad Apple when the first issue was published, but that would make Volume 4 which doesn't have all it's individual issues published yet get really weird. This novel was officially published in April, but a special Scholastic edition was released in February, so this is where I'm placing it. Also I should probably address the whole 'canon' thing right now while we're on this subject. People who have been in other fandoms like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc. will recognize this, but it may be a new concept to Bronies who don't have experience in other fandoms. Whenever a franchise expands into multiple media; TV, films, books, comics, games, radio-plays, etc. and even when a franchise in it's original media extends past a couple of 'seasons', you will get conflicting canon. That's normal, and expected. Many will deny the 'canon' nature of these alternate media, but I personally don't take it that way. Canon is nonsensical, in truth. Because it's all fictional, whatever the writer puts down is, at that moment in time canon as long as they have the approval of the owner of the IP, which in this case is Hasbro. As long as Hasbro promotes the item in question as canon, it's canon. But that doesn't mean that any other writer is required to take it into consideration. There is a 'show bible' for MLP:FiM, but it was written by Lauren Faust as part of the pitch to Hasbro, and it is unlikely to have been kept updated since. Because of that, there are no guidelines for continuity unless the writers themselves make it an issue. So in order to cope with this, most fandoms adopt what I call a 'sliding scale of canon'. There might be a better name, but I haven't run into one myself. Basically everything 'official' is canon unless it contradicts another official source. When two or more sources contradict, one will take priority. In our case broadcast episodes as the original media should trump the comics, which trump the novels in turn as the most derivative media. Plus it's usually accepted that newer episodes/issues trump older ones. A lot of trumping can be worked around as misinterpretations by the characters involved, but there will be enough that cannot be worked around. So whatever I notice in this book is likely to be trumped by either the comics or the animated series, but I know of at least one thing in the book that has not yet been overruled that is important to worldbuilding. Which is why I'm attempting this. Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell (Novel, February 2013) Summary: Twilight Sparkle may be a princess now, but she doesn't feel like it. Now she searches for someone to help her understand how to be a princess. This is set after Magical Mystery Cure, long enough for the story to circulate throughout Equestria. Mention of San Franscolt and Manehattan. The special ability of Earth Ponies is mentioned as being Strength, but not physical strength but instead strength of character. Interesting choice. The book titles: The Princess Bridle... oh dear. Purple Reign by Crystal Ball... ooooh dear. Heh, the worn path Twilight paces in a circle is 'The Twilight Zone'. Cute. For those too young to remember, The Princess Bride was a 1973 novel by William Goldman turned into a film in 1987. Purple Rain was an film staring Prince and The Revolution in 1984, plus a soundtrack album of the same name, plus the title track of said album. And the Twilight Zone was a sci-fi 'horror' anthology series back in the sixties but was revived several times since. Another Daring Do book title: Daring Do and the Trek to the Terrifying Tower. And Daring Do's biggest fear is... fish? Really? Okay, fine. Professor A.B. Ravenhoof being the ponification of Professor Abner Ravenwood from Indiana Jones, a character never actually seen but was mentioned and supposedly intended to be Indy's former mentor. Supposedly he was to be modeled after Professor Challenger, a character from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World (and several other stories). Rainbow Chip cupcakes. They seem to have rainbow *everything* here. It's kinda like old sci-fi films, where they put 'space' in front of everything to make it more futuristic. Space telephones, space guns, space toothpaste. It's just rainbows here. In the novels at least, everyone seems to recognize Twilight. And here is the bit that is the biggest worldbuilding point. Cadence was a pegasis originally, an orphan found by Earth Ponies abandoned in a forest. And a evil enchantress pony, powered by a dangerous artifact, a necklace that twisted her mind. Which is not surprisingly familiar. Except that this necklace supposedly amplified all magic around it, not just the wearer's. Which doesn't match up to the Alicorn Amulet. Either that or Cadence is remembering this section with a lot more bias than stories normally do. In any case, Cadence's experience mirrors Twilight's bit in the Magical Mystery Cure where she is transported to some astral realm and turned into an alicorn. This had to have taken place when Cadence was still quite young, much younger than what Twilight is being presented as. Okay, this is a separate necklace to the Alicorn Amulet. The casualness that they treat artefacts capable of mental distortion is criminal, really. We still have the problem with the time taken travelling between the Crystal Empire and Ponyville, but in the novel it's easier to ignore as the time is being taken between chapters, allowing the reader to assume how long the trip actually is. Hornaments. Cute. And at this time Cloudsdale is directly above Ponyville. The necklace is made of a special gemstone called 'Cosmic Spectrum' which naturally has the abilities of amplifying emotions, the same as the Crystal Heart. Sparkle's Six? Reference to Ocean's Eleven, 1960 film remade in 2001. Mythica, Neigh York. Ithaca is a city in the middle of New York state, known as one of the most liberal places in the United States. This a strange reference, as it's putting a state in play, where Equestria has never used states before in other media. Twilight's cottage? It's odd describing the library as a cottage. That's about it for references and notes from the novel. The way they dealt with Gilda and Trixie may it hard to fit into the timeline of the show, and there's some bits that are a bit odd, but all-in-all there wasn't anything worldbreaking.