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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everypony! This is my new crossover fanfiction that I've posted on, feel free to leave comments, criticism and suggestions, I don't bite! Thank you for reading.
  2. Whose played a Pokemon Game with the Nuzlocke Challenge lately? I figured I'd start a thread where we can share our stories that make Nuzlocke's so fun. I normally would feel that my game is interesting enough to share but mine has recently taken a darker turn and the story I have in it surprised me, so I'm going write it up and post it for everyone to read. I'd also really like to see the stories other people have! Pokemon Nuzlocke Soul Silver - Torrent's Journal I never figured my pokemon journey would be any different than anyone else's, I mean sure I was going to succeed where so many others fell by the wayside, but that didn't make it all that different... At least not until recently. But I'm getting ahead of myself to understand where I am we need to go back to the beginning...
  3. Coming soon.... A Pokemon Nuzlocke Run by Pinkie Pie! Updates will be irregular. Da Rulez : - Nickname all mons after sweet things. Come on, it's Pinkie! - Fainting = Permabox = Dead - Only catch the first Pokemon on each route - Post vectors of Pinkie (credit will be given) in appropriate situations (e.g Triumphant Pinkie when a gym leader is defeated, sad Pinkie when there is a loss etc.) Stay tuned!
  4. Tom's epic adventure through Sinnoh! As you may have guessed from the title, I'm starting a Nuzlocke challenge in Pokemon Diamond. Along with the standard rules:[*]If a pokemon faints, it's dead. You have to release it. [*]You can only catch the first pokemon in any given area, if it dies or flees? Too bad. I'll also be playing with these ones: [*]No duplicate pokemon, after all who wants two Pidgeys? [*]No Legendary pokemon. [*]Only Poke Balls, no higher tier or special balls. [*]No trading. I'll be keeping a list of all the pokemon I've caught here, which I'll let you chose what to name them, be it yourselves or any other name that you find fitting.[*]Tishan - Chimchar lv.16 Starter [*]ProjectRKA - Shinx lv.16 Caught in Route 202. [*]Djenty - Abra lv.15 Caught in Route 203. [*]Ynomir50 - Kircketune lv.16 Caught in Route 204. [*]Tom - Geodude lv.16 Caught in Oreburgh Gate. [*]FrenzyHero - Zubat lv.9 Caught in Oreburgh Mine. [*]Weston - Magikarp lv.9 Caught in Route 218. [*]Finest - Machop lv.16 Caught in Route 207. [*]Gimpy - Drifloon lv. 22 Caught in Valley Windworks. [*]Dashie - Wurmple lv.10 Caught in Eterna Forest. [*]Benzel - Buizel lv. 10 Caught in Route 205. [*]Kyro - Thought Bubble lv.100 Caught in the Skype chat. [*]Tich - Stalker lv.100 Caught on Aiur. Reserved pokemon: Jigglypuff (Bababa), Skitty (Viscra). Failed attempts at catching: Route 201 (Bidoof), Route 205 (Shellos). Gym badges: [*]Coal Badge Any pokemon you want named after you? Then post it down below Requests: [*]Starly - Brandon [*]Pikachu - Elec-Bolt/Chatty [*]Ponyta/Rapidash - Twi [*]Charmander - StormSpark [*]Magnemite - Bluebell [*]Glameow/Purugly - Ben [*]Riolu - Xros [*]Eevee/Glaceon - Truebolt/Jess [*]Any Type (Except Bug) - Arrow [*]Seel Type - Amas
  5. We are back with another Pokemon Nuzlocke run, this time on pearl. I do hope you will enjoy this video and continue with us on are silly little journey though the Shinnoh region, especially you, you people who signed up to be Pokemon, I've got my eye on you. Oh and it's not to late to still become a pokemon, just click that link right under my signature to go to the sign up thread. Now enjoy this video. -Some Notes- . Recorded with Bandicam Free Trial so you are going to have to live with that small little advertisement of there's in the video. .Sorry for the audio, you will know what I mean when I get there, I promise to fix it next time. And now the video.
  6. Oh hey look a let's play section of Non-Pony art. So first video of Pokemon Leafgreen Nuzlocke run. We now have Haven the Squirtle, and we also beat the snot out of Gary(Stupid kid) Oak! -Sorry about the sound, I have no mic -Sorry about the game volume, it needs to go down... -It's not to late to become a pokemon, go here! http-~~-//
  7. Just me doing Pokeman Nuzzle Lock with a little extra something something.
  8. Hi everybody. I just started a series called "Let's Play Pokemon Crystal Enhanced!" Basically, I'm playing through a hack of Pokemon Crystal version called Crystal Enhanced. All of the changes can be summed up as thus: Everything just got a HELL of a lot harder. Seriously, this hack was created to just brutally beat the player into submission. And I'm also Nuzlocking it. For those that do not know, a Nuzlocke run is where you only catch 1 Pokemon in each route, and if any of your Pokemon faints, it is dead and I can never use it ever again. This type of run is already quite a bit more difficult than your normal run, so slapping it on to a hack that is insanely hard normally will be...interesting, to say the least. Admitting, it was designed in mind for people to have a ridiculous challenge while Nuzlocking, but it changes nothing for the sheer difficulty of the game. Anyways, here's the first video: I plan on releasing a video every day or every other day, so watch for the updates! Also, if you guys have any comments/constructive criticism, then I would like to hear it. Anything to help improve my videos is greatly appreciated.