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Found 10 results

  1. This should be fun, if anyone can guess which of these stallions is the leader, you win. This is only for fun so there's no prize other than gloating.
  2. Ok so, after a few months now, I've decided that I want to be able to start another MLP fanmade YouTube series and it's somewhat similar to "Bride of Discord" but the story and character pairrings are very different. You should know by now that I am adding 7 of my O.Cs into the story but not all of them are going to be paired with all of the mane 6 (and Starlight). Some of them are going to pair up with some of the side characters later in the series. But the story will feature Tirek as the main antagonist in this series. It starts off with Tirek escaping from his prison a little early while Twilight and her friends are just hanging out. Pretty soon the Princesses Celestia and Luna inform them of some ponies with strange powers who are going to be joining forces with them to protect Equestria a lot more easier. As soon as they arrive, the mane 6 and the rogue 6 (that's my name for the them and they're all stallions) start greeting each other. Of course, Celestia also tells them that Tirek has broken free and is exacting his revenge on the mane 6 for ruining his plans. The rogues are prepared for what lies ahead and so are the mane 6, but they're all a bit worried. I'll tell you the rest of the story later on if anyone is interested in helping me with this. I'll need someone to help animate the series (which should be similar to the animation of "Bride of Discord") and I'll need some more voice actors, I think me and my friend John can do fine on the script.
  3. If his family and/or friends lives are in danger, you know he's not fooling around
  4. As bronies and pegasisters, We've all created tons of fanart, music, videos, and our O.Cs. But the question is how did you guys come up with the idea for your O.C? Did you make it based off a character or multiple characters from different shows? Or did it just come to you at random?
  5. What is your O.Cs most favorite holiday and least favorite holiday?
  6. How goes it everypony, My name is Ground Dasher! You got a question you want to ask me, then go right on ahead and ask away!
  7. If you could give your O.C it's own theme song, what would it be? Here's my O.C's main theme:
  8. I can't find a good name,but I have a cutie mark and personality and picture. For the picture; Shy but friendly, does art and writes from time to time, but is scared to show her work due to lack of confidence in her work. Thanks! Also need some opinions on my oc. Her cutie mark is a book and a quill, but the quill is writing in the boom, and you can't see what it being written.
  9. Hello everypony! so short story behind this picture, its the first O.C. I've created fully, its also my first piece of art that I've done since 2007, and its the first time I've ever been able to use an art editing tool to bring it to the masses! Please tell me what you think of it, leave a comment on the website as well! I'll be creating more every chance I get as I learn more about what I can do! also no name yet so feel free to throw some out there! If you want me to try drawing your O.C. Pm me and we will work out details. for now until I get better no charge! (just don't burn me out lol )
  10. Hey what's up! This guy is my first O.C. His name is York Coppergears. Everything you see on him, he made himself. He can pretty much fix or make anything. He lost his leg in a train accident when he was just a colt. He also lost his eye in another accident, involving a malfunction with some high-tech machinery. So he's not the luckiest pony in the world, but he is one of the smartest poines ever. Feel free to criticise appropriately.