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Found 29 results

  1. No really, why does everypony make their OC a pegasus? I mean, I know that my OC is a pegasus so I guess I'm not the one that should start this topic but... I still want reasoning for it... For example, when I made my OC (RiverBank) I wasn't sure If I wanted him to be an earth pony or a pegasus, but eventually, for the sake of writing adventure fics, I decided it will be best to make him a pegasus. I'm starting this topic because there is a substantial amount of pegasi compared to both unicorn and earth pony OCs. So tell me, if your OC is a pegasus, why did you make him/her one? Or a unicorn. Or an earth pony. Edit: I just realized my signature answers the question XD
  2. Hi! i am back again with the drawing of my OC, Arzon (Gray Typhoon), and other OCs 1. Good-Looking Gray Typhoon 2. (Contest Entry) We Don't Talk Too Much 3. (Contest Prize) Foxxy Candy 4. (Contest Prize) Midnight Song is Singing
  3. Exactly what the title is, what if your OC was brought to life and gets a chance to learn about you. What would your OC think of you? Edit: Almost forgot, Nit would think "Oh? I'm based off of you? Real original." Based off of Script Dangles thread that I thought was a thread about OCs but actually was about favorite cannon ponies.
  4. Why I made this topic: I made this topic so that people could freely come and tell the community how their OC came to be. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My OC's back-story: As the brother of Rainbow Dash, FlaringBlade (my OC) thought it was his duty to protect Cloudsdale from evil! Though he knew it would be difficult but he managed to persevere. After the defeat of Tirek, The Wonder Bolts mysteriously went missing with out a trace! No one wondered why, that is until Rainbow Dash started asking questions! Rainbow Dash was determined to find them. She had no luck until one day. There was mention of them at the Crystal Empire! She was ecstatic!!! She went to look for FlaringBlade, as he was the only one who would listen. She told him the entire story. They set off immediately. When they got there. All they could see was a bright light. But what was it?! They waited for their eyes to adjust. Finally it happened. It was none other than Queen Chrysalis! Why was she there? FlaringBlade wondered. She held the Wonder Bolts hostage after their visit to Princess Cadance & Shining Armour! Rainbow Dash said "It's obvious, why you're here Chrysalis. It's to take the Crystal Empire for yourself! Isn't it?!" "Rainbow Dash what a pleasure it is to see you again. Oh and you would have been proud of that Soarin boy he put up quiet a fight." Chrysalis laughed, FlaringBlade turned towards Rainbow Dash. He could see it the pure rage. Just by looking in to her eyes. FlaringBlade tried to tell Rainbow Dash it wasn't worth it but he was scared stiff. All he could do was stand there and watch. As the rage built up. Until... It happened. Rainbow Dash flew full speed towards Chrysalis! All FlaringBlade saw was a rainbow going towards Chrysalis. Suddenly! FlaringBlade hit the ground. As he opened his eyes. All he could see was... Rainbow Dash on the floor!!! He rushed toward her hoping she was alright! He cried as Chrysalis said 'What a waste.' What they didn't know was Rainbow Dash was only unconscious At that single moment. It became clear. He knew what he had to do. He needed to stop Chrysalis once and for all! He knew what that meant. He was scared and excited! He flew towards her so quickly and suddenly! Chrysalis started firing at FlaringBlade! He came to a sudden stop after seeing her struggle so much. She fired at him again! Only this time he stood still and she missed. FlaringBlade started to fly, again he stopped. She fired once more and she missed again! FlaringBlade thought to himself... He finally understood what was happening. At that moment he laughed and Chrysalis stopped! The room went quiet... Suddenly! a bright light FlaringBlade was holding a winged shield and a flaming sword! Chrysalis asked 'How did you do that?!' He flew full speed towards Chrysalis! She fired and hit the shield, the attack backfired and destroyed Chrysalis' horn. She fell to the ground. FlaringBlade said one thing and one thing only. 'Your time here is through Chrysalis!' He swung the sword. At that moment Chrysalis let out a blood curdling scream... She was no more! Rainbow Dash was now awake. FlaringBlade sprinted towards her and helped her up. They went looking through the castle. The two found Princess Cadance close to death in the throne room. They soon found Shining Armour! He told them that they would find the Wonder Bolts in the castle dungeon. It took forever but finally they found them. Rainbow Dash flew towards Soarin and freed him. FlaringBlade freed the others. The Wonder Bolts complimented FlaringBlade on his cutie mark. He said "What cutie mark?" then he looked at his flank, he let out tears of joy as he shouted "I have a cutie mark!!!" The End! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cannon: No (unfortunately.
  5. Many more OCs than before. I am on a roll! In the first one, the female is up for claims; I just need info. You can change the look and personality. Well, that's all, folks! Edit: Okay, I just wanted to say that the cutie mark on the blue stallion has NOTHING to do with religion, or anything of that sort. So, please, don't post anything about that.
  6. Title says all. Will post another one later. Enjoy!
  7. I'm gonna be making a series of animations featuring my ponysona and that of my special somepony, , with a few friends' OCs thrown in. Apparently the program won't upload directly to YouTube like it says it can, so I'll just have to post links. Bear with me, friends. Program I use: The first: The second (a Love is an Open Door PMV!): (in progress)
  8. Finished Drawing requests from here: Request #1 ScumCandy: OC: New drawings are added in my relpys to this topic, so check my latest replys to see the newest drawings. ~Thank you
  9. Hello everypony, bathroomstahl here and I have rewritten the first chapter of Dreams and am here to repost it, but first here’s the summary I wrote for it: What is a dream? Is it only an image of your imagination, or is it something more, something that’s real? What will happen when three teenagers start to have dreams, dreams of them in Equestria, dreams of them being ponies? What will happen when three ponies start having dreams, dreams of them being in a strange new world, a world where no one is accepted, a world where strange creatures live? What will happen when these dreams switch the humans and ponies soul and mind? What will happen when the three teenagers realize that they miss days in their dreams, when they realize that someone, or pony, else are inhabiting their bodies? This is a story of how three teenagers and three ponies switch bodies, minds, and souls. Where the teenagers are sent is to a world where everyone is accepted, where everyone is happy, where everyone is a pony. While the ponies are sent to a world where only a few are accepted, where only a few people find true happiness, where everyone are humans. Three humans will realize that their worlds are different than Equestria, that being accepted is something that is truly great, and what it is like to have true happiness. While the three ponies will witness what the true nature of humans is, what it’s like to not be accepted, what we humans deal with daily, or, in simpler terms, something nobody, pony or human, should have to deal with. Author’s note: I’m going to give you guys a link to it, because I don’t really think I can post mutable chapters on here without making mutable posts. Link: Please give me some reviews on this, I’ll take anypony’s opinion on it ^-^
  10. I made another OC, I am addicted xD It feels good to get back to drawing again, just been so busy! So this is my new boy, and im thinking about calling him Star Shooter or something along those lines. I love neon colors, and wanted to play around with them and ended up making a character c:
  11. So, I found out some people wanted to ask me a few questions, so i decided to make this, now everypony can ask me and my oc's sister questions.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm new here, but I thought maybe showing some of my art will help bring me into the community a little c: I'm CaptiveLegacy on DA, and most of my art that I post here will be from there ~ I usually draw my OC's and occasionally some show fanart. ------------------------ Well, I'll show off some fanart first c: Here's Luna!
  13. Okay, so... I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this thread (if not, mods/admins will move it to the appropriate thread, I'm sure), but I am here looking for people who have original characters of unusual races / species and would like to volunteer them to make short appearances in a fanfiction I'm planning on writing sometime between now and Christmas. The general storyline: The Cosmic Owl (yes, I did just make that Adventure Time reference, don't be hatin') has called for representatives of all the major races from Equestria and surrounding lands (I may need to think of a name for their planet, because I don't think it actually has one canonically...) to gather in a peaceful meeting at the top of a mountain, an ancient tradition that fell out of practice somewhere around a thousand years ago, when Princess Celestia was just a filly. When the appointed representatives reach the meeting place, though, they suddenly remember why they don't get along so well and seem to have a bit of trouble seeing past each other's differences. Below is a list of the races that I hope to have represented and whether I need characters to fill them. If I've missed a race or species that should be on the list, please let me know. If you have characters that you'd like to see in my story, please post a request here in this thread. PONIES Alicorns - obviously, Celestia and Luna will be filling these spots (I still haven't decided whether I want this story to take place before or after Twilight's transformation) Unicorns - Mane 6, got it covered Pegasi - Mane 6, got it covered Earth Ponies - Mane 6, got it covered Crystal Ponies - I really need some crystal pony OCs to fill in this space. NON-PONIES Zebras - Zecora will be in attendance, but she will be travelling as a guest and not as a rep, so I need some zebra OCs to fill in this space, por favor. "Bat Ponies" - (I don't like that these guys don't have an official name, so I think I may come up with one of my own.) I need some of these, so if you have a "bat pony" OC, I'd appreciate it if he or she volunteered for this spot. Changelings - I think I have permission from Niaeruzu to use Suncloak here, but I need to check to make double sure. Additionally, I need some changelings who are still loyal to the queen, preferably royal guards. Gryphons - There will be a gryphon king and queen in my story, but I haven't really given much thought to their characterizations yet, so if you happen to have a gryphon character who is royal, could I please use him or her for this position? I'd be grateful. Dragons - The ancient dragons need cool names. Younger dragons are also welcome. Donkeys - I already have a noble family of donkeys in mind (Lord and Lady Ass... try not to giggle), but additional donkey characters welcome, as well as suggested names for the Ass children. (hey, I said try not to giggle!) Buffaloes - I want Little Strong Heart and Chief Thunderhooves to be there, but I would also like to see some buffalo OCs. Yes... this is going to be one hell of a party. xP Again, I apologize if I accidentally left out any important groups. Please post your characters if you have them. I don't need any alicorns or unicorns, so please don't post those. Any other story-related suggestions are welcome too. Muchas gracias in advance to anyone who helps. c:
  14. EDIT: I hate to do this, but this got no attention, so I'll update it to bring back to the top.If you could please just give me a little help it'd be great. Okay MLP Forums, here's my first go at it. Now I don't plan on expanding this story for now, it's just to test my writing and get some well-needed criticism. Now, don't worry about being mean. Go nuts with it. Pick it apart from plot holes to grammatical errors, and everything in between. Alright, here it is. It's just a first chapter, so that's why it cuts off at the very end. “Fire and Ice” Well, my dearest friend, I’m here to tell you a story. A story of love, a story of hate, and a story of the importance of family. This is a story to learn from, so listen closely. You might just want to take notes too. Anywho, onto the story. It was still raining. Nopony could clear the clouds, there were too many for the workforce Cloudsdale had to offer. It was even more immense over the Everfree forest, because nopony wanted to go near there to clear up the damned things. It began to flood. Celestia put out orders for everypony in the forest for any exploration purposes to immediately leave. But there were two ponies still there. One was a brave stallion by the name of Fire Flash. He is an orange pony, with a short yellow and red mane. His wide wings glowed with a fiery tint. However, he was no pegasus. He was an alicorn, harnessing the power of fire and heat in his powerful magic. The second was an equally strong stallion, named Silver Wind. He is a blue pony, with a long, silver mane. His wings were cold as ice, and shone under the moonlight. He was not a pegasus either, he too was an alicorn, using ice and chill in his dark magic. These two stallions were tense enemies. They have been fighting a long battle since they were young, a battle tied generations back in family affairs between them. Peace had never been an option. This story, my friend, started a long time ago, between the two families. It started when the fathers of these ponies knew that they were too old to continue fighting this battle. So they turned to their children. They soon realized that if their children, if they were to carry on the fight, could not be mere earth ponies, pegasi, or unicorns. They needed to be alicorns, the most powerful of all races, to be victorious. Fire Flash’s father was the first to request that Celestia make his son an alicorn, as he was just a small earth pony, still a filly. Celestia was outraged at such a request, and denied it. Silver Wind’s father gained news of this and knew what must be done. He took his son and met an “old friend” of his, one that Silver did not know of. So they walked across the streets of bustling Canterlot and entered the royal garden. Silver was fascinated by this place, so full of plants and statues everywhere. Eventually, Silver’s father stopped and looked up at one of the many statues. “Watcha looking at, Dad?” Silver asked. “This…is my old friend, Silver,” He replied. “An old friend of our family, from a long, long, time ago. Or at least, he was.” Silver was puzzled. It was just a statue! An odd one, he thought. This one was posed awkwardly, and the creature had a pony’s head, dragon’s tail, a lion’s and gryphon’s arms, and all kinds of mixed-up body parts molded into one. “Unfortunately, to wake him up, we must create disharmony,” Silver’s father said, expressionless. “You know about that, don’t you? They must teach you something at school.” “Oh, yeah! They teach us that disharmony is bad and destroys friendship,” Silver said. “Princess Celestia said it herself, I think.” “Good. Now if I’m right, and I have no reason to doubt myself…” Silver’s father scratched his beard, thinking. “A certain somepony should be here if he’s smart enough to have the same idea.” “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Fire Flash and his father appeared, walking towards the same statue. “Now back off, and let US handle this.” “You fool,” Silver’s father said. “You cannot unleash him by yourself. He needs a lot of disharmony. It’s been a long time since either of our families have seen him. And you know can’t create that yourself, you arrogant waste of--” “Oh, shut up, old man!” Fire Flash said, impatiently. “Who are you telling to shut up?!” Squeaked Silver Wind. “I oughta go over there and shut your trap myself for talkin’ like that to my dad!” “Oh yeah?!” Fire Flash yelled back. “Come over here and try!” The two fillies ran at each other, fuming. Fire Flash tackled Silver Wind to the ground, both ponies swinging hooves at each other. Fire Flash was trained to fight by his father since the tender age of 5, so he knew what he was doing. Silver Wind was taught to only fight when necessary, and to maintain honor whenever possible, though he didn’t always agree with it. Fire Flash tossed that out the window. Fire Flash landed two clean hits in Silver’s jaw. Silver caught the third and used his back hooves to throw Fire off him. He jumped up, ran forward, and threw a haymaker at him. Fire ate it, looked back at Silver, and spit blood in his face before landing a quick roundhouse kick. Silver hit the ground. He looked up to his father, who remained silent next to Fire Flash’s father. They were both watching the fight closely, knowing that it was impossible at their age to get involved. Fire Flash ripped Silver Wind from the ground and threw him at the base of the statue. “You’re as dumb as you look,” Fire Flash said with a grin. He wiped the blood from his lip and walked over to Silver Wind, who was still dazed. “You should’ve known better than to pick a fight with me. And now, I’m gonna pound you to a bloody pulp.” Silver smiled and lifted his leg into Fire’s groin. Fire didn’t get a chance to scream before Silver landed two solid blows in his face and chest. He capitalized and leaped on Fire Flash, and put three precise punches into his sternum. Silver backed off, knowing it was common courtesy not to attack an opponent more than 3 times on the ground. Fire gasped for breath, having the wind knocked out of him. Silver stood at a fighting stance, waiting for Fire to get up, so he could end the fight. Fire slowly stood, and turned to Silver, a deep anger blazing in his eyes. Fire Flash yelled and ran at Silver. Silver ran to meet him in the middle, both of them having hooves raised for running strike. As they got closer, a powerful magic teleported all of them out of the garden in a bright flash. Everything was spinning. Silver Wind was dizzy. Fire Flash couldn’t see straight. When they came to, they saw the creature in the statue alive, and talking. “You must be Fire Flash,” The creature said with a smile. “And you…you must be Silver Wind. I see now. Being trapped in stone lets you hear everything, but not what everypony looks like. Anyhow, what was I saying? Ah, yes. I’m the great and powerful God of Disharmony, Di— ” “Discord,” Interrupted Silver Wind, struggling to stand. “You’re Discord. I remember now. But how did you get out? You were trapped in stone for a thousand damn years!” “Well, watch your language, young filly,” Discord ruffled his hair. “You two fought intensely enough to create just the right amount of disharmony to awaken me. I had to pull you two out quickly though, I was afraid the guards might hear you.” Discord chuckled. “Speaking of which,” Said Fire Flash. “Where in Celestia are we? I don’t know this place.” It was a dark room, in a beat-up, rotting wooden cottage. It was in the middle of the vast Everfree Forest, out of sight of everypony nearby. Even Ponyville was a long way away from the cottage. You see, my friend, nopony had explored this area in a long, long time. Inside the cottage was moving furniture, talking lamps, and walls that moved on their own. Nothing was at peace. “You’re in the Everfree Forest, my dear little filly. Welcome to ‘La Casa a la Discord’. Make yourselves comfortable, if you can, I must discuss something with your parents.” Discord turned to them (who were patiently waiting beside the fillies) with a frown and said, “You woke me up at an inconvenient time. I wasn’t ready. Now lucky for you I’m an old friend of your families, so I’ll allow you to explain why you seem to be wasting my time.” “We ask that you transform our sons into alicorns to end our family feud,” Silver Wind’s father said. “We cannot do it at our age, and we need more than an earth pony’s strength to do the job.” “Yes, we are too weak. Also, we know your magic can render it permanent, so that their children may be alicorns as well. We hope that this power can be used to finally end our long and pointless feud.” Fire Flash’s father continued. “That’s it?” Discord said, chuckling. “Pfft, fine, done. Though I must ask, why not end it yourselves?” Discord realized what he said. “I’m not saying I don’t like it of course, I looooove the disharmony. It’s simply orgasmic. But it’s just a little…odd. And that’s coming from ME.” “Thank you, Discord,” Fire Flash’s father said. “But our fathers, and their fathers before, have cursed upon us the burden of this feud. We cannot let it go, until one of our family trees has ended. It means too much to our families.” “That’s beautiful! So much disharmony…” Discord moaned. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a rush. Okay, I’ll make your silly fillies alicorns, though they’d need to get a hang of the wings and magic. It takes some effort. But alas, their feeble minds can still learn.” Discord turned to the two fillies and looked down at them. Cracking his knuckles, he put out his hands towards the two fillies and put a large burst of magic into each of them, raising them into the air, both of them writhing in pain. Discord was visibly exhausted, and was struggling to maintain the spell. Eventually, wings began growing outward from their sides and horns began extruding from their skulls. Blood began to drip from the points of growth, and the boys screamed more. When the growing stopped, Discord threw his hands down, panting. The fillies’ wounds began to heal themselves. “Well,” Said Discord, still panting. “That was very exhausting. You didn’t even let me warm up first.” He looked down at the boys, their bodies unconscious from the powerful magic. “At least their damn wings are there. Those don’t always turn out right. You’re lucky.” “What will they be able to do with their magic?” Asked Silver Wind’s father. “They will gain the magic from their ancestors and their inner destinies,” Discord said matter-of-factly. “In laypony’s terms, Fire Flash uses fire, Silver Wind uses ice.” He rubbed his hands together and laughed. “This is going to be so much fun!” “I’m sure,” Said Fire Flash’s father. “But make sure that you have a decoy statue in place. Don’t want things getting suspicious around here.” “Oh please, grandpa. I already got that done.” Discord groaned. “I’ve been asleep for a thousand years, that’s doesn’t mean I got any stupider. Now, I’ll teleport you back to your homes. I can care for your young, precious little fillies.” He snapped his fingers and the fathers were gone. He turned to the sleeping fillies. “Sleep tight. Tomorrow you’re going to begin this grand old fight. And it’s going to be brilliant.” Discord laughed to himself as he left the room. Just then, a mark of fire emblazoned itself on the flank of Fire Flash. Then, a mark of ice was frozen on Silver Wind’s. Their destinies sealed. And that, my friend, was only the beginning. There you go. Now rip it apart.
  15. I was bored so I made an OC its a bit dark/morbid so it may not be appealing to some just give it look and if you think you can handle it let me know...
  16. Here're a few of my OCs, based kinda loosely on my circle of friends and I. Names: Left Unicorn: Pencil Sketch Right Unicorn: Oligar Quill Left Pegasi: Spectral Hue Right Pegasi: Sousa Boom Left Earth: Basin Chord Right Earth: J.A. Seed
  17. Heya all! I didn't even know this forum existed until I was linked here from FiMFiction. I started a story on the premise "Celestia vs Nightmare Moon" and it's expanded beyond that into what will end up being quite a lengthy story spanning both time periods (NMM era and present day), so if you're bored enough to check it out and decide to stay for awhile, you're in for a long ride!
  18. Hello there! I am a huge fan of MLP and the art of drawing and i have already commissioned some of my OC´s by several artists at deviantart. But since i was in search for a new hobby, i decided to learn drawing by myself. But not just normal pencil drawing, i wanted to learn digital art. I first tried to draw with a wacom tablet, but it was strange to draw on my table and to watch the change on the screen. It wasn´t... authentic and feeled strange. I´m used to draw directly on the picture. So i started to look around and found finally a hybrid computer with digitizer. It took me several attempts, much advice and learning how to use the programms, but finally i was able to draw my first OC. I also captured a screen video how i draw her to learn from mistakes and so on. I will share the video link within a later update. But now to the final picture i was able to draw: I know i have to learn much more about digital painting and drawing, so here is my request to everyone who is drawing: Do you have any hints, tips and tricks for me? I would love to get some advice what i could do better because i really start to like the hobby of drawing digitaly. Should i try vector drawing? Is it better to sketch the pony on a normal paper and scan it before going digital? Are there special programms for colouring or shadowing? Programms used: ArtRage 4 , Easy paint tool sai, Photoshop Elements 8,
  19. Hello My name is kris A.K.A LunarBrony. I am rather new to the fandom, as i became a brony in late july. I have recently joined Deviant Art where i post my fan art. and i would like to share it here so people can see it an if they want make vectorized version *cough cough*. anyways enjoy EDIT: BBcode here vs. BBcode in my usual forums = different I have a few more deviations now! Here is the link for you guys! http://duns94.devian...allery/40486458 criticism welcome as i would like to know what to improve on. also if you like drawingponies i followed one of his tutorial from EQLA! I drew some Derpy hooves recently. I also have put a few more pieces of mlp fan art on my page to. I am also taking requests for the nest 3 days then I'll be too busy for them. EDIT: thanks for all the /)'s !
  20. These are three OCs I made: Faith, Hope, and Love. Hope is featured in this topic: and after I did a picture of Hope I was inspired to do Faith and Love as well. Hope's the one with the prosthetic leg, Faith is the blue with the cute yellow mane, and Love is the pink one with the red mane in a ponytail. If you like, one of you may have one of these as YOUR OC, and I'll make an older version of it with the cutie mark I had in mind. So, questions, comments?
  21. So I finally got around to making a Ponysona based on me, even made a Cutie Mark to represent my talents for Voice Acting/Programming, but now I've hit a snag and can't think of what to name him. So I am turning to the Brony community to help me out OC Cutie Mark
  22. INT. CELESTIA'S CHAMBERS - DAY CELESTIA You're a princess now Twilight Sparkle, you may not rule for many years but it's important for you to know our history. TWILIGHT But I've read every book on Equestria's history I could find. (happily) Several times. CELESTIA There are memories, dear student, that are best preserved far from the public archives. TWILIGHT But, if we don't learn from our past mistakes, aren't we doomed to repeat them? CELESTIA Yes, and that is why you must learn from my mistakes, that led to the great rift between my sister and I, and why I was forced to banish her into the moon a thousand years ago. TWILIGHT (swallowing) Oh! CELESTIA This is the real story of Nightmare Moon. This is the story of three OCs on a quest to stop nightmare moon. Hope descriptions of the characters and their personality's will help you come with a voice for the OCs. Main: Silver-(Male Unicorn) Silver is one of Celestia's former students and twilight predecessor; he has very good leadership potential but has some arrogance problems and often thinks with his gut and a master of elemental magic. Everest-(Female Earth pony) she is a very playful for one of the deadliest hand to hand fighters in Equstria she is pulling pranks on her friends quite offend. She dose however handle loss poorly and tends to take the emotion on other ponies. (If you can come up with a better name pleases tell me.) Bright Night-(Male Pegasus) A vary skilled magician and Diplomat. happens to be very sarcastic personality. (Think Alester if you ever played Dragon Age) Celestia- a tiny bit harsher than in the show period mainly due to her sister’s betrayal. (Dreamsong) Luna -the transition period between Luna and nightmare moon. (Dreamsong) Secondary characters: Griffon Emperor Twilight-(Dreamsong) Saddle Arabian Prince/King Arabian Princess/Queen Cult of Discord's Leader (forgot to mention him/her earlier) Crazy Anarchist not much more I have to say. Other Characters: If you don’t get a major role there is a likely chance that I would need you for charters that pop up like guards, soldiers, and other ponies of that manner. Lines: Silver- Ha! Was that a threat?! Because, if that was then you have no idea who your messing with. Everest - Oh! Come on Silvie, it was just a joke you don’t have to give me the silent treatment. Bright- No, Silver of course we’re going to try and take a dragon head on, and why we’re at it we should stare Medusa in the eyes. Celestia-Silver, you are to make sure that under no circumstance the Griffon Empire form an Alliance with Luna's rebellion. Luna- Listen to me silver! my sister is feeding you lies, she keeping Equstria from being free! You know IT; you've always known it to be true. so join me and fallow your heart. Twilight- What do you mean there is a student i don’t know about? I thought you told me about all your former students? Griffon Emperor- And why should I join Celestia? I mean all she did was drive us from Equstria, and destroy half are population. Arabian Prince/King- We will gladly help, however there is one thing we need, a good 200 miles of equestrian territory. Arabian Princess/Queen- I am sorry for my husband's greed. We will help without the land, Celestia has been gracious to us, and we will support her. Cult of Discord leader- I suck writing crazy so you guys can use your own lines for him. Good luck everypony, and have fun! P.S. The project is run on Pacific Time. I just happen to post pretty late sometimes, yeah for insomnia! Directed by masterchaoss Written and produced Dreamsong I cant believe I forgot post this here. Here is the announcement thread for all things involving this project.
  23. Wanderer. that is my name. i come from an un named island across the sea of equestria. since i can remember i have been facinated by stories of dragons often told by my parents. they claimed that our ansestors used to once have had reign over them until a greedy dragon named Daygone stole the royal throne and banshed my family outside of equestria boundries. father said grandad used to say that daygone had cast an evil spell among the dragons so that no one, no pony or animal or dragon would rememeber the good that they once were. but father and mother always told me that they were stories and that dragons didn't exist. but i believed in grandad's stories. and i began to search for them when i became old enough to be on my own hoofs. father always told me i was a wanderer ever since i could walk and after a while he began to call me wanderer. he'd find me in trees overlooking the flat lands below, or swimming to little shorelines of mini islands that could barely keep a tree alive, i examined every nook and crany there was until i had the island memorized by heart. then it happened. mom was the first to go. on her death bed she called me to herside, one night and ever gently wispered to me that i had a great destiny that lay before me. she looked at me with tears in her eyes and in her last breath, uttered "my little princess" before her hoof fell to the ground beside her. father became bitter afterwards and never told me the stories of grandad anymore. he forbid the mentions of dragons and such and made me study weathering maps, light and darkness, temperature and the likes of it in school. i always ditched and went to the library to study dragons. since there was very little history on them i studied the books till i had them memorized by heart. i practiced as much as any unicorn could with magic until i could conjure fire in thin air,make the life around me speed up in growth, make waves crash around me, and master the language of every animal i came across,but my favorite thing to pravctice was to float a little above the ground. oneday, when i was 15 or 16 i had ditched school and father found me near the ocean's reaching fingers practicing my floating with the birds. he became wroth with me and locked me in the tower of our home. he was like this till my 20th birthday. he fell ill, my guess was from a broken heart and lost spirit. i noticed his sickness months before but despite the signs i wasn't prepared for his farewell. i had snuck out of my room for some food and i was passing his room when i heard his frail voice call me to him. i opened the door wider and slowly walked to his bedside. fear began to encroach me as a familiar scene played out clearly in my head. mother. "Wanderer," he said to me as i sat beside him. "i didn't mean to hurt you the way i have. i only wanted what was best for you, and i knew that you would waste your life away, all that talent you have, searching for what isn't there." "daddy," i said. ".. don't..." "wanderer- i was wrong. you belong out there, in equestria- the school there will give you the best eduacation then nanna can give." "no...please no.." the tears carressed my jaw and muzzel as i looked at the floor- "wanderer- find them" . "what?..". i looked up to ask- but he was gone. the funeral was held days later, but there being little of ponies living on the island there wasn't much turn out and hours afterwards i breached the ocean's wide birth. i took one last look at the island befor i took a breath and stepped on the ocean's top. i didn't sink in. i tested it with my other hoof and then with my back hoofs until i was standing on the water, something i had been practicing during my little hours of freedome wheni had snuck out of the tower. at first i was wobbly and the water's surface was ruff but i controlled the surface , manipulating it with my magic till it was a flat path to the thin line barly visible in the very far distance. equestria. here i come.
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    Ask Kimi

    So I have seen a few of these posted by the other ponies and just wondered if any of you wanted to ask me, Kimiko, any questions~ I will be honest and true in all of my answers Kimi~ (Her Cutie mark is a Yin Yang symbol, it isnt in the picture because my tablet refused to cooperate and wouldnt put it in the right place -___-;;; )
  25. Hey! I am just wondering if I should continue my fanfic or not, I havent updated it in a while because no one seems to be liking it Any (nice) comments will be apreciated :3 Heres the link :3