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Found 60 results

  1. Hi all, Here's Aspicio Omnium, a character from my own scifi universe, and an upcoming short story, which includes "Equines" as an alien race. She is an albino Thestral, a subspecies of Equine, with echolocation abilities and a penchant for stealth and spying. She is 126 years old and a high-ranking member of the spying PMC "Paint-deep Truth". An ex law enforcement veteran, she is one of the most respected members of the mercenary company. Her left eye s mechanical, with an augmetic that incorporates a monocle, in this case, to aid in vision. She was born on and is based out of the moon of Empetore, otherwise known as the "Data Moon", as it is a repository for data archival services and storage vaults of all kinds. It is a frozen, tundral rock, with deep glacial seas and a 36 1/2 hour day. Her leather "coat cloak" has a left sleeve, with the right half being an sleeveless cloak. Her helmet, painted with numerous eyes in reference to her name, is made of programmable matter. Upon deactivation, the helmet dissolves into small reservoirs within the hat portion, allowing for the helmet to be worn without hiding the wearer's face. Essentially, it dissolves like Mads Mikkelsen's helmet in the Death Stranding trailer, for reference as to the inspiration. It is a hat with a helmet portion, essentially, top hats being common Thestral fashion. Her left weapon is an Iron and Eye Clearinghouse combination revolver. It is self-cocking, with ten rounds of solid ammo fired from a 6.00 barrel, surrounding a central barrel firing directed magical energy. It has a transparent cylinder with the frame coated in a Titanium Carbon Nitride coating. A small cerise strip of cloth covers the skeleton handgrip. Her right weapon, a Hammer to Primer Tool and Die 117, is described in the story like this: "It was a long-muzzled pistol, with a bluey metal sheen and black-and-white bone grips. a transparent panel in the handgrip showed a fully-loaded en-bloc clip of forty small, armor-piercing rounds, capable of punching through most street-encountered body armors and accurate out to half a kilometer." The weapon has an internal safety that must be deactivated with telekinesis, which all Equines have, when the weapon is drawn. Finally, we have her name written in Equine below the drawing. I was attempting to reference the Aspicio Omniam ARG with the name, but misspelled it in several drawings, this being one of them, before I realized it. Oh well, it could be Old Equine instead of Latin, and that is how it is spelled. It means "I perceive all" if I'm not mistaken. Just to note, winged Equines in my universe can't fly. They can glide and use their wings to break falls, sort of like Batman, using parkour and other traversal techniques to get around faster than their non-winged neighbors. Anyway, wall of text alert. I put a lot of work into the backstory and small details of my characters and setting. Cheers.
  2. Hello everypony~ Today I bring to u 2 drawings of my (not so) forgotten OC, Angel Iskra. When I first created her, she was a normal blue earth pony, but she's actually an alicorn angel. Why this suddently? Because I through it would be more easily to think that she would be better in a "normal" form than her own disguise(earth pony). tl;dr, she's a angel and tends to appear to those who whispers for help to the Gods. Her horn changes from the bottom to the tip; from the normal body color to a light blue. Her last feathers are light blue. The marks on her front legs mean nothing, actually. Just a born mark. Her mane moves like clouds.
  3. I'm so happy!! I know that it's not perfect, but I tried my best! I hope you guys like it as much as I do! (and sorry if the lighting is bad.) Colored:
  4. This is one of the first OCs I ever made I started working on her in early 2014. Name : starlight Sapphire Species : pony Race : unicorn Gender : female Age : around 23 Sexuality : bisexual Cutie Mark : waxing gibbous moon Personality : psychotic, angry, rebellious Theme : perfect insanity by disturbed, or sanitarium by Metallica Backstory : Starlight Sapphire is the psychotic daughter of princesses Luna, from a young age she was known to have violent outbursts during which she would often lash out and attack anypony who would get near her including family members, which led to her assaulting her aunt princess Celestia and in the process landing her in the castle dungeon ever since then she has held a deep hatred for Celestia. She has two siblings a brother and a half brother ( the half brother is the son of Celestia, they share the same father ) and neither she nor her siblings know their father who was presumably banished from canterlot by Celestia after she had discovered that Starlight and her older brother's father was the same as her son's. She believes that the citizens of Equestria all deserve to have freedom and equal rights, and that the only way said freedom can be obtained is through violent revolution and she is very loud about her opinion on Celestia's rule. She is also rather sadistic at times, and takes pleasure in causing the suffering of others, despite this she is also known for being fun loving and adventurous. I'm still working on her story but what I said above is a decent summary of the story so far, also the older brother is one of two OCs that represent myself. So, what do you think so far? I am willing to take advice and criticism. And yes I know the picture is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Also it looks better in person I had to take the picture with my iPad I might be able to take a better one with my phone.
  5. sorry about the long backstory but i'd love you to read it ;u; ❄ Name: SunGlimpse Universal Nickname: Glimpse, Sun, Sunny Age: 17 Race: Pegasus ❤ Gender: Mare Sexuality: Pansexual SSP: Crushing ❤ Cutiemark: A knife Talent: She's a great knife thrower/fighter. Also good at cutting things such as salad and cute paper cut outs (etc) ❤ Personality: Kind, clumsy, cuddly, friendly, shy at first then very talkative Likes: Anything or anypony sweet/cuddly/fluffy, hugs, hot chocolate Dislikes: Ponies yelling/anrgy/blaming her, fire, death, insects ❤ Details: She's really short and fluffy. Her hooves are striped. Scars are optional when drawing her Backstory: SunGlimpse grew up in a smaller village in the north of Equestria where most ponies knew eachother. The village was a peaceful place and very quiet. Glimpse would often take care of preperations for celebrations and babysit the younger fillies and colts. These "jobs" still fit her well even after getting her cutie mark. But one early morning the whole village was awoken by a terrified mares scream. Running out of her house SunGlimpse saw that the whole village was lit up by a cabin on fire. In the cabin was one of the colts she usually babysat, Snowflake. He was stuck in there. No pony seemed to know how to react or even what to do, so without a second thought Sunny ran into the flames. Somepony had to save the little colt! She dodged the fire trying to not get stuck, and finally reached Snowflake. She put him between her wings and sat of sprinting as fast as she could. They reached the door, but suddenly there was a loud bang. And everything went dark. SunGlimpse woke up. In front of her was a nurse. "Hello?" the nurse said hopefully "You're at the hospital. And don't worry! Your little friend is alright" The nurse sat down and explained that when Glimpse and Snowflake were getting out of the cabin it had exploded, leaving some ugly scars on her face and body. But at least, she survived. ❄ MLP:FiM © Hasbro SunGlimpse © AllmiZ Base © Cookie-Bases Extra wings base © RibbetLion
  6. So I've been drawing these square tsum tsum style ponies, take a look and tell me what you think!
  7. Hey all! I was just wondering if anyone knows of any good quality OC creator applications/games online I could use? I really want to make more images/artworks of my OC but i suck at drawing... Preferably something with HEX codes so i can make the colours of my OC accurate without having to change it on photoshop, also something that has decent photo quality and isn't all pixelated if i saved it. I would love some sort of pony GIF creator too! Either insert a link or comment what the name of the site is down bellow! Thanks everyone!
  8. I drew my oc and Pipsqueak because they look similar. they are also pirates I made it in a program called inkscape. i hope you like it.
  9. Well, I was kind of surfing YouTube and minding my own business when I stumbled upon a video concerning the topic as to why there weren't very many non-pony OC's in the Brony community. In fact, most OC's are either an earth pony, a pegasus, or a unicorn. If they're neither of the three, then they're probably a variation of them or some other species found in the show. The video also discussed how popular Brony reviewers could have an influence on the species of OC we pick. I mean, when you look at it, most of the OC's that reviewers use are one of the three main species from the show. -------------------- Well, I became intrigued by the video and set off for a few hours to make myself a non-pony OC. Since my favorite animal in the world is the red panda, I decided to go with that. Without further ado, I present Jolly the Red Panda:
  10. So... I'm thinking about dumping a whole lot of $#!T, I mean... posting my arts here hope you all like it
  11. So, I got home today and felt really inspired to utilize a pencil and paper for the first time this year. I sat in front of my desk for about an hour thinking and finally came up with the picture in my head. The only issue is that it's hard to transfer what is in your mind onto paper. I mean, I tried my best, and there were a lot of mess-ups, but overall, I'm proud of this little thing. I'm going to actually scan it tomorrow so the quality will be better, but at the moment, this is all I got. The camera makes the colors faded, but when the picture is actually viewed, it looks about...ten times better than what you're currently looking at? Yeah, that sounds about right.
  12. I hope you like it. It's just a little drawing which i post on my deviantart ^^.
  13. I don't always become a noodlemonster, but when I do, I'm also a shark horse in addition to a noodlemonster.
  14. Here's a drawing I made of Catnip. Her cat, Ahem is the one on her head.
  15. I can't figure out a name. I was thinking something along the lines of Minty Fresh for the mare and Cool Mint for the stallion, but I don't know. Anyways, which one do you prefer? The stallion or the mare?
  16. It was my first drawing that i do with computer software i do all of the art by myself but i do it without tablet. i got some problem with the background behind the grass and i haven't sucess to do the cliff in 3d If you can tell me what is wrong in my draw i really thanks you because all i want is too improve myself. ty to everyone and brohoof.
  17. Brother OCs Frost Bite and Sun Burn. I created Frost Bite first. Then I decided he should have a brother named Sun Burn. I reused Frost Bite's body for Sun Burn, but you will notice that their manes and tails are similar but still different. Which one do you prefer? I may write a fan fiction two with them.
  18. These are my oc designs from years ago till now... I have improved a lot since then and I'm proud of the work I did on my oc's so far Some more pictures of my oc designs
  19. She is the rule 63 version of my Ponysona, Brush Stroke.
  20. Hello there, These are some of my sketches practicing MLP:FiM art style, critiques are welcome and encouraged even if kinda hurtful, I am usually my own worst critique. Ponysona Foal: From Facial Practice (Me at school photos): Mum and Child: Zebra OC with no name but musical talent: Again critiques are welcome, and suggestions too. Thank you for checking my art.
  21. Sweet Dreams and Little page, I love this pic <3 17-HR! 4 this pic...=}
  22. Hey ! I've been working on something lately, hope you wil appreciate it !
  23. One of my drawings of my OC Jade Beat.
  24. hey, im trying to find a way to make an animated signature. does anyone know any free software that can help me do that?
  25. Heheh. This requires little explanation. First you look at it, then I say my bit. So I had this great idea this morning, and I thought, "Wow, that would make a really cool drawing. I would be able to practice my line art, perspective, and style." Then I started drawing and threw that all out the window. Bleeh. I do what I want. I committed so many editing sins and errors that I almost feel bad. But I guess it turned out alright. Special thanks to deerkittens and Odyssey for their help and pointers last time. You're awesome! As always, critique is encouraged, asked for and appreciated. Also, I'm trying to name this OC, so I suppose that requires a bit of explanation. Her cutie mark is a Koch snowflake, so it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with winter (although that is her favorite season), but mathematics. And physics. And motion. She's a nerd. Anyway. Suggestions, anyone?